Delonghi PAC T100P Portable Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU

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Product Description

  • 10,000 BTUs
  • Energy-efficient; Must be vented
  • Programmable timer and easy-to-use control panel
  • 3M Filtrete Air Filtration
  • Features:
    • 10,000 BTUs
    • Energy-efficient; Must be vented
    • Programmable timer and easy-to-use control panel
    • 3M filtrete air filtration
    • 19.49"Wx16.14"Dx37.01"H
    Customer Reviews:
    • Impressive
      I've not used portable airconditioners before, but I am impressed after a day with the T100P. I purchased the unit for my bedroom (a measly 120 sq feet or so), which typically gets blazing hot in the summer. The room is on the west side of the house and has little ventilation. Today it was 85 degrees when I turned the a/c on an hour ago, it's now dropped to 81, and feels much more comfortble. When temps reach in the 90s-100s, the room can be in the upper 80s through most of the night. Summer will be a true test of this, as it hasn't been that hot yet. But it looks like I may be able to actually sleep in my bed this summer, rather than on the couch.

      As bulky and large as the unit looks, it's acutally quite easy to move around on its wheels or by using the carry handles on the case.

      This unit also has a water tank, but I believe it's only for the dehumidifying use. The a/c mode is not supposed to use the tank, according to the description at least. (Edit - this is soley for running the unit in dehumidify mode. When in a/c mode, the water vapor is passed through the exhaust hose, allowing the unit to run 24/7 without need to empty the tank).

      Cons: I have sliding windows in the room, and only one hose (exhaust) will reach the window. I'm going to have to rig a larger hose for the intake (instuctions state that max cooling is better with the intake hose attached to the window). (Edit: Cooling works well even in the dead of summer without the intake hose connected).

      The box and unit were banged up in delivery. One of the exhaust couplings was broken and the bottom of the front fascia is cracked.

      The unit is not a split unit like the PAC400, and some might think it's loud. As long as the compressor is running, the unit is quite loud, regardless of fan setting....more info