Benecol Smart Chews, Caramel, 120-Count Soft Chews

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Smart Chews, Caramel Canister

Enjoy the heart-healthy benefits of Benecol? Caramel Smart Chews.
Benecol? Smart Chews are a delicious, convenient, and safe way to help lower cholesterol. Each soft chew contains just 20 calories, while also containing 0.85 grams of plant stanol esters, an ingredient proven to reduce cholesterol when taken twice a day.

Available in a delicious creamy caramel flavor, the chews are individually wrapped, and come in a convenient, 120-count resealable pouch. Take one to two great-tasting soft chews twice a day with meals or snacks and start lowering your cholesterol in as little as two weeks. Only available online, each chew provides one serving and and four grams of carbohydrates, and they can be used by those taking statin medication for additional cholesterol reduction.

What is Cholesterol?

You already know that some cholesterol is good and some is bad. But did you know that there are clear guidelines for cholesterol levels for average Americans and newly established guidelines for high-risk patients?

Cholesterol is:

  • Produced by the liver and other organs and also furnished in the diet through such food as meats, poultry, fish and dairy products.
  • Required by the body to insulate nerves, make cell membranes, and produce certain hormones.
  • Carried through the body by lipoproteins in the blood.
Two Types of Cholesterol
The Good The Bad
HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) transports cholesterol from the body's tissues to the liver and other sites, where it may be broken down and excreted by the body. HDL cholesterol is commonly known as "good" cholesterol. LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) transports cholesterol from the liver to the rest of the body. LDL cholesterol is commonly known as "bad" cholesterol.

How to Control Your Cholesterol

Many Americans have succeeded in lowering their LDL "bad" cholesterol through lifestyle changes. Eating right, exercising, and relaxing are some of the basic lifestyle changes you can make to improve your overall health. Your doctor can test your cholesterol level, or you can test yourself with a kit you can purchase at your pharmacy.

The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) identifies LDL cholesterol as the primary target of cholesterol management. Clinical research has shown that elevated LDL, the "bad" cholesterol, is the primary cause of coronary heart disease.

New Guidelines for High Risk Heart Patients Can Save Lives
Every year 1.2 million Americans have a new or repeat heart attack. A new set of guidelines has been released that specifically targets these high risk Americans. The new NCEP guideline determines that high-risk heart patients should lower their LDL "bad" cholesterol to a rock bottom 70. The previous NCEP guideline was 100.

LDL Cholesterol Level Guideline (mg/dl)
<100 (70 for high risk patients) Optimal
100-129 Near optimal/above optimal
130-159 Borderline high
160-189 High
>190 Very high
Total Cholesterol Level
<200 Desirable
200-239 Borderline High
>240 High
HDL Cholesterol Level
<40 Low
>60 High

About the Benecol? Brand

The name Benecol? brings together Bene, meaning "good," and col for "cholesterol." Only Benecol? Products have plant stanol esters, which have been proven to lower cholesterol.

Today, millions of people around the world are managing their cholesterol levels simply, effectively, and deliciously with the growing range of Benecol? products.

Benecol? Smart Chews FAQ

How do Benecol? Smart Chews work?
Benecol? Smart Chews work just like Benecol? Spreads to help reduce cholesterol levels. For best results, it is recommended to take two chews twice per day with food, along with a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet.

Have any clinical studies been done to support the efficacy of Benecol? Smart Chews?
Over 25 published clinical studies support the safety and efficacy of plant stanol esters, the cholesterol lowering ingredient contained in Benecol? Smart Chews. Based on the totality of this scientific evidence on the cholesterol-lowering efficacy of plant stanol esters, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows its use in various foods and supplement products including Benecol Smart Chews.

What is the safety profile of Benecol? Smart Chews?
Plant stanol esters, the unique dietary ingredient contained in Benecol? Smart Chews has an excellent safety profile. In fact, plant stanol esters have been consumed by millions of individuals in Finland since 1995 and in other European countries and the United States since 1999.

Join Club Benecol?

Take even more control over your healthy lifestyle and join Club Benecol? for more information about Benecol? products. By signing up, you'll receive regular e-mail updates, as well as club member savings, new product information, and information on cholesterol management. Join today!

  • Start to lower your cholesterol in as little as 2 weeks with Benecol Smart Chews
  • Contains plant stanol esters, which are proven to reduce your LDL, or "bad" cholesterol
  • May be used by those taking statin medications for additional cholesterol lowering
  • Enjoy 2-4 delicious caramel chews twice a day with meals
  • More than 25 clinical studies validate the safety of plant stanol esters

Customer Reviews:

  • Some Natural Hope?
    I must admit that I have not been able to gauge any benefit of this product to date. I can only say that I await my next LDL results with hopeful expectations. The concept of this product is positive - that is blocking the absorption of adverse components from my diet in my digestive system.

    I like the taste of the caramel chews and find them to be portable and easily taken.

    I will attempt to update this review when I get my next blood work in a few months. ...more info
  • Great product!
    Benecol Smart Chews is a terrific product. It has an effect on cholesterol levels and it tastes good. It may seem like a petty complaint, but I am so tired of taking pills, and I already take a lot of them. Being able to have some positive effect on my health by popping a couple of these Benecol Smart Chews is wonderful!

    Add this to the Mediterranean diet and a bit of exercise and you'll be contributing to maintaining your health! That's certainly worth trying.

    ...more info
  • candy that lowers your ldl
  • Easy to take, no adverse reactions
    I have had allergic reactions to other cholesterol lowering products. I have been taking Benecol Chews for about six weeks and so far, no allergic reactions. I will be going in for tests in about three weeks and will know then the cholesterol lowering effects of this product. ...more info
  • Benecol chews are better.
    Benecol Smart Chews, Caramel, 120-Count Soft Chews
    I am using my second 2 month supply. These are a tasty way to lower cholesterol. I will have a fasting test in October and am optomistic that my cholesterol will be down. ...more info
  • benecol
    I product taste great; like caramel. The jury is still open if it does what it claims, redue cholestrol.

    The delivery and condition of the product was all great. I will probably reorder again. ...more info
  • waxy yellow build up
    I purchased these chews at the request of my mom, who had read about them.We were both sorely disappointed, in that they start out OK, but as you near the end of eating one, you are left with a waxy film on your mouth, tongue and lips, which needs to be scrubbed off with a toothbrush! It is disgusting! And I wrote repeatedly to the company, asking for a refund, and telling them of the problem, and have never heard back.
    A terrible way to do business, but a good idea. The other company's calcium chews do NOT have this problem!...more info
  • Sweet tasting, if it works...Great way to lower cholesterol
    Benecol was recommended by my doctor in an attempt to lower my cholesterol. I checked out the spread and it was so expensive & then saw the chews on amazon. I thought I would try them. They are very tasty and no problem at all to take after meals.
    I will not know for another few weeks if they did have an affect on my cholesterol or not. I sure hope they did. What a sweet way to take your medicine. More like candy than a treatment!...more info
  • Lower Cholesterol
    By using Benecol Chews I have lowered my cholesterol by 20 points. My husband lowered his by 40 points. The chews are like carmel candies and easy to take twice a day after each meal. Janet Woods...more info
  • Incredibly good!
    These are delicious. If you are concerned about your cholesterol at all, give these a try. ...more info
  • Benecol Chews
    We like the taste and the ease of taking the medication. So far no side effects have been noted. We will rate this product again after our first lab results to see whether or not it helped in lowering our cholesterol....more info
  • Delicious!
    This is a wonderful and tasty way to fight high cholesterol. I am not too fond of the Benecol butter, so this makes it easy to get the cholesterol fighter into my body. Great product!...more info
  • Taste Great
    I love the taste of the Benecol Smart Chews. I'm hooked on these and my mom is also taking them. It's great to have something taste good and help your cholesterol. Thank you....more info
  • Not bad at all.
    I do not suffer from high cholesterol, so I don't have lab data to see if this truly works. I ordered it based on what other users have said. I began using it about a month ago. I take 2 chews in the morning, with breakfast, and 2 chews in the evening at dinner time. I was a little leary about the taste after reading so many complaints about the "waxy film left on the roof of the mouth". I don't mind the taste. I didn't taste any waxy film. Granted it's not the same as eating a carmel candy from the candy store. However, it's not candy. That being said the taste is not that bad. I haven't suffered any side effects from it. I also eat oat meal every day to help with my cholesterol and work out on a regular basis.
    I know several people that suffer from high cholesterol that I have suggested this to ~ my sister's fiancee's cholesterol is through the roof. When she recently visited me I had her try it to see if she might get it for him. She is going to order him some and let me know how much it lowers his cholesterol.
    I think it's worth a shot for those that are suffering from high cholesterol and those that want to have a proactive take on their health.
    I want to close out by saying I work as a Registered nurse caring for the adult population on a medical telemetry floor and see everyday what high cholesterol can do. ...more info
  • Tastey Cholesterol Helper
    They recommend 2 chews a day to help with the cholesterol. My problem is only eating 2! These are a great help with both my cholesterol and my diet. I'm glad I found them....more info
  • Lowers cholesterol
    Doctor recommended it, and evidence shows this has reduced by husband's cholesterol with no side effects like the statin drugs that were turning his muscles to mush....more info
  • Lowering Cholesterol
    If you are serious about lowering your Cholesterol level and want to enjoy a product that will accomplish this goal, then Benecol Smart Chews is exactly what you need. ...more info
  • Doctor's Orders
    My Doctor told me to eat Benecol to help lower my cholesterol. He said it's been proven to work. Benecol is very expensive and this is a more affordable alternative to the spread I purchase at the store. ...more info
  • Real Tasty
    These were real tasty and good and I finished the first batch ahead of time so had to order more. No problems with the order. They make for a great snack but I have not yet checked my cholesterol so unsure if really beneficial. Will be going for my annual checkup in Jan, so will find out if it really works....more info
  • Benecol review
    I can't give much of a review until I have my cholesterol drawn which won't be until this summer......I received them in a timely manner and they taste great....after my cholesterol is drawn, I'll be able to tell you just how good they are........more info
  • Not really impressed
    This product is definitely not for diabetics, or anyone watching their weight (which most cardiac patients are supposed to do). It is very high in calories (20 per chew, and they recommend two chews at a time), and it is also high in salt (Sodium 15 mg per chew, 30 per recommended serving). Salt is somthing cardiac patients are supposed to restrict, or at the least, limit.
    I also noted an undesirable thick waxy coating left on the roof of my mouth. The coating is tasteless (not the candy itself). One other side-effect I noticed is constipation....more info
  • Is Benecol the answer?
    We are still on the first 3 months of a trial to see if Benecol will reduce my husband's cholesterol. This product was recommended by his doctor after taking prescription medications which produced awful side effects. We are hoping the answer is Benecol....more info
  • Benecol Smart Choice Chews
    These were recommended by a cardiac rehab center to lower cholesterol. I was skeptical but my total cholesterol had risen above 200 and I didn't want to take medicine. Started taking the chews the end of Jan. 09 two per day for a couple months, then upped it to 4 per day for a month and a half. Just had my blood tested and the total dropped from 231 to 172. I exercise everyday same as before eating the "chews" and eat healthy but don't avoid ice cream or desserts. I think these are the way to go and avoid the side effects of drugs....more info
  • great tasting yet effective
    It helped reduce my husband's cholesterol. Not to mention, its great caramel taste. You should try to believe it. ...more info
  • Wow!!!!!! I can't believe the results!!!!!!
    I have been taking this product for a few months now, along with Benefiber, to try and lower my cholesterol before my doctor put me on medication. Before finding these products, I changed my diet radically for about a month with no results, except my HDL dropped significantly and I gave up. Now I eat as I normally would (which has it's good and bad), and today I received the stunning results of my recent labwork. Total cholesterol down 48 points!!! LDL down 47 points!!! HDL remained about the same. Even my triglycerides went down. Now I feel as though I can change my diet a little more, keep being diligent with my workouts, increase the amount of Benefiber I'd been taking, continue to take the chews and I can hopefully drive the numbers down even more. I can't say for sure which of the two products have produced these results--maybe a combination of the two, but if you have high cholesterol and want to avoid medications, I would give this a try.

    The taste is really good, just like a caramel. They are also very convenient to take along when eating out. I make sure to keep some in my purse at all times. Instead of taking a Benecol Chew after a meal, I take it before I eat a meal that is high in cholesterol. Even though they are expensive, I have not taken them 100% of the time and the container has lasted for quite a while. As far as the Benefiber, I've been taking that once a day, but I'm going to increase that to 2-3 times a day. ...more info
  • benecal chews
    they gave me a very bloated feeling in my stomach and a strange taste on my tongue....more info
  • As promised

    This product, along with some other supplements and giving up cheese :>), helped reduce my cholesterol from 254 to 165--chose to try this before statin drugs. Really worked and now no need to take the statins!!...more info
  • tasty - hope it works
    bought the benecol chews to try to bring down my overall cholesterol level. i'm not real clear about how many to eat per day - between 2 and 4 with meals is what i've been doing so far. they are quite tasty although they tend to leave a cardboard type residue on the roof of my mouth, but it will be all worth it if my numbers come down. i'll let you know in july when i go back for my annual checkup....more info
    The product was deliveried on time. I have not had a Cholestrol test to see if the product did in fact perform as advertised but I will be doing that within the next 2 months. The product is very good and easy to take....more info
  • Very unhealthy product for consumption!!!

    After reviewing the ingredients I immediately threw away this product.
    The research that has been done on corn syrup indicates not only is it a big factor in the obesity area, but very hard on digestion - affecting the kidneys!!! All Americans should be eliminating this from their
    diets immediately. I am on a campaign to hopefully have that happen.
    Lets us the corn for feed and ethonol. There is no nutritional value in corn!!!...more info
  • Mayo clinic was right......
    Benecol chew brought my cholesterol level down to a normal range after 3 months of use. No problems with liver function as with the statins and cheaper than red yeast rice. I recommend it and have recommended it to friends....more info
  • Benecol
    The product was delivered promptly. I have been taking it as directed. I will be able to give you a better review the next time that I go see my doctor and have my BP taken and cholesterol checked. We will revisit this by the spring. Thanks....more info
  • It really works
    I highly recommend this tasty product to help lower cholesterol. My most recent test results showed a significant improvement in my cholesterol levels after using Benecol Smart Chews as directed for three months. I sometimes just have a couple of these delicious chews instead of having dessert. They taste great & deliver results as advertised. ...more info
  • Works and tastes good too
    These caramel chews are part of my campaign to keep my cholesterol down after having 3 stents placed in my heart. They taste good and so far my test results have been excellent....more info
  • a winner
    I have seen a drop in my total cholesterol and LDL-not dramatic, but enough that I don't need to go on cholesterol-lowering medication ....more info
  • Good product
    I used the product and saw improvement in my total cholesterol and LDL. It tastes good and is convenient to use. I keep some at home and some in my desk at work....more info
  • Absolutely Works!
    I started using this product by chewing 1 chew after each of my 3 meals a day and 5 weeks later had my lst blood test. The stunning news was my Cholesterol had dropped 43 points and 41 of those points was the LDL, which we call the "Low Down Lipids" because it's the bad stuff in your arteries. That huge drop was due to the Benecol Chews AND without medication. Nothing else in my health regimen had changed except I am very pleased and will stay on these as long as they make them and/or the FDA makes them stop making them because they work!...more info
  • Cholesterol Reducing Sweets
    Benecol Smart Chews, Caramel, 120 Soft Chews
    Product is great! I take 2-chews in the morning & 2-chews after my last meal for the day and for approx. 2-months now. The chews have been working to reduce my high cholesterol and so far they are worth it. Benecol also makes the butter spread, but it is very expensive for one small tub of butter. I recommend the chews because you can have them anytime especially if you have a craving for something sweet. It's like chewing a caramel candy, but remember it is not a candy so do not take/treat the product like one or leave them out in the open especially if you have young kids. Take the chews/dosage as it is recommended by the manufacturer. ...more info
  • Benecol Chews
    bought this product to try to lower my cholesterol
    it is a very tasteful product. I went for a check on my cholesterol this
    morning and I will get the results on Wed. December 17, 2008.
    If my cholesterol has gone down I will continue to use the product....more info
  • Benecol Caramel Chews
    Not wanting to resort to "drugs" to manage Cholesterol, I did some research on plant Stanols, and plant Sterols. They both seem to have the ability to lower the cholesterol in your blood. However, based on a Johns Hopkins health alert....plant sterols tend to lose their ability to lower cholesterol, and instead start to appear in the blood them selves. Where as plant STANOLS seem to stay active and continue to lower cholesterol. BENECOL is the only off the shelf item that contains stanols instead of sterols. The Benecol spread is good and tastes fine, but the caramel chews are portable so you can easily take them with you. I would recommend the chews to anyone who wants to keeps tabs on your cholesterol....they are reasonably inexpensive, taste good, and have STANOLS in them...and they are portable. I was able to lower my cholesterol by 80 points by consumming STANOLS and watching my intake of cholesterol.......more info
  • Hopeful
    I found the Benecol Smart Chews to be tasty and easy to take. I won't know the good that they did until I go for blood work on Dec. 15. I'll let you know how I did.
    Kathie Wilkes...more info
  • Tasty, with good texture.
    I have already been able to lower my cholesterol and LDL's through my eating plan, and hope to see a difference now that I've started using this product. They taste very much like caramel candy chews. I don't know yet if they will affect my cholesterol levels any more, but hope to find out in 5 months. DJ...more info
  • Benecol Is Great for You (and tasty too)
    This product is proven to lower cholesterol and the caramel form is a pretty good small dessert that hits the sweet tooth while still providing the same benefit as the spread.

    Our only irritation was that the packages received were from an expiring lot with a very limited remaining "Sell By" time....more info
  • Smart Chews
    My 10 year old has very high cholesterol (genetic), but we are afraid to give him medication because of the risks. He has been taking these chews with every meal for some time, and they DO work. His doctor is not pushing me to give him medication because these are working so well. I recommend them to anyone looking for a natural way to lower their cholesterol....more info
  • They really work!
    My total cholesterol was reduced by 16 points and LDL went down 10 points after 4 months and that was by having only 2 chews per day....more info
  • Cholesterol-lowering Benecol soft chews
    I like the fact that my cholesterol specialist is pleased that my cholesterol numbers are almost perfect - just need a little higher HDL. The only problem with the product is that the wrapping is so tightly fastened to the product that it is a bit hard to unwrap. The product itself is tasty and almost like a small dessert :=)...more info
    Legitimate controlled medical tests prove these things lower cholesteral. As a bonus they are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth after dinner (instead of a fattening dessert)....more info
  • Wow they are sweet.
    I was recommended Benecol to reduce my Cholesterol.

    In other parts of the world it is a yoghurt drink. In the US it is a sweet tasting candy chew. You are supposed to have these around every meal time but the sweetness wreaks havoc on your taste buds so I recommend having them after the meal not before.

    Yet to have a retest so don't know if they have worked....more info
  • My cholesterol is down.
    I have been eating 2 benecol chews daily for about 8 months. My cholesterol has dropped to 180. I must say that I am also on a cholesterol lowering medication, but I think the chews helped a bit. Also, I like the taste. They can be a little waxy , but I don't get to eat much candy these days....more info
  • Benecol Smart Chews
    This is my second box of Benecol.
    I ordered this product which was recommended to aid in lowering Cholesterol. So far, My cholesterol has remained at an acceptable level.
    The chews have a nice carmel flavor.
    ...more info
  • Lets see if it works:) Tastes good
    I just got these..a wee bit expensive, but maybe they will come down soon if enough people know about it. I asked my 3 pharmacy's near my house about this product and no one heard. The pharmacist said she will look into it to carry it. I told her I will do a test for the next two months to see if it works:) Started JANUARY 5th
    I diet, exercise and use promise super smart drink everyday. I will report results here on my next doctors appointment:)...more info
  • Great taste and simple to use
    I just received my first order of the Benecol smart chews and they tast great. A nice smooth caramel texture that melts in your mouth.

    OK, so compared to most of the other posts, my cholesterol levels are not too high but my doctor says it's high. One of my biggest problems is keeping my HDL (good) greater than 40. So when I read the Benecol website and it said this would help lower my LDL (Bad) and not my HDL I thought why not try them out. I already eat well balanced meals and walk 5 times a week for 30 minutes. In addition, prior to my most recent blood test I was able to loose 15lbs. Now at 5'2" I weight my ideal weight of 110lbs. Yet my cholesterol levels have not gone down.

    My last test was on 10/28/08
    TOTAL CHOLESTEROL = 214 goal less than 200
    HDL CHOLESTEROL = 40 goal greater than 40
    LDL CHOLESTEROL = 145 goal less than 130
    TRIGLYCERIDES = 146 goal less than 150

    My next test will not be until April so I plan on adding all bran to my breakfast and taking 3 Benecol chews a day. I will update you with my results in April 2009. If they do manage to reduce my numbers I will be more than willing to give this product 5 stars....more info


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