Black & Decker 18-Volt Cordless Electric Power Scrubber with 14-Foot Reach #NPS1018

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Product Description

18V, Cordless Power Scrubber, Powerful 18V Motor Provides More Torque/Power To Get The Job Done, Two 36" Extensions Can Be Inserted For Reaching Up To 14', Fully Submersible Head For Cleaning Under The Water's Surface, Power Head Pivots & Locks Into Position For Many Different Applications, 18V NiCd Battery Pack Provides Up To 75 Minutes Of Actual Scrubbing Time, 8" Soft Brush Is Included For Washing Painted Surfaces Such As Vehicles, Boats & Windows, 8" Firm Brush Is Included For Scrubbing Stubborn Surfaces Like Masonry, Decks & Floors, Mesh Storage Bag Included For Keeping All Components Together, 2 Year Full Warranty.

  • Powerful 18-volt motor provides more torque/power to get the job done
  • 2 36-inch extensions can be inserted for reaching up to 14 feet
  • Motor head pivots and locks into position; 18-volt NiCad battery pack provides up to 75 minutes of scrubbing time
  • Includes one 8-inch soft brush and one 8-inch firm brush
  • Fully submersible head for cleaning under the waters surface
Customer Reviews:
  • 18v Power Scrubber 3NPS1018
    This by far the easy way to wash or scrub your RV or TRUCK with that I have tried. I have told several people about little effort it take's to clean the awning on a RV. I wished I had found sooner....more info
  • Stretching the Truth!!
    OK, so I don't really own one of these scrubbers just yet which is actually why I logged on this evening - so that I could buy one for myself.

    I actually borrowed my Brother's B&D scrubber to try it out on my newest purschase, a 46 foot Hunter sailboat that I liveaboard and I have to tell everyone that this scrubber may be useful in many different places but it is OUTSTANDING for cleaning a fibreglass sailboat, especially a really big sailboat!

    In my first outing yesterday, I cleaned the sailboat's topside (deck) in around an hour and did the sailboat's hull in even less time. Since the sailboat sits in the water, the water-proof scrubber with the full extension worked wonders - even under the surface of the water!

    So, if I could give this product more than five stars, I would do so in a heartbeat.

    Bravo and my thanks to the B&D designers.

    Now, I will go on and buy one for myself and return my Brother's to him.

    TTFN!...more info
  • I really like this product
    I purchased this mainly because I wanted to clean the deck and the area around the pool. It is a great little cleaner and it is true what other people have said in terms of not exerting too much force or pressure. Its like those rotating toothbrushes in that you aren't supposed to press down - the rotating head does all the work for you. I did try to clean the windows of the house, which are relatively high. I used the full extension and it was a bit awkward for me to balance. I'm medium build and weight - generally fit, but even so there a was bit of a balancing act going on whenever I used this product. I'm sure the neighbors got a kick out of it. Overall, I would recommend this product but just be careful when using the extension - especially those of you with smaller frames, weights, and problems balanacing. ...more info
  • Disappointing - Underpowered
    I own a number of B&D's 18V tools - this is the first one I am disappointed with. It is probably going back to Amazon.

    The tool is underpowered even with a fully charged battery. It won't even turn in a bucket of water after a few minutes of use. I've tried it with seven different battery packs(including two fully charged "extreme" packs) all giving the same result.

    Nice idea by B&D but poor execution....more info
  • Keeping a city clean
    I bought this brush to help me clean up vandalism in my city and I take it on every clean-up trip. It has cleaned concrete walls, street signs, siding and bus stops. It saves me from having to bring a ladder. It does not replace really hard hand scrubbing, but it does a good job for me. As a bonus, when a flock of birds used my husband's car as a rest stop, I had it clean in minutes, and I used to hate washing cars....more info
  • Very Handy Tool
    I found this device very handy for scrubbing concrete walls and decks.
    Cordless makes it all the more user frendly without the fuss of dragging a power cord around. If assembling the device on a carpet, suggest placing some type of cover, as greese can be a issue, where the extension rods and brush assembly attach. I store the assemblies in the net bag provided with the tool. I saved the plastic covers that were supplied with the shipping and place them over the parts that have heavy greese. I would highly recommend this tool to a friend, in fact while using the tool several people have asked where they might purchase one.
    I told them I bought it at info
  • Not up to expectations!
    I have three issues with this product: 1- Too heavy for a female user, 2- Brush is too soft for tile or cement floors and 3- Lacks power so only good for very light scrubbing. I will probably only use it to clean the windows and vinyl siding on the house....more info
  • Great value, time saver.
    What a time saver. We had the chore of scrubbing mold off of ceilings. This little scrubber did the work of 3 people in half the time and we did not even have to get on a I was concerned about battery life so I bought an extra battery and quick charger, and also ordered the 4" brush. Works great. I wish there was a wire brush or very stiff bristle attachment, but it is well worth the cost as is....more info
  • B&D Power Scrubber
    I needed something that I could clean the bottom of my boat while it is in the sling. The Power Scrubber works great for this. I would like to see a little higher RPM's.. Battery life seems very good as I cleaned my whole 26ft boat, top and bottom and Power Scrubber still was running strong. The quality of this unit appears to be good. If you are looking for power scrubber, this is the only one I have been able to find. ...more info
  • Good but not perfect
    This piece of equiptment lived up to the reviews that had been published on it. It is well made, is substantial, convenient to use and as is the case with most battery operated machines, slow!
    It takes it's time to perform a task but eventually does a satisfactoy job.
    I am not disappointed with my purchase even though I did have to purchase an additional 4 inch scrubbing brush to clean my deck....more info
  • Cleaning house vinyl
    My house is located under an Oak tree canopy so the outside of my house turns dark green from mold. I had tried a power washer but if I turned on enough pressure to clean the vinyl it would crack my old vinyl siding. I bought the Black and Decker Cordless Power Scrubber on the "hope" that it would clean my vinyl. The Scrubber preformed better then my wildest hopes! Using a standard cleaning solution the scrubber cleaned 98% of the vinyl. I only had to clean a couple of spots by hand. My wife and I are thrilled to find a tool that did such a good job on a very difficult cleaning task. I have already recommended the Power Scrubber to several friends!...more info
  • Dirt spins around in circles and then dries on the floor
    Last week, I tried using this three times (just in case it got easier with time), and, frankly, the only easy part of this is how easy it was to waste over $120.00. I ordered this because I knew I was about to undergo renovation of my apartment, with lots of dust and grime. I also have osteoarthritis in my knees, and have difficulty walking and standing, and I hoped this would shorten the cleaning. However, the machine is heavy; the handle is either too long or too short; it takes up too much water and leaves pools, even after spinning the water out in the bucket; the pivoting head doesn't pivot very well -- it's necessary to bang it against something hard to move it; and the battery cap can be tricky to put on and off, and once, came off by itself while I was running the scrubber. The worst part, however, is that, unlike a traditional mop, there is nothing to pick up the dirt. All I did when using this on my floors is to keep making circles of suspended dirt, which dried to solid dirt, my white floors now covered in a brown film. Unlike a mop, where I could get by with a quick once-over if I didn't have the time, I had not only to lug this device around while it spread the dirt, I then had to use an old-fashioned mop again to scrub, and then rinse all four rooms affected by the construction. This scrubber made three times the work. It might be of use for someone who is cleaning a car, walls, or pavement outside and can use a garden hose to rinse all the muck off, but it certainly is not of use to me in an apartment. This useless product gets donated to a thrift shop. ...more info
  • What a work/time saver!!
    We recently purchased a home with light tan/beige vinyl siding that had not only never been cleaned, but the previous residents had left a lot of junk leaning against the house leaving stains, grime & insect nests everywhere.

    But I bought one of these and I cannot imagine how much time and work it saved me, never had to use a ladder and was able to clean the entire house including under the fascia & soffits from ground level.

    As others have mentioned, take your time and let the scrubber do the work. At first I was using some siding cleaner/conditioner and wasn't that impressed as I had to go over the dirtier areas several times, but then I got smart and used a stronger, mildly abrasive cleaner and everything came off the first pass over. Then I went back and used the cleaner/conditioner.

    If I never use it again it already paid for itself as far as I'm concerned. But it'll make cleaning the house, cars, etc much easier in the future I'm sure.

    ...more info
  • Multiple uses; saved us time & money
    We have had this product for several months now and have found it to be a very useful addition to our arsenal of tools. We have used it outdoors to clean the eaves under the house to clear up dirt, insect nests and webs (using soft scrub); it made them look new. We have used it indoors to clean mildew from the top of a shower stall (with Tilex).

    It extendsto about five feet, which makes it possible to do "nasty" jobs without getting too close to the nasty stuff!...more info
  • Okay, but...
    This unit is okay but beware the brush head pivots and strips out very easily. The brush head pivots so you can adjust the angle at which to use it. After 3 uses the locking mechanism stipped out, and now the head does not lock in very securly- causing it to move around while using. ...more info
  • B&D got this one right!
    I just received and tried out this scrubber. Although I will use it to wash the cars and RV, I really got it for our new shower - mosaic floor tile, subway tile and glass block walls, and lots of spary heads. No shortage of surfaces and grout lines! This power scrubber reduced a 1 hour+ scrubbing job into 15 minutes! This is a perfect solution - the hand held power scrubbers are too small for this large shower.

    Black and Decker really did their homework on this one. They added an swiveling brush head that you can lock or leave free to rotate - this allows working in close quarters and, the whole thing is water proofed. They also thought enough to add a mesh storage/carry bag - really important to keep the machine, scrub heads and extension poles all together.

    A smaller scrub head accessory would be nice for corners but I am sure B&D was not thinking of this primarily as a bath scrubber.

    It does seem best to avoid the urge to put pressure on the brush - just let it do the work. It looks like it will be great for windows. I cannot yet say how it works on the cars but, the work it saves on the shower already ranks it as money well spent....more info
  • Very usefull but with improvements needed
    For the most part I am very pleased with the product. However, the brushes rotate very slowly and only have one speed available. The other thing that needs improving is that the tool is out of balance. The battery end being much heavier than the brush end, a more neutral balance would make the tool easier to use and less of a strain on your back. A soap dispenser and a hose hook-up would also be welcome additions. ...more info
  • I like it a lot.
    I bought this product about a month ago,and I am pretty much satisfied with it. It is well made, with sturdy parts, and makes a lot of hard jobs much easier. The interchangable batteries with all the other Black& Decker tools is a big plus. It is really good for scrubbing floors and bathtubs.

    Two gripes. The locking lever does not really lock the head, it just makes it stiffer to turn. If you bear down on it, it will turn, and you will have to reposition it. This is not a big problem, just an annoyance.

    But what this product really needs is a two foot extension to go with the four foot ones. If you use the unit without any extension on something at ground level (like your floors), you have to stoop to use it, causing back strain. If you put the four foot extension on it, it is easier to use, but the overall length makes it somewhat unwieldly. A two foot estension would make it about perfect.

    Overall, I really like this thing, and I am finding more uses for it all of the time. You can wash the outside of your house in about an hour!

    One other thing. If you buy this product, you will want to order a couple of the small (four inch) brush heads from B&D. The large ones that come with the unit are great for floors, walls, and cars, but the smaller ones make it much more versatile....more info
  • B&D Cordless Scrubber
    I found this item to be useful for scrubbing our (plastic coated) deck. It has small ridges on the walking surface and the brush gets them clean. BTW, the deck is white.
    I was not enamoured about the assembly - the pieces were all separate and both ends had much grease that had to be cleaned before any handling or assembly.You may want to keep the container it was shipped in for the extra wand to be stored in.
    I was pleased with the 18 volt rechargeable battery - I used it for an hour or more the first time and it held the charge very well until I was finished. Also, altho the speed of the brush turning is not real fast, that is an advantage because you do not get water, or whatever you use for cleaning solution, splattered all over you whilst using it.
    All in all, I am happy with the purchase....more info
    This scrubber is the greatest invention since the wheel! I've cleaned dozens of items around the house (except the dog) with the power scrubber. Cleaning the shower stall took 15 minutes, a job that used to take over an hour with a hand scrubber, bucket, rags etc. I cleaned all my lawn furniture, chairs, chaise lounge , tables and tiled terrace floor in less than 35 minutes, a job that used to take me about 2 hours. I've cleaned my tiled kitchen floor, I've used it dry to clean the screens on my doors. There's no need to press down when using the scrubber, you don't need elbow grease at all, the rotating brush will take care of the dirt and grime. No more bending from the waist cleaning the bottom of your car doors, let the scrubber do that for you. Cleaning pool tiles, a snap.
    Would I recommend bet!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Pretty good product
    The power scrubber is a pretty good product - heavier than I expected and a bit unwieldy when turned on. However, if you can keep it under control then you have the benefit of being at a distance from the scum and grime being scrubbed (though it does spray around a bit).

    Keep in mind - doesn't pump a cleanser onto the head, so repeated dunking into a bucket is necessary....more info
  • B & D scrubs guts
    I bought the Scrubber to clean my motorhome. After a day on the highway the whole front end is covered with bugs. I put a small amount of soap into a bucket and clean the front in a third of the time with less mess and strain on my back. Plus I have found a number of uses around the house....more info
  • Black & Decker Cordless 18V Does the Job
    I purchased the Black & Decker power scrubber in order to clean my cedar patio furniture. It did the job perfectly! I also envision using it to clean my garage door....more info
  • Washing Motor Homes
    This product is great for washing Class A Motor Homes, with the extensions that come with it you can reach the whole Motor Home from the ground. I no longer need to move a ladder to wash the roof line. Using the B&D Cordless Power Scrubber took a 31/2 hour job and reduced it to 11/2 hours and did away with a lot of elbow grease. I was able to complete the job with power to spare on one charge of the battery. I highly recommend this product for people that have large washing projects....more info