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  • Good GLaM.
    I'm an artist/ model/ actress/ music producer/ singer in L.A.- and here in this urban jungle, all girls have to look really good. and most girls look like they have just walked out of Vogue. So... I thought I would spend my food/paint money to buy a little beauty since we aren't really encouraged to eat anyways... Well, I have to say that this mascara... combined with Smashbox High Definition Foundation is a stunning combo.

    I use an "eco tools foundation brush" I picked up from Target with the foundation for a more dewy, radiant look... I coat my lashes with this Dior ( I like that the mascara can be built upon) and add a bit of liner on my lips and eyes, smudge of contour and blush to make me look younger and "healthy" and a splash of colour on my lids and my mug can be ready now in under 10. Not ready. Brilliant. Camera ready. L.A. shark repellant ready. Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie ready.

    Or course, no product is perfect. And if one is, I have yet to discover it. Now, I have dry L.A. desert skin and must moisturize all the time. So when people speak of "raccoon eyes", well, I have never experienced that. My skin is too dry and it takes a bit of oil to let the make up migrate across one's face... however... ALL that being said.... For the first time in my life, i had smudging issues with a mascara. I also experienced some eye irritation. This is coming from a girl who grew up in the theatre/ ballet and gone to the industry of Hollywood- nothing is kind to your face.

    Yet, this mascara made my eyes water... Curiously, when I cry... it doesn't run. And that is a plus. While I would recommend this to a friend (because whenever I wear it with the above make up combo, I am constantly told great things about my facial features, and who doesn't want to be pretty?), I am going to try the other Dior mascara people are talking about and see if it is better or worse.

    "There are certain shades of Limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion" Audrey Hepburn...more info
  • My Fiance Asked Me If I Was Wearing Falsies!!!

    I went to Sephora and tried on a bunch of mascaras and only two stood out. Benefit Badgal Lash and this one. Blackout beat out badgal for two reasons. 1) I talked to the sales rep and she said diorshow lasts way longer (in other words it doesn't dry up quickly). 2) It flat out looks better. Your lashes are longer, fuller, and dare I say F ing amazing.
    I'm in love with this mascara. I'll never be able to go back to lancome again. I am truely a convert. ...more info
  • Big Black Lashes But Expensive & Difficult to Apply
    This is a very black, gloppy mascara that you apply with an oversize wand. It requires patience and a steady hand to apply properly. The end result are black, thick, dramatic lashes.

    Diorshow Blackout reminds me of mascaras from the 1960's when black, clumpy lashes were more the norm. Today, we are used to mascaras that are quick drying, easy to apply, add volume and/or length, do not flake or smudge and require little or no "wand wipe". Diorshow Blackout is a throwback to an earlier time.

    The first thing one notices is, when the long wand with a giant brush is withdrawn from the tube, there is a large glob of black tar at the end of the brush. You must wipe the end of the brush prior to each use or you are certain to get this glob of black tar on the bridge of your nose. You do not want this mascara anywhere other than on your lashes! Keep it off your face, your hair, your fingers. It is very difficult to remove! Keep a tissue and a Q-Tip handy, you will need them.

    If you are in a rush, have limited time devoted to applying your makeup, are far from a mirror, are in a dimly lighted area, have anything but the most steady of hands, and are not able to hold your breath for long periods of time.....this is not a mascara for you! Application requires complete and utter concentration. I consider myself experienced in makeup application and Diorshow Blackout requires a good deal of effort.

    In order to properly apply this mascara, set aside a good amount of uninterrupted time, make sure you are totally alone (lock the door behind you?), sit down infront of a well lighted mirror and relax. Clip your hair back. Withdraw the wand from the tube and wipe the end of the brush. Hold your breath and do not dare blink as you slowly and carefully run the brush through your lashes. Allow to dry slightly and then slowly repeat. Until the mascara dries, do not open your eyes wide as you will get black dots on your upper lid. This mascara does not dry quickly. You have to be patient. You can build up layers and length but you have to go slowly and carefully. Especially tricky are the short inner lashes which require a Zen stillness and an almost dry brush. Wait until the top lashes are dry before tackling the bottom lashes.

    This effort will get you very dramatic, black, thick lashes appropriate for going out at night. Is it worth the time, the effort or the expense? I am not sure. I bought it, I am going to use it up. Having to wipe the wand during each application ensures faster depletion. This is an expensive product and much of it is wasted on a tissue in your wastepaper basket.

    There are good, inexpensive mascaras that don't quite provide the same dramatic effect but are easy to apply, quick drying and don't flake or smudge. Max Factor Volume Couture is a good choice.

    ...more info
  • Toss Out the Black Out
    This mascara is ridiculous. I'm convinced the wand is for giants, and the brush is the size of a fuzzy catterpillar. I actually have to use a different mascara wand when I put it on! The review before me is right about the staying power. I have to touch up my raccoon eyes nearly every hour when I wear this! The formula itself is nice and black, but that's about it. My old standby favorite is much more elongating and separating! I've gone back to my tried and true mascara...Seriously, don't waste your money. I give it one star for the attractive packaging....more info
  • Don't buy if you're expecting Dior Show.
    I have used Dior Diorshow Mascara exclusively for the past few years and I'm in LOVE with it. I bought the DiorShow Black Out thinking it was the same thing as DiorShow but just a darker black. It's not. The brush is different, a lot thinner. The effect it has on your lashes is completely different. It elongates more than DiorShow but it doesn't have the same plumping effect it's supposed to, it just clumps a lot more. It's enriched with black powder so it kind of flakes off and ends up under your eyes and in the creases giving you Raccoon Eyes by the end of the day (unlike Dior Show that you could wear for 24 hours straight and it won't budge). I found that since it's so elongating I get the powdery rub-off on the top of my eye lids on my brow bone. All in all, it's not a bad mascara, but I hate having to touch up my makeup so it's not the mascara for me....more info
  • Unbelievable
    I've been reading about this mascara for a while now and wasn't sure if I should get it. I'm into very high end products and buy Pevage MD for my skin and Prevage eye, etc, Estee Lauder, etc. I figure you get what you pay for and instead of having drawers full of stuff I don't need, I'll buy the few expensive things I really dig.

    Well...let me tell you...this masara is UNREAL. I put it on in Sephora and had compliments before I went out the door. The brush is big and fluffy but that is what makes it a joy to put on...it goes on evenly and doesn't clump (if you do it correctly). I cannot get over the dramatic effect it has on my look. I don't put mascara on my lower lashes, just my top so I can't say if it would smudge or not. All I can say is try it!!!!! I LOVE IT. ...more info
    I am a long time fan of DiorShow and never leave home without. When Blackout came out, I was excited. I believed it would be an improvement but boy was I surprised. It doesn't work like Diorshow. I have sad bleh lashes with it. But worst of all, YOUR LASHES FALL OUT. I am not the only one. My friend who told me about Blackout had the same problem as did another friend. Something about this just makes them so stiff the plunk out. Diorshow is perfect and I'll never dare put my lashes through any more tests. ...more info


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