Mary Ellen's AtmosKlear Odorless Odor Eliminator

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Product Description

AtmosKlear is truly an odor-free odor eliminator. Many so-called odor eliminators are just "air fresheners" that only mask or cover-up the problem. Atmos-Klear REMOVES the odor on contact.

  • The #1 Rated Odor Eliminator on the Market Today!
  • THE Odorless Odor Eliminator
  • Biodegradable Non-Toxic
  • PERMANENTLY Stops Odors on Contact
  • Freshens the Air
Customer Reviews:
  • Great product
    I bought a gallon of this product about 4 years ago after moving into an old house where the former owners had kept up to 9 dogs, 3-4 cats, and a half dozen ferrets. The house had some strong animal urine smells. I sprayed this product on drywall and hardwood areas where odors were strongest (no carpeting, so never tried it on carpeting). It always eliminated the odor. The most difficult area was a door jam where cats had evidently sprayed to let the ferrets know where their territory ended. It took 3 applications to completely knock the smell down, but I was successful. I had purchased the product directly from the company that invented it. I haven't had to buy any since, but I'm now out and looking to replenish my supply....more info
  • Buyer beware
    The product istself is wonderful, but use caution when ordering it through Mary Ellen's web site. I placed an order in January, my account was debited but the product was never sent. They never answered my e-mails. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they said they were unable to contact the company and all their letters to the company were returned, marked undeliverable. Very sad that they still seem to have a web site that accepts orders....more info