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Product Description

Exclusive to T-Mobile service, the quad-band T-Mobile Dash is everything you need to stay connected. Perfect for business or leisure applications, the Dash is a slim Windows Mobile Smartphone that's comfortable to hold and provides crystal-clear calling. Send, receive, and reply to your personal and business email easily with the built-in full QWERTY keyboard and the convenience of integrated Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile software. You can even browse the Web using the included Wi-Fi connectivity or built-in EDGE data support. Other highlights include myFaves compatibility, Bluetooth 2.0, a microSD memory card slot, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and more.

The Dash is the the perfect mobile office and mobile entertainment device. See it in detail. You can also watch a product demo (requires Flash).
Under the hood, the Dash features 23 MB of built-in flash memory, a memory card slot for more memory, and a speedy 200 MHz OMAP 850 processor. Up front, the large 2.4-inch 320 x 240 QVGA touch-screen supports over 65,000 colors, while the rear of the device houses the 1.3-megapixel camera. The design of the Dash is clean and uncluttered, with most of the buttons easily accessible with one hand. Just to the right side of the display you'll find convenient up/down keys for volume adjustment and handy keys for browser control. There's also a handy HTC JOGGR control pad with variable speed, drag, and hold functions that makes document viewing a pleasure. Meanwhile, call answer and end buttons surround a five-way toggle that allows you to navigate and control the Windows Mobile interface. A full QWERTY keyboard resides underneath the large display. As mentioned earlier, a microSD memory expansion card slot is provided, and USB/Bluetooth connectivity is included for convenient data transfers.

Calling and PDA Features
The Dash's phone and PDA functions are designed to provide an integrated, seamless experience. The included Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone software with Direct Push technology gives you instant access to your emails, calendar, and contacts at anytime. That means wherever and whenever, you'll be connected. A single main screen summarizes all the important information you need to make it through the day. Here you'll get message notification, upcoming appointments, dialing functions, tasks, and more all in one spot.

As a phone, the Dash features all the functionality folks expect from an advanced cell phone, including a handsfree speakerphone, polyphonic ringtones, a vibrate mode, and picture and ringer ID. Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile combines email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes into a single application that seamlessly integrates with the Dash's phone functions. Meanwhile, headsets, car kits and other wireless peripherals can also be paired with the unit via Bluetooth.

Staying productive on the road is made possible by the Microsoft Office Mobile suite, which includes Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile. Meanwhile, the File Explorer application makes it easy to browse the files on your Dash.

Like all T-Mobile phones, the Dash supports voicemail, caller ID, conference calling, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, built-in paging, and access to T-Mobile's 411 service.

This phone is fully compatible with T-Mobile's myFaves service, which allows you to call up to five of your most common contacts--on any network, even landlines--without using any of your minutes. Learn more about myFaves.

Messaging and Internet
Using T-Mobile's EDGE-powered Internet service, you can surf the Web with the bundled Internet Explorer application, or use MSN, Yahoo!, or AOL messenger services to stay in contact via instant messaging. Plus, the inclusion of Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) in the Dash allows you to surf the Web or check your email at blazing speeds when you're connected to a Wi-Fi network. With the purchase of T-Mobile Hotspot data service, you can get online at thousands of locations coast-to-coast. Lastly, robust SMS and MMS functionality is built into the Windows Mobile interface, too.

One of the most important tools bundled with the Dash is Microsoft ActiveSync, which allows you to quickly synchronize your device's tasks, calendars, email, and contacts with your desktop. You also get Exchange ActiveSync, an application that lets you synchronize data with an Exchange server. Syncing can be done via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Imaging and Entertainment
Another great feature of the Dash is that it supports Windows Media playback right out of the box. With Windows Media Player, you can play streaming and downloaded video and audio content in a variety of formats. You can also keep favorite tunes loaded on a memory card and listen to your music wherever you roam.

As mentioned, the Dash can take 1.3-megapixel pictures, and while the camera is great for taking stills, it can also function as a camcorder, allowing you to capture video to the unit's memory. An integrated media application organizes your captured photos and videos. For gamers, the phone supports Java-based and Windows Mobile games.

The Dash also sports an airplane mode feature, which allows the user to safely use the non-wireless functions of a phone (such as music, games, or organizer functions) on an airplane during flight.

Vital Statistics
The T-Mobile Dash weighs 4.23 ounces and measures 4.39 x 2.46 x 0.51 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 5 hours of digital talk time, and up to 216 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies. The phone comes with a one year limited warranty.

The exclusive T-Mobile Dash! The T-Mobile Dash is a sleek Smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard that brings e-mail and familiar Outlook functionality right to your phone. Using Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile?, T-Mobile Dash delivers important information and e-mail on the go. Now you can have your Outlook calendar and contacts up to date and always with you. Easily check e-mail and access Internet information virtually anywhere with T-Mobile's EDGE network or blazing fast T-Mobile HotSpot wireless broadband. As a bonus, T-Mobile Dash also supports myFaves rate plans, which allow customers to choose their top 5 contacts and make or receive unlimited phone calls for one low price.

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile? 5.0 operating system
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology built-in for a wire free experience
  • Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile? (e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes) & Windows Media Player? Mobile (music and video files)
  • 1.3 megapixel camera, Video camera and Windows Media Player
  • Includes: Battery, AC Adapter, Hands-free Headset, USB Cable, and Case

Customer Reviews:

  • Worst phone I've ever had.
    This phone is absolute garbage and adds re-enforcement to my theory that micrsoft puts out anything and do not care about quality control anymore these days.

    Problems I've had with the phone:

    1. My sim card erased everything and decided not to work anymore. I had to go to a Tmobile location to get a new one and all my contacts and info was gone.

    2. I can't access my text messages..I have to restart the phone constantly

    3. It's freezed on me about 10 times now and I've had the phone for 6 months.

    4. Most obnoxious of all, a few hours will go by and ill think to myself "weird my phone hasn't gone off" and ill make a call or text and my phone decides to just be shut off on it's own (i mean the actual connection of the phone, not the phone being turned off itself). I'm constantly turning it off/on and going to the comm manager to turn on the signal again.

    (update on this phone a year later)

    - Battery life is near a minimum of two hours if you actually use this phone.
    - This phone fried my sim card and I lost everything, I had to get another sim card.
    - Phone still freezes more than it used to.
    - The profiles change on it's own and I had this phone go off on me in meetings, funerals, you name it.
    - the phone shuts off on me when i'm in the middle of a website, emails, text message.

    If I can change the 2 star to one, I would but I can't So let me say it here....DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. It's absolutely terrible. Worst phone I've ever had to deal with in my entire life.

    ONE STAR!...more info
  • Excellent phone, better price
    I bought this phone about a month ago and I love it. It's so versatile, I seldomly need to get on a computer. The internet on it is fantastic (if the page you're trying to view is too large/wide, set it to "desktop" mode. You've got to do more scrolling, but it beats most cellphone internet capabilities). The sound it great, the keyboard is wonderful. I've called T-Mobile a few times with questions and every single time, they have been incredibly nice to me.
    In short, I love this phone. The only problems I've had with it are accidental calls made (easily remedied with locking the phone when it's in the case). Be sure to go to the Windows Mobile website and get the free upgrade to 6.0 if you get this phone (before you save all your contacts, etc- the upgrade wipes out the memory). Now I just need that 2g sd card......more info
  • Great all-around PDA; beware of fragile screen
    I bought this phone when it was originally launched at a reduced cost and my only regret is that I broke the screen with it in my pocket. I was able to talk my way out of the deductible and just paid shipping or I might not be as pleased with my experience.
    First off, the phone works well. Good volume and reception. I did have some problems with the phone link turning itself off but that disappeared when I updated the operating system.
    The Windows Mobile Media Player is awesome once you add a MicroSD card and a quality pair of earbuds. The ones included do not stay in my ear (my problem, not the buds) but sound great when I can get them seated correctly.
    I didn't have any problems syncing it to my computer, Yahoo Email, or my companies Outlook, when my company allowed it.
    Overall for what I spent and what it has delivered you could do much worse. ...more info
  • The do-it-all phone!
    Well I read through just about every review prior to purchasing this phone and was almost thinking twice about it after reading some of the reviews here, but I decided to take the plunge and go for it. Well I'm glad I did. All I can say is this phone has been a pleasure to use from the get-go. It has its flaws but what phone doesn't? The question is whether you're going go flip out over an alarm clock or volume strip or is it a trivial issue for you. Most of the gripes others have had just seem little to me. Let's talk about the pros and cons:


    1. Call quality is excellent. No static what so ever. No dropped calls. My area has good T-mobile coverage so I can't complain. As a phone it does what it's supposed to do. Make good quality calls. It also pairs with my bluetooth headset (Plantronics 510) really well. Speaker phone is of good quality too.

    2. Internet works great. I have the $5.99 plan and yes EDGE isn't the fastest but it gets the job done. It doesn't matter where I'm at I can check my email, finds restaurants or directions, or just surf the web when I'm bored. It really came in handy when I was out on vacation and lost. WiFi works well too. Didn't want to fork out the money for hotspots though.

    3. The camera at 1.3 megapixels is decent quality. No it's not going to replace my regular camera but I found it really handy when I forgot to take my camera to my friend's wedding, but was still able to take quality pictures. I haven't tried videos yet though.

    4. Mp3/Video player: Now the speakers on this phone aren't the greatest so I wouldn't use them for listening to music but when plugged into a headset it sounds pretty good. I bought a 2GB microSD card bought here at Amazon and now I can hold a ton music and movies. Videos looks pretty nice I'd have to admit. This thing is my travelinig entertainment center. I even found a way to play original nintendo games on this thing and have been trying Mike Tyson's Punchout like back in the old days.

    5. Calendar/schedule: I had a PDA but for some reason I'm more compelled to actually use my calendar and keep my schedule on this thing than I did with my Pocket PC. Probably because of convenience reasons.

    6. Smartphone applications: I'm in the medical field and I keep all my medical applications on this phone. I can quickly look up drug references or research diseases. I really thought I'd need a touchscreen in order to better navigate these programs and while it might be slightly easier with a stylus, I don't find that it's all that necessary and still navigate pretty well. I just wish the processor were slightly faster for some of these apps, but it's more than adequate. And I'm not sure why people don't think there are a lot of programs for the smartphone. Programs written for WM5 are compatable with PPC as well as smartphones equally. [...].

    7. Appearance: Everyone who sees this phone absolutely loves its looks and so do I. It looks great and feels great. I saw this side by side with the Motorola Q and the Q just looked so much bulkier and...well... not as nice. The rubber backing feels awesome.

    8. Battery: For all that I use this phone for it makes it through the day with plenty battery to spare which is all I can really ask for. I wouldn't go 2 days without charging the battery though. You should charge it every night.


    1. Windows Mobile 5: Mighty Microsoft needs to write a cleaner program. However Windows Mobile 6 is on the way and will be free to download for T-Mobile customer soon so hopefully that'll take care of some of the problems. I swear just to turn on the bluetooth and pair up my bluetooth device takes me a whole minute just because of how hard it is to navigate WM5.

    2. Volume strip: Yeah like everyone says it sucks. I disabled mine. Adjusting the volume with this thing is tedious at best. Luckily my music/video programs as well as my stereo headset allow me easier ways to adjust the volume so it's not such an issue for me.

    3. Alarm clock: Now I don't use this all that much but I see what everyone says about it and yeah it's a pretty idiotic written program. However rather than writing half a page on how bad it is I downloaded a free one from the internet that works great so my life now goes on.

    Summary: So I use this device to make quality phone calls, surf the web, check email, play games, listen to music, watch movies, monitor my schedule, check my medical references, and take decent quality pictures. All this thing needs now is a laser beam that will cut through metal and it'd be the greatest gadget known to man....more info
  • Beware of this phone and the company HTC
    Beware of the DASH. It is a nice looking phone but it is as fragile as a feather is. I dropped my phone once from the bed to the carpet and the screen cracked. What's worse is the company knows that this is an issue but wont replace nor recall the phone. Lastly, the rebate for the phone is 130.00 and then you will receive a refurbished piece of fragile junk....more info
  • Very fragile LCD screen!!!
    This is a great phone, however I highly recommend insuring your phone! This can only be done within the first 14 days of purchasing your new phone. Also get a shell protector!!! I didnt do this and I had my phone in my jacket pocket and I took it out and my LCD screen was cracked....the phone was useless at that point....more info
  • Best Phone Ever
    I've owned a number of smartphones, this is by far the top performer. Easy to use, intuitive interface, and the 6.0 OS is bug free. The only user interface complaint I had was the volume strip, but disabling this feature in the phone settings has made it operationally flawless. I am a heavy email user and this phone's email set-up and system is the best I have experienced.

    Don't spend more on another phone, this one does it all....more info
  • Best phone I ever had.
    Used to be a staunch Nokia smartphone user, but gave up with the latest symbian based phones. Despite my dislike for all forms of Windows, the Dash is a terrific, powerful phone. ...more info
  • Its Okay...But
    I bought this phone to replace my Blackberry 8700g, from what I read it would give me everything I need that my Blackberry didn't. A camera and games. Well...It does but I should have bought a blackberry that does the same thing. I am so unhappy with this phone that within two weeks of owning it I went out and bought a blackberry curve 8310. This phone is great if you don't put a lot of data on it. I had to buy a memory card so that I could stop getting the message that I was running out of space. But after 10 pictures it still tells me that. This phone is great if you don't plan on using it as a pda, or really using it but for fun. For me, I need a PDA and it just didn't work for me. The picture quality is beautiful and quite surprising that I can get a clear shot while the sun is going down. Other than that I would NOT recomend this phone to anyone. I will stick with my blackberry which seems to have it all....more info
  • Could Be Better
    I've had this T-mobile smartphone for about two months now, which I switched for my old Razr. I am overall satisfied with this phone, but I constantly desire to switch back to my Razr.

    If I use it for anything other than calls, e.g. music player or internet, I find the battery being extremely low about two hours later. For business people, this could be inconvenient. I personally find it frustrating.
    The keys are almost too small for my fingers to type, so I find myself erasing text quite often.

    It's hard to keep in my pocket if I have a plastic cover on it. If I just want to carry it with me, it will slip out of my pocket if I have a third-party plastic cover. But, if you have just the phone, the back is very good at keeping it in your pocket and purse.

    I do love the music player, especially since it is Windows Media Player. The battery will be depleted in about two hours, so you don't have alot of listening time if you only charge your phone once a week. The headphones that come with it are a plus, meaning I don't have to buy a pair. I also love the sound-it's crisp and pristine. I love listening to my music on it.

    If you are looking for a good business phone, you might consider looking around first before buying this. If you do buy it, be sure you completely charge your phone before you go out. If you just want a phone, you can get a better price without all the extras. I, personally, am pretty happy with this phone. I think it's a top contender compared to the Blackjacks....more info
  • A perfect Phone/PDA/Internet/All in one device
    Fantastic Phone. Ok, Fantastic SMARTPhone.

    Tons of great easy to use features
    Simple navigational menus with Windows Mobile 5.0
    Huge brilliant screen
    Built-in Wifi
    QWERTY keyboard
    Small Size
    Comfortable to Hold
    Easily turn on/off bluetooth, wifi, etc.

    Best of all, it is a great PHONE.

    Yes, great sound! Wow, a Cell/PDA that actually works as a great Phone. Unbelievable!

    And maybe it's just T-Mo or the phone/T-Mo combo, but the Dash has great service. In my twelve years of cell phone usage and different local carriers (PrimeCo-Verizon, Sprint, AT&T-Cingular, this is my first time I will say I have GREAT cell service. I was so used to dropped calls with Cingular, it feels weird not having dropped calls anymore; sometimes those dropped calls came in handy when the conversations lagged, y'know?

    I don't even have to go OUTSIDE to use it! Previously I didn't even have indoor usage in my home, unless I stood still in one area without moving and hanging on to that one remaining bar before it too would disappear. With the Dash - Indoor calls!

    I also love the feel of the Dash because unlike all my other phones which slipped from my hand, this phone stays put and it doesn't have that slippery feel of hard plastic on the back but instead feels rubberized. It also helps that this is slightly wider than my older clamshell and candy bar phones as I would constantly fumble and drop them, but maybe I am just a clutz.

    It also comes with a very nice case, but you have to remove the Dash from the case for usage (which I prefer to do anyway, as all cases tend to make these tiny devices bulky) but it's convenient to easily slide onto your belt and I just pop/slide it out from my case when needed. It also comes with all the necessary cables/equipment for synching to your computer and charging.

    The only "con" I found is the Volume "strip"; I disabled the volume strip since I keep the volume at one level and I would hit the strip with my fingers too many times accidentally adjusting the volume up or down. Disabling it is the answer for me.

    Connecting to my bluetooth motorola was quick, as is synching to my computer for transferring files to the device.

    The Dash is an awesome device and is highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • A nice little device
    I bought mine at a T-Mobile store, so I didnt' get the great deal that is being offered. But I was upgrading. I've been a customer since they came to America in 2002 (Voicestream).

    The form factor is nice to the touch. I have not dropped the phone yet, and it has not slipped out of my hands. The buttons are easy to use and respond very well.

    The software overall is good. What I have to do is resist the urge to compare it to my laptop. It is not a replacement for my laptop. One piece of software I purchased through Handango is called "Bankarama." I love this, because I can enter my ATM purchases on-the-go, instead of saving receipts for entry into the PC later. I can export my data into a CVS for use in Excel.

    Back to the phone.

    CALLS: I haven't had any problems with receiving calls or making calls. Haven't had a call dropped yet, and I end up driving through the mountains at times.

    TEXT/EMAIL: Incoming and outgoing, it has been relatively fast and reliable, compared to my Verizon MotoQ.

    WEB: Not bad, even though it's not 3G yet. Using the WIFI delivers the pages to the device really quickly.

    BLUETOOTH: Haven't had any problems with the Bluetooth headset (H500). I also use the Bluetooth to sync the device (ActiveSync) with my laptop. Look ma, no wires!

    EXTRA: It came with a 1gig memory chip. This thing is about the size of my pinky nail and comes with a converter so I can plug it into my computer and manage the files. The thing holds a ton of pictures and music as well. I have 7 music albums and 200 pictures on it right now.

    WEB EXTRA: Since I have their data plan, it allows me access at any HotSpot. So when I take my laptop to Starbucks, it connects very easily and quickly. No extra charge. My data plan with T-Mobile is $30. Compared to the Verizon plan, which is $44 and does not give you any HotSpot access, it's a deal.

    SYNC: The Dash and my Outlook are always in sync with each other.

    BATTERY: I turn on the Bluetooth and WIFI whenever I need them. The battery holds up for a full 24 hours for me, but I'd not go 2 days without charging it. I charge mine up every night, just to be sure. I don't have a charger at work or in the car. At this point, I don't need them.

    I've had my Dash for a few months and have been very happy with it....more info
  • A Bargain thats still hard to beat, vs Moto Q 9 and Blackjack II
    First, when looking for a new phone, I needed a large screened, full keyboard non-touch-screen style phone (being a mechanic, touch screens are not a real good idea). I also wanted Wifi and bluetooth for the obvious reasons, Wifi for hotspots (and speed, if you will) and Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree accessories...So I looked at many phones, screen resolutions, software pkgs included and what was available, etc.
    I am an ATT (cingular) customer, but I looked at competitor products as well, which is how I found the HTC S-620 (T-Mobile Dash)/ HTC S-621.
    This product is still available as the full-version HTC S-621, as of April, 2008. One huge difference between the T-mobile locked phone and the unlocked is the software and installs; the unlocked phone is straightforward, while the locked version requires some online chat room help to circumvent the network "protection" scheme. One nice feature is the WiFi, which allows coffee shop/fast food/ hotspot access to the net, but the other option is the networks flat rate unlimited net service.
    Instead of being "locked" to T-Mobile, the S-621 works great with other Edge and GPRS nets, I personally use ATT (former cingular). The unlimited internet is $30 and believe me, it is worth it. ATT service is unmatched here in WA state, and is among the few that I can use at home, northeast of Everett. The bottom line here is this phone is about $50 with a service plan on t-mobile, and about $240 unlocked s-621 version via e-bay "buy it now"... I love the features, the fits-right-in-your-hand style and the Wifi and open software choices of my 621. By the way, I have a 2 gig micro sd card with 170 mp3's, 3 movies and some 2-5 meg photos on my phone now, along with new skins, backgrounds, and ring tones. The phone reception, keyboard, browser, and instruction books all WORK AS THEY SAY.
    After double checking this unit with actual owners of ATT Blackjack II (samsung) and ATT Q Moto 9 (motorola) both running win mobile 6, I still choose this phone. Price, features and hands on helped my decision. Good luck with yours !

    ...more info
  • Good Phone, Fragile
    I owned this phone for about one year. For most of that year it was a great phone. I loved the ability to synch with my photos, calendar and contacts, the email functionality, being able to make and add my own mp3 ringtones, the media player for listening to music, using the internet to answer questions during arguments, get movie times, and getting directions. The phone was incredibly useful. It was a great PDA. The only complaint I had was that the included IM client was considered to be using "text messaging" and not your data plan (that was an expensive assumption the first month).

    Then it started to act up. At first it was mainly a power issue. It would randomly turn off. Afterwards you had to remove the battery and then put it back in to restart. When this started happening it was nearly impossible to get onto the internet without it powering down like this. Finally, the event I had read about but hoped would never happen happened. I pulled it out of my pocket, just like any other day, and the LCD was white with a black blotch. It had cracked directly over the speaker. As far as I know I had not done anything different, although looking back there must have been some pressure placed on the screen pushing it into the speaker. The phone prior to this had been very resilient.

    All in all I am not 100% certain whether I would recommend this phone or not. When it was working it was great. If I had done something boneheaded to ruin it I would fess up and still say that it was great but not to drop it or step on it or whatever might have caused the problem. However, not having anything which I can directly correlate to the phone's breaking I am a bit hesitant to recommend it. For functionality I would say absolutely, 100%, I recommend this. For longevity I would say, only buy this if you are planning on using it for a year or so. Hopefully it will last that long. Mine did, but just barely...
    ...more info
  • Worst PDA phone!
    WM 5.O is hard to use. Speaker is very soft; there is no volume control. My unit is broken in 3 month. The battery gets very warm and discharges quickly after a full charge at minimal use....more info
  • Horrible. DONT buy this phone.
    I absolutely despise this phone. I thought it was great when I first got it, but now that I have had it for a while, I think it's the biggest piece of garbage I have EVER wasted my money on. the phone is SLOOOOOOW. the alarm goes off randomly throughout the day, it takes at least 7 minutes to completely load and function after it's been turned off, and now, my phone won't even turn all the way on.
    I have never had so many problems with this phone. I even talked to people at T Mobile and they admitted that this is a poor purchase.
    I am completely dissatisfied with this product. I'd rather have a land line than have this phone....more info
  • Mini PDA and Great cell phone
    I was carrying a PDA and a Razr cell phone. When I got this phone I gave my PDA to my brother and my Razr to my daughter. I love the full contact list with addresses, all the phone numbers and notes that are in my Outlook are now in my Dash and it syncs with Outlook. The calendar is really nice and that too syncs with Outlook. I don't try to use it for browsing the internet, but I do use T-mobiles T-zones to collect all my email from all my various email address types. It took some learning to find the easiest way to get to everything, but it's there if you look. For example, called and received numbers log with one key press of the send button, extremely easy contact look up by just starting to spell the name of what you're looking for and everything else gets eliminated, and my favorite applications stay on the home screen at the top so that they are only a push away.

    It has EVERYTHING that any cell phone has and works as well or better and easier. The speaker phone is great, clear and plenty loud enough; bluetooth syncs with my GPS without a hitch and one touch (or speed) dialing is great, you can even have two digit spead dialing by holding the second digit until it begins to dial. I can store hundreds of phone numbers in number locations I choose (like my brother's home is 5, cell is 15 and wifes cell is 25), then use the number of the location to make a call instead of looking up numbers.

    All in all, I find that I have service across the country without much trouble and I drive rather than fly. If you have T-mobile cell service, their t-zones for email and many other internet based services is only $5 and T-Zones w/WiFi service is only $20 (monthly), can't beat that. The full keyboard makes text messaging and keeping notes MUCH easier and more fun. It's not a full PDA, but it does everything I did with my PDA, and with the updated firmware you can edit your word and excel documents.

    It's way more than a phone, really small and thin, easy to carry, easy to lock and unlock the keyboard. It takes nice pictures for emergencies if I don't have a camera and it uses a mini SD card, which I have installed and use to store pictures and videos.

    Personally, I can't think of a negative thing about it. It's not a laptop computer, but I think it's the best cell phone on the market. My cousin has the blackberry and he's jealous of me and my Dash....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    Well I came from a line of Sony Ericsson Phones so this was a leap at trying something new. I have had the phone now for over 2 weeks which I feel is long enough to make a judgement on it. First and foremost the size of the phone is great. Slim, sleek, slender and light are just a few ways to describe it physically. The rubber backing feels cool as well. The button layout is easly functional and to navigate. I like that the memory slot is in the inside since it makes it more sleek. I have 1GB card in the phone and it picked it up no problem. I really like the OS interface - its not complicated to navigate through and looks cool as well. At first there is a slight learning curve as to were everything is located but once you play with it its easy - plus with the shortcuts you can get to what you want fairly easy. The speakerphone at times can be hard to understand but over all it works well. Music throught the phone sounds good to. Not bad for one speaker. It has at times closed out applications for no reason but I usually just chuck that off to Windows. The overall performance isnt that bad. It does slow down at times but not drastically. Overall, I am impressed with the phone and would recommend it. It has alot of features as well to boot. Worth buying. ...more info
  • I love my dash
    It's a great phone everyone who see's it wants it. It takes great pictures and it's very lightweight. Better than my boyfriend's Q. T-mobile tried to scare me into returning it and paying over double from them. They claimed that Amazon may charge me for the complete phone if I make any changes to the line. All is fine but I'm still waiting for the refund....more info
  • Takes a few days, but this phone does everything!
    I'll try and make this quick, but I went from a standard flip-phone to the Dash. In the first few days, I admit that I was somewhat frustrated with the overhead that it took to operate using the same tasks as my old LG flip. -But- once I got the hang of all of the shortcuts, this phone is so much better. It functions wonderfully as a PDA phone. It seems that I can literally do anything I want on this! So to cut the commentary short, this phone rules all other phones.
    My quick positive/negative (and let me stress, none of the negative ruin this phone for me).
    - There is a ton of support on the internet for 3rd party software for free, to over-clocking the processor, to adding an NES emulator, to creating your own wallpaper (if I can add this link, check out http://mobile.surrealnetworks.com/DashApps.htm for all sorts of cool stuff)
    - The phone works great as a Multimedia player - especially after adding a miniSD card. I can't wait to get a Bluetooth-compatible car stereo to use this in my vehicle.
    - If you search on google, you can find quite a bit of custom 'homescreens' that fit your liking. I ended up writing my own.
    - It's great having a task manager to kill all unwanted programs that get stuck running in the background
    - Any shortcomings can be worked around, for instance, the volume Jogger bar can be reloaded to act as a scrolling slide, or disabled all together. Hopefully when Windows Mobile 6 comes out, it will solve a lot of the bugginess
    - and many more

    - I'm not used to the shape and it feels awkward holding it up to my face as compared to a flip phone - maybe this is also because it's so thin.
    - It is windows, so if you can handle your PC crashing, you can handle this phone locking up. It's not horrible, but there are periodic moments of slowness, locking up, etc. They usually can be solved by killing all tasks or rebooting.
    - I wish that there was a direct audio out, instead of just the USB/Power out, but it is nice that you can charge from a USB cable. You can also buy a splitter for under $10.
    ...more info
  • My perfect phone/pda
    I have tried many many cell phones but this phone is unbelievable. I put a 1 gig memory card in it. Right now, I have a 140,000 word dictionary on it, the NIV bible, Star Wars, many videos of my son, about 100 wma songs, and a ton of pictures. It syncs up to MS Outlook like a charm so all of my contacts, appts, tasks, and emails are always up to date. It comes with bluetooth and works great with my logitech headset. It also has wifi which has been flawless with my wireless network and is very speedy. The screen is absolutely gorgeous. The camera takes decent pictures and video. One of the best features is the battery life. For all it does it lasts an incredibly long time. I have not found a smartphone that even comes close to these features especially for the price. I like it waaaay better than the treo, blackberries, Q, or any other qwerty device. It's glued to my hip and I use it all the time. I love it!!!...more info
    When I bought this phone I paid over $200 for it. My first one had so many problems with freezing, shutting off on its own, and the battery life was horrible. I turned it in to get a new one only to have the same problems. The alarm goes off even if you turn it off, and if you change the time for it to go off it will go off at your previous time AND your new one, making for a rude wake up call on the weekend mornings. No ring tone choices, the keys are so small it is easy to mispell words counfusing the people you send messages to. Also, the phone will take FOREVER to load up when you turn it on, you will absolutly dread having to turn it off. Also, the phone sends your messges to the wrong person often, this causes many relationship problems! It is very frustrating to call people from your contact list because you have to be in a certain screen to actually make the call. Bottom line DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!! Get one that actually works!...more info
  • Cracked screen - Please read before you decide to buy
    Consider yourself warned.

    This review and the hosts of other reviews echoing the same sentiment should be enough warning.

    The phone will have SOME good, even raving reviews, from owners who have YET to experience the cracked screen problem. I was one of the many DASH fans myself, until it broke on me last week.

    The LCD screen on my dash just went bust all on its own. I treated this phone very carefully. I carry it in my pocket, and i always make sure its only in there by itself so nothing might scratch the pretty surface.

    less then 6 month of gentle ownership, and the screen went bust. apparently *I* cracked the screen and Tmobile + HTC has zero interest in fixing this problem. no replacement phones, nothing.

    and btw, even if you bought insurance, it would still cost you $110 to replace it, and they only let you replace your phone twice in a year i believe. and i have read of numerous cases where the screen went bust twice in a year.

    Google "Dash cracked screen" before you purchase.

    This phone is built like a lemon. Stay clear....more info
  • Cool phone with a few quirks
    This is my first SmartPhone and I've had a lot of fun with it so far. For being so small, the keys are remarkably easy to use. I often connect it to my laptop via a USB cable. If you have Windows XP along with MS ActiveSync 4.2.0, your PC/laptop will recognize it as a network device. A little bonus app on the Dash lets you share the Internet connection (granted you have the data plan) at no extra cost.

    If you get the add-on micro SD card (about $80), you'll have no need to buy an iPod. Windows Media Player (which comes standard) works just as well.

    It has a built in 802.11b (or g?) card. When I'm in range of wi-fi, I can use Skype and save my minutes. I hope T-Mobile doesn't read this since they'll probably patch that loophole :)

    A few of the cons:

    -There is no scroll wheel like on the Blackberry.

    -The battery charge doesn't last longer than a day or so if you've got data push to Outlook enabled. If I forget to charge it at night, I'm SOL.

    -The volume strip on the righthand side drives me nuts. I'm constantly hitting it by mistake. When I do, an annoying popup interrupts whatever I'm doing. You can disable the volume strip, but it's kindof important for certain apps like Skype and Windows Media Player. A simple classic volume dial on the side would be a huge improvement. The strip never seems to work right when I really intend to adjust the volume.

    -The keyboard is nice, but a touch screen would be better for certain apps. There's no way to cut-and-paste....more info
  • Decent software, horrible hardware
    Pros - Keyboard is GREAT! Large screen and easy to navigate around. Ease of use all around.

    Cons - You're lucky if you have it for more than 6 months at a time without the screen or something dieing on you.

    Recommendation - Get a Blackberry, even if you insure the Dash, the hassle is purely not worth it.

    I'm not one for taking the time to write reviews, but this cell phone is frustrating me. I first got a Dash in June '08. Around the end of August the screen first showed the famous Dash bleeding. I ended up taking it back to T-mobile for a replacement (considering I spent over $300 for the thing), and they (T-mobile) sent me a new one for free in the matter of a few days. Everything is great, right? Not quite, as a result, I ended up losing all of my contacts considering I couldn't read the screen or connect it via USB. Good thing my previous phone uploaded some of them online. Ok, so I get the new one, not another 2 months later the screen bleeds again. I was going to ride it out this time, but last night it just went black out of nowhere and I can't get anything out of it now. I'm officially done with this phone. I'd rather pay for a new Blackberry than get a free Dash

    ...more info
  • Jimmy cracked screen, and they don't care!
    Had the Dash for a year and a half. Battery began to die after 6 months, standby time was dismal. Thought I was in a bottomless pit of phone pergatory until the dredded "cracked screen." OMG, I thought it only happened to others, not me. What was a guy to do? I reverted to my old stand-by, my old pal, the Motorola Razr. It never let me down. As for the Dash, she is buried at the bottom of my sock drawer. Bless the dead and if you buy the Dash, be prepared for a disfunctional relationshp that will come to a complete and utter end when you least expect it. You may try to reboot, but in the end all will fail. So stay clear of this device and read the reviews; find out what really works & make an informed purchase. At the present, I am in the market for a new phone relationship, one based on quality, speed, reliability, and commitment. Farewell, Dash, you were a problem from the start....more info
  • Awesome phone but NOT DURABLE!!!!
    This phone has functions beyond belief. I use it as my phone, organizer (which is perfect), and mp3 player. I haven't used it for email purposes yet, which I used to have on my work issued blackberry, but by just looking at this phone i doubt it would be as good. The windows mobile functions are easy to use and doesn't take much time to figure out. The phone overall looks great and I get a lot of compliments for it.

    BUT!!!!! I had this phone for about a little over a month and never physically dropped it once. It slipped out of my hands one time since I've had it and dropped onto the floor (from about 3 feet from the ground). The screen cracked!!!! I brought it to a T-Mobile store and aparently since I didn't have the insurance (my fault because i failed to get it) T-Mobile and HTC, the company who makes the phone, would not cover it even though it was still under warranty. Luckily T-Mobile offered me a loaner phone, HTC wouldn't offer me one at all (in fact their customer service was terrible, i mean extremely terrible). I had to ship it to HTC myself. it took them 2 weeks to fix it and recieve it back, all together costing me $139 plus a $16 shipping cost.

    I love this phone, but I wish this mishap never happened. now I've bought a silicon case for it and have gotten insurance for the phone just in case it were to happen again. I could go into detail about how much trouble I went through but I hope the summary explains how UPSETTING this was.

    In conclusion: IF YOU BUY THIS PHONE, GET A CASE AND INSURANCE....more info
  • Simply Amazing with Upgrade
    I've had the Dash for about 2 1/2 months now andI can completely say am I am happy with my choice. Everything from the Calendar to the Wi-fi works perfectly. I even have a Mac and transferring files is easy with Bluetooth. I didn't get the data plan because it was expensive for me but my college campus has Wi-fi virtually everywhere so I'm not complaining :-) Playing music is a sinch and it's become my mp3 player

    I had read reviews about how the touch-strip was one of the cons of this phone but what some people don't know is that people who purchase the Dash can call t-mobile and upgrade for FREE to Windows Mobile 6! After upgrading I realised that the touch-strip configuration was fixed to where accidental touches are very rare :-)

    Get this phone. It's sleek and can be upgraded to edit word documents. The keyboard may look small but typing is so easy. Another good thing aout this phone is that you can use your own mp3's as ringtones so paying $1.99 for ringtones is unnecessary :-)...more info
  • Super product and service
    I bought my T-Mobile Dash myFaves Smartphone on Amazon and it is super.It is the best phone I have had, being able to browse the internet and check my emails anywhere I am ,is cool.The phone is flat and beautiful and above all the services the came with it is super....more info
  • Not that great
    I really was excited to get this phone but it has really disappointed me. The main things I hate on this phone is that wifi is extremely slow, the alarm goes off all the time even when I do not turn it on and the touch pad volume control sucks! I always accidentally touch the screen when I am on the phone and it messes with the volume. So annoying! The call quality also sucks but I'm not sure if it is the phone or just t-mobile. All in all, I don't hate the phone, I just hate aspects of it but I would not recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy This Phone!!!
    This phone sure seemed cool before the LCD cracked on day 5 of owning it. Sitting in my jacket pocket no less. Guess what the manufacturers warranty does not cover? Yep...the LCD. Scheisters!!!... I hope HTC drowns in a polluted puddle in China..and takes the CEO of TMobile with it and that brainless girl with the awful voice from customer service. "I'm sorry sir, that's too bad we just robbed you of $300.00 :)" Yea! @#@$ You!!! Scheisters!!! I hope this helps...Happy Holidays!...more info
  • Looks are deceiving
    I love the way the phone looks and feels but that's about it. From finding contacts to dropped call this phone functions well below any phone I've ever owned. I've had it now for 3 months and my frustration level continues to rise. ...more info
  • Not worth the problems!
    First, let me say that I really wanted to like this device. I had patience and understanding for a while but it got me nowhere.
    The main issue with this phone is its operating system: Windows Mobile 5.0.
    This OS is a piece of fluff garbage. Simple things that should take a click or two have become so difficult to access that you basically just give up.

    Main Gripes
    Connectivity with T-Mobile is horrible: accessing the aim function doesn't work 9 times out of 10. E-mail functions are useless. I tried finding a solution for hours and the best I got was having my email checked every hour but deleted shortly after that. Internet explorer can NEVER find the page that I'm looking for and consistently tells me to try again. Even when connected to wi-fi this happens. Let me tell you also that this device does not let you choose between wi-fi and edge. If you already opened IE and you were using EDGE then it will continue to use EDGE unless you restart the phone with wi-fi enabled.

    Making a call was so difficult that I wanted to smash the phone on a daily basis. Usually, I would press talk to dial a call and it would immediately say "Call Ended." It's as if the device doesn't even want to try.
    Also, when answering a call, well trying to answer a call, it would drop it as soon as I pressed talk. What the HELL is THAT!? What good is a phone if you can't make or receive calls? Keep in mind this happens around half the time. Also keep in mind that I live in NEW YORK CITY! My calls should not be dropping except for when I'm in the subway. The side volume button is extremely annoying causing the volume to go to both extremes within one conversation. Not only that, but when you disable it, you have no other method of changing the volume on the device. ARGGGHHH!

    While the keyboard is basically easy to type on, the phone is buggy. First off, the t9 sucks! It will completely change the word you are typing to a word that's in its dictionary while you're typing! EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! Now get this, you can't even permanently keep the t9 off. So you have to keep going into the menu to change it to normal ABC mode. While I appreciate the ability to have faster typing, isn't the whole point of a QWERTY being able to type without using t9? When you actually get to typing, sometimes, the keys will "stick" and a character will continuously repeat until you stop it. This isn't a physical keyboard issue but yet another software issue.

    For all you techno oriented people out there (basically everyone buying this phone), the programs this device has available for download are minuscule. Not only is the catalog of programs extremely limited but when using a JAVA program (which most programs are coded in) the Dash's JAVA program will not allow you to open those programs. I ALWAYS get an error stating "A Java midlet is not responding" It then gives me the choice of waiting or killing the app. Neither of which solve anything.

    This phone is so useless it's beyond words. I could go on and on about it's issues but I really don't care to.

    While T-mobile customer support is very helpful and friendly, their service/coverage is non-existent. Calls are constantly dropped, I get voice mails without the phone even ringing, and internet connectivity is never really available.
    Please, do yourself a favor and wait for the iPhone.
    ...more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for...
    I was a little skeptical in the beginning with all the negative reviews about the LCD screen breaking and all but overall I have to say it's a decent phone and exactly what I was looking for. I'm sure the screen would break if you rammed the phone into the little pocket of your two-sizes too small jeans on your way to the hamburger stand. Yeah, that will cause the screen to crack. Or, you could hit up weightwatchers and actually use the included case with the phone and then you won't have to worry about a thing. It's good looking, it's got great call quality, it can be used as an mp3 player and all that jazz. The only reason I didn't give it 5 out of 5 is because it could use a standard headphone jack instead of the mini usb one....more info
  • Not that good
    I won't go into any "Windows Mobile" vs. iPhone/Blackberry/Whatever, if you're considering a phone like this you've probably already got an opinion. It's a mostly fine implementation of a Windows Mobile phone.

    My main problem with the phone is that it's horribly unreliable. My first one had a screen go bad. Actually, just the top 20% of the screen, but that was enough to render it pretty useless and they replaced it under warranty. My second one has had no screen problems but is horribly glitchy and unreliable; it restarts by itself 20 times a day, loses all internet and cell connectivity which forces me to pull the battery and restart every time I use it, and there's something funny with the audio - it plays stuff about 15% too fast sometimes, and then pops back to normal even mid-play. Like during the startup sequence, it plays fast, hiccups, plays normal. My ringtones that are not MIDI do the same thing. Some of the time, they play way too fast, some of the time they're normal. Usually I can yank the battery and restart it and it's fine, but every 2 or 3 months, I have to hard-reset the phone and replace all my personal info. Not the trickiest thing in the world, but awfully inconvenient if it dies while I'm away from home.

    The camera is OK; the interface to it is a little clunky so don't expect to change from still photos to video quickly or anything like that, but it's serviceable. Once you get used to fingernail typing, the keyboard is OK. I prefer it to my brief exposure to iPhone type touch interfaces, but everyone I know with an iPhone seems to get used it quickly so who knows? The processor seems very slow, my Palm from 10 years ago felt faster and my Philips Nino WindowsCE machine also blew it away. Again, if the phone basically worked, I'd live with it. The internet speed is a little better than I would have thought. Sometimes. Sometimes it's like 300baud Commodore 64 days. I have a hunch that that's the quality of my local connection and not the phone's capability because I don't live in a bigger city. When I've used it as a tethered Bluetooth internet connection from time to time it was better than I thought it would be, probably just shy of twice as fast as a 56k modem. I only bothered checking the speed once, and it was something like 96k which was plenty for getting a little work done and checking email.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to bother to get a third, I'll probably limp along with this one until I can afford a different phone. I've used up my "sign up for a couple years and get a discounted phone" on this baby, and I wouldn't do it again. In hindsight, I'd take the bad reviews a little more seriously when I was researching. I guess I expected some compromise in the phone because it was cheaper than Blackberries and iPhones, and I guess I got what I paid for. I just didn't expect the compromises to be in basic reliability; saving a little money doesn't do me much good when I can't use the phone a lot of the time....more info
  • best smartphone i've owned
    having previously owned a treo 650, nokia symbian phones, and numerous PDA's, been pretty happy with this phone (note i use it only for email/internet and not actually as a phone).

    i upgraded from the treo 650 for a few reasons: wifi, outlook directpush. found wifi to be not that big of a deal actually.

    considered treo 750 but it was so much bulkier.

    the design is decent - wish the silver bezel was just black instead and the volume slider recess makes the product asymmetrical.

    windows mobile 6 is a vast improvement although wish it was more responsive at times, but then again, it's checking email on 4 accounts constantly (outlook, gmail, yahoo and live).

    not having a touch screen is actually helpful so don't have to worry about smudges on the screen. camera and camera app sucks, but that's expected.

    battery life isn't great, but that's what you get for the thinness.

    would purchase again....more info
  • Great phone, nice wifi crappy camera
    I bought this phone to replace my blackberry 7820 and Razor V3xx. I was constantly switching my sim card from home to work and bought this as an all in one. I love this phone. bluetooth, wifi, voice recorder, windows media player, great reception. BUT crappy camera. Would be great except for that. Razr v3xx is 100 times better camera. ...more info
  • My Back Bone
    this phone is the best phone I've ever owned. Coming from
    a palm tungsten e. I felt that I should combine the two
    devices together I am only 17 and I love my techs.
    Pros. and Cons
    Camera is great(everyone says its so clear like a digital camera)
    The keypad is great for texting(which I use most)
    POP3 email it allows me to get my gmail emails directly to my phone's inbox
    Internet is awesome
    windows media player is great for watching videos streaming radio and mp3 playback
    You can record sound clips and use them as ringtones
    and they still sound very clear
    Bluetooth works great
    Not 1 but the touch volume can be irritating but once your used to it, its ok
    I'm never bored with this phone. My phone is constantly in my site. ...more info
  • Horrible Reliability, with no help from T-Mobile
    This phone was great, with good functionability, wifi, music player, organizer, and all that, until it broke.
    after about two months, the LCD screen cracked, simply in my pocket in the car. i didnt drop it or anything, yet the LCD cracks, cant use the phone anymore. So i take it to the store, and this is apparently my fault, so no manufactor's warranty. They tell me to call a phone repair company in my area to have it replaced. I look online and find that many other people have had this same problem, as the LCD's on this phone are very thin and can crack with the smallest ammount of pressure.
    That repair company says they are sold out of the screens now, as they have sold 50 replacements in the past 3 weeks. I didnt know that t-mo sold that many dashes in the area every three weeks. So i can wait around for the replacement LCD's to be restocked, then pay 150 for the same thin delicate screen.
    Sorry, but i would never buy this again, seeing as i am sure that it will break again, and i will be completely out of luck, again.

    I dont know the specifics, but the t-mo extended warranty has a deductable on top of the initial payment, so that isnt even a practiucle solution, in my opinion....more info
  • T-Mobile Dash (AKA: HTC Excalibur)
    I've had the same T-Mobile Dash for 3 years now. This phone has some quirks of which 95% has to do with the software (Windows Mobile 5 or 6). windows mobile 6 did fix some of the inconviences however, some it also added some such as slower text messaging (more steps to compose a new message, etc). Quicks aside, Windows Mobile still allows you to be productive on the run and i've learned to live with these quirks. Of all the software bugs in the phone i'd have to say the main negative of the device resides in the hardware in the form of the touch volume control. The volume control is so annoying, if you put the phone to your left side (which I believe most users do) the volume control will inevitably lower your volume. Putting the phone on the right side of your face (which I personally hate to do) works much better. This is the only major annoyance/bug of the physical hardware. Where this phone really shines is it's durability. Sure, the battery door has a tendency to come loose since it doesn't really snap in that tightly, but on July 4th 2008 the phone really demonstrated it's durability. I had my phone on and jumped in the pool at a party I was hosting, forgetting that the phone was in the pocket of my swim trunks. I swam for a good 20 minutes with the phone completely under water. Needless to say the phone was dead when I got out of the water. I couple days later I removed the battery and stuck the Dash in the vent of my air conditioner for about 2 weeks to dry out. Miraculously, the phone worked and has worked ever since! There is not one button on the phone that doesn't work, however, some of the buttons require a little more pressure to register when pressing them than they did before the phone went swimming. Overall, i'm very happy with my Dash and i'm so used to it and quick and efficient with it that I would hate to change phones anytime soon....more info
  • So cool!
    I've had my Dash for about 4 months now and I don't have anything bad to say about it (yet). I've dropped it a few times and it doesn't show damage anywhere, not in the screen or the functions. The phone is built well, simply put. I take mine walking because I have songs saved in the Windows Media player and turn the volume up and it gets pretty loud. In fact my neighbor who was standing about 20 feet away said she could hear it clearly. I like that I can use it anywhere with Wi-Fi or wireless internet. For the size the pages on IE load pretty fast too. I don't use my phone for business so I can't comment on many of the other features, but it suits my purposes pretty well....more info
  • Do not buy!!!
    At first I liked this phone because of its features, design, and weight. After using it for 13 months (just out of contract), the battery looses its charge quickly within 2-3 hours (even without any calling/wi-fi use). Battery was fine for last 12 months. I tried using a new battery but same issue. When I check the battery remaining (through settings->Power Management), it always shows 100%, and then phone suddenly turns itself off after couple of hours indicating 0 charge left in the battery. There is some fundamental flaw in the design of the "Power Management" module of this phone. (I hope HTC fixes this issue in their new release.)...more info
  • Couldn't figure out which one to get so I got both. :)

    "The Dash is the the perfect mobile office and mobile entertainment device." The phone is superb. The mere fact that I can watch music videos and movies from you tube on this makes it worth buying. Not to mention is the smallest and lightest phone with wi-fi. It just sucks that t-mobile has this phone and cingular does. I had to get it but I had to get a seperate phone plan for this. But no worries really I heard that you can unlock this phone and use it on cingular's cervice. Yay....... Great phone between this phone,the pearl, and b berry curve. You can't go wrong......more info
  • Great Smartphone
    I have had this phone for about 9 months and it's great. Reception is outstanding. My friend has another T-Mobile phone and could not get reception everywhere I can. The smartphone features work well. Wi-fi speed is very fast. No problems with either GPRS or EDGE either. I have several email accounts and the phone handles them well. This phone is packed with features that most will appreciate.
    As far as the phone being fragile I have had no problems. I am a military pilot and travel extensively and this phone has held up to my daily abuse. I do have it encased in a thin, clear plastic case.
    Any critiques I may have are due to the Windows OS. The generic calendar and tasks is aweful. Updating it with Papyrus is a must.
    This phone with T-Mobile will work worldwide and their int'l roaming rates are cheapear than the competition.
    If you want a great smartphone for NO money, this phone is it. I got paid $75 in rebates for buying it. They paid me! ...more info
  • I have owned and used this phone for the last year, and hate it with a passion.
    OK, so here's my background. I've been with Tmobile for about 5 years, and owned about 5 different phones. I wouldn't say I'm a cell phone expert, but I am more savvy than your average person. The dash is by far and away, without question, the worst electronic device (not limiting this to just cell phones) that I have ever owned.

    The dash is a jack of all trades, but it isn't good at anything it does -- especially being a PHONE. Here are some of my complaints after having used this phone for a year -- and keep in mind these are all things that have happened since day 1 (so I won't attribute them to wear & tear):

    * The phone is incredibly slow and sluggish. This is an absolutely major fault of the phone. Everything you do is SLOOOW. For example, if I take a photo and try to send it as a picture message, it might take 15 seconds after pressing "Send via MMS" for the next screen to come up. Another good example of how slow it is, is when I try to hang up on a call. I press the red "hang up" button. Sometimes it takes 10+ seconds to actually hang up (and I will sit and press the button repeatedly before it goes through). It's like this for most functions of the phone, and makes the entire dash experience irritating.

    * The volume adjustment doesn't work correctly. Some days I will have my phone sitting on my desk in front of me at work, and all of a sudden the volume will start adjusting itself. Also, since the volume "buttons" aren't tactile, and they touch your face when you're using the phone, the volume will change during your calls. You can disable the volume adjuster (which I did), but still, incredibly annoying.

    * Predictave text. So, let's say you're typing a text message. It will predict what the next word you're going to type is going to be. You can either choose to select that word, or ignore their suggestion and continue typing. On a regular basis the phone will automatically select the word it suggested. It will then suggest another word, and automatically select it. In a matter of seconds it will have written an entire paragraph of words it selected, all with NO input from me!

    * On a regular basis I'll reach for my phone, and find that it seems to be off when it should have been on. The power button won't turn it on. I'll notice that the battery is extremely hot. I take the battery out, put it back in, and then the phone powers up. At this point the battery is nearly dead. Irritating.

    * The wifi features are awful. You can find a network, and attempt to connect to it... it will say "Connecting to network [network name]...". Sometimes you can actually surf the web while it says it is connecting, but it will never actually "connect". Other times it won't work. I've never been able to get the wifi to work properly.

    I could go on and on. But basically, please please trust me on this. I hate this phone with an absolute passion. Avoid this phone even if it is heavily discounted. I bought this phone a year ago for $50 and extended my contract for a year in the process. I've regretted it every day for the last year, and just now was finally able to break free and get a good phone again....more info
  • Not enamored by this thing, about to go back to Palm Treo
    The idea of going back to a Treo probably sounds strange, but that's about where I am today.

    I've survived this phone for 9 months now, and the only thing I like about it is that it allows me to link to Microsoft Exchange so I can get my e-mail and like to my contacts from my office. Maybe it's the operating system, Windows Mobile, as I've already abandoned a Samsung 730i a couple of years back. i think a PDA or even just a cell phone, should be intuitive in operation. This one isn't. To compound the problem, it self dials when you hit a button while it sits in your pocket or on the seat next to you when something touches it.

    It's been reliable, although frozen up occasionally. When I went back to the Palm just to test it, I was amazed how easy its obsolete technology works.

    The screen is too small to visualize many things, the t-mobile network too slow in a dense urban county to provide a positive experience on the web. Would be nice if the buttons were easy to select - many other phones beat it in that respect. The keys just aren't that easy to find and press, compared to others.

    Otherwise, looks an feels good.

    I'm looking for another solution....more info
  • T-mobile Dash great phone, great price and great service too!
    I have had this for about 2 months now and I must say I am impressed so far. I had Verizon for 11 years and was a little hesitant to make the switch but after I did I have no regrets at all. I have had no problems with service anywhere I go and my bill for the same services with Verizon is less to boot. I know Verizon has the EVDO network for data which is slightly faster the extra cost was not worth it to me at all. I tether to my laptop all the time and the extra charge they wanted ($15 a month) seemed ridiculous to me for something I use an hour a day maybe two tops was something I was not willing ot pay. Also after rebates T-mobile PIAD ME to get this phone VS Verizon where the best I was offered was something similar for $150 at the low end to $300+ at the high end was a nice savings for me. This phone is a great bang for the buck and is definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a smartphone....more info
  • Easy to lose
    Since Tmobile dash cover is clip on belt type, it is easy to fall off from the belt. When it falls off to ground, it doesn't make any noise. In fact, I just lost my phone this way....more info
  • Unreliable
    Hard to say -- is it the phone or is it T-Mobile? -- but this phone is just not a reliable communication tool. I've had it for about 5 months now and I use it for phone calls, email, and web surfing. Every now and then it would freeze and would have to be rebooted. Sometimes it can be very slow. Sometimes service disappears and doesn't come back for some time -- while the phone remains in the same place where it was only a moment ago. Sometimes the battery charge doesn't last a day, with only modest use during the day.

    Granted, most of the time it works fine -- but a communication tool should work all the time....more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!
    I'm currently a college student who's attending school and working, and I must say that this is probably the most user-friendly device I've come across. It's soooo easy to navigate and it makes my life so much easier! The calendar and keyboard are probably my favorite features. I like the iPhone, but honestly, I need a keyboard in order for my device to be able to keep up with my daily schedule.

    I like the fact that the home screen is not riddled with tons of icons and options, because that actually intimidates me and makes me flee from my phone. But t-mobile was very smart because they have a start button which leads you to the many icons. The alarm is great because the loudest one screams in the morning (I need a loud alarm clock) and usually almost always wakes me up.

    One tip, though. I got a little too excited in the beginning and started pushing away before the screen even fully loaded, when I turned it on, and it froze many times. I realized that once the phone is on, this does not happen. But if you turn it on and off a lot, you might want to wait until everything is fully loaded before going crazy.

    It does freeze once in a while but not too much. But hey, I don't know a phone that has a calendar and all the options this phone has that freezes less than this phone. It's just something to deal with until the tech guys can finally find a way to get around it.

    But overall, AWESOME!

    Oh yeah, and it's purty. =) ...more info
  • phone is mediocre but t-mobile is the worst
    My phone broke after a month or so. After spending 30 minutes on the phone during which time t-mobile continually wanted to blame me (did you put it in fluorescent light, did you put it in the sun, did you drop it, did you put it in your pocket and bend it, did you put it in your pocket and bump into something, did you drop it, did you break it, did you do something bad to it) they finally relented and agreed to send a new one with the oft repeated comment that if they determined that the phone was damaged then they would charge me untold sums of money.

    The most amusing part of the conversation went like this: would you like UPS ground which will take 10 days or UPS 3 day which will cost $15? When I responded that the ground would be fine she said "OK, that will be $9.95". I had to laugh at their arrogance.

    ...more info
  • The T-Mobile "Crash"
    I have had this phone for about 3 weeks now. My review, broken down into pros and cons:

    - Big screen, awesome display
    - nice keyboard
    - very SLIM, especially compared to the chunky Blackberry
    - E-mail looks like real e-mail, not like MS-DOS (as the blackberry does)
    - Rubberized back is very nice to grip and hold, and very slim
    - Usability is decent
    - T-Mobile staff was helpful and nice and seem to really want to help (unlike Sprint)

    - Windows constantly crashes and skips from one application to another (I am on a webpage, and inexplicably, it skips to e-mail or some other app. Very, very annoying, over time).
    - FREEZING: within 3 weeks, I have had to "hard boot" (remove the battery to get the thing to work again) 5 times. On average, more than once a week. Also, very annoying. Windows Mobile is about as stable as Brittney Spears on a weekend in Vegas.

    - BATTERY: Battery power is very limited, particularly in Wi-Fi. normal battery power is o.k., but Wi-Fi sucks a LOT of power.

    Overall, I give this product three stars. The battery and the instability of the MS-Windows operating system remain major concerns.

    I still can give this product a thumbs up and positive review, but just barely......more info
  • Fantastic phone, decent network
    I have owned this T-Mobile Dash for the last year now, and I am really getting great mileage out of it. This is the first smartphone I have ever owned, though I have played around with smartphones, Blackberries, and pocket PC's for years as a cellphone salesman. Some other members of my family have owned Blackberries, and I was never very impressed with them; in fact, I avoided selling Blackberries as much as I could back in the day. I have long since moved on from the cellphone industry, but I needed a phone with PDA functionality to keep track of my appointments and scheduling, and I was tempted by the idea of being able to edit documents and spreadsheets on the go.

    Consequently, I went to T-Mobile (I had previously been with Cingular and then Sprint, and I preferred Cingular... which had become AT&T) because, with my shot credit, AT&T wanted a humongous $300 deposit to give me service again, and I did not have that kind of money to throw in on top of a smartphone purchase. T-Mobile does not charge deposits any more these days, and I was approved for Flex-Pay, so I went with it. The phone was sold to me at a price-match value that strongly discounted the phone below the new contract price. I purchased the newly released Windows Mobile 6 edition.

    Things went very well. The phone has only a few quirks, mostly related to the resource memory space and Windows Mobile hickups which I anticipated. The phone does freeze once in a while, usually only if I am doing something resource-intensive and simultaneously recieve a call. There were actually alot less events of this kind than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. The Comm Manager display is confusing in one way; it shows a button for managing IR Beaming, which the phone does NOT do. The phone does not have IR Beaming capability, even though the Windows Mobile Comm Manager screen apparently has this feature listed anyway. The volume strip was frustrating and difficult to figure out for a while, and in many a moment of stupidity I thought that pressing on the strip was supposed to change the volume. Once I read the manual in full I was able to see how it should work, and it has worked quite well ever since, although it does seem a bit over-sensitive from time to time.

    The phone keypad does not automatically lock, which has been troublesome on occassion, but I have learned to live with it. It is a full QWERTY pad, which is nice, but it is quite cramped compared to many others; personally, this does not bother me at all, but the fat-fingered must beware. Lack of a touch screen does not seem to affect my ability to navigate through the phone's features and applications, although some people may find it annoying. Also, the microSD card slot is somewhat inconvenient, located under the back plate; however, this fact does reassure me that the microSD card is quite secure and will not fall out.

    The screen is QVGA (320x240, 65000 colors) and quite vibrant, and I have no problem reading it in most lighting conditions. I have heard others claim that the screen is quite fragile and will crack for no apparent reason: I accidentally tested this when I dropped my phone, from about waist-height, onto a bare wood floor with the screen-side squarely down forcefully enough that the battery door popped off and leapt back up into my hand, but fortunately the screen was unharmed and the phone functioned as if nothing had happened. It has been 7 months since then, and there have been no side-effects from the fall.

    Editing Microsoft documents and spreadsheets is a breeze, and quite powerful. My only concern is that there are no blank templates for either Word docs or Excel spreadsheets on the phone, so I made templates on the computer and put them on my microSD card. There is not much room for this on the phone memory itself, so I strongly suggest either a 1GB or 2GB microSD card if you plan on storing a whole lot of anything in the phone. Luckily for me, everything I have produced electronically over my entire lifetime (now almost 28yrs) fits within half a gigabyte, so I basically took the entire My Documents folder from my home computer and copied it all onto the microSD card. Since then, about 8 months ago, I only turn on the house computer to sync the phone to it. The phone has replaced my home PC!

    The camera on the phone is 1.3 Mpixel, and takes video clips. Very nice. I also like the rubberized surface of the phone, which makes one-handed operation very easy and comfortable. The phone (WM6 version) comes with Adobe Reader installed, so I have imported all of my pdf files into the phone via microSD. Bluetooth works well, and voice command features are simple and useful. The Outlook calendar will actually speak your appointment reminders to you, either on speakerphone or through your Bluetooth.

    WiFi capability works well and is fast; in fact, I cancelled my T-Mobile data plan to save money, and I get reliable high-speed internet for free in any unsecured WiFi hotspot. The Outlook calendar feature also automatically silences the phone when I mark a calendar item as "busy", which means I don't have to worry about silencing the phone manually as long as the item is in the calendar. Furthermore, the security on the phone is intense; earlier this year, my wife was playing with my phone (I said okay because I thought she was going to listen to music or play a game, not change all the settings and passwords...) and tripped a phone-lock by accident. She couldn't remember what she had put in for a password, and after a few tries she had it locked to the point that it was asking for a PUK code. I took it into T-Mobile and let my rep Paul take a stab at it. Seriously, Paul at T-Mobile, my rep, treats me like a frickin' rockstar... Whenever I show up, it seems like he always drops whatever he's doing and runs over to greet me and help me out. He always remembers my name, and he is always very generous, courteous, and friendly... but to get back on topic, Paul had to call HTC to get it resolved. They had to do a master-reset, which could have been a real nightmare, but since everything was backed up or on a microSD card I only had to change a few settings and it was back to the way it was. Just a warning though; if you accidentally lock your phone, don't keep trying random password ideas, because the phone is rigged to fry itself if you try too many incorrect passwords. Literally. It will shut down, short out the processor, and never, ever, ever turn on ever again. So, as long as your data is on microSD or on your desktop Active-Sync, you need not worry about having to go through that, and you can rest assured that sensitive information is secure.

    Unfortunately, the phone has no 3G data, although as long as I have WiFi I don't care a whole lot. But the point is that the T-Mobile network, although it gets you alot of service for less, really hobbles the true capabilities of the phone in a way. I have not been incredibly impressed with T-Mobile's voice coverage, and T-Mobile's EDGE data is not any faster than Sprint's 1xRTT in my area. I have to say that T-Mobile's service is not terrible in any way; it is decent in my opinion, and works everywhere that I really need it, but it is not as wide as AT&T's local coverage. The phone has only dropped a handful of calls when inside a coverage area, and pulls in signal well. It will hold a call even when one or no bars are showing. However, I have dropped a few more calls as a direct result of actually leaving a voice coverage area. T-Mobile's EDGE is faster than AT&T's, but neither are worth paying for when WiFi is readily available, in my opinion. One annoying thing is that the push email feature doesn't work with WiFi... at least not well or quickly. The phone also lacks GPS support, as most of the GSM phones of similar age do. These facts may dissappoint some. After my contract expires I may consider unlocking the phone just so I can try it on AT&T (if my credit is any better by then...).

    I have mostly been a fan of Nokia's S60 smartphones, and HTC and Samsung seemed a little cheap and unstable to me for a long time, but the Dash has changed my mind about HTC's competency. This is the best HTC phone I have ever seen, even though it may seem a bit simpler and less fully-featured than other recent HTC smartphone and pocket PC models. It may be simple, but it is a solid phone.

    To summarize, I would say that this is a great smartphone, but the T-Mobile service, although decent, is not really exceptional. I went into this expecting alot of problems, which I had seen with many other smartphones and pocket PC's, and I was truly surprised that I have had so few difficulties. If this phone was offered by AT&T, it might have been more versatile. Adding 3G support would have turned this into a BlackJack killer!

    The Dash is a great phone for the money. If you want a smartphone that is both affordable AND works well, then the Dash is for you......more info
  • Good Phone CRACK SCREEN!
    Okay get this, left my phone on my desk in my room and left for an hour, i had locked the door so nobody could have touched it, came home and screen was cracked for no reason. Went to T-Mobile Store and it was my fault annd would cost me $110! Stay away...more info
  • I hate this phone
    I've had problems syncing from day one, both with ActiveSync & the newer windows mobile program. It's problem after problem after problem. Every single time I have to sync is a production. The phone itself is SO SLOW that it's next to useless. It takes forever to process anything. The camera quit working on it for no apparent reason. Unless you buy extra memory for it you can fit almost nothing on it. A couple of extra ring tones and it's full. It's my first smart phone (if you can even call this phone smart) but I have to believe there are far better ones out there. ...more info
  • Picked this over the iPhone, and I'm Glad
    Let me begin by saying that I have been a long time admirer of Apple, and have the five volumes of "Inside Macintosh" for developers to prove it. In fact, before they moved to OS/X, I used to develop printer drivers for the Mac.

    So when the iPhone was announced, I looked at the release date, and when I would be looking for a new phone, and thought the timing was pretty good.

    However, after reading the reviews (positive and negative), and doing my research, I picked up a T-mobile Dash instead.


    First off, both phones use the EDGE network. So browsing speed wasn't going to be a difference. However the Dash uses Windows Mobile 6 (with the free update) that has a version of IE that is about as good as Safari. Not to mention that the Dash also supports the Mobile version of Opera. Like the iPhone, the Dash also supports WiFi browsing, and the phone plan (similar costs) includes free use of T-mobile's hotspots - which are much more numerous in my experience than the AT&T ones (Starbucks anyone?)

    Then there's the cost. The Dash with a 1 gig MicroSD card is about $25 (Dash is free, the MicroSD card is what's expensive). The iPhone, of course, is several hundred more than that. I could have gotten my whole family Dashes for the price of one four gig iPhone. And of course the microSD card is removable and replaceable (as is the battery).

    While the Dash does NOT have a touch screen, it DOES have a physical keyboard. My typing speed is already 30wpm, and I wouldn't be surprised if I get up to 50 or 60 (compared to my desktop speed of 80-90). The Dash has a somewhat smaller display, but it has the longer battery life to go with it.

    Then there is the comparison of the voice plans. With T-Mobile you have the "MyFaves" plan that lets you setup five phone numbers on any network for free calls. With the iPhone, your AT&T folks are free, but everyone else starts burning minutes - and fast. For me, having those five numbers means that I'm pretty much covered. Not to mention that T-Mobile is consistently ranked higher for customer satisfaction and coverage compared to AT&T.

    Oh, and unlike the iPhone, there's a version of Skype for the Dash, so I can make calls over WiFi to folks who aren't in "MyFaves" at no additional cost beyond the normal Skype out fee. I don't think there will be a Skype for iPhone anytime soon.

    Finally, WindowsMobile, for all of it's Microsoft issues, does have a fair library of apps I can install, and support for a number of things that you will have to wait for on the iPhone. And there is an SDK out there for developing your own apps if you don't find what you need.

    For me, and considering the above, the T-mobile Dash was the right answer. Something you might want to consider if you're looking for a new smartphone....more info
  • Great Hardware - Poor Buggy Software - Poor Coverage
    In summary, Microsoft's software and T-Mobile's service have ruined a brilliant design (although with a couple of flaws) from HTC.

    There are many pros and cons about this device and the service that it is shackled to. I will break it down to Hardware, Software and Cell Phone Service Provider.

    Hardware Pro's:
    A lot has been written about this aspect of the device, so I'll keep this to a minimum - The best form factor I've ever seen. This device provides you the power of a Blackberry without the bulky hardware so I can put it in my pocket comfortably and not have to look like a geek with the belt holster.
    - A key selling point for me was the combined Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and quad-band connectivity that enabled me to connect a wireless headset, cruise web pages and have access to email when in the US or Europe.

    - The phone quality is excellent.

    - The keyboard layout is excellent and easy to use for medium sized emails.

    - The battery life is great when Wi-Fi is not enabled and adequate when it is. (I've rarely struggled with a dying battery.) Stand-by power management appears to be excellent.

    - Charging of the device is very quick.

    - The display, while a little small, is crystal clear and surprisingly easy to use given its size.

    - The camera is pretty good and it's been really great emailing photo's to people as I'm traveling around.

    [After all of the cons that you'll read below you'll wonder why I ever bought the device and why I still use it. Well here it is:
    1. T-Mobile locked me into a 2 year contract on a very expensive device.
    2. It has great hardware that I can use in the US and Europe, I'm just hoping that Microsoft will finally get it right. ]

    Hardware Con's

    - The touch sensitive volume button is the most ill-conceived feature I've ever seen. Even after playing around with various settings it is still hard to quickly set the volume at the desired level. Even worse, when using the phone your ear or finger can inadvertently hit the control and randomly change the volume.

    - The TI OMAP 850 at 201MHz is not beefy enough for the software that is loaded onto the device. However, the blame could well be laid at Microsoft's door for writing inefficient code and having poor scheduling software between tasks and applications. Either way, performance is very slow for some basic functions (see below) and I'm afraid some of the blame needs to be laid at the choice of processor.

    Software Pro's
    - Not many that really come to mind.

    Software Con's
    (I hope you're sitting comfortably)

    - When a call is on call waiting the phone fails to give an option to the user to select which call to take and which call to put on hold or drop/ignore. On the occasions this problem has occurred with me the call that is dropped/kept appears random with a preference to switch to the incoming call no matter what is depressed. The other call is dropped and not put on hold.

    - When a call is incoming and the keyboard is locked, if the user depresses the green phone key the call is dropped. This is extremely counter intuitive. If the user presses anything other than the "answer" key the call is dropped and sometimes the call has been dropped even when I have depressed the "answer" key.

    - The contacts database is extremely rudimentary with a very limited number of views and filters that can be used. Even worse, upon selection, the contacts database takes between 5 and 8 seconds to open. Now, I have what some would call a large database of contacts, but considering that the Palm OS version responded immediately with a far more sophisticated use model this excuse does not wash. It's simply a poorly architected database.

    - The user interface for entering a new contact is rudimentary (as are all dialog windows on this device.)

    - One of the most annoying aspects of this device is the alarm clock. The user interface looks like it was written in 10 minutes and was clearly not verified for correctness. The digital watch I had in 1982 had the same degree of sophistication but with a more intuitive use model and was more thoroughly debugged. First of all, the user only gets to select a time and if the alarm is on or off. From the interface you would assume you could only set a single alarm....if only it were that obvious. The best way to explain this buggy piece of software is with an example: I set the alarm for 6am; the next day the alarm goes off at 6am. That day I set the alarm for 7am - the following day the alarm goes off at 6am and 7am. The next day I set the alarm for 7:30am and you guessed it, the alarm now goes off three times. The best that I've been able to deduce (of course, this type of behavior is not documented in the user manual that comes with the device) is that the user has to actively select "off" for the current setting before setting "on" for the new time. But there is no indication of what alarms are set, so after a while or a particularly busy week you can loose track of what's set and what isn't....the only way to clear all of the alarms that have been set is a hard re-boot.

    - The calculator is a joke. If this took an engineer 10 minutes to write they should be fired. A calculator watch in the '80's had more sophisticated features. The user interface is so bad it's hard to describe it in words.

    - Microsoft truly does not understand how a user would like to use the device and instead insists on using the same usage model that they've inflicted upon us since Windows 95. Most features or function have to be navigated through the Start menu button. Applications are nested and features are hidden behind several annoying menu selections. Some features are simply hard to find, but should it really take so many menu selections to find common tools or applications?

    - The use of alarms or reminders is ambiguous - to put the device in "Silent" mode, but leave alarms on because you want to sleep and only want your alarm to wake you up, for example, does not work. Calendar reminders will be active as they are assigned the alarm property instead of their own or the notification property. The only way around this is to cancel reminders for all day events....otherwise you get an alarm at midnight.

    - So, on my Nokia phone a thousand years ago, when I went to Europe my phone would have a simple selection for the new frequency I needed once landed. The phone would then automatically connect to the provider available. It wasn't completely automatic, but the user interaction was simple and intuitive. Not with the Dash. First of all T-Mobile doesn't help by keeping a radio button on your online account that you have to select to enable international roaming. The feature is free so why not add a selection anyway? All you know when you get to your destination is that your phone won't connect to the local network no matter what you do. Now, assuming that you worked this out, you are now faced with the challenge of actually connecting to the local provider's network. On my Blackberry this was automatic, but of course with Microsoft there are selections to make, searches to activate and various other contortions that need to be gone through before you connect to the provider of choice. Assuming that you get connected at all.

    - ActiveSync: This is the most annoying piece of software in that it just does not work. Worse still, when it does not work it gives a cryptic error message stating that an error has occurred and some data will be lost next time you perform synchronization. It does not provide you with a fix, a hint or a path so that you don't lose data. It does not even tell you the data that was lost. So, I'm using a Microsoft Mobile OS with Microsoft XP and Microsoft Outlook and they can't get that right? (OK, it maybe serves me right for signing up to so much Microsoft, but come on.) This was another primary purchasing driver for me. I am very busy and want to have my schedule up to date between my PC and PDA - all the time. It's the only way to keep organized. I thought that with the same provider of all the software I'd be OK. Also, as this feature has been around for over a decade from Palm and perfected by Blackberry....how hard can it be?

    There are probably annoying nits that I have with the software, but those are the major ones. And they are major.

    Considering this is Windows Mobile 5.0 what on earth were they doing for 1.0, 2.0, etc.?

    Service Provider Pro

    - T-Mobile is useful to me for traveling in Europe. They have much better coverage over there than in the US (where I'm actually paying).

    - Their package is competitive.

    Service Provider Con:

    - Coverage is not good enough. I'm in San Francisco and I have dead spots in my house.

    - Their back-end connectivity with your email providers is terribly buggy. At random times you will get cryptic messages saying that you must have something wrong with your connection and emails can't be accessed. But you know there's nothing wrong with your connection because you've been on the browser. Also, there was a whole day that emails were not accessible. Because of the many issues that I'd had with email set up and maintaining a connection I went through various debug routines wondering what had failed. When I finally called technical support they told me that their service was down - no apology, no notification, no nothing. Certainly no minutes to make up for the inconvenience. (So, why didn't I call technical support earlier? read below...)

    - Their technical support structure is terrible. I have collectively wasted over 12 hours of my life on their "help" line. I'm not going to go into details as it would just take too long. Bottom line, if you have a problem with your phone say "Dash" at the prompt and then ask for Tier Three Data support. Everything you get before that is a waste of your time as the technicians you'll encounter have inadequate training. If you are then put on hold and are given another number to dial - DO NOT DO IT - This cycles you back around to Tier Two Data Support and you have to go back to the back of the line for someone that understands the device.

    So, should you buy it? Wait until Windows Mobile 6.0 comes out at least. Maybe another provider will pick up the device by that time. Then see what else is available....more info
  • T-mobile dash
    I have been using this phone but not happy with the battery life, it dies fast if you use Wi-Fi. Would recommend Blackberry curve instead....more info
  • caveat emptor - if you like rebooting five times a day this is the phone for you!
    The short version:

    This phone and system stink.

    I endure regular coverage deadspots in such remote out of the way places as midtown Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn, constant email connection error messages when all bars are showing, the single most counter-intuitive alarm clock in the history of technology (which can only be cleared by upgrading the operating system), home PC synching that simply doesn't work, a volume control that's only adjustable by accident while talking on the phone, a completely inaccurate and unreliable power indicator and battery charger, really poor sound quality and outgoing reception, a call contact menu that regularly appears empty despite a sim chip with a hundred contacts on it, and about a dozen other software bugs that can only be addressed by rebooting which can kinda cramp your style when it's required for every single thing you need to do with your phone. Customer service is pretty uniformly useless but then imagine if you had to deal with questions about all of the above 24/7. User manual is an experiment in minimalism so austere and contentless that it borders on the surreal.

    Pros: It's paid for.

    Cons: See above. The t-mobile Dash is such a constant source of petty tech hassle that it's likely taken a year off of my life in unrelieved stress. T-minus 7 months and counting until my contract is up and I bid this rotten phone, lousy network, and irresponsibly inept and greedy company goodbye. I'll gladly pay more per month for a phone that reliably performs half of the functions that the Dash is supposed to but doesn't. ...more info
  • Love the phone -hate the screen repairs
    This phone has performed beautifully for the last year. I want everone to understand the phone has exceeded my expectations, but the support and sales people may be eventually be charged for manslaughter if I finally pop that vein in my forehead from dealing with them...
    Let me explain -this phone REALLY is a wonderful phone; however, it's really not the original/first phone --it's the fourth. The first Dash didn't work so my T-Mobile business rep ordered a replacement as a "buyer's remorse" so I'd get NEW equipment and not refurbished. I Got the new phone in two days (with another $299.00 charge to my account -with the understanding the charge would be removed upon receipt/return of the bad phone...I returned the bad phone immediately (APR 2007) it took until FEBRUARY 2008 for me to FINALLY get the credit). Anyhow, two days after receiving the second phone, T-Mobile NATIONAL SALES sent me ANOTHER phone and charged me ANOTHER $299.00) For those of you not keeping track, this was number THREE. After waiting three months for my BUSINESS rep to resolve the issue, I called and discovered he no longer worked there. When I called NATIONAL SALES they had no idea what I was talking about and referred me back to my BUSINESS acct rep... LUCKILY, I had a friend who broke HIS phone and I sold it to him for $299.00. My T-Mobile Dash worked beautifully until December 18th, when I left it on the seat of my car as I hurridly packed to leave for the Christmas Holiday. As I knelt down to reach across the car, I felt the phone NEXT to my leg(it wasn't even directly under my leg, but it was tweaked enough to break. Now I've DROPPED this phone a bunch of times (because I'm a clutz) and never had a problem. But that screen doesn't do well with even the slightest pressure (not that I'm complaining --this was entirely my fault). My fourth phone lasted until two weeks ago when I had it sitting on the back seat of a friend's car. The person sitting next to me put their hand down to adjust their position, and voila! I had another cracked screen.
    REFUSING to spend another $499.00 on a non-contract phone replacement, I found a great repair/parts location and ordered the screen with a small toolkit (included) and the instructions for disassembly and installation were on the website (including video of disassembly). I got the parts in two days and I had the phone as good as new in less than 45 minutes.
    All the beltclip cases for the Dash seem to be too tight or too flimsy -I've tried the 'stock' belt flip case, I've purchase a leather case, and a canvas case specifically for the Dash... all were too tight. The thin size is great for putting in my jacket pockets or suit, but I think I'd rather have a little more girth to it as reinforcement against accidental tweaks.
    I've downloaded some wonderful utility software for this phone. The storage card works beautifully (although it would be nice if the onboard capability was a little better).
    I've not had ANY problems with the software (after upgrading to WM6). I use Exchange 2007 server at the office and Office 2007 --this phone (with the office update) works beautifully!
    I'm the CIO for a small public corporation so Email and texting are non-stop. I can even access my office security cameras as well as control card key doors via this phone and the application webclients -- it saves me SOOOO much time and considering I live 96 miles away from my office, this phone is a LIFESAVER!!!
    If you're still reading this - I HIGHLY recommend this phone. I CAN'T really recommend T-Mobile's customer service, but they're STILL a MILLION times better than ALLTEL. Besides, you can take care of just about anything using your online account --just don't order replacement phones....more info
  • Extremely fragile screen
    Our company recently switched from Blackberry to the Dash. The Dash is very nice and I like it better than the Blackberry. BUT you have to be quite tender with it so I can't rate it 5 stars. My screen broke after 2 weeks. It was on my belt under my seatbelt and it didn't survive a hard stop (no crash). A VP broke his the first couple days. As has my manager. Today another person on my team sat down at his desk, Dash fell about 18 inches onto the typically hard carpeted cubicle floor. Screen cracked in half. Of the many cell phones I've had over the years, all of them you could drop onto cement with no worries. Not the Dash. You best get one heck of a wty or replacement plan with this fragile smartphone. ...more info
  • Great mobile device
    This thing does it all. Great phone, I've never had a dropped call. Email works like a charm.

    The WIFI is a nice option. I have a Tmobile hot spot near my house and I get a cup a coffee and read my email.

    The screen is clean and bright, buttons a little small, and whats the deal with the volume strip? But what do you want with a device this small!

    I would highly recommend for an average to advanced user. If you are a "crackberry" addicted power user, this may not be the device for you.

    I've yet to have an issuee with it.

    UPDATE 3/28/07 - I've had this phone for over a month. I bought a Moto H700 Bluetooth headset for the Dash. It took about 10 seconds to set up and works like a charm. You cannot tell the difference between the headset and talking on the handset.

    The one downside I did discover is that the battary needs to be charged everynight before I go to sleep. This device is a power hog. Make sure you have a charger at home, work and in the car. It has a mini-usb for the charger connection, so I can use the chaeger from my H700 at home and I keep the charger the Dash came with at work. the Dash also comes with a cable to synch with my lap top, that can also serve as a charger as well.

    All in all - I'm very happy with my choice....more info
  • Great phone but far too fragile for everyday use
    I have had this T-Mobile Dash for about a year now and I am on my second one. I cracked the screen on the first one by putting it in my pocket without the case. I had to pay the whopping $110 that the insurance company uses as a deductible. What a rip off. That is probably what they pay for the phone wholesale. I then had the next phone for about four months before the same thing happened. I am not sure how it cracked this time, but it did. In my opinion, they shouldn't create a phone that cant handle a bit of pressure on its screen before cracking. I am very seriously thinking about dumping this phone because I can't afford to spend $110 every few months or so to have this phone. Don't get me wrong, the smart phone functions are great, the battery life is fine, but too fragile....more info
  • perfect brand new phone-but BEWARE
    buying this phone involves signing a contract with tmobile for an additional line of service. i didn't understand that. so if you are ok with paying an additional cell phone bill or if you're not in a contract with anyone then this is a great deal. ...more info
  • Avoid at all costs
    I have been very disappointed with this phone since I originally purchased it two years ago while renewing my contract for another two years. My contract ended in November and I have been nothing but disgusted with this phone since I have owned it from 2006.

    Firstly, the volume control is so sensitive that holding the phone against my ear the volume would constantly go up or down just while talking. Essentially, you can't hold your phone to your ear and move your head.

    Second problem was with reception. The speaker is a thin, vertical, skinny little aperture that you have to have very close to your ear to hear and its prone to collect alot of dust. The position of the phone also determined if people could hear me and I have an annoyingly loud voice at times and people on the other end of the phone still couldn't hear me clearly.

    Next, the phone won't hold a consistent charge on the battery. I get about a day with very little talk time and mostly standby out of a full charge and that's with a new battery. This has happened on both of my Dash's. Yes! I had to replace my original phone when the screen inexplicably started freaking out and I couldn't see what was on the phone.

    Also, the phone sometimes cuts out when I hold it up to my ear to talk. Other times, the phone gets several minutes into a conversation and then inexplicably hangs up and sometimes just powers off on its own. Again, this happened with both the old device and the new one and with two different batteries.

    Finally, the phone will disconnect itself randomly from the Bluetooth in my car switching to the regular speaker instead and then reconnect but not reconnect the call causing the radio to come back on instead of the call which is still connected but now connected to the handset. That's especially annoying.

    Honestly, I have owned several different phones, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson are among the most trouble free ones that I have owned. I will never buy another T-Mobile based product. I'd just as soon buy an unlocked phone that is rated well or stick with one of the models T-Mobile carries which they don't have many issues with and that list is extremely small. Just ask someone with a crappy G1.

    I have read the ratings on most of the phones that T-Mobile carries and the only really reliable ones appear to be from the makers I mentioned above or from Blackberry. I will say that the Sidekick is pretty reliable so that's why they get at least two stars even though the Dash deserves maybe one star. If you choose to buy this, good luck, I hope your experience is better. If you already own the phone you have my sympathy and/or pity....more info
  • Lots of Features, Little Wow
    I'm going to keep this as brief as I can. I am now on my 4th, yes FOURTH Dash from T-Mobile. While the phone carries a lot of very useful features and seemingly easy to use interfaces it is incredible poor on performance.

    So far I have experiences freeing, random reseting, lock outs, full failure, inability to dial out and other random problems. I can't tell you if it's the phone or Windows Mobile 6, but regardless of which it is it makes the use of the phone frustrating and almost downright worthless.

    Because of all the problems I'm switching over to the Blackberry Curve. Maybe I will have better luck as my friend is having better luck with his Blackberry Pearl (after having 4 Dash's himself). Even a T-Mobile store rep has told us of the numerous problems people have had with the Dash and it's sister phone the Wing. ...more info
  • At Long Last - from an X Tier 3 suppor tech!
    I was finally able to upgrade my phone after being with T-mobile for about a year. Actually, what I had to end up doing was buy a new line and migrate my existing number over to a family plan, but for the additional $10 month it was worth keeping my old number.

    I've been wanting this phone for about a year, while I was still working Tier 3 Data support for T-mobile. I read through the bad reviews and I know from experience before owning the phone what to expect. Having said that, is it worth it - I guess only time will tell.

    What to look out for ...?

    Phone OS, slow/freezing. Before Windows Mobile 6 came out, there was really no way to release applications that were still in memory (I think you could shut the phone off and turn it back on, but even that may not have worked, short of taking out the battery). With WM6 go into "Task Manager" and Stop All, this should fix the slow/freezing issue 9 out of 10 times.

    side volume control - I have a leather case (not the one that comes with it) that covers this, so I don't think unintentional volume changes will be an issue.

    This will also hopefully fix the cracked display issue as well.

    Others have ranted about the Wi-Fi not connecting, or staying on "conneccting" eventhough they are able to surf on-line. This is probably related to slow/freezing (see above).

    Contacts/organizer - Some people just have way too many contacts (over 1-2,000). Come on, how many people do you actually know/be in contact with on a regular basis! Is this a cop-out in my support for Microsoft/T-Mobile, I don't know, but if your BUSINESS needs to track that many contacts, that is one thing, but do you really need to have that many people reachable at the touch of your fingertips? yes, I know this is a business persons device, but let's be reasonable about how many people you need to be in touch with - if you have over 1,000 people that you communicate with, you probably aren't doing much more than communicating! Good luck doing anything else. Think of how much work a manager could do if they have more than a couple dozen people reporting directly to them? How much "sales" could a sales person do if they have more than a couple dozen people they connect with at any given time - now, most times once a sales person makes a sale, the customer is passed off to Customer Service, so there you go.

    ActiveSync - yes, this program sucks. Fortuntately with WM6, Microsoft smartened up and included a "PC to USB" feature that was previously a 3rd party free download. Basically there was something wrong in the Communication stack in Windows Mobile phones that prevented syncing. As a tier 3 support agent, I loved these calls, I could open up their data/internet port, send them a link to donwload and run the program and viola, ActiveSync was fixed.

    Why I chose this phone, out of all the choices? That brings me to another rant I read - there isn't very much software out there for this phone! Of course this person went on to say that "most software" is written in Java. I've been a programming for about 15 years, and my only Java experience has been in the classroom, and yes, I can even write stuff for Windows Mobile - which is why I bought this phone. If you don't find something out there that suits your needs, then you can make it (Using Visual Studio) yourself and upload it to your phone. Unfortunately, I don't believe mobile device programming is included in the free "express" versions of Visual Studio, so I guess that limits it for the every day person. Of course, there are already almost 2,000 downloads available [...].

    I'm even helping a friend's security guard business by writing them an application for the smartphone. ...more info
  • Dash and T-mobile for ever
    I didn't get my Dash through amazon. I got the phone from letstalk.com "free" (need to pay activation though for the sim card and send rebate back of course) because amazon has the setup of the $30 data plan. Neither did I do the upgrade with t-mobile because it will cost $150 for a two-year upgrade. Instead, I signed up a two-year for the promotion plan (I fulfilled my old contract). I somehow stay with t-mobile for ever. Why t-mobile is the best: cheapest and best service in America. Who else can give you 1000 minutes any time and unlimited night and weekend for $39.99 (promotion for now)? Customer service is best and shortest in wait time, compared to Sprint (Filipinos service reps) and Cingular customer service go home at 9 pm. Cingular would not unlock a phone for you while t-mobile does it for you every 90 days.

    As for the phone, I haven't used all the neat functions. But the initial impressions are good: good rubber touch, big and beautiful screen (better put protection on it to prevent from scratch, also wearing case is recommended as so many people complained about breaking screen), descent battery life, clear talk with strong signal which I couldn't achieve with my previous Samsung t809. The volume strip is not a big deal. If you tap instead of pressing on it, you can achieve the right volume more easily. Actually for me I thought the function was not working when I press hard to increase the volume. Speaker is loud and clear and the other party won't even feel that speaker phone is being used.

    In summary, pros:

    good battery life

    clear talk for both handset and speaker phone

    big and nice screen

    nice rubber touch


    I read that screen are fragile for this one. SO use screen protector and a case....more info
  • Love, Love, Love it!
    I've had multiple PDA's that have crashed and multiple phones in the past. I had a great Nokia phone, but wanted to combine into one unit so I decided to try the Dash about 6 months ago. So far, I've had no issues with service. Been able to make and receive phone calls, call clarity is excellent and with TMobile, I have service in my office unlike other co-workers phones. Everyone is jealous - their pda phones are much larger and not as nice looking. I really enjoy having the email and internet feature. The only issue I've had at all is with the volume control - when I'm surfing the net or playing ball breaker, I hold the phone and often hit the volume control. Everything else works as described and I'm very happy with my choice.

    When I was looking to combine my phones, I was comparing this phone to the blackberry and after reading many reviews, I picked this one. I'm very happy I did.

    [...] Just recently, I had SIM card issues..and even though TMobile hasn't given me a new one since 3 phones (and 7 years) ago, they are making me pay for a new one. I'm really unhappy with their customer service. They said I could have asked for a new one with each new phone (didn't know I needed to). Buyers beware - if you use TMobile and get a new phone, make them give you a new SIM card even if yours is still working.
    9/08 Update - If you live in FL and have issues with TMobile's customer service, file your complaint with the State's Consumer Fraud line. TMobile wouldn't respond to me, but after the state contacted them, they sent me 2 SIM cards free of charge....more info
  • Screen cracked
    At first I liked this phone. But then I got annoyed by that slide bar that changes the volumne. The worst part came only after 7 months or owing it, the screen cracked for no reason. Tmobile won't warrenty that. ...more info


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