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Visco2, 3 LB, high performance 2.0" memory foam is a new technological open cell formulation. It is a ventilated breathable VE memory foam so there is no more overheating at night. Additionally with this foam there is no more shrinkage from compression or having to wait for the product to expand to its original size. Visco2 has 5 times greater airflow and heat dissipation than traditional memory foam. It allows for a cooler, more comfortable sleeping temperature and more oxygen (O2) under the covers for a healthier, fresher sleeping enviroment. The exclusive ventilation allows for increased air circulation for a more comforteable sleeping temperature and greater support in the torso areas. The open cell Visco2 returns to its original size out of the box for immediate use and does not have the permanent shrinkage from compressions as does traditional memory foam. Ultra fresh anti microbial/anti bacterial treatment included.

Customer Reviews:

    I'm very very pleased with the product; was expecting it to arrive in 2 weeks, arrived in 6 days. ...more info
  • Absolutely Great on the back and the pocketbook
    This visco elastic is the same as the ones out there going for close to $200.00. It came packaged nicely and the first night on my hospital bed i have at home i can't tell you the pressure it took off my back and the comfort. Being i have 4 herniated discs, 8 pinched nerves and both problems with my si joints among other health issues, the 2 inch was very plush and has yet to lose it's comfort and go down like pillows to. Excellent price and excellent product. I run the QVC Addicts board and have posted about this and so many have ordered and i keep getting excellent feedback from them also....more info
  • Good, but smaller than expected
    Very comfortable, but a bit smaller than expected (I got the twin - suitable for one person). My foam wasn't really cut very straight (did they do this by hand rather than by machine???).

    The $300 original retail price for this product is ridiculous - its just a piece of foam. I suspect the high original price is just there to make the $60 price look like a big bargain - though I bet they make a fat profit margin from this lower price anyway.

    ...more info
  • Far better than expected!
    Being too cheap to buy a new mattress, I picked this up when it was on sale, and couldn't be happier with it. I'd been wary of trying memory foam, given the wide variety of complaints about them (too small, smells bad, too hot, etc.), but now I wish I had given in sooner. This fits perfectly, lost its weird odor in about two days, and is cooler than just my unpadded mattress. And, while it doesn't make my mattress seem comfy enough to be brand new, its more than comfy enough to put off buying a new one a while longer....more info
  • super comfortable!
    We bought this memory foam topper to make our guest twin bed more comfortable. The bed was never very comfortable before but with this topper, it is extremely comfortable. I think we will get another one for our daughter's very hard mattress. Our mattress pad and sheets still fit over it, but I did buy some deep-pocket sheets. We did not have any trouble with bad odor but we did let it air out for a day, as suggested. We are very happy with this purchase! Our guests now have the best bed in the house. ...more info
  • Damaged out of box
    Whoever packed this damaged it or packaged a damaged topper. there was a 8 inch tear on side. luckily i ordered the king and just trimmed of then damaged area, even though there is about a 2 inch tear still. i did not want to send back as i had it brought overseas to me. box outside was not damaged. this topper does feel great. i am glad i did not get the 3 inch as i would sink in too much. ...more info
  • Not bad Memory Foam Topper
    This foam topper is 8 pounds out of the box which puts the density at 3 pounds per cubic food. This is the way one measures the quality of foam toppers. The previous one that I bought from eBay (and am in the process of returning) was a cheap 1.5 pounds per cubic foot which is on the low end. To find the density, multiply the dimensions (e.g. 30x72x2 and divide by 12, 3 times) and then divide the weight by this number. 8 pounds in this case. The high end is around 5 pounds per cubic foot.

    You will find that sleeping on foams of different densities feels rough;y the same. The difference is in how long they last, the higher the density, the longer they will last.

    Hopes this helps and sweet dreams....more info
  • excellent mattress pad
    I got this pad to use on the very old twin mattress I sleep on when I visit my mother in Buffalo. I got to use it last weekend for the first time and I had the best 3 nights of sleep I've had there in years. The pad is just the right combination of firm and soft. Definitely recommend this for anyone dealing with an old uncomfortable mattress....more info
  • New Life to Old Mattress
    My old mattress of 10 years was getting real lumpy (on both sides as I'd already flipped it once)and I was starting to wake up with backache. Since the only mattress in my ideal price range belonged in a crib, I decided to try this mattress pad. The pad is exactly 2 inches thick, looks like a large piece of cheese,and feels silky to the touch. The pad is not firm, but it does serve its purpose as I nolonger wake up with backache. There is a drycleaning/chemical smell when you first unwrap the pad. However, after 3+ weeks of use, I notice the smell has lessened (or perhaps I've just grown accustomed to it)....more info
  • 2 for the price of one
    I bought this item when it was on sale and I couldn't be happier. I only needed the twin size, but the King was actually cheaper, so I bought the King and cut it into 2 twins. It's just a big comfy chunk of foam, so it was no problem to cut in half. The memory foam is so comfortable... my only worry is that when I go to college everyone is going to want to sleep in my bed because normal dorm mattresses just don't compare.

    ...did I mention FREE shipping!?!?!...more info


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