Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 14-Inch Stir-Fry with Helper Handle and Glass Cover

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Product Description

Cuisinart is pleased to offer an exciting new variety of specialty pieces of Chef's Classic Stainless Cookware that make everyday cooking tasks a pleasure. A quick, healthy and flavorful meal the whole family can enjoy, stir fry is simple when you use the proper pan. Shining brilliantly in mirror-finish stainless steel, this sleek pan features gently sloping sides to keep meat, vegetables and sauce contained as you cook. Lifetime warranty.

  • 18/10 mirror-finish stainless steel. Classic looks, professional performance. Cooking surface does not discolor, react with food, or alter flavors.
  • Solid stainless steel riveted handles stay cool on the stovetop. Safe and comfortable handling.
  • Aluminum encapsulated base heats quickly and spreads heat evenly. Eliminates hot spots.
  • Rim is smoothly tapered to eliminate drips and spills while pouring. Tight fitting stainless covers seal in moisture and nutrients for healthier, more flavorful results.
  • Oven safe to 550 F. Cook on stovetop, in oven or under broiler. Freezer safe for easy storage.

Customer Reviews:

  • I like it
    Nice big stainless steel wok. Heats up quickly and cooks evenly. Cleans up pretty well. I'm pretty happy with it. ...more info
  • it is a very fine piece of kitchen equipment being stainless steel it will last a long time
  • This is a great pan!!!
    This pan is great for preparing just about any type of food. It makes a great wok and is large enough to cook even the largest size dishes. The pan is easy to cook with and is extremely easy to clean. Just add a little warm water and place the pan on the cooktop. Any food that is stuck to the pan can be easily removed. If there is any discoloration, a little Barkeeper's Friend with a small amount of elbow grease will shine the pan up to an almost new look. I keep the pan on my stovetop, ready to use any time. The only thing I would change on this pan at all is to add a vent to the glass lid that comes with it. Other than that, it really is a fantastic pan for overall food preperation....more info
  • Good, can be better
    This is our first stainless steel wok. It is big enough for our purpose. The price is right. We have electric burner so the flat bottom works fine. We do not experience uneven heat distribution along the side because all the heat comes from bottom.

    However, it could be better:
    1. The cover does not have a hole to let out the steam like our other woks made by Chinese brands, so all the steam came out from side, that has made the stove surface too messy.
    2. We do not like the flat bottom. It does sit nicely on our flat stove top. But it feels awkward when you stir food inside. The inner surface is not smooth from side to bottom....more info
  • Stainless Steel 14" Wok
    I have gone through many "non stick" woks, even though they supposedly had a lifetime warranty, the non stick surface always ended up peeling off or chipping. I hunted all over our town looking for a stainless steel wok with no luck. I was thrilled to find this one on Amazon! The 14" size is perfect for us and the glass lid is great! I have cooked in it many times since it arrived and I am very, very happy with it! Easy to clean and it polishes up to brand new with a little "Barkeepers Friend" stainless cleaner. You just can't beat stainless!...more info
  • Great Value, Great Product
    Always a big fan of Cuisinart for the kitchen, I was happy to find this wok at such a great price, less than the same product on eBay. Works great, cleans up quickly. It is large, so make sure you have cupboard space for it, but definitely worth the money!...more info
  • DO NOT Buy!
    Bought this stainless steel cuisinart wok thinking it would a great product - NOT! First use - no lie, heated the thing up real good, put my delicious veggies in there and my chicken - then I started smelling something and it wasn't food. Instead it was the bottom flat plate on the wok that has somehow separated and was burning. 1st time I used it. Immediately packed it back up to be returned......will never buy a cuisinart again....more info
  • It can easily burn on the side
    The pot is good with the glass cover to see the inside cooking. However, the heat on the side doesn't seem to be evenly distributed. Therefore, it's very easy to burn on the side of this wok. Make sure to wash it with the soap water....more info
  • disappointed...
    I was very excited when I found this wok at such a fantastic price! It looks great when it arrived as well. I used it everyday and I was very disappointed with its performance. Each time I stir fry in it, a round, dark, solid burnt cirle will appear right in the middle of the wok. This causes the food to smell "burnt" and it difficult to clean. I had to scrub and scrap it each time. Such a beautiful wok, but what a poor construction...I'm very disappointed with it....more info
  • Great Value
    I bought this pan for my wife and she has been using it 3-5 time per week for about 3 months. The construction is exactly what she was looking for - a pan big enough to do stir fry dishes, yet light enough that cooking wasn't like a workout. As previous reviews have stated the lid is heavy in comparison to the pan, so just don't use it :) - would recommend cuisinart change lid to same construction as pan. Some hot spots can occur if used on too high a heat, just takes some getting used to the way it heats/cooks. Overall a great value for the price and performance, it was delivered quickly and in good shape....more info
  • works great
    This item works well. The lid is nice for steaming vegetables in the wok....more info
  • wok wonder
    After reading other reviews, I was hesitant. Despite the odds, I went for this pan because I already have a 10pc Cuisinart set and would like all my pots to match.

    I AM IMPRESSED AND LOVE THIS WOK! It is a big pan (bigger than a classic wok) but very lightweight (great for tossing food in it), easy to clean, versatile (oven safe), and the glass lid helps speed up the cooking time! I stir-fried dishes in it already and made lo-mein using some really sticky noodles and IT DID NOT stick!

    Cuisinart products have never let me down. I am so happy with this purchase....more info
  • The worst wok I've every used
    This is the worst wok I have ever used. The bottom is too thick and transmit heat poorly and the side is extremely thin. The result? All the heat seemed to come from the side, which makes EVERYTHINK sticks to the side. Don't buy this product....more info
  • Best quality for price
    This is everything I was looking for in a Wok. A glass cover is so nice to keep heat in for steaming or frying. Really heavy duty!...more info
  • Great wok, but lid shattered spontaneously.
    The wok is great. The clear lid seemed great until the first time we washed it. It was sitting in a plastic coated wire drain dry rack and the edge of the lid was in one of the plate slots. There was a bit of pressure on it from the weight of the lid leaning against the wire dish support, but not a lot of stuff leaning on it or anything like that. Out of nowhere the lid shattered as if it had exploded, into thousands of roughly 1/16" chunks. Glass all over the kitchen.

    We'll keep the wok, but we don't want a new lid.......more info
  • A decent stir-fry at a reasonable price
    The cuisinart stir-fray is more than adequate for those not wishing to spend 2-3 times as much on a top of the line name brand pan. I suggest some stainless steel cleaning powder that can be found at most major grocery stores to give it a good clean from time to time. Read the instructions - use on a medium heat and not on a high heat to avoid burning, as the pan conducts heat very well on medium. All in all very satisfied with the value relative to the price....more info
  • Good, but not great
    I bought this for cooking in college. Compared to some of the other more heavily priced woks/stir-fry pans out there, this one is affordable and nice to use. We use this wok about 3 times a week. We use it for stir-fry, steaming, and anything else we might need it for.
    I've only used this on an electric stove, and so far it's good. Like other reviewers have stated, it does tend to be a bit difficult to clean.
    The reason it gets 4 out of 5 stars is because the wok I use at my parents house was bought at a similar price, but is much better in usability. It might not look as nice as this wok, but it doesn't stick as much (it too is stainless steel).
    For college, this is a good wok, and it'll last me a while. If it weren't for the clean up, it'd get 5 starts....more info


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