Bissell 1200A SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner, Blue Illusion

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Product Description

The Bissell SpotBot Pet might actually be a dog or cat owner's best friend. Puppy training "accidents," spit-up hairballs, the occasional half-eaten chicken carcass: with pets in the house, cleaning challenges come with the territory. Some of the worst mishaps happen when there's no one around, creating set-in stains that resist the most stubborn scrubbing with a sponge or rag. This pet-friendly compact deep cleaner does all its work hands free, meaning users can fold laundry, wash dishes, even walk the carcass-scatterer while the mess gets cleaned up. To use, clear away excess debris and place the cleaner over the spot. Once engaged, the SpotBot Pet's unique Automatic Smart System measures just the right amount of cleaner and water and sprays it onto the cleaning area. Next, the machine's spiral brushing action scrubs away spots and odors, while its heavy-duty suction draws up both water and stains. Users can choose one of one of two pre-programmed settings, a three-minute cycle for fresh or surface dirt or longer for set-in stains. A beep announces when the cycle is finished, and the pause/resume function puts the cleaning process on hold if need be. The SpotBot Pet can also be used in manual mode on upholstery, stairs, or car interiors, using a vacuum flex hose and three-inch Tough Stain Brush. Also included are 8 ounces of Bissell's specially formulated pet odor and spot remover, as well as a 16-ounce bottle of Oxy Gen2, a multi-purpose oxygen booster for tough stains like red wine, coffee, and fruit juice. Equipped with a 32-ounce cleaning tank and 16-inch power cord, the SpotBot Pet measures a compact 9-1/2 by 20 by 14 inches and is covered by a one-year limited warranty. --Mary Park

The revolutionary Bissell SpotBot cleaner gives you the freedom to walk away while it does all the work. Just set the SpotBot on the spot or stain and hit start. Manual spot cleaning and unique spiral brushing removes pet stains and odors for good. Its compact design makes this a cinch to use, move and store. Features Removes pet stains and odors for good Hands-free cleaning feature; just set and walk away Manual spot cleaning Unique spiral brushing On-board hose and tough stain brush for versatile cleaning anywhere Pre-programmed cycles for surface or set-in stains

  • Compact deep-cleaning machine for hands-free removal of stains from carpet and upholstery
  • Automatic Smart System removes the guesswork from cleaning; spiral brushing action scrubs away spots and spills
  • Two cleaning cycles for either surface or set-in stains
  • Includes onboard tools for manually cleaning stairs, upholstery, and car interiors
  • Measures 9-1/2 by 20 by 14 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent - in the short term but broke after 2 months
    I really loved my spotbot for the first two months. I used it daily as a result of a sick pet. The machine did a great job, although it occasionally left ring patterns in the carpet. It is very easy to use and clean, but is short lived. It broke after 2 months, and will not spit out any cleaning fluid. I thought it might be jammed with a hair ball, but it is impossible to dismantle and clean out. Now, do I get another one because it works so well, or not because of how quickly it broke down? We really need something, so I will probably buy another one. ...more info
  • Love it
    The SpotBot has been great for cleaning my cat's throw-up recently. I just spray the spot with a spray carpet cleaner and put the SpotBot on the spot, turn on and walk away, it works on the spot for about a minute and it's gone. I like that I don't have to stay there while it's working.

    I've also found you can use other kinds of carpet cleaners (not only the Bissell ones that go with it) but you have to be careful to only put a little bit in, because they seem to sud more and cause the SpotBot to have suds coming out the back end....more info
  • SpotBot Pet Gets the Job Done
    Having three cats who occasionally deposit yucky "surprises" on my almost white carpet, trying to clean up after them satisfactorily presented a real challenge, and I purchased the SpotBot Pet compact deep cleaner as a last resort. That turned out to be the best decision I could have made. Actually, using it hands-free doesn't work on my carpet because it's too flat and the brushes and suction barely touch it (which is why I gave the SpotBot only a four-star rating), but using the attachment instead works like a charm. It takes no time at all to get the job done (and well!) with little effort. No more embarrassing carpet stains between professional cleanings! Bissell 1200A SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner, Blue Illusion...more info
  • Another positive review!
    I can't say much that hasn't already been said. I'll just add my 5-star vote to the count! I'm a very satisfied customer!...more info
  • Don't believe the Hype!
    I am truly disappointed, for all the claims and good reviews this product does not live up to them.
    A. My carpet is a fairly new upscale in cost cream with roses.
    B. My daughter has an all out fetish with Gatorade and spilling it on the carpet.
    C. She also likes those moisturizing creams that turn your skin a shade darker
    Ok that is just to give you a sort of history of with what I am working (or working against). So I bought my Bissell Spotbot Pet because they didn't have the little green spot bot at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I just couldn't wait with Thanksgiving around the corner I wanted to have a nice clean carpet. I also paid about 30 dollars more for this model. Let me start off by saying NONE of the spots have been removed after multiple applications and going through 7 very expensive bottles of their cleaning formula and boosting oxygen agents.
    1. A filled tank only cleans three spots (and yes I use the word clean but I should just say wets it down)
    2. A bottle only fills two tanks, and at a cost of 3.99 to 7.99 it will get very pricey if you have a lot of stains to remove.
    3. Maybe my expectations are too high but a machine that does all the work for you?? Yes it is too good to be true. First of all you might fine yourself using the hand held attachment to get up any excess water that the machine so graciously leaves behind. If I wanted to do the cinderella scrub I would have done so and not gotten the machine.
    4. The machine is loud. My daughter can't nap during it in an entirely different room. It sounds like they are doing construction in my bedroom.
    5. I thought for once I would get a great product that would help instead of frustrate me. Honestly maybe I did let the stains go to long, pet stains have never really been a problem with me but juice Gatorade and lotion, I give this thingy a thumbs way down....
    ...more info
  • Rescued our carpet
    We adopted a troubled dog from a rescue program earlier this year. The little guy had been pretty badly abused and while he's making great strides he continues to engage in "submissive urination." You can imagine the effect that this had on the carpet in our home. The constant scrubbing was a real pain in the neck. A very expensive carpet cleaning from one of those companies touting their "dead sea salts" really didn't work very well at all, and even if it had we couldn't keep spending that kind of money. This product rescued our carpet from the "rescued" dog.

    When one of my wife's co-workers (who serves as a foster person for rescue dogs and has several in her home at any given time) recommended a spot bot to her I was skeptical. My wife's a clean freak and is constantly bringing home products like this. We have nearly every kind of floor or carpet device known to man, including two other Bissels that we haven't been thrilled with. But I was desperate enough to give it a try and grabbed one off of Amazon. It turned out to be one of the best purchases ever. To my amazement, the thing actually works really well. It's extremely simple to use . . . just fill the tank, drop it on the accident spot, plug it in, and decide whether you want a surface or a deep clean. You hit the button and walk away. When it's done you're left with a damp circular impression on the carpet as the only evidence of the accident. The beep it makes when finished is a bit annoying, but it reminds us to pick it up and put it away so the damp spot can air out and dry.

    As I said, we have two other Bissell's - a small hose type portable unit that doesn't work all that well (or at all, really), and a much larger, more expensive unit that does a so-so job and is a pain in the neck to use and an even bigger pain to take apart and clean afterward. The spot bot does a much (Much!) better job than either of those. When it finishes there is no sign of soiling and no residual odor. We've used it on more conventional jobs like tracked in mud, etc., and it has not disappointed.

    We've had it a few months now. If it holds up over time this will likely qualify as the best purchase of this kind we've ever made. ...more info
  • Not worth the hassle
    We have off-white carpet and a small child. The time it takes to haul the Spot Bot out of the closet and fill it with expensive cleaner, is longer than just spraying and scrubbing out the stain with the red bottle cleaner. This machine sucks down the cleaner and dumps it into your carpet, leaving it totally soaked. After the machine "cleans" the stain, you have to manually suck up the cleaner and water left in your carpet. Otherwise you will be left with a dark circle because the cleaner will attract dirt, as other reviews have also noted. We had to use the machine several times on various non set in stains; rarely did it clean a stain on 1 cycle. This is definitely not worth the cost for the machine, not to mention the amount of expensive cleaner it uses. I would buy a steam cleaner instead and clean your carpets regularly with that. In the meantime, the tried and true "red bottle" is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to clean our carpets. ...more info
  • Gets the job done. No muss, no fuss.
    We have two dogs, and hound and a chihuahua. The small one occasionally has issues overnight, and the larger one will backslide on his training every once in awhile. The SpotBot does an excellent job taking care of these accidents in between professional carpet cleanings (we have the major rooms done every year or two).

    On the plus side the SpotBot does exactly what it's supposed to do. It thoroughly cleans small stains (pet or otherwise) on carpets with virtually no effort on my part (hey, you do have to fill it, plug it in, press a button, and empty the waste water when it's done).

    As others have noted, it does tend to use a lot of cleaning fluid. I think other reviewers have suggested a way to deal with this. Mix the solution and water in appropriate ratios and put it in a spray bottle. Fill the SpotBot with just hot water when you need to use it. Spray the solution on the spot and get it thoroughly wet, then use the SpotBot normally. Saves on solution and gets the stains out just as well (maybe better since, if you let the solution soak in for a few minutes, it acts as a pretreatment as well).
    ...more info
  • gets the job done well enough
    i've got cats and one of them is barfy. he throws up or leaves nasty hairballs all over my carpet every few weeks. plus there's a few urine stains around the house from when i attempted to train them to use the human toilet but that's a different story.

    i was hesitant about this product because it was kind of pricey to just get rid of a few stains... but my carpet's unsightly and something needed to be done.

    tried it out with the oxy stuff it came with, it surprisingly got rid of the stains! however weeks later, i realized the oxy stuff must be sticky or something because it left a perfect discolored dingy brownish circle wherever i used it. also, i hated that this uses so much expensive solution so i came up with my own mixture to save money. i will not buy their carpet cleaners again.

    i mix a bit of laundry detergent with hot water and run the thing. so far no issues. it smells better, carpet's softer, no residue. i might try vinegar to neutralize urine too.

    i prefer the manual hose too. it just seems like such a waste to run it auto. you can only clean 2 spots before it must be refilled again with more solution.

    ...more info
  • Great find
    We purchased the spot bot about 3 months ago. We have been very pleased with the results. I especially like the hand held tool that it comes with. We have 3 dogs and a cat that will sometimes urinate on carpet. For those that have cats, you know how difficult it is to get the smell out. This works great in getting the stains up and helping to get the smell out as well. Would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Very Happy
    The Spotbot did exactly what we needed it to do. It is the perfect product for those little jobs....more info
  • I wish we had bought this sooner! -- GREAT product!
    Bissell 1200A SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner, Blue Illusion My wife and I simply do not know why we did not buy this earlier. Like many families we have wall-to-wall carpeting and we have 2-mini Dachshund companions. On occasion like most Dogs and Cats, they do have an accident. While we have a "Full Size" Bissell Steam Cleaner that works great, since we have received this we have not had to pull it out. This is very compact and works extremely well. We have had to use it now on number 1's, 2's and a throw up and it does as well if not BETTER than our full size and as it is concentrated liquid, is inexpensive to operate comparatively. The nozzle for stairs and furniture is just a very nice added bonus as we have cleaned our sofa of VERY set in stains and now completely gone! Do not hesitate to buy this product as we do not believe you will regret it one bit....more info
  • Effective for specific uses only...maybe
    I've had my machine for a couple of months now. I purchased it bec. I was looking for a handier cleaning tool for the hair balls that my cats "present" to us. What I found was that I needed to do a lot of pre-cleaning, otherwise the machine spreads the stain around since the brushes work in a circular pattern, just making the stain larger. Also, we have a higher pile carpet and I feel like the brushes were too rough on the 'twist' of the fibers, altering the carpet's appearance in the areas where it was used. So for us it's back to the SpotShot cleaner and the (mfr. recommended) clear dish soap/water solution. If we had low-pile carpet and wanted to clean up, say a pee spot this would be a useful tool. Also, the hand-held tool really sucks; doesn't do anything except drip the cleaning solution and make a mess. ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    I was skeptical. I had my carpet professionally cleaned and was very
    disappointed. There were dark sections where my large Goldens would
    lie that was a combo of dirt and skin oils - professional couldn't
    make a dent. This machine worked great. Be aware that this cleans in
    rather small circles. So I had a field of very light circles where it
    was clean. My only solution is to overlap slightly the circles and work
    my way around a rather large patch. Sure wish the round brush area was
    lots bigger but I know that would be impractical. I used VERY HOT water
    and the deep clean cycle. This machine cleaned up every spot I tried it
    on. Great for all the pet "accidents" that occur but of course I've used
    it on all the spots of various origins and each and every one is gone!
    I would encourage you to try it. For small areas its fantastic. For
    larger areas, it just takes time going by very small sections. But it sure
    beat the "professionals" and rented units that I had tried....more info
  • Fantastic product, worth every single penny.
    So, I have a friend who has (breathes in): 7 cats, 2 dogs, 2 bunnies, 2 birds and several tanks of fish. She is a veterinarian, and she is the one that I first saw use this, this past week when I experienced an issue of my own with my one and only cat, I decided to go and buy it. I can honestly say that it is one of the best investments I have EVER made.

    I have read on here that the size of the round brush was not large enough to cover the area that an animal may make a stain...but here is the thing, for times like that, it has a removable manual brush/vacuum/spray that works perfectly! In fact, I have yet to use the round end, preferring to use the manual instead....I am so thrilled with my purchase, that I had to come on here and tell everyone.

    If you have one pet or multiple pets and you have carpet, you need to have this product. Whether you own or will save you money. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    Special note: Bed Bath and Beyond carries this, and with one of their 20 percent off coupons.... :)...more info
  • OK but not all that
    I usually have my carpet professionally cleaned about once a year and was hoping to use this for the in-between times. I have a cat who now and then sneaks a little dog food and then of course vomits. This vomit turns out red-based because of the food. With this product being called spot bot for pets I was hoping it would do better. It only barely lightens the red-based stains to a pink color, certainly not removing it. It does seem to work so far on other stains that aren't so reddish. I used it three times on one of the bad spots, but still no luck. Very easy to use right out of the box, though, everything you need comes with it. It could be expensive to use also, it only cleans a very small area and it uses quite a bit of chemical each time. If I had used this before purchasing, I'm not sure I would have gone ahead and bought it....more info
  • Love It
    Greatest cleaning product I have ever owned. It's easy to use for a quick cleanup, with no labor involved. Just start it and go to something else you need to do....more info
    I love the SpotBot! I wish I would have bought it ages ago. The attachment works great too! ...more info
  • Best small appliance I ever purchased and a total stress reliever
    I haave a new puppy who is not house broken so this machine is taking so much of the stress out of that process since if he does not make it out I can take care of the mess without any hassel. That is so much better than what we used have to do. This machine is a real life saver....more info
    I have four dogs in the house. One of them is a puppy and the oldest is fourteen. Needless to say we have had to use this machine many times. It does a great job for such a small machine. I recommend using the handheld attachment after cleaning the spot to suck up more of the liquid in the carpet(the spot will dry quicker). I also don't put the cleaner in the machine, only water, because I use "Nature's Miracle"(enzyme cleaner for pet stains), on the carpet first.

    This is a great way to clean up spots in between a regular full carpet cleaning. It is lightweight, and very user friendly....more info
  • Finally, a cleaning product that works!
    I can't imagine how many tools or other cleaning products I've bought in my life that didn't do even one tenth of the things they promised. The SpotBot really surprised me. I had made an appointment to have my carpets cleaned by a professional cleaner and happened to see SpotBot in Target. I didn't buy it then because I had not heard of it. I came home and Googled it and read the reviews. I ordered it from Amazon and after receiving it I couldn't believe the results. I started cleaning a couple of spots just to see if it worked. It cleaned them so well, I didn't want to stop, but since the carpet cleaners were coming in a few days I wanted to save something for them to clean.

    I have one small area outside my kitchen door that doesn't stay clean for very long after cleaning, but I don't believe that is the fault of SpotBot. I don't know what was spilled there and I think I will have to replace the carpet altogether to be rid of it.

    I followed the instructions for mixing the cleaning solution I found in the booklet that came with the appliance and it works fine. I agree that it does leave the carpet wetter than I would like, but I dry it the best I can, using the hose attachment and then put a single sheet of paper toweling over the spot so no one will walk on the spot while it is still wet. My husband says he is glad I finally found an appliance that I'm happy with.
    ...more info
  • Amazing little machine! Totally worth the price!
    Hands down, this is probably one of the best small appliances I've ever purchased. We have a full-size steam cleaner but it's big and bulky and a pain to pull out for one little stain here or there. Plus it's hard on my back. But this little wonder called the Spot Bot is absolutely perfect for our needs.

    It's light enough for me to pack around the house and it does an admirable job cleaning up. My only complaint about it is that when it's left to its own devices, it doesn't extract enough of the water out of the carpet, but it's no big deal to just whip out the hose and little wand attachment and basically squeegee the rest out. Dries in a flash that way and it gets out the circular scrub spot!

    We just moved into a new home with nearly white carpet and with 4 stressed-out cats, we've had our share of "Butt Scootin' Boogie" spots and hairball messes and the like. Even a couple of pee spots. But the Spot Bot got right to work and the floors look perfect! I would heartily recommend putting the cleaner mix in a spray bottle and putting that directly on the spot and then just use clean water in the tank. That way you don't get any of the residue left over that can attract more dirt. Plus, you use a lot less of the cleaner too.

    If you have pets and carpet, you NEED this tool! It's been a lifesaver in our home so far! We've only had it for 4 days and I've used it on probably 25 spots already. Great stuff! Quick and easy.

    **additional review 12/3/08**
    I'm absolutely SOLD on this device! This little baby has logged some serious hours in our house so far and it's still going strong. Just be sure to clean the brush every now and again and rinse the waste tank to get rid of the carpet fuzz that can accumulate. And it's DEFINITELY best to use your cleaner in a separate spray bottle. We've actually set up a system where we have a squeezable condiment bottle filled with an oxygenated bleach mix (like Oxy-Fresh or the like) for any staining and then a spray bottle with the diluted rug cleaning solution. This allows you to really concentrate the cleaner right on the spot without messing with the rest of the carpet. Then just plop the SpotBot right on there and let 'er rip! Works great for us!...more info
  • Automated Spot Treatment
    I am generally opposed to single use appliances. (Bread maker what? I'm the bread maker!) This machine has changed my mind. It does one thing and it does it fabulously. I have a 12 year old Siamese cat that has always had a sensitive stomach. The special reduced ingredient diet he's on made a real difference, but I still found myself on my hands and knees scrubbing vomit out of the carpet on a regular basis. Some of these stains I could not get out completely.

    Enter the SpotBot. OMG, this thing rules. I unpacked it about an hour ago and it has already removed several stains that have been embarrassing me for months. I did this while getting dressed this morning and with almost no effort on my part. It really only requires filling the tank, setting it on the stain, and pushing a button. The stains appear to be completely gone.

    This is the first review I have written on Amazon, but I am so pleased with this device I just had to share. If you have a vomiting cat or not-quite-housebroken puppy you really need the SpotBot....more info
  • Three dogs and a Bisse;; SpotBot
    When you have three dogs you really need a little help around the house and the Bissell SpotBot is a Godsend. Since I purchased it I can't tell you how many times I've already used it.

    Now it's not like my dogs pee all over the house or anything like that but they're dogs and they're messy and we have pale grey carpeting. One of my dogs pukes a lot and it's bile colored and hard to get up but the BotSpot does a great job. Sometimes I have to run the machine twice over a spot to get it all up but that's least I'm not on my hands and knees scrubbing it out of the carpet.

    You may wonder why I only gave the SpotBot 4 stars if I like it so much, and I really do like it--- well, I'll tell you -- the BotSpot leaves the carpet really, really wet and it sometimes takes more than an entire day to dry. That is my one and only complaint.

    Do I recommend the Bissell SpotBot -- hell yeah I do. It's fantastic and so easy a monkey could use it. Buy this product!!!...more info
  • I love the SpotBot!
    I've had the SpotBot for almost two months and it's already well paid for itself. Cleaning up after my puppy is just a button push away. I highly recommend this for anyone who is trying to house-break a pet....more info
  • Common sense + SpotBot = Clean carpet
    I received my SpotBot Pet as a Christmas gift in 2007. Due to skepticism, I hadn't used it whatsoever. I, like many other reviewers, was trying the bottle cleaner and wash cloth routine.

    I have two cats--one has a sensitive stomach and vomits a lot; the other thinks she is a princess who despises being in a multi-cat household, causing her to not use the litterbox like she should (i.e. she pees everywhere).

    While we were out of town, Puke Cat vomited a few times on the carpet. Because we were gone, it dried. I decided to try the "surface stain" setting first, just to see how effective it was. I put the SpotBot on the stain (after picking up the solid parts and vaccuuming first), pushed the button, and watched it go. When it was done, I was highly impressed. You'd never know there was ever puke on the carpet. Yes, it left a "crop circle" pattern on the carpet, but every carpet cleaner leaves some kind of tracking similar to a vaccuum. Run your hand over it a few times or just leave it to the natural traffic of the room, and it disappears.

    So it works wonders on dried, set-in cat puke. What about urine?

    For those who have had problems with the SpotBot getting out urine stains, I can only assume they didn't get to the spot soon enough. Pee Cat urinated on the carpet last night. I blotted up the excess liquid with paper towel and put the SpotBot on the area, using the "set-in stain" cycle just to be sure it cleaned deep enough into the carpet. Worked like a charm, yet again. However, I then discovered an older spot (no way of knowing how old) hidden behind the couch. Again, I used the "set-in" cycle. It got out 85-90% of the stain (and completely got rid of the smell), but because it was so old, it didn't get all of it.

    So if you're using the SpotBot on urine, I advise cleaning ASAP. This is common sense. I don't know of any carpet cleaners (save for professional ones) that will completely get out set-in, old urine. Plus, the longer it stagnates, the more likely your padding and wood will become permeated with the urine, making it extremely difficult to get out.

    I allowed the older urine spot to dry a bit after cleaning and then tried using the bottle cleaner method except, instead of a wash cloth, I used the SpotBot on the "manual" setting with only water in the cleaner compartment. If you have a light stain and shudder at the cost of the SpotBot cleaning agents, I recommend this method of cleaning. I sprayed the bottle cleaner on, waited 5 minutes or so, then used the hose to rinse AND dry the area. While it did get out a bit more of the stain, the stain still isn't completely gone, and I blame myself for not finding it sooner.

    So, all in all, this handy little machine is a wonderful investment for those plagued by small messes. I have yet to be disappointed, and, provided you clean ASAP, I doubt you will be either. It beats cleaning stains the old fashioned (by hand) way hands down (no pun intended). And for someone like me living in an apartment and without a need for a big, cumbersome steam cleaner, it's the optimal solution. I can't imagine life without it....more info
  • Spot Bot Leaves Its Mark
    I have to say the spot bot does work well in getting spots/stains out, but it also leaves a circular marking where it has been used and this is no matter how clean the actual rest of the carpet is so in my case I found this very disappointing....more info
  • Nice little machine
    I bought this for cleaning my car seats / carpets. The machine does a great job for that job. Most places want $30-$50 to steam clean either just seats or carpet. That can run as much as $100 to clean both seats and carpet just one time. This machines runs $140 with tax or shipping. So it pays for itself very quickly.

    A couple of reccomendations:

    As others have stated, the machine does use a lot of cleaning solutions, so stock up.
    DO NOT use conventional upright carpet cleaning shampoo, it creates too much foam.
    Premix some solution is a 2 liter bottle and keep it handy. Saves time and mess later.

    Bissell make very good products, I have one of their upright bagless vacuums, and am very pleased. Would definitely buy Bissell again. ...more info
  • Go ahead and buy it
    This is a great machine. I've had it for about 6 mos. and have gotten to use it on all sorts of stains and spills on my carpet from ashes, wine, to cat vomit. It has no problems with any spills, they come right out. I tried it on all the set in stains I inherited with the condo and it got many of those out too. A couple were just too tough and I didn't expect it to work on those anyway. I have no probs with it damaging my carpet. Set up and use is very easy. Note, although its compact it is a bit of a heavy machine, shows its power. However, you don't need to move it around very much while you use it....more info
  • Outstanding Little Machine!
    This machine does an unbelievably great job! I used it on 6' x 6' area of rug that my 4 year old pug decided all of a sudden to use as a his own little bathroom area. I used the manual/hose cleaning feature only because I had such a large area. I was so pleased with the job it did. Not only was it incredibly easy to use, it cleaned and deodorized the carpet. The brush lifted the carpet pile and the whole area looks like new carpet. I combined the pet stain and odor remover along with the oxygen cleaner and the carpet has a nice fresh scent to it now. Clean up was so easy. I just rinsed the flex hose and containers with fresh clean water and all of the pet hair and dirty water came flushing out. I'm not sure why some of the people complained about it leaking and the cleanup, I had none of those problems. I highly recommend this machine for anyone with pets. It's one of the most efficient, compact carpet cleaners I've ever owned....more info
  • An absolute MUST HAVE for pet owners.
    I've had this product for about a year and I've used it HEAVILY. I have an Irish Wolfhound, a mini dachshund who doesn't think she is required to potty outside, a cat, two guinea pigs, two rats, two young sons, and the messiest boyfriend you've ever met. I have absolutely worked this thing to death and it's still going strong. It cleans better than I could do on my hands and knees in an hour, and it does it with little effort on my part. I absolutely could not live without this machine. The only problem is that I'm addicted to it, and I keep seeing little spots on my carpet that need to be cleaned! I actually emailed the company and asked if they have any future plans to make a giant spot bot. The answer was no, which is very disappointing because there is no full size carpet steamer that I have found that cleans as deeply, lasts as long without breaking down, or takes so little human effort!...more info
  • Great timesaver & does a much better job me alone
    I love this machine. I have many, many, many pets and children, and a husband, and a fulltime job outside the home. So anything that will help clean my carpets and not make me have to drag out the steam cleaner is greatly appreciated. It also has the advantage of being small enough to fit on the stairs - unlike my steam cleaner.

    I always have it loaded and ready to use, because there is almost always an accident (usually vomit) that needs my attention in the morning before I go to work. It works way better than any pet stain remover I've ever used. All I do is pick up the chunkier parts, put it on the stain and let it run while I get myself ready to go. If there is a second spot or two then I just set it on the addtional area let it run while I'm gone.

    While this does not replace an actual steam cleaning, it does help my carpet go much longer between. This isn't meant to house break a puppy (you need an actual steam cleaner). But this is great for owners of adult pets who sometimes vomit(for me this is a daily experience), or have the occasional accident.

    I love this so much that I'm buying another one for my mother who has the same pet problems that I do....more info
  • not impressed
    I had high hopes for this little machine. We recently moved from a house with a yard to an apartment and our dog has had trouble with the transition. She has been peeing on one area of the brand new carpet when we're not around. I tried this machine and the urine smell is still there. The carpet is brown so the spot is not noticeable, but the smell is still there after treating with several different pet urine odor remover solutions. After this machine failed me I hired professionals to deep clean and treat the area and the odor is still there, faint, but still there. I'm at the end of my rope. I wish I hadn't wasted the $129 on this machine. ...more info
  • I love, love, love the SpotBot!
    I purchased the SpotBot today and I'm very pleased. It works VERY well. I don't have any pets, but I have three children and I cannot believe that I didn't have something like this before. It's very convenient to be able to press the button and go do something else while the stain is cleaned. So far, I've been able to get out all of the stains that I've attempted, including yogurt and red wine (don't ask!).

    The SpotBot Pet and the SpotBot are the same machine. The only difference between the two is the color and the sample cleaner that comes with the machine. The Pet version includes cleaner that focuses on odor and urine, and the SpotBot comes with Little Green cleaner.

    So far, these are the plusses of the SpotBot:

    1. It's easy to use. There is no assembly; all you have to do is fill the tank with water and cleaner. It's very easy to use.

    2. It WORKS! It does a great job of getting stains out.

    3. It's not necessary to use the full amount of cleaner. Use half of what they recommend.

    4. It doesn't require any effort!! Yay!

    5. It's well worth the purchase price. I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was priced at 129.99 and I used a 20% off coupon.

    I have no complaints about the SpotBot. I love it! Here are a couple of things that might bother other people.

    1. It does go through cleaner pretty quickly. You only need to use half of the recommended amount, which should help. I purchased a large bottle of cleaner for $3.99. It's well worth it.

    2. It is a little loud. I don't think it's too bad, but some people may be more sensitive.

    I'm trying, but I can't really think of anything else. It's a wonderful product!

    ...more info
  • I love this machine!
    I used my Bissell Spotbot today in the room where my dogs have accidents. It does a wonderful job of cleaning the carpet. It does use a lot of cleaning solution but it is worth it. My carpet is a real mess and this is an easy way for me to clean it since I have a bad back and knees. ...more info
  • Great Machine, but requires a little effort
    We have 3 indoor cats and unfortunately they all throw up quite a bit. We were about to move to a new apartment with NEW carpet and I thought it would be a good idea to buy this machine so we could keep the carpet nice. As expected, one of my cats threw up on the carpet a day after we moved in. I took out this new machine, read the instructions and got started. Of course I first had to pick up the "excess" with a cloth, then I filled the tank, put the machine right over the spot and pressed the start button. The machine ran for about 3 mins and then beeped to indicate it was done. I pulled the machine away to see the carpet was comletely clean. I got on my knees and put my nose right up to the carpet (not to be gross, but I wanted to see if in fact the machine was able to get the smell out as well as the mess), I took a deep inhale and sure enough I could not smell a thing other than the smell of the carpet solution which has a very plesant odor. I was extremely pleased.

    Here's where the "effort" comes in though. Once you pull the machine away from the spot, you will see a big "carpet crop circle". AND, the area is left VERY wet. At this point you have to use the "manual" hose to go back over the circle to get the excess water out of the carpet and to take away the circle. I would have given the rating five stars except for this part. It's not THAT big of a deal to have to do it but the machine would be perfect if this was not the case. THEN, after you're completely finished, you have to rinse out the dirty water container and suck clean water through the hose to clean the hose out before storing. If you do not do this the hose will start to smell. Another thing to note is if you use the machine a lot you will go through quite a bit of solution. Make sure you stock up. You use a quarter of a bottle for one tank and one tank will clean about 4 spots.

    All in all, I still highly recommend the machine....more info
  • How did I live without this?
    I haven't been too impressed with Bissell products until now. I purchased this a few months ago, as our partially house-trained rescue dog became very fond of one corner. Just this morning, I dropped a full cup of steaming hot coffee on our beige rug--out came the SpotBot and I remembered I needed to write this review!

    The SpotBot takes about two minutes to go through its lightest cycle. It cleans very well--so well that it leaves clean little "crop circles" in dirtier areas. The only thing it hasn't gotten out is a sticky, adhesive-type stain that even Goo Gone can't move.

    I can get about 4-5 cycles done before I have to empty and refill. I've been experimenting with other cleaners with good results, namely Out Spot and powdered Oxy Clean. It works very well with plain old hot water, too. This has definitely been a good buy! ...more info
  • Awesome for pets!
    This product is awesome! It cleans stains so well! I couldn't believe how well it got pee and poo out of our carpet. It even took set in stains right out that were here from the people who lived here before us! It's even fun to use! It really makes cleaning carpet stains so easy and I would recommend this product to anyone with pets!...more info
  • Great Little Machine!
    This was my first purchase of a Bissell product, and I bought it along with one of their vacuums. I highly recommend both products. The SpotBot does just what it claims. I have used it to clean both pet stains and spills and have gotten both completely out of my carpet. It's also a very good upholstery cleaner. Our dog is always on the couches and we've cleaned them with the pet cleaner and they no longer smell of dog. You won't believe the color of the water when you finish cleaning. You'll be glad you made the purchase. It's well worth the money....more info
  • Sanity saver!!
    This is the best investment I have ever made in terms of home maintenance! I have two Mini Australian Shepherds with sensitive stomachs and they're constantly getting into things such as bugs, creatures, plants, etc. that make them sick. After using Resolve, OxyClean and spending hours scrubbing and trying to get stains out, I finally broke down and bought the Spot Bot with very low expectations. I love my Spot Bot! It took out EVERY stain in my carpet, including ones that had been sitting for 6 months where you could still see the stain, plus the white ring around it where I had tried to clean it.

    A friend of mine recently had an issue with her dog piddling on her roommate's white sofa and after calling several professional cleaners that told her they didn't work on urine, became concerned she'd have to buy a replacement sofa. She tried baking soda, vinegar and OxyClean to get the stain out with no luck. I told her to try my Spot Bot and with one tank of cleaner (Pet Stain and OxyGen2), GONE! Neither of us could believe it, but now is going to get her own.

    The only things that would be great in terms of perfecting the design are that when you're in manual mode using the hose and unhook the parts to wrap the hose back around the Bot, it leaks fluid every time. Also, the beep can get annoying if you are unable to get right back to it, but are within earshot. However, these small annoyances wouldn't prevent me from recommending this product to absolutely everyone! It is truly amazing!! ...more info
  • Best invention in years!
    This thing is amazing. I am a dog and cat owner and let me tell you this thing has saved me a ton of money. Yes it does use the cleaning solution a little quick but even then its a fraction of the cost of having a professional carpet cleaner clean it. So buy it with confidence knowing that the hassel of owning a pet is almost gone the second you buy it. Very worth it....more info
  • A real time and effort saver!
    This review is for a Bissell SpotBot I have owned for about three years. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, all rescues each of whom has issues from time to time. In my opinion the SpotBot is a machine I would never be without. I have taken liberties with product measurement and have used other cleaners than the Bissell brand (when I am out of their brand). The only issues I have ever had with "rings" are when I did my own concocting. All I had to do, though, was run a clean water cycle or two to extract any extra solution. I have used the manual method to clean my microfiber sectional. I am truly amazed at how "new" the sectional looks after that. This is a very Versatile and useful machine, and in my opinion worth the money for its performance and reliability....more info
  • Easy to use and works great!
    This product is VERY easy to use, VERY easy to clean, and does a GREAT job cleaning up both old and new stains on my dark green carpet. A true life-saver!!! Worth every penney! (Bought mine at Linens and Things using a 20% off coupon.)...more info
  • Great product! Works wonders!
    I had this little wonder shipped to my office and could not wait to get it home and put it to the test. We have a puppy and 2 men in the house so our carpet takes a beating. The automatic function lasts for several minutes and goes through each cycle multiple times. The hand-held option is very easy to use as well and the spray has great coverage. Everything works at the touch of a button and you can even pause mid-cycle. I definitely would recommend this product....more info
  • Great little carpet cleaner
    I have had the spot bot for about 8 months now. I use it on a regular basis, probably 4-5 times a week. I love it. It cleans my carpet very well. It has two buttons one for new stains and one for set in stains. The set in stain button takes about 6 minutes to clean and does use ALOT of cleaner. I have found that this setting is not necessary, as that the other one works just as well if not better. It only takes about 3 minutes, it doesnt use as much cleaner, it doesnt leave the carpet as wet, and still cleans well. It does still leave the carpet pretty wet, however I use the manual hose to get up the extra water. The only complaint I have about it, is when you leave it sitting with cleaner in the tank, it leaks. When I store it I just make sure to take the tank out or to store it empty. Other people who have reviewed the spot bot have comlained about the noise. It is a little noisy but not as much as full size carpet cleaners. It only takes 3 minutes to clean a stain, I can handle a little noise for that short amount of time. Other wise no problems and would absolutely recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Every pet owner should have at least one of these!
    The SpotBot is incredible! These super machines do exactly what they say they do. Very simple, just fill it with liquid and set it on the stain. In a matter of minutes your stain is gone. I HIGHLY recommend these for anyone that has pets. It will save you thousands in carpet cleaning bills. I'd buy an extra so you can have one for each room or level of your home.
    SpotBot is The Bomb!...more info
  • Love this scrubber
    We have a 7 month old pup (in training) and 3 cats.....they all make their fair share of messes and I use this little scrubber for all of them and it has always worked great. Great buy!...more info
  • Spot Bot Rocks! Really does a great cleanup job.
    I have a pet bunny, and though he's litterbox trained and very good, occasionally there are accidents on our nice, expensive cream/oatmeal colored berber carpet. After manually cleaning up a couple of accidents with Folex (another great product) when he didn't go back to the litter box to pee, I started doing research on the internet. After a good amount of research and reading a lot of reviews, I ordered SpotBot Pet (same price as regular green SpotBot) and it works beautifully. The instructions are simple to follow and it is a very user-friendly machine. I stayed in the room the first time I used it and watched with fascination as it 'did its thing' cleaning up the urine stain. The carpet does get wet, so I followed advice of other reviewers and used the manual hose/brush to vacuum up the excess water. Within a few hours the carpet was dry, no 'crop circle' rings were left and the urine stain was completely gone. This is a great little machine, even if the formulas aren't cheap and you use a decent amount, they're not unreasonably priced. Plus, it's well worth it to have the stains gone so easily (and cheaper than carpet cleaning). I highly recommend this product -- it really works great, and deserves the high ratings given by so many reviewers on a variety of sites....more info
  • Clean carpet crop circles
    With two new puppies in the house my carpet is suffering. I've tried to keep up with the large carpet cleaner and finally bought the spot bot. On shag carpet the cleaning is nothing short of phenomenal. My only problem is that in the one room with commercial type flat carpet my large cleaner apparently didn't do a very thorough job. When the spot bot was completed with it's cycles on pet pee spots, the result has been extremely clean spots. Crop circles of clean carpte!! The rest of the carpet is uniformly soiled and I didn't notice. Now I've got to figure out how to get the **rest** of the carpet as clean as the spot bot areas....more info
  • SpotBot Pet Hands Free Deep Cleaner
    This is the best cleaner I have tried in my quest to find something that will get cat food stains out of a carpet. My cats frequently throw up hairballs containing food that apparently has food color in it. This machine cleans up those stains better than professional carpet cleaning services. ...more info
  • I love this little machine
    Bissell 1200A SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner, Blue Illusion
    Received my Spotbot within a couple of days...thank you Amazon for such good service.
    I have two Chihuahuas that do not like snow, so needless to say, accidents can happen. Oh NO!
    My opportunity to use my Spotbot came shortly after it arrived. What a wonderful cleaner. I use my Kirby shampooer for the large jobs...this Spotbot will get the most use. The high quality and ease of use is incredible. I looked as the Amazon reviews and can't understand why all are not A+'s. Remember this product is for spots and small areas, not meant to clean a whole room of dirty carpet.
    Amazon's price on this product is great, timely shipping wonderful...

    One happy customer,
    G Wheeler

    ...more info
  • Greatest tool for a puppy owner!
    We brought home our brand new Boston Terrier last week... He's is 9 weeks old and in the process of housebreaking... The spot bot with pet solution cleaner is the key.....

    If he accidentally goes on the carpet just pick him up and take him outside while the spotbot cleans up behind you.....

    Simple to operate and light weight....more info
  • Wow
    I love this machine. I had some reservations due to the price and some of the reviews. However, I decided to give it a shot. It was so easy to set up! I pulled out the directions and did not even need to use them! It is so simple to fill, I am not sure why some reviewers had issues. I was very pleased with the quick, and thourough cleaning it does with my puppy's accidents. He is 6 months old and we got off on a bad potty training routine due to a broken leg. (typical curious boy) Then, thanks to horrible Chicago winters he got a tummy bug and had the "runs". The spot bot has not failed me yet! To comment on one reviewer who was dissappointed with having to clean several areas, to me it was no big deal. It is a SPOT bot not a carpet steamer, plus the longest cycle is 6 min long, I set it on the spot, go tend to laundry, dishes, bathing the puppy, or whatever and move it to the next spot when it beeps if needed.
    Love love love it! Worth every penny!...more info
  • Excellent product
    I was apprehensive about another bissel product, having already owned a small carpet cleaner. This vacuum works amazingly well though, much to my surprise. So far I've cleaned an old cat vomit stain, a bunny blood stain (he got in a tussle with our cat, but fought back and won. He's fine, don't worry :) and it got both stains out on the first try. I suspected it was more the water/brush/spray technique that worked, so I tried cleaning a stain without solution, but blotting with a clean paper towel revealed the stain on the surface of the carpet. So you do really need to use solution. One tank full of clean water will allow 3 cleaning cycles on the set in stain setting. I'm now using a ginormous leftover bottle of hoover cleaning solution which I've had sitting around for a while, so I'll probably be complaining about the high cost of solution when I need to repurchase. Right now I'm happy though, and my carpets are cat vomit stain free!...more info
  • Good Buy
    Very good product. Cleans fresh pet messes up very well. However, does not do well on set in stains. ...more info
  • Out Spot!
    SpotBot is very easy to use, and does a great job lifting even old stains. If your carpet is somewhat soiled to begin with...oops!...the spot will look lighter than your carpet. Wish I'd had one years ago....more info
  • Great product!
    as the owner of two aging dogs, i've found this product to be a wonderful addition to our housekeeping. i love the fact you can set it down and let it do it's thing while you go and take care of other stuff. it even got out some older, set in stains, that my regular carpet cleaner couldn't. ...more info
  • BotSpot Carpet Cleaner
    Works well, but cleaning area is rather small, so bigger messes are not its forte. Far better built and designed than little green machine predecessor. Fluid containers are smaller, so require frequent refilling and emptying. A good product....more info
  • SpotBot lifted oily/tar spots that nothing else could do!
    Somehow someone tracked in some type of oily/tarry substance onto our carpet over a year ago. We tried spray carpet cleaners & everything else you could think of. Finally, right before the holidays I tried using our full-size Hoover carpet cleaner with slight (to no) success. Then I tried hand scrubbing (again) resulting in the 1-2 inch spots spreading into 5-8 inch spots (and much hilarity among the male members of our family, who called them "oil spills"). Now it was either cut out the pieces of carpet or buy a SpotBot and try it one more time.
    SpotBot worked (key miraculous music). I used it on almost every stain on our 13 yr old carpet. The huge oily/tarry slicks are about 98% removed (and very hard to see), leaving a very slight different color to the carpet which was more than we'd ever hoped for. Most of the stains are completely gone & a few that we'd expected to be with us forever are faded to the point of almost invisibility. Since the carpet is a little over 13 years old and we live on a lake and have always had pets a lot of you will realize how amazing this is.
    We love the SpotBot - the results were far more than we ever expected and we'd definitely buy it again. Was it a miracle worker and our carpet is pristine? No - but that would truly have been a miracle. Is our carpet far, far cleaner and looks better than we ever expected? Absolutely.
    Our favorite part - set the SpotBot down on the stain and go do something else until it beeps! How cool is that?
    Note: These stains were TOUGH and some required multiple deep cycle scrubbings to remove. Other, regular stains came out one deep or light cycle, depending on the stain. In some of the reviews that indicated that the SpotBot didn't work for them it may be possible that their stain may have needed more than one cycle. Let's face it - some stains are just pains;)...more info
  • Absolutely Fantasic!
    Up until we purchased the Bissell SpotBot, I was completely frustrated with our new lab puppy! I was definately not happy about what he was doing on our new carpets! I wasted so much time trying to scrub out "oopsies" and I only wish I would have known about this product 4 months ago! Thanks to this wonderful product, even the stains from months ago that I thought were hopeless are now gone! Luckily, the puppy is growing fast & learning to not to mess with my carpet!
    As far as circle marks that are left on the carpet, I can say that those are present when the cycle is first completed but as soon as I vaccuumed, they were gone. Also, if you make sure that the return container (with the dirty water) doesn't get too full, there doesn't seem to be as much of a problem with excess dampness. I did get a very wet area one time when I let that container get too full, but not since!
    ...more info
  • This product is a puppy owner's dream come true!
    I am the proud owner of 2 boston terriers: a 4 yr old who pretty much understands the rule of going to the bathroom outside, and a 5 month old rebellious puppy who thinks my living room carpet is her grassy field. I found this product while wandering the aisles of a store looking for yet another bottle of spray carpet cleaner and a jumbo pack of paper towels.

    I thought I was seeing it wrong... just put it down and walk away!?! This can't be right! Oh, but it is. What a fabulous creation! I brought it home last night and used it no less than 6 times already. I stood there fascinated and watched the first few cycles expecting it to blow up bc it was too good to be true. Honestly, you NEED this machine if you have puppy training issues, or house parties, or if you have carpet at all!

    To address some of the complaints I've seen on here: Some people here have complained about the noise, I say it's much quieter than if you had to lug out the 30 lb. carpet cleaner and there's a very convenient PAUSE/RESUME button if a phone call comes in while you are using it. As for it using a lot of solution, I'm sure if I compare how much I have been spending on paper towels and expensive spray cleaners and NOT getting anything clean (or smells out!) then the cleaning solution is a steal to me. And remember, its a SPOTbot. It's not going to clean your whole carpet. This is exactly made for what it says- spots- pretty large ones too, so you have to be reasonable as to what you want it to do.

    My only complaint is that it does leave my carpet a bit wet- but thanks for the tips on here, I'll just use the hose attachment to suck up the excess moisture!

    Best part- my puppy is scared of the noise. Maybe she'll realize that everytime she pees on my carpet, the big scary monster comes out and she'll just learn to stop. (HAHA!) Thank you Bissell!...more info
  • Really Works - Even on set in pet stains!!
    We recently rescued dog who wasn't totally housetrained and she "blessed" several of the rooms in our new home. We caught most right away, but didn't find one in our dining room until it had nearly dried. I was fearful the stain/smell had totally soaked through the carpet and pad and would never completely come out.

    We purchased the SpotBot after seeing the reviews for the 1200A and 1200B models and are THRILLED with the way it works! The stain(s) are completely gone, no smell or residue on the carpet. We used the Oxy Gen2 cleaner along with the Bissel pet stain/odor remover and it completely wiped out the stains/smell.

    One tip - if your carpet is too damp after the suction runs, just use the manual attachment to suck up any remaining water. I went over the spot several times from multiple directions and the carpet was nearly dry when I finished.

    Once the area was totally dry I vacuumed and it blended right back into the rest of our carpet - no one will ever know but me...and anyone reading this review!!

    ...more info
  • Great cleaning idea
    The Spot Bot has removed every stain we've tried it on and some were there for months. We tried many other cleaning products and nothing ever worked.
    We highly recommend this product....more info
  • Fantastic Machine ... I can't imagine having a pet without it !!
    A few reviewers were not impressed with this machine and I can only theorize that it is because they either had bad luck and got one that just happened to be defective, or they weren't using it correctly or something along those lines. This machine is worth every penny ... and trust me at over $100 for a portable machine I wasn't sure that would be true when I bought it. But with an aging pet that suddenly started having lots of accidents on my new carpet I would lost my mind without this machine.

    Before purchasing this machine I tried cleaning a few spots with a spray bottle of cleaner and doing the wet sponge spray and rub routine they recommended and all I did was make a big sloppy mess that was still stained. I tried this machine and it worked like a charm. It's easy to use, fairly easy to clean up after using it, and it does a fantastic job on those small spots that don't quite warrant a big full size machine or a professional. Best of all it's automatic ... fill it with solution, set it on the stain, hit a button and it does everything itself ... a very nice feature when you get woken up to stains or accidents at 3 AM.

    I would concede that it does use a fair amount of cleaning solution, so in that respect it isn't exactly cheap to use if you have a lot of large and frequent stains, but you can't beat it for quality of performance ... I think it does a better job than even my Bissel Upright steam cleaner! If you have pets or children with new carpet this machine is a must. I even recommended it to my brother when he got a new Lab puppy and he called me to thank me and tell me it was a lifesaver at his house as well.

    I don't often write reviews raving about products, but this machine deserves all the kudos it gets. And it's got a Consumer Reports Best Buy rating as well. ...more info
    I have old animals and they have accidents. I bought the SpotBot after reading rave reviews that this machine got rid of old pet stains. It sounded too good to be true and it was! I tried twice, both with the pet formula and with the everyday formula, to get out a couple of old pet stains but they're still there. It's probably fine on fresh stains, but not particularly on set in unless the formulations aren't strong enough. Perhaps if I had used a pre-formula . . . At any rate, the machine is very handy, but I have yet to see if it works on any other stain....more info
  • Worked wonders on my couches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We have tan micro fiber couches and a 1 and 3 year old. So needless to say that our furniture takes quite a beating with juice, food, and recently throw up when both the kids got the stomach flu. We have gotten them cleaned where they come out looking brand new but it costs a couple hundred dollars to clean the entire set when its really only the seats that get dirty, then it seems like within days they have more stains. My mom got us this for Christmas and I used the wand to clean them myself and they look great! I am not crazy about the cleaner that comes with it. It left the fabric a little stiff and when I got a little on my hands and feet it burned my skin so I was concerned abot it getting on my kids. I just started using my own cleaner which worked better. My only problem with the actual machine is that the sprayer is pretty broad so you tend to spray more than just the area you were aiming for, but that can be fixed by holding it closer. This cleaner is such a life saver and it has already proved it is worth the price by cleaning our couches and 2 more chairs. Plus now I will be able to maintain them better instead of having to wait 6 months between cleanings. EXCELLENT BUY!!...more info
  • Super Easy & EFFECTIVE
    I received my SpotBot Pet just today and have already eliminated 3 stubborn set-in pet stains. This little powerhouse removed spots from my carpet which I thought would be difficult, if not impossible to do.
    It was super easy to use. I read the instructions and began my hands-free spot removal!! Amazingly, the stains was removed with NO effort on my part. I did nothing but position the Bot over the stain and walked away. That was IT!!!
    These pet stains were "gifts", my cat's hairball puke.. Ewww.. I did clean them, mind you, in the traditional sense. On my hands & knees with spray cleaner, scrub brush and towel which achieved results that were less than desirable!! You could still see them on the carpet!! I thought these hideous "gift" remnants would be part of my permanent decor.
    So, I used the "set-in" setting along with the INCLUDED samples of the Oxygen2 cleaner and Pet Odor/Stain cleaner that Bissell provided. These two cleaners combined with the Bot's scrubbing prowess not only saved my carpet, it "salvaged" my fabulous yet very shabby chic ;-) decor!!!
    I would highly recommend this product to my pet-loving family and friends with "babies" prone to having accidents or leaving "gifts"!!
    Good Luck!!...more info
  • Best Appliance EVER
    Not only does this work wonders in the automatic plop and go mode, but the manual mode is amazing for spots, upholstery, whatever. With two cats and a dog in a small, carpeted house, it has been a god-send.

    Even my mother says "Don't forget the SpotBot" when I go up to clean her house. She was amazed at how it handled the cat yurk spots.

    This is the best appliance I've ever purchased.

    I recommend it without reservation....more info
  • Disappointing
    Wow, I read such good reviews that I really feel let down.

    My carpet is less than a year old, but so is the dog, so the stains are frequent. Unfortunately, he is not considerate enough to mess in the same configuration as the SpotBot brush, so it typically takes a couple cycles of SpotBot to get at the mess--and it uses A LOT of cleaner with each cycle. It's getting quite expensive. (And don't think that you can just walk away. In 4-7 minutes, the SpotBot will start an annoying beeping to tell you it's finished--and it won't stop until you come hit the off button. Not a huge problem, but I really don't appreciate having to make extra trips up and down stairs. (And I have to leave the room when it's going. It's very loud--not loud enough to hurt your ears, but loud enough to be extremely annoying.)

    But I wouldn't mind too much if it did a great job cleaning. Sadly, it doesn't. ESPECIALLY on the expensive burber carpet, where it only hits the tallest loops. Yet despite not getting it very clean, it does leave very obvious crop circles in the carpet. Looks ridiculous--and, at least on my newer carpet, those circles stay a LONG time, despite being vacuumed and walked on....more info
  • UNBELIEVEABLE! This product is AMAZING!
    WOW WOW WOW! This thing is amazing! We have three cats and a 17 mo old baby...they are all very messy!LOL...One of our cats frequently throws up. We have been in our current apratment for only 6 months and broke down and bought one because the carpet was looking HORRIBLE! EVERY stain came out in minutes! It was amazing! Even the ones that have been there for 5+ mos! Even my sons 5 mo old grape juice stain! WAY to go Bissell!...more info
  • Best home cleaning product I've ever purchased - worth every penny!
    The other night my dog got into the cat's litter box (I use Fresh Step crystals - those crystals don't sit well in a dogs stomach) and she must have had a real fancy feast. I awoke to her vomiting all over my freshly dry cleaned comforter, and when I got up saw piles of diarrhea and more vomit in two bedrooms and two bathrooms. I'm thinking to myself, "This girl planned this," because just three days ago I had my carpeting professionally cleaned.

    I didn't have time to do anything more than wipe up as much of the diarrhea and vomit as I could (and to tend to Joon's stomach, of course), as I was running late for an appointment. While I was out, I remembered seeing a commercial for this product, so on the way home, I picked it up.

    When I had finished collecting any of the refuse that had dried while I was out, I approached this with skepticism. After all, it is a little difficult to believe that all you have to do is set the unit down over the stain, press a button, and then walk away.

    But that's all you have to do. I was amazed at the simplicity of the design, and how easy it is to disconnect the collection and solution tanks. On the solution tank, Bissell has two sets of markings: one for use with their OxyGen2 product (which I haven't used yet), water, and formula; and another for water and formula alone. Those markings are very clear, and are a welcome design. There are three buttons to press: one for regular surface stains; another for set-in stains, and another to allow for manual use with the hose. When I pressed the surface stain button, I watched for a while as the unit switched between spray, suction, and brush functions. I have to say that watching the product work through the "Hands Free Cleaning Window" was pretty, er, cool. (Yeah, so I'm a dork. )

    I walked away for a moment, and then heard the unit beep, indicating that it was done. I'm hearing impaired, and have a difficult time with high tones. I wasn't expecting to hear this, but I did - as clear as a bell - and I was at the opposite end of the apartment. I approached the unit with skepticism, but when I lifted it off the spot, the stains were gone. I proceeded to set the unit down on all of the spots throughout the apartment, coming back to it every time it beeped. It cleaned every spot.

    This was by far the most pleasant, and the least physically exhausting experience I've ever had with a so-called steam or deep cleaner - and that "least physically exhausting" part is a big one for me.

    Still skeptical, though, I thought to myself: Just see when it dries; the stains won't really be gone. This morning, however, every single spot had dried, and there wasn't an issue with the carpet feeling stiff due to soapiness.

    As an aside, and as a comment to another review: This unit wasn't built or designed to clean an ENTIRE area rug, or, of course, anything larger. That's the purvey of large steam cleaners. It's called "SpotBot" for a reason. And it executes perfectly.

    EDIT 8/22/07: The same dog got into something else, and left a mess of vomit and diarrhea all over the apartment. Again. (No, I'm not trying to poison my dogs, and this doesn't happen often.) Some of the diarrhea had occurred in the night, and it was stiff and wouldn't rub out using the hand brush. But using the hands-free option got the job done.

    I feel very badly for my dog, of course, but at the same time am thankful to have had this unit. It made a world of difference. Every pet owner should have one.

    ALSO, 2 TIPS for those who don't think the hands-free option retrieves enough water during its cycle:

    1) After using the hands-free, detach the manual hose and use that suction, or;

    2) Empty the solution tank, and run the hands-free option again. No water/formula will eject, so you'll have a couple of minutes of "pure" suction.

    EDIT 8/24: For those interested, my dog is now fine. :-)...more info
  • Unbelievable Cleaning Tool
    Bissell 1200A SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner, Blue Illusion
    I just bought the Pet Spotbot with the combination of Bissell Oxygen2 and Pet Odor Stain Remover. The product arrived on the day my dog got sick while I was at work. I literally came home to 25 piles of poop and diarrhea in the bedroom. It was everywhere and I almost cried. I didn't remember what I had ordered and thankfully, when I opened the box, it was the spotbot! What a lifesaver! By following the easy instructions, I was able to clean up ever spot completely with no remnants of stains! ...more info
  • Good idea, but fails in functionality.
    I ended up buying this model over the Bissell Little Green ProHeat thinking that the SpotBot would be much better as it was about $40 more, and I didn't want to spend $250+ on a full-size upright carpet steamer, however when I tried it at home I was greatly disappointed.

    This is essentially the same machine as the 1200B SpotBot, but in a more attractive dark metallic blue instead of khaki green and marketed/targeted to pet owners.
    The negative reviews (1- and 2-star reviews) of the 1200B SpotBot also applies to this model too. The sprayer seems to be malfunctioning (a common design fault and defect), working like a broken spray bottle where I have to press the trigger repeatedly to get a rather inconsistant and weak spray or stream. The manual says to hold the spray about 6 inches from the surface to be cleaned, but I had to hold it about an inch to get any of the spray on the surface. When the trigger is held down the water dribbles all over the place, most of the soapy liquid ending up on your hands and streaming down the vacuum hose.
    I used the recommended Bissell detergent/cleaner with this machine and I found it made the fabric really hard with visually dark residue stains when it dried. I had to rinse the cleaned area with clean water a few times over to get rid of the stiff soapy stain.

    The floor cleaner is great for small pet or spot stains, but don't even think about using it to clean the entire floor or rug as the machine has to sit on that spot for the duration of the multi-cycle cleaning process, which takes about 4 minutes.

    For $140 it's very expensive for what it does (or doesn't do). I am returning this machine and sticking to the old-fashioned manual washing/scrubbing of carpet/furniture and getting a powerful 5-hp mini Shop Vac wet/dry vac (for a fraction of the price) to help suck the liquid out. The Shop Vac also serve multi-uses for the garage and around the home as well.
    ...more info