General 81 Humidifier

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Product Description

General 81 Humidifier

  • General Split Drum Humidifer
  • A high-capacity model that delivers 18 GPD. Split drum design allows easy removal of evaporator sleeve for replacement (replacement sleeve part number 81-15).
  • Drum-type humidifier with capacity for most homes. Installs on vertical warm air supply or cold air return (recommended) plenum.
  • Heated air passes through a water-laden evaporator sleeve, absorbs moisture and then returns to the heating system for distribution throughout your home.
  • An M-2 low voltage humidistat is included.

 Customer Reviews:

  • works OK
    Works OK. Could use a little better build quality. Lid pops off way to easy when trying to screw the bottom on. The lid top fits into a shallow groove that does not hold well. But the lid only gets removed a few time a season, so it isn't a big problem....more info