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Traditional memory foam with the added bonus of ventilation to add airfolw for more air flow and comfortable sleep. Memory foam molds to you body for a customized feel. It is available in a 3.0" thickness along with Two contour Pillows (one for twin and twin XL) The Pillow cradle the head and neck for proper anatomic support.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great value, has really helped my back pain
    This mattress topper has really helped my back pain! I have an old mattress that I was going to replace with an expensive select comfort or W hotel set (over $1000 either way). But this topper for $70 has worked great!

    My back pain is all but gone now and this topper will give me more life out of my mattress. I will still buy a new set but can probably wait a year or more now....more info
  • So comfortable
    This is the second Memory Foam set I've bought and this one is just as comfortable as the first. We replaced our pillow top mattress with this and are not disappointed. It is very comfortable and much lighter to manage than a bulky mattress. You will not regret buying this product....more info
  • Sleep foam mattress
    Very good product for the money. I looked around for the best buy for two twin guest beds and am satisfied with this purchase. The reviews regarding the pillows are all correct. They leave something to be desired. However, they did fill some empty spaces....more info
  • Great value
    Have been loving this for 6 months. Would recommend getting one at least this thick no thinner.
    Don't use the pillows at home. Cut one for sleeping bags and one in car in case I get kicked out of the house again. Just kidding.
    No regrets.

    Rick...more info
  • Memory Foam Mattress and pillows
    The mattress is well worth the money. I am very pleased. The pillows are not. But the matress is great. I would buy it again....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    This is very cheap memory foam (the price and quality). I can't really complain though, considering what I paid for it. The mattress topper definitely made my futon bed more comfortable, but the pillows I don't like. The shipping was fast and free, but in retrospect I probably would have shopped around for something a little better and paid the few extra bucks....more info
  • Great Price!!!
    For the price this is the best product out there! It is not like Temper-pedic mattresses, but it does add that similar feeling to an old matress. This was a great buy! Nothing major wrong with it or delivery, and it was exactly the type of pad I was looking for. Unless you want to spend a few hundred/thousand dollars to get a true Temper-pedic pad or matress this is "as good as it gets"!...more info
  • shiftworker who can't sleep
    Most of my life I have worked unusual hours. So, I have had a hard time sleeping.

    I checked with tempurpedic and they quoted me a price of $3000 for one of their beds. The thought of paying that much would have kept me awake even if the bed worked.

    So when I noticed the pad and pillows I decided to give it a try. I am a big person{300 lbs}, and the pad works well giving me good support. I still need to get use to it, but I feel it will help me sleep better....more info
  • Definately worth the price
    Ater readung several mixed reviews on this, I thought, I might as well try it. The rpice was right and if I didnt like it, I figured I could put it on my sons bed. Well, the first couple of nights it seemed a little stiff, however, after about 3 days, it softened up nicely and I have been sleeping MUCH better. I no longer wake up with a sore back (which was a normal daily occurrence for over 4 years). I'm almost wishing I had gotten a little bit thicker, but I'm not complaining. The pillows are nothing to write home about, they are small...more like child size. I can say that my boys (ages 8 & 9) love them. Overall....I would definately buy again....more info
  • memory foam matress topper
    This memory foam is a great asset to our mattress. My aches and pains are non existent since sleeping on the topper and I wake up refreshed. ...more info
  • better than expected...
    Got this for my daughters rock hard mattress at school....It did not smell at all (contrary to other reviews)...and it is a bit smaller than the twin size that it is supposed to be...but overall a sucess considering the price....more info
  • Would give it a 5 if it was a little bigger- worth the money
    This pad is soft and thick enough to make a real difference in comfort. We have a queen size, and the pad is too short on the sides by about an inch or two on each side. It takes a couple of weeks to really get comfortable and soft. At first I almost thought it was too tall, but after about a month, it is just right. I never toss and turn anymore, even waking up in exactly the same position as when I fell asleep on more than one occasion, which is a miracle for me, because I was a very restless sleeper....more info
  • Cost effective and very comfortable
    Memory foam mattresses tend to run for several hundred dollars each and that is a big deterrent to buying one. This mattress 'topper' solves the price problem very effectively buy lowering the price to under a hundred dollars. The only potential problem might be the comfort level it provides.

    Having used it for several months along with a traditional spring mattress from IKEA, I have to say that I am extremely impressed with it and *much* more comfortable than I was with just my IKEA mattress. I judge the comfort levels not by how I feel when I lie down on it but how I feel when I wake up. I am consistently waking up more comfortable and refreshed since I've had this. The frequency of back pain on waking up has gone down dramatically from an average of twice a week to once a month.

    It takes a bit of time before you truly adjust to it, took me less than two weeks. Once you get used to the foam, you'll be very pleased with your purchase.
    ...more info
  • Sleep much better now.
    I have this mattress in the queen size. It is wonderful. Our bed was so uncomfortable before we bought this, you could literally feel the springs. This topper fluffed up after several hours- maybe 8 or so... There was a pretty strong odor after it came out of the package, but it fades after a few days. I haven't noticed it at all since about a week after I got it. Anyways, it is beyond comfortable. I really love the thing. I had a lot of back pain from lifting my two kids all day, and I can't remember the last time I had a sore back. I strongly recommend this item. ...more info
  • Great Value for a Memory Foam Topper
    Quite comfortable - we put it on top of a memory foam mattress that was just too firm - and it gave a very comfy result. Also breaths better than the solid memory foam. I bought one for my parents as well after sleeping on ours for a couple of weeks. ...more info
  • Memory foam
    I ordered this mattress enhancer after doing some research on prices, as always..The box indeed was very heavy. When I removed the enhancer it appeared flat and nowhere near 3", but after leaving it laying on the bed it miraculously regained it's intended original thickness. After sleeping on it for two nights and experiencing what appeared to be a way too early onset of hot flashes, I realized that placing a thin blanket/sheet between the enhancer and the primary sheets is the way to go. I haven't tried to replace my feather pillows with the free pillows this enhancer came with...I consider it money well spend and would recommend the enhancer to others....more info
  • wonderful deal!
    I was tempted by this product because it had a great price (over 70% off).
    It arrived in 2 days (as flat as a pancake but it fluffed out in a few hours and looked fine), I paid no shipping, and it arrived in good condition. It is as great as described and was like the ones in the store for 3 times the price! I am totally happy with this product but am also excited that I saved about $300 and got it so very fast. The pillows are no great thrill (as pillows) but they are wonderful for support between your knees when side-sleeping. The topper is very supportive but soft and cozy as well. ...more info
  • Sleep is a beautiful thing
    This is GREAT! It turned a sub-par mattress into a fabulous rest station! I was a bit skeptical since it was on super sale and so much cheaper of anything of it's kind in a king size. We had no problems getting it. It's a little weird to see it out of the package, but if you don't touch it and just let it open out on it's own you'll be good to go. The pillows opened up well, but are kinda cheap, but as a free bonus we didn't care. We don't even use them. Worth it for a great night sleep. I would recomend putting a spare sheet between the mattress and the memory foam top or the foam will pull on the mattress threads causing it to ball up. ...more info
  • Don't want to get out of bed.
    My wife and I bought this and we love it. We have a very inexpensive, no frills, queen size bed, and this topper transformed it into a bed that I have to force myself out of in the morning. Very comfortable. Like the others said, just let it sit out and fill out for 4 or 5 hours and enjoy... the only thing is, it did have a slight "new" odor to it (like a permanent marker but not as strong), and it was kind of strong the first few nights. You may even want to wait a day or two before using it if you are sensitive to smells like that....more info
  • Finally... SLEEP!
    I find this to be so comfortable! For quite a while I've been wanting to buy a mattress topper. I don't sleep that well, so i wanted to make my bed more cozy. So i finally took the plunge, and I couldn't be happier! What's nice about this one is the ventillating holes. It doesn't get hot like some of the "other" brands. The pillows that come with it are really comfortable too!! Needless to say, I've been sleeping a whole lot better!...more info
  • Heavenly Sleep
    My bed is my most prized possession. Love the sleep I get on this, love how it feels to relax and just watch TV on it. You might not want to get this if your bed is already really soft though, but it is a preference thing....more info
  • Memory Foam
    The foam is indeed 3 inches thick but it took at least 4-5 days for it to fully expand and it is somewhat smaller than my queen size mattress. It is very comfortable and overall a good buy. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He LOVES it, and so do I! His bed is a million times more comfortable and we sleep like babies now. He really likes the pillows too and uses them every night. This is a great addition to any bed, and a great price.

    We took it out of the box and ran some errands and when we got back about 4 hours later it was almost completely expanded and felt great! Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Excellent Value for the $$$
    I have looked around and didn't want to spend tons of money on a topper.
    I saw the reviews and took a chance and it is great is there better memory foam around yes but not worth the difference in price.

    So comfortable and I feel so different after only one night!

    Order with confidence!...more info
  • Excellent purchase
    I am very happy with this memory foam topper. Not only am I sleeping much better, but I'm actually going to bed earlier because I look forward to it!...more info
  • 3 inch memory foam mattress
    I would have say that I,am very happy with this product ,I have a very tough time falling asleep .but wtih this matress pad I find myself falling asleep much faster, I would recommed this to anyone looking to fall asleep easier....more info
  • Love it !!
    This is a super product. I am almost 7 months pregnant and it gives me great support and comfort while i am asleep and is not hot (which is a good thing right now). ...more info
  • Very low density memory foam!!!
    I would not technically consider this "memory foam". It is super light weight and low density. When you press your hand into the cushion, instead of leaving an imprint of your hand, the foam fluffs back up right away. I've purchased a much cheaper 2" memory foam that weighed about twice as much as this one, and it provided much more support and cushion.

    One thing people seem to leave out in their review is that this mattress pad has several small holes for "ventilation" throughout the entire body. Beware!

    The quality of the foam is cheap, but I must admit it was comfortable. Unfortunately, this comfort only lasted a few months. So with everything considered, this is a very overpriced memory foam pad with a ridiculous original price tag. I do not recommend this pad if you're looking for memory foam!...more info
  • Meh.
    It's soft, sure, but is hot as hell, and still retains that plastic smell a tad. The free pillows are less than useful - I wish there had been a way to opt out of getting them. Had I bought it for under $50, it would probably be a deal, but at eighty (now over one hundred!), it's not that great....more info
  • Lucy in Tennessee
    It has made my bed so comfortable that I can sleep more hours without waking up because of aches and pains....more info
  • Memory?
    When you place your hand on it & take it away, it leaves no hand imprint for any amount of time. My neighbor is convinced this is not "really" memory foam, more like regular foam. (Are there different grades of density? I'm no memory foam expert.) For what it's worth to your purchase decision I am reviewing this on an old crappy mattress. We slept on it one week & our backs feel worse than without the enhancer. Unfortunately for me I purchased a queen size & cut it down to fit my full size bed properly (there were complaints that they make the toppers too small) so I can't return it. The pillows are also not for me....more info
  • Great buy!
    I bought this for my husband who was having back issues with his military issued mattress in Korea, and even though it was too big & he had to cut it down a bit, he loves it & the back issues are gone. He's a big guy and the density of the pad is even thick enough to keep him afloat from the mattress itself. We'll use the excess piece for the dogs' beds at least. He said the pillows are really small though - about the size of sofa pillows, but hey - they're free & the whole set's a better price than what I had seen for thinner pads alone....more info
  • Not too bad
    I like it a lot, but it tends to slide a little. I have to reposition it every night....more info
  • Nice
    The pad is actually worth the price that you pay. It's not as nice as it could be but I quite enjoy it. The pillows on the other hand aren't all that great...it's almost too bad that I couldn't just buy the pad alone. All in all I'd recomend this item....more info
    The mattress pad is great, however, it was advertised w/ 2 foam pillows....which I still haven't received!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Considerable improvement of camper sleeping!
    Was a little hesitant in laying out this price for a 'foam pad', but have determined it worth the money. We put this over the 'stock' mattress in our 'Gulfstream Ameri-lite' Travel Trailer - wow what a difference! The totally inadequate mattress is now quite comfortable, and the ventilated pad is not 'hot' like some might think a foam pad may be. We now sleep far better on our cushy 'new' bed. ...more info
  • Haven't slept this good in years.
    For the past two years,since my car accident, I've had trouble sleeping due to neck and back pain. We were not ready to buy a new mattress, and I was taking sleeping pills every night to get as much rest as I could. Saw this set for an unbelievable price and bought it. No more sleeping pills, no more waking up 3 times a night to shift position. Excellent buy! ...more info
  • don't waste your money on this
    The enhancer shrinks significantly in about two weeks. Pillows are extremely small. First week sleeping on them was nice, but the enhancer and pillows soon lose their "give" and respond like ordinary foam in a matter of a weeks. Invest in a proper mattress and pillows made of similar material for relief of long-term back and joint pain....more info
  • Great for the price
    I've had my eye on a tempur pedic for years. Being a 23 year old with Fibromyalgia, sleep is very important in maintaining my strength during the day and although you can't put a price on health...A 23 year old wife and mother sure can! I did splurge on the tempurpedic pillows. I've had mine for almost 7 years and I'm just now wanting a bigger size. Needless to say, we didn't use the pillows that came with this mattress topper. I wasn't a fan of how dramatic the shape was or how it felt. My husband and I are both relatively small people, so for someone with a larger frame the pillow might not be so over the top. I watched the price of the mattress pad and got it for 80 dollars. I'm not sure I would've paid over 100 for it, but I'm cheap! It made our unbearably hard mattress great to sleep on and all in all was worth every penny I spent on it....more info
  • Coziness
    This the second one l have ordered because I have had to keep kicking people out of my bed, kids, guests, friends you know. They plopped down and they would leave. Now the guest room is fully equipped as well. It really feels cozy and just secure, not stiff or too soft....more info
  • so so made.
    Compared to serta memory foam topper is not good. Cheap made. Pillows are good for car seat's topper for my son....more info
  • Great value for high-density mattress topper set!
    I bought these items (mattress topper plus pillows) for my aging mother. The thickness of the topper is key: this one is great value for a 3-incher. She says that she no longer wakes up with the stiffness and pains that happen with age. I can agree with her experience - once I bought one, I also get up in the morning feeling much better rested with no sore spots. ...more info


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