Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health - 24 Ounces
Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health - 24 Ounces

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Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health - 24 Ounces

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  • Green Vibrance
    Great Product. I use it everyday and love it. Thanks for the product being on time. ...more info
  • One of the Best Ways to Stay Healthy
    I've enjoyed this product for some years and believe it is one of the best products for giving you energy, keeping your immune system, and helping you stay young. Don't go a day without it! - Dr. Lisa Love, Beyond the Secret...more info
  • Really awesome greens!
    I've been using Green Vibrance with my family for a couple of years now and it is so energizing and feels so good in our bodies. It helps me be sure that we're getting enough real nourishment into us. I prepare it as a smoothie with apple juice, a banana and some ice. Even the kids drink it right up!...more info
  • Good Powder
    Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance, 22.43 oz powder

    I have been using this powder pretty much daily for awhile now - at least a year. All I can say is that I notice a difference within a few days if I stop taking it. I'm using Green Vibrance as my main source of supplementation and save money by no longer purchasing vitamins the way I formerly did. (I have come to the conclusion that vitamins in pill or capsle form don't get processed anyway.) My only complaint is that this powder is rather nasty tasting and can be hard to get down without some sort of sweetener. It can be a little difficult finding a beverage to use with it if you are trying, like I am, to stay away from juice. Yet, the benefits of this product far outweigh this inconvenience. I use Green Vibrance with powdered vitamin C. This combination seems to be, for me at least, a good boost for the immune system....more info
  • Green Vibrance, Great Product
    My husband and I have been taking Green Vibrance for several years now. We have found that this product is one of the best superfoods out there. It contains many important items and all in one powder! For us, it seems to keep us more alkaline and we stay healthy throughout the year, very little illness. It does not replace a healthy diet for sure, but it adds alot without having to take many other items. As a homeopathic practitioner, I have used it with several of my clients, especially if they are debilitated till they can get their diets on track. Works great! Most want to continue taking it. Love this product....more info
  • outstanding
    i have been drinking it for 2 years- at first the taste is funky but mix it with cranberry or orange juice and it is ok- after awhile you wont even flinch at the taste and can even mix with water in a pinch. after all this time i can tell u that my gastrointestinal tract feels so much better (but be warned- when u first start dont leave the bathroom area for about an hour; i would walk our dogs in the morning after drinking it in the beginning and find myself running home); at some point during the first few months u find yourself craving it as a beginning to your day- i work in healthcare and am exposed to lots of infections and can tell u that this is an excellent product- i have been the butt of many jokes by friends and family, and yet i still continue my daily regiment of drinking it- 5 stars...more info
  • This is the Greens powder I will stick with
    It's a green drink...It's going to be grassy, but this one is a very fine powder and it incorporates very well in juice, which helps a lot. Much finer than I have found before. I use Blender Bottle by Sundesa, Hand Blender, Sports Bottle, Blue, 20 oz., quick and easy....more info
  • Green Vibrance = Great Energy
    Green vibrance is one of the best products I have come across. Being a Type I diabetic, I believe it is an integral part of my diet, it leaves me feeling energetic and ready to go. It also made my skin feel wonderful within 72 hours of starting it....more info
  • Terrible taste but Great Result
    This product has a terrible taste but the health results have been amazing. My sinus drainage has stopped, my cough has stopped, my sleep has improved, I feel better, everything seems to be working better. I can highly recommend this product. I believe it will improve your immune system, as I always have a cold in winter, but since taking this stuff daily, I have not had a sniffle. It helps to take it dissolved in cold apple juice. But take it daily for thirty days and you will be very pleased at how your health improves....more info
  • Greatest Green Powder I've Found Yet!
    This stuff is really potent. It's truly the best Green Powder I've found to date.

    You can pay less out there for other seemingly similar powders, but, no joke, do yourself a favor and buy this instead.

    It's worth way more than the regular stuff out there in potency value alone. You get what you pay for.

    I wrote this review in the spirit of saving you some time by avoiding the trial and error approach.

    Just at least try this first.

    You'll be amazed at the new found energy and alertness you experience, and say goodbye to colds as long as you're on this stuff.

    It really kicks your immune system up a notch or two. It's like having a force field against bugs and sniffles, especially if you have kids.

    You know how easy it is pass a cold back and forth from your kids. Say goodbye to that as long as you're on this stuff.

    I truly couldn't recommend this stuff any more highly. Just order it and see for your self.


    Jason Bunner
    ...more info
  • Excellent product
    I have taken numerous antibiotics and deal with Candida. As a result, I have yeast infections. I add this product to my daily protein drink after working out. It keeps the yeasty beasties away....more info
  • Excellent Product.
    I searched for a product of this type for some time. I finally decided on Green Vibrance after reading reviews from Amazon. I could not be more happy with my purchase. This is an excellent product, I have tons of energy, and it tastes great with apple juice!...more info
  • works great......
    i buy this for my ninety year old grandmother who refuses to get a computer. well she looks 60 is at the gym doing step aerobics three days a week. yoga at home at least five days a week. drives her car. cleans the house. she swears by it's positive effects. who am i to question it. go grandma...more info
  • Super Energizer
    Would recomend this product to everyone.Seamed to energize me after approx a couple weeks use. More energy,stamina etc...more info
  • the number one food supplement I will not live without
    I've been drinking Green Vibrance for years now. I LOVE IT and it's the number one food supplement I will not live without. I used to suffer from frequent UTI's and since drinking this regularly I've NEVER had another UTI again. I've tried many different "green drinks" and this one is the best tasting and has the best organic products than any other. Trust me - this one tastes the best! Sometimes when I don't feel well and am fatigued I will drink a glass and HONESTLY feel great right away. This supplement is amazing. ...more info
  • Wow!
    I have been using this product for about a week, less then a week actually.


    My energy is better, I feel more upbeat, less physically exhausted. I feel like my recollection is even getting better... I'm more regular, my body is detoxing, this stuff is just amazing! I'm even less anxious, I used to have panic attacks and little OCD things... but they are basically gone! Though that much I'm not sure if that is due to the green vibrance or the fish oil I started taking about a week and a half ago, or maybe them working together. I cant wait to see how I feel after a month on it, or more! This stuff is fantastic, I've been recommending it to everyone I know, though mostly they go "ewww I'm not drinking that!" haha

    I'm never going without my Green Vibrance again!

    It does taste horrible, I mix it with grape juice or cranberry juice and it isn't as bad. My friend who takes it suggests apple juice, though I've never tried it. I do alot of supplements/herbs so I'm used to drinking yucky stuff for my health, it doesn't really bother me. I just drink it down, and then have something good to drink. I mean, your talking 4-8 oz of juice with the green vibrance, its not that bad, not like you need to mix it into a 2 liter.

    This stuff is magic!

    The only problem is it needs to be frozen or refrigerated after you open it, and the container is big, so its hard to fit it in there if your fridge/freezer is usually full....more info
  • Green Vibrance is Great
    I think I have done this before. But I can't say enough good things about this product. I have had digestive problems most of my adult life and since using Green Vibrance - we call it "green stuff" in our house - I feel better than I have in years. It is expensive, in my humble opinion, but well worth. It tastes terrible. If it didn't work so well, I would look for something else....more info


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