Revlon Amber Waves RV672AWC 1875W Ionic Hair Dryer

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Product Description

Revlon Amber Waves 1875W Ionic Chrome Dryer with Pik attachment

  • 1875 watts of power
  • Ionic technology
  • 3 heat/speed settings
  • Cold shot button sets the style
  • Pik attachment for straightening hair
Customer Reviews:
  • It's . . . okay
    The title says it all. I was so hyped about getting this great professional hair dyer with fast-drying ionic technology bla, bla, bla.
    It's a regular hair dryer. It's loud, and it's certainly is not for curly-haired type of folks. (I mean really curly and thick) That hint was for all the sista' out there with a head full of naturally thick hair considering this for themselves- don't do it to yourself.
    It can be done, but the hair MUST be parted in many sections and the hair must also be combed with a regular comb before starting the drying process to detangle or the comb will flip off everytime.

    I plan to invest in a more powerful yet quiet dryer, with a strong comb attachment.
    I would like to say to people without my hair type. This is not a terrible dryer. It just didn't fit my needs.
    This would be perfect for someone with a thinner, looser-curl head of hair as long as you don't mind noise. It sound like your typical dryer.
    There are lower noise dryers that allow you to dry your hair and hold a conversation with someone- because, for some reason when I dry my hair while other people are around somebody always has a question to ask everytime I turn the dryer back on.
    I hope this review helped someone....more info