Griffin 1093-CURV2 Elevator/Computer Laptop Stand

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Product Description

- Product Name: Elevator Desktop Stand for Portable Laptops - Marketing Information: Elevatorandquot;s sturdy brushed aluminum and minimal design go great with any desk decor. Elevator holds your portable computer safely and securely at just the right height to match external monitors - and to save your aching neck. Elevator conforms to health and safety standards, making your laptop safer and more comfortable to use all day long. The premier source for office ergonomics, recommends positioning the top of your screen level with your eyes and sitting at least an armandquot;s length distance from the screen. Both of these key ergonomic standards are made possible using Elevator with an external keyboard.

  • Compact convenient 3-piece construction for easy assembly and transportation
  • Frees up valuable desk space
  • Permits use of any external keyboard and mouse
  • Improves airflow circulation and cooling around your laptop

Customer Reviews:

  • Great seller and great item!
    I've bought these before, but this one is for my home. They look cool, save space and help keep my MacBook cool. I recommend this laptop stand wholeheartedly....more info
  • Nice!
    Our ad agency has replaced all desktop computers with portables-- great for travel and meetings, but what about the other 60% of your time when you're at a desk? This stand looks good, it's sturdy and it has allowed our people to sit up straight in a nice ergonomic posture so that when they're sixty they won't have humps.
    ...more info
  • A bit pricey but excellent!
    I had been using my Macbook on a desk with an external keyboard and noticed that after awhile, my neck would be sore from having to look down at the screen. So I looked around at all the laptop stands out there and decided to get the Griffin Elevator. While for a simple laptop stand, it's price is on the high end, it makes up in the quality of the materials and the effectiveness of the height of the stand (at least for a 5'11" guy like myself). The metal arms are made of solid piece of aluminum and look great with my MacBook and are sturdy to boot. The clear plastic bridge piece that connects the arms, while the most awkward part of the design is also sturdy.

    The design makes it easy to slide an external keyboard underneath to save even more desktop space. Oh and a week of using the stand, my laptop hasn't slid in the least bit. And if it did the first thing I would do is to clean the rubber pads where the laptop rests with some rubbing alcohol. All in all, I'm really happy with this stand. While there are other stands that do the same job for a cheaper price, the good looks and solid ergonomics of this stand make it a keeper for me....more info
  • Nice height, sturdy, portable
    This holds my 13 inch MacBook at just the right height for use next to my external 20 inch flat screen monitor. It's a sturdier design than the previous iCurve (which was nice but my wife took to use with her laptop). In contrast to the iCurve this also comes apart nicely if you want to make it compact and transport it in a backpack or suitcase.

    Very nice redesign. I am considering buying a second one for my office at work....more info
  • slipped off stand in first minutes after trying it
    I've had the same experience as a lot of people writing in; within minutes of putting my laptop on the stand, I turned my attention to something else and it slid right off and hit the floor. Thank god my laptop withstood the fall! I also have one of the new aluminum 15" MacBook Pros. It's possible this has to do with the material, but I'm not convinced....more info
  • No Slips Here!
    I've used this laptop elevator for over a year now & am still thrilled with its performance. I'm not certain why my laptop has not slipped off while others' have, except that perhaps I have a monstrous 17" laptop weighing in at about 9lbs. Perhaps the extra weight holds it more securely to the two non-slip treads on either arm of the elevator.

    My main concern when I purchased my laptop a year ago was the dual processors contained inside & the danger of overheating & destroying several thousand dollars of 'puter. Thankfully, even when running demanding applications (graphics-intensive gaming, particularly) my CPU temperature rarely ranges above 60 celcius.

    This is significant because for the Intel Core Duo T5600 the normal operating temperature is 60-80 celcius with many users reporting temperatures of up to 90-100 celcius when gaming. The extra airspace really makes a difference!

    Add to the safe & performance boosting temperature an ergonomic position for your laptop - the elevator raises the screen to eye-level meaning no more sore necks from looking down at your laptop for too many hours - this product is perfect....more info
  • Terrific Item - no slippage with MacBook Pro 17"
    This item is absolutely wonderful. My 17" MacBook Pro sits nicely next to it's bigger brother monitor and becomes my "alternative" screen when needed. I've had nothing but great success with it and the slim Canon scanner that I have sits nicely underneath the computer as well.

    Can't go wrong with this one....more info
  • Great until it slips off
    I left it alone twice today for less than a minute and I found my macbook on my computer chair (luckily not the floor). I've had this for quite a while and never had this problem. Perhaps like another reviewer said, the macbook has burnt off some of the rubber. Sad, because it's at a nice elevated height, but not at the expense of my macbook!...more info
  • Great Stand, however...
    I have this stand, and like several other have had problems with slippage. In case you're wondering, I'm using the stand with a 15" Al Macbook Pro. For a while I flipped the stand over and used it with the clear section on the laptop side, because the laptop side (top) seemed to be too slick to hold my laptop, even new directly out of the box. Using it like that, however, wasn't as nice looking, and it still had some minor slippage.

    However, I had a thought today, and I pulled the two legs of the U-shaped bracket a bit to adjust the angle slightly. Afterwards, no slipping (even on the laptop side), and the angle isn't appreciably changed. So, if you have this and are experiencing slippage, adjust the stand a little. You'll be glad you did....more info
  • a very nice little stand
    I run a two screen setup, with a MacBook and a 20" Envision DVI display -- needed mostly to get the book to roughly line up with the 20" and the Griffin does that quite nicely. Sort of a bonus is that it leaves me room to stick an external disk drive (MiniStack V3) and my KVM switch under the laptop so that they are out of the way. It's a tad wiggly and might not do for typing, but given that the ergonomics would be horrific (it's way too high for typing when on the stand) and it wasn't meant for that, not being a great typing stand is pretty much a moot point....more info
  • Best stand i've had
    I haven't owned this for quite the 4 months that others have had problems in, but i've had no problems so far. Great product, easy to put together, easy to move....more info
  • elegant design for tackling a common notebook users problem
    I am using this stand now for about for over a year and a half and have been happy with it from the word go.

    Over time i got some health issue with my Powerbook. Being constantly in a wrong position in front of my Powerbook made me decide to tackle this problem for once and for all. So I opted for a normal keyboard, a good mouse and this stand to put my Powerbook 17 inch on.

    After having set up this all it only took a few minutes to put my seat in the right position and since then I have no longer problems with carpal tunnel or rsi.

    Now most recent i bought a new Macbook Pro 15 inch. For desktop use I now have a 22 inch screen. I bought another elevator and now my Macbook Pro is standing nicely next to the bigger screen and when being home it is used as the second screen. It works flawlessly together in my case and would recommend to every body....more info
  • Perfect product - Kind of pricey
    I love this product. I use one at both work and home for my 15 inch MacBook Pro. Definitely ideal for dual monitor set up (laptop screen and external monitor). The only thing I can ding it on is price. I'm no expert, but based on the material and what I would think it would take to manufacturer these, I suspect the margins are pretty high. And they're not even made by Apple... ;-)...more info
  • Excellent product which works as advertised
    I am entirely pleased with this product. I was looking for a stand to match the height of the MacBookPro to 20" Cinema display. The height is reasonably close. The stand does have a bit of "bounce" to it but this is a non-factor on a sturdy desk....more info
  • Perfect stand
    This is a great stand that does exactly what it says (keeps your computer in place at the right height) and also looks great. I've been using mine for several weeks and couldn't be happier. Minimalist design makes it a good match for the Macbook Pro. It's has a surprisingly sturdy construction and can be easily disassembled and packed away or transported, which is one of the main reasons I bought it. For those who say their computers have slipped off the rubber bars and fallen onto their desks, I can only think these people must be greasing the stand with oil before placing their computers atop, because I cannot even imagine how that would happen -- I actually tried to make it slip after hours of operation (some said the computer got too hot for the rubber which led to slippage) and I can tell you that scenario is extremely improbable. My computer is always locked firmly into place on this stand, regardless of how long or how hot the computer gets during operation. Just clean the rubber bars once every few months (as you should anyway) and all will be fine....more info
  • Ergonomic simple design
    I own two of these. It keeps me sitting up straight and lessens my fatigue.

    Amazon has the best price and it comes nicely packed.

    The laptop fan doesn't go on as often. Remains cooler.

    This is a great product. I also own a Belkin which is built more solid from foam material and not as high. The Griffin is definitely my favorite although higher in price.

    It travels well too, comes apart easily for stowing....more info
  • Works better than advertised
    No complaints.

    I use this to (1) raise my computer to a more ergonomic level (top of screen should be just below straight ahead of your eyes), (2) keep my laptop from getting too hot, and (3) free up just a bit of desk space (not so useful for that, but it does help some). It travels well, too, more or less....more info
  • What can be said?
    What can be said? The product is wonderful! Perfect height to view laptop, frees up space on the desk and keeps the laptop cooler. It's a win win win !!...more info
  • Quirky Little Thing.
    I would not trust this to hold a laptop overnight due to potential slippage issues. I have cleaned mine repeatedly but it still has slight slippage. It comes in three pieces. On mine, one leg doesn't ft properly and falls out frequently. When the stars are aligned, it works as intended, but, overall, I think it is too quirky and overpriced for what you get. ...more info
  • Shipping was slow..product ok
    The product will most likely be fine. However, I thought this company was very slow in processing my request. I ordered on Friday afternoon, and the product was not shipped until Tuesday. The product shipped from Tennessee and should have arrived to me in Georgia by Friday, however, it still has not arrived and it is two days before Christmas....more info
  • Great in theory but slips of the stand
    Using it is great. It's elevated to the perfect height but my powerbook ended up on the floor in the middle of the night. Now my new hardwood floors are scratched and my powerbook and the battery for it are completely dented. I'm returning it the thing

    They really do need to make a lip or use different grips or something....more info
  • Works great, looks great
    Very satisfied with the way this looks. Keeps my MacBook cool and elevated, helps posture when working for long periods. Essential accessories: cordless keyboard/mouse....more info


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