Airwise Purifier - Large Rooms ( Up to 750 Square Feet )

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Product Description

Airwise Purifier The revolutionary new Airwise Purifier is based on advanced technology that goes beyond mechanical filtration methods like high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and other methods like electrostatic filtration, ozone, ultraviolet light and ionizers. Airwise technology (photocatalysis plus WisePointe ) oxidizes odors, fungi, mold and other parasites, and toxic chemical gases. At the same time, it settles dust and other large particles out of the air and destroys microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. So, why settle for stick (grid) units or noisy fan machines? Air that is not exchanged (passed through) those units is never purified! Airwise needs no fan, so it's as quiet as a light bulb; and it has no grid or filter, so it requires no cleaning or filter replacement. All you do is replace the photocatalytic lamp module once a year (no tools required).

  • No grid or filter
  • Quiet as a light bulb
  • Requires no cleaning or filter replacement
  • replace the photocatalytic lamp module once a year