Wahl Bump-Free Shaver Rechargeable Cord or Cordless

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Product Description

Wahl Bump-Free Cord / Cordless Shaver with pop-up trimmer and patented Dynaflex Cutting System engineered to flex with the foil heads to closely follow the contours of your head, face and neck. Includes hypoallergenic gold foils, cleaning brush, recharging transformer, and instructions in English and Spanish.

  • Bump-free shaves for the head, face and neck
  • Patented Dynaflex Cutting System
  • Pop-up Trimmer
  • Hypoallergenic gold foils
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Lawnmower for my face
    I have used a Remington Black Men's Electric Shaver for over 5 years with great results. The only problem is they don't make it anymore as far as I can tell and my current one has a nick in the screen that scratches my face. So I tried this bump free Wahl. It basically did not do as advertised. It was supposed to trim the whiskers above the surface so that they don't curl back in under the skin like lift and cut or close shave razors do. This Wahl basically took off a top layer of skin and lifted pulled and chewed out most of my whiskers while just laying some down without cutting them at all.

    I've decided to go to the disposable type black men's bump control razor I can get at Walmart. While it takes me a little longer to shave than electric, it is doing the type of job my old Remington did.

    Hope this helps. If you want bump control for curly facial hair, DO NOT BUY THIS!!!...more info
  • disappointed,?????????
    Used twice, first shave was close and comfortable,second i bumped worse than with a 4 blade razor, returned for refund. Now, I have been using an old Norelco Rotary that never gave me bumps, I used it with the
    Bump off Face And Beard conditioner that I bought to use with the walh and........Bumps everywhere on my face. Now I don't think the Wahl was that bad and will probably get another and try without The Bump Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Decent Shaver
    The Wahl Bump-Free Shaver is a nice shaver for those who cannot use your typical razor, however the trimmer portion of the shaver is somewhat useless still have to use my trimmers....more info
  • Whal Shaver
    Can't exactly say its bunp-free cos after the first few usages, I couldn't stop the bumps from coming. I guess it's an indvidual thing. The battery lasts quite long enough after a full charge. Easy to operate....more info
  • Works very Well
    I have had a similar history as one other reviewer. Razors left me with razor bumps so I used a set of hair trimmers. This leaves a 5 o'clock shadow at 7:00 a.m. which was not much of a problem when I was younger with black hair. Now that I have gray speckles my gray stubble looks like powdered donut dust. I was skeptical about spending so much on an electric razor as my experience with them in the past was equally bad as razors.

    Pros: Closer shave than with trimmers or 'bump-free' razors. Powerful battery. Easy to clean. Close-cutting trimming attachment. NO BUMPS!

    Cons: Loud, but that adds to the manly factor. It does leave some some areas not as close as others but you can use the trimmer attachment for hard-to-get hair. The foil shreds easily if too much pressure if used. It's easy to apply too much pressure if the first past does not not cut close enough.

    Make no false assumptions. I'm not going to have as smooth a face as I had at 14yo but it is much smoother than what I had from 24 to 34 yo....more info
  • smooth as a razor without the irritation.
    This shaver is worth its weight in gold. It gets so close but doesn't leave your face feeling burned. I recommended this shaver to my brother who is now a happy user as well. ...more info
  • Great!
    This razor is the solution to my razor bump problem. I've been bump free ever since I've been using this razor. Only hard part is buying the replacement parts and waiting for them since you can't buy them at the store, but I'll do it for the purpose of not getting razor bumps again. ...more info
  • never got it
    i never received mine UPS lost it. i filed a claim and now they are talking to amazon about replacing it. so until i get it i honestly cannot give a good review....more info
  • Great shaver!!!
    This shaver gives a really close shave. Product works just as advertised. I even take mine to the barber shop with me so my barber can use it on me rather than his shaver!

    -VIH...more info
  • Wahl Bump Free Shaver
    I replaced a more expensive Remington shaver with the Wahl. I like the Wahl much better. It shaves closer and is not so likely to leave long hairs, the way the Remington did. It will reach under my nose to shave my beard and is effective at shaving my ears and around my sideburns. Where it does miss long hairs, the pop up clippers will get them. It also holds a charge better than the Remington. I am very happy with it. ...more info
  • no that great
    The metal guard broke after about 3 weeks of usage and cut my face pretty bad it....more info
  • Just like a razor..
    Just like a razor close shave i reccommend this to any male who wants a close shave like a razor ....more info
  • WAHL 7060-700 Bump Free Performance
    This shaver works fairly well when using on the face, however when used
    to remove short hairs around the neck it fails. My Remington ES-1000 out
    performs the WAHL 7060-700 drastically in all aspects. I only brought
    the WAHL model because the Remington es-1000 has been discontinued....more info
  • Good Buy
    This Item came fairly quickly. The razor itself is good, but I must confess I use the little push up razor more than the gold plated shaver. For people who get irritation from a blades and shaving cream, this is a very good option....more info
  • Shaving is easy now
    I have been known all my adult life for not shaving like I should.Now thanks to this razor I bought recenly I shave every day and it does an almost razor blade type job. Monty....more info
  • Wahl Bump-Free Shaver
    I owned a Wahl rechargeable electric razor, and have enjoyed using it for several years. It finally gave up the ghost. When looking for new razor, I wanted another Wahl razor. I saw this one on sale, and said I'll go for it. I have not been disappointed. It has actually exceeded my expectations. It shaves closer and more consistently than the previous Wahl I had. I use it everyday. Thanks Wahl...more info
  • Great gift for a guy!
    I purchased this razor for my rather picky father for Christmas. Since he is a pilot, he needed one that would hold it's charge and was not bulky so he could pack it in his travel bag. He had a Wahl for a very long time, and when it putzed out, I looked online for a new one. He says this is even better than the last one! He uses it for his face, but the box shows a picture of a young man who has used it to shave his head. Overall, a pretty good buy for the money, I think!...more info
  • Wahl Shaver
    The shaver blades are great, nice close shave and easy to clean. But if you are buying it because it has a trimmer, don't! The trimmer blades are either not sharpened or don't meet correctly - it's like using a butter knife to trim my beard, only worse!...more info
  • Great razor
    Like the fact that is gives a clean shave. options of using the cord on or off....more info
  • Wahl - a mystery...
    I purchased this rechargeable shaver because I couldn't find much else available anywhere. My dad likes the Wahl brand and has owned several models over time. But then this brand disappeared from all the places he usually buy it from and I had to search for one. I found this one for him and bought it. It is not a very fancy one and is a lower grade model than he has ever purchased in this brand. The casing is just plastic and it feels cheap. But it is dong the job and doing it well. It is the best I was able to find and I hope it lasts....more info


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