Sustenex with Ganeden-BC30, Probiotic, 30 Capsules

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Product Description

Take one capsule daily with water. Sustenex contains Ganeden-BC30 a resilient powerful probiotic clinically proven to improve digestive health which colonizes the intestine. It survives stomach acidity and ensures that more beneficial bacteria reach the small intestine to facilitate digestion and stregthening of the immune system.

  • Over 10 times more effective than yogurt.
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves digestive health
  • Lactose free
  • Contains Ganeden-BC30 the most viable probiotic strain

Customer Reviews:

  • wonderful
    I have had digestive and intestinal issue for years. Part of it I inherited from my parents and part I got from drinking a coca cola spiked with acid, thanks to the Viet Cong in Vietnam. Both have caused life-long suffering. I tried every possible diet combination and so-called digestives but still I had problems.

    I've been taking Sustenex daily for about three weeks now and I've noticed a remarkable reduction of bloating, pain, and unpleasant mornings in the bathroom. Right now I could almost star in a TV commercial: a big smiling face, two thumbs up in the air and a click of my heels. I'm not 100 percent, but maybe 90.

    I just signed up with Amazon to get it sent to me automatically every month.

    Try it.
    ...more info
  • No difference... yogurt or nothing at all
    I've eaten yogurt and cottage cheese made with probiotics, so when Amazon Vine offered a sample to try -- I signed up. I was interested in seeing how the pill would work in comparison since it means no extra calories when you're not in the mood for yogurt or cottage cheese (some of the probiotic yogurt products taste terrible, but Dannon Activia vanilla is tasty).

    Sadly, I didn't experience anything different. Based on research, it sounds like probiotics are hit or miss. They work great for some and don't for others.

    For those who do benefit from probiotics -- the pill form has an advantage over yogurt in that it has more probiotics (how much should we even have?), does not require refrigeration, 0 calories, and cheaper. Amazon sells a 30 day supply for $14.99. Comparable pricing for yogurt depends on your geographical location and store. It's about $3.85 for four days' worth of yogurt. The pills are easily cheaper. ...more info
  • The best probiotic on the market!
    Having suffered IBS my whole life this supplement along with Digestive Advantage IBS keeps me feeling "normal." Plus an added bonus with this product it does not need refrigeration like most competitors....more info
  • Helps My Digestive And Immune Systems
    Since I started using this product, I have noticed that I am more regular and that I get fewer colds. While it is difficult to pinpoint the effectiveness of one product in determining one's health (because there are so many variables to consider), the results are noticeable so that it appears that this product is working. I too eat yogurt, but I have read that transportation, days on the shelf and other matters may adversely affect the amount and viability of live cultures in yogurt. Apparently, Sustenex is able to guarantee the number of live cultures in its capsules, and I am certainly getting better results than eating yogurt. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Beneficial
    I take medication that wreaks havoc with my digestive system. In the past, my daily diet has consisted of yogurt, prunes, and raw fruit and veggies. I noticed a difference within the first few days of taking Sustenex. And it's so easy - one pill daily with water. None of that awful-tasing powder to mix or liquids to be applied to your drink that you can't taste but make your drink gooey. I would definitely recommend this product and intend to continue to take it....more info
  • Easy to take, and powerful
    Probiotics are the newest thing in health these days. Don't get me wrong, people have long known how important your gut flora is, and how harmful is the effect on this flora of antibiotics. I remember years ago, my mother having me eat yogurt after I finished a course of antibiotics - and I really dislike the taste of yogurt. In the past, the only way to rebuild the gut flora was through such foods as yogurt.

    Well, with modern probiotics, such as Sustenex, you can get all of the benefits of yogurt, and even more(!) with a simple, daily capsule. Indeed, Sustenex provides some ten times as much beneficial bacteria as yogurt, and it is a mix of well respected bacteria. So, if you want to assist your digestion and general health, then get Sustenex with Ganeden-BC30. And if you have been on antibiotics, then you really must get this now!...more info
  • No Effect
    I know just how helpful probiotics can be as a regular user of Natren Healthy Trinity 90 Capules Dairy Free so I started using this product as a true believer and not as a skeptic, but after a month I am disappointed to report no results whatsover.

    Since the bacteria in question, Bacillus coagulans, differs from those in the Natren Healthy Trinity 90 Capules Dairy Free, I tried taking it first with the Natren product (but not at the same time of course) and later without it, with no effect either way. For all I could tell I could be taking placebos!

    Part of the trouble is that a web search turned up nothing on this probiotic from any source other than Sustenex so all I've got is their word for it.

    If you try it, and it seems to do you some good, don't let me discourage you. However, as of right now, I am going back to recommending Natren Healthy Trinity 90 Capules Dairy Free because I KNOW that IT works!...more info
  • Not sure what to say...
    I decided to give this product a try because I have a host of digestive problems and get sick all of the time and probiotics are supposed to be very beneficial. I tried it out for a couple of a weeks, and I did not feel like there was a significant change in my digestive track. This product claims that by helping your digestive track, it will give your immune system a boost (this is a true), but while taking it I got the sickest I had been in the last year.

    I am not saying this is a bad product, but it problably will not help you very much if you have moderate to severe digestive problems. ...more info
  • Diarrhea to die for
    This stuff tore up my digestive system. The first week I took it, things were ok. The subsequent week, it caused severe abdominal distress, stomach pain and cramping, and diarrhea that lasted days. Took my system a week to get back to normal. Tossing the rest in the trash!...more info
  • Just don't know that it's done anything one way or the other
    I have never take probiotics before. I have had digestive problems from time to time. However, overall my health is very good, so I may not be the best candidate for this product. I would gladly continue taking it to find out if continued use had an effect.

    As such, I will not rate this product as bad nor as great. I will state that I found it to be neither one way nor the other....more info
  • Hard to tell if it helped
    As I can't communicate directly with the healthy flora in my digestive tract, it's hard to say exactly how beneficial this was. Probiotics are only universally accepted by both the medical and natural health industry when a person has an infection that requires antibiotics, or contracts a parasite, and a few others. Some think that probiotics will help with IBS--well, if that's the case, and they really do help with IBS, then this product didn't work for me.

    It was easy to take. Some people don't like taking pills and would rather eat yogurt, a position I can understand. I don't mind taking pills, and would rather take pills than eat yogurt. Actually, I'd rather have the pill and eat a cup of fat free pudding. As pills go, this comes in a capsule form, doesn't require refrigeration (which is a huge bonus), and was easy to swallow.

    If I contracted a major digestive disorder, I might turn to this product because it's easy to use. But I couldn't tell you right now whether or not it would work....more info
  • Good Alternative To Yogurt
    Let me preface this by saying that I am a firm believer in probiotics and regularly take kefir and enhanced yogurt as a part of my daily diet. So when I got my 30 day supply, I really didn't notice a difference. All I can say is that I feel good, have not been sick (everyone in my office has had colds) and everything seems to be working fine down there. I will say that I've been slightly more gassy after starting with the Sustenex supplements, but I can't say for sure they are the cause -- though I suspect they may be.

    So let me just focus on the pro's here:

    1. Convenience - it is easier to take a capsule than eat a container of yogurt. No refrigeration needed.
    2. Calories - 0 vs. the 150 calories in 8oz of plain yogurt.
    3. Sugar Free - Even plain yogurt has sugar, this doesn't.
    4. Right kind of bacteria -- many yogurts don't have the proper mix of bacteria to promote intestinal health.
    5. Targeted - the probiotics make it to the small intestine while those in food may be destroyed in the stomach.
    6. Price - at about 50 a serving, this is a good deal.

    Now you won't get the other dietary benefits that you get with a good dairy product, but then again that is not why you are getting this, right? If you don't mind investing a little time, this home Kefir making kit is another good way to go. Kefir Starter Kit by Body Ecology Diet - Makes up to 42 Gallons of High Grade Kefir!

    To summarize, I've been happy with the results. But the only way to know for sure it to try it yourself.

    UPDATE: I just finished my 30 day supply and I have to say that right after writing this review, the gassy aspect passed. Perhaps because I started taking it with a fiber supplement, who knows. I do know this though. Almost everyone at my office and all of my family had colds this past month. I did not. Did the Sustenex boost my immunse system and help me ward off illness. Perhaps....more info
  • Good stuff
    Probiotics are a life saver for those of us with IBS. I think one pill a week is enough though I don't need to reestablish the little bug colony more than that. I love this product....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a wonderful product. My stomach used to hate me I would have pain every time I ate. Now it is fine and doesn't hate me anymore....more info
  • Sustenex
    The product works great, just as advertised. Being Lactose Intolerant I couldn't even eat yogurt. Sustenex has definitely made an improved and perfect balance in my digestive system....more info
  • Sadly we were another "miss" in the Probiotic hit-or-miss
    My husband has a very sensitive stomach, and has had digestive issues most of his life, so when I saw the chance to try this out I thought maybe it would be helpful for him. He dislikes many of the dairy products that contain probiotics (yogurt, cottage cheese and string cheese to name a few) so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for him to try probiotics.

    Unfortunately, he hasn't noticed any change in his digestive health or sensitivities to foods. He still reported the same heartburn and upset stomachs as before. I don't think we'll bother with probiotics for him again....more info
  • works
    This a good product. It helps with intestinal dysbiosis. I needed to take 4 tablets twice daily to take effect initially. I had tried many other probiotics including Dr. Ohirra's 12 which i needed to take 20 pills a day for similar effect. The acid resistant shell really helps. It gave me a lot of bad gas at first which my wife didn't appreciate. The makers of the product say that means the probiotic is colonizing and kicking out the bad guys. Have a good day I rate this four stars because i have to take a lot of it.I wish they would make capsules a lot strongeer with at least 10 billion units...more info


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