SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer with Embedded Thermal Printer (SS-101)

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Product Description

Nuance's SmartShopper is an automated grocery list assistant. Using Nuance's state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, you simply press a button on the unit and speak the name of a grocery item you will need on your next shopping trip. A large LCD Screen shows the items that have been input into the unit, in alphabetical order. Then, when you are ready to shop, print out a list with the built-in thermal printer. The SmartShopper comes with a strong magnet which allows you to keep it on the refrigerator door. It can also easily be wall mounted, or just store it in a drawer. The SmartShopper is made out of a durable, hard plastic with a brushed aluminum front that will make a great impression in any kitchen.

This nifty organizer from SmartShopper eliminates the need to dig up a pad of paper and a pencil and try to remember what you need when you want to make a shopping list. Keep this handy device stuck to your fridge magnetically, or mount it on the kitchen wall with the included kit, and you're set to go. At breakfast when the milk runs out, simply push the Record button and say "milk." At lunch when you realize you're out of bread, push and speak again. Kids will love helping out. You can also add errands, such as going to the bank or post office. Entries are automatically alphabetized. When you push the Print button, the list is printed with errands at the top and food items by category, to make your shopping expeditions more efficient.

Easy and intuitive to use, the SmartShopper is already loaded with state-of-the-art voice recognition software, a thermal printer that doesn't require ink, and 2,500 item names, for everything from brand-name cereals to antacids to paper towels. Three rolls of thermal paper are included as well. All you need to add are four AA batteries. Arrow buttons allow you to scroll through your list, delete an item if you wish, or add a customized item to the pre-loaded list. With its brushed metal exterior, large LCD window, and front-loading door for paper, the SmartShopper makes a great gift, especially for those who may have trouble writing due to arthritis and other health conditions. --Ann Bieri

  • State-of-the-art voice recognition
  • 2500 Pre-loaded items
  • Built-in printer requires no ink cartridges and includes magnets for attaching to refrigerator
  • Intuitive interface uses four standard AA batteries
  • Includes 3 paper rolls, wall mounting kit, item booklet, and instructions

Customer Reviews:

  • This is awesome
    I ordered this product and my coworkers called me a geek for ordering it. However they all wanted to see it when I got it. I LOVE IT!!! If I could afford to I would buy everybody I know one. I put it on the side of the fridge and everytime I run out of a product I just speak it into the speaker, and it goes on the list. This thing is awesome...I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • great idea! doesn't work well
    Just got mine yesterday so I have not had time to work with it much, but it is no picking up my voice at all,eggs milk,did not recognize. When I finally got it to do a few items and printed the list I love the way it categorizes the items. I will work with this today,but does anyone have any ideas? Is it that sensitive that the tv needs to be off?? I will update after I tweak this some. If I had paid the original price I would have been very disappointed. It also was much larger than I thought it was going to be. But if the gadget and I can get along its a fabulous idea!

    I originally reviewed and only gave it 2 stars but have been playing with it, if the voice recognition was not so sensitive this would be a 5 star product. Not at the original price though, I paid 49 for it and it is worth every penny of that.
    If you want to add something to the list TALK to it, forget typing! just go the the main menu and go to Library settings then to library mgt and SPELL your item after each letter hit select. This works quite well, it had trouble with the letter "V", so do pay attention to the screen whe programming you own. Another thing I noticed it, it works much better hanging on the frig, it has understood the majority of commands. When I got it I was sitting at my kitchen bar holding it and talking to it and it was not picking up my commands very well, and you don't need to yell at it! Just talk in a normal voice.

    I love the way this categorizes the items, it prints out nicely and is very readable.

    This is very easy to use, so those of you technology challenged, this is extremely easy to use. Directions are well written.

    Overall, this is a must have in my opinion. Watch the prices as they change all the time, if you can grab it for under 50 bucks go for it. I was surprised it was much larger than I was expecting, but thats ok--I will say as much I have gotten a kick out of this thing, it never was worth the original list price!! Strong 4 star review!!!

    It is humourous to be walking thru the house and hearing someone saying
    "hamburger" to the refigerator.
    ...more info
  • My New Best Friend
    I bought 3 of the SmartShopper Grocery List Organizers 2 for Christmas from the smartshopper website
    and 1 from amazon both were exactly the same Amazon was much more
    affordable. I love it love it. I included myself in the three that I
    bought. I have not shut up about this product and my daughter in law
    just loved it and plans to steal the idea for her mother. I no longer
    have little pieces of paper around the house that I keep misplacing.
    The fact that it is portable is a big plus.
    I have 3 bedrooms and three bathrooms in my home, I just walk around and
    record what ever the needs are.
    it also helps to not have to run up and down stairs as often to make sure I don't forget something.
    It has already saved me money and time from not having to run back and forth to the store because of forgetting
    something. I have and will continue to recommend this wonderful product to everyone.
    It is not a Want but a Need!

    ...more info
  • Electronics
    I purchased this product as a gift for my daughter. She loves it and so does her husband. ...more info
  • uncertain
    SmartShopper SS101 Grocery List Organizer. So far we are experiencing great difficulty getting the recorder to understand what is being said.My wife has been trying everything that the hand book says to do but so far we haven't been able to get it to workWe are very dissapointed and contiplating on returning it if we can't get it to work....more info
  • helpful gadget in a busy household
    I purchased the grocery list organizer for myself at Christmas. My family has used it so much that for Mother's Day I bought one for my sister and daughter-in-law. My family has used it to allow every family member to put things on the shopping list thru the week, then I print it off before I go to the store. Thus I can buy things that I need as well as what other family members want. The list of items included in the organizer is very extensive and you can easily add oral commands for other things you frequently buy. The organizer has a strong magnet and sticks firmly to the fridge and is easily available to us all. I have discovered that vocal recognition is easier if the voice has a lower pitch. This is great for my sons, but I have to consciously lower the pitch of my voice for best recognition by the organizer. The organizer prints out the list in categoies, i.e. dairy, etc. Also the printing process seems to drain the batteries more quickly. We love the organizer and it has worked perfectly for us.
    ...more info
  • Harder to train then expected
    Thought this would be the answer to the clutter of notes and forgotten items. It sort of is. It is not as easy as walking by, pushing the button, and loading in the order. By and large very few come up on the 1st try, even items that have been selected before. Any noise in the background will confuse it as well.
    Neither of us have any accent so that is not the problem. Nor does distance from the speaker or volume seem to make any difference.
    But we are persistant and hoping that we will soon find the magic trick that makes it work better for us, so we decided not to return it....more info
  • Awesome product
    I love the ease of this product. It attaches easily to my frig. My husband loves it and now I can shop more efficiently for my items at the grocery without forgetting anything from an aisle. Love it! Must buy for the price. ...more info
  • Not very satisfied
    It does not recognize simple words (like chicken). The idea is good but they need to work on the quality....more info
  • SmartShopper-great product
    SmartShopper? Grocery List Organizer, Model SS101
    This is a great product. Not only does it have a long list of typically purchased shopping items but you can easily add others that aren't in the list. It is very easy to operate. Just add to the list during the week as you think of products you need to buy....more info
  • Get New Features
    I received my SmartShopper as a Christmas gift from my family. I'm known for making lists for just about everything, so this was a perfect gift for me. While the pre-loaded library has most regular items, there are many things it doesn't have that I buy on a regular basis... so I started adding items... and after adding approx. 30 items, the message "library full" was displayed. I started deleting items I didn't want in the pre-loaded library thinking that I'd be able to add more custom entries... and after deleting approximately 20 items, I still couldn't add anything. I phoned their customer service rep who was puzzled as well. After my issue was escalated to another rep, I was told that there was nothing wrong with my unit... there was a limit to the number of entries I could add (although the literature doesn't say that), and she was willing to upgrade the memory in my unit for no cost that would allow me to add up to 500 new entries... I just had to pay shipping to get it there. She also offered me another option, which was to pay an additional $29 to get some additional features: Create 2 separate and custom named lists, add new categories, change existing category names, change the category print order, etc. These were features I had wished I had already, so I opted for that option (which included the upgraded memory too). I sent the item on a Thursday, and received it the following Wednesday just as she promsied. While I wish I hadn't had the issues, I really do enjoy the convenience, as does my family.

    Re: the voice recognition feature... it recognizes words about 70% of the time... when adding items, it recognizes letters about 50% of the time unless you're in a very quiet space (which the literature states).

    It's very convenient, and I think I'm going to really enjoy using it, especially with the upgraded features. I hope it holds up well with no more surprises....more info
  • excellent investment
    I saw that many people complained that the product does not recognize some items from the list... as it does it with me sometimes... but the thing is that we ALL have different Accents. it works just like the voice prompt control in you car navigation system, but actually this one works much better, the car one NEVER understands what i say, i'll ask for a nearby banks & it'll display the nearby laundromats LOL

    ... e.i. the smart shopper never picks up the word water when my husband tries to say it, but picks it up when i do, that's because my husband has a NY accent! :) see what i mean :)

    you can add any item to the list if it doesn't have it, like i had to add Mortadella.

    over all it is a wonderful product & the magnet back is incredibly strong!! it holds VERY well on the fridge, & yes it won't pick up your voice if there is any high or close by background noise, but that's how all electronics work, unfortunately we have not reached the technology where a machine could filter your voice from other noise....more info
  • One of the best things I've ever purchased!
    This is the easiest organizing tool I've ever used! Even my kids add items that are necessary - ages 9 and 11.....I'm astounded by all of the items already listed, and if I can't find one - it is Soooooo easy to add or personalize - I just wish I had a day planner that was this easy! I thought long and hard before I purchased this, thinking why spend this much money when I can get a 50 cent magnetized pad/pencil combo? It has been worth every penny and then some. You can even include errands! I wish they were a bit cheaper - I'd give them all the time as gifts! I just went back and realized that I already sent in a review! I guess I'd make it 6 stars now!...more info
  • Great Buy
    I first saw the SmartShopper, Model #SS101, in an upscale shopping district store which first sold for over $100. This is now such a great
    buy when purchasing from Amazon and also makes a wonderful gift. I've only discovered a very few times when the item recognition failed, but when spoken in a normal speed and tone of voice using clear syllables, the SmartShopper performs very well. I don't need reading glasses since the text is large enough and there's an automatic light which brightens the screen during use. No more hunting for pens, pencils or paper to make up a grocery list. The internal magnet sturdily holds SmartShopper on my refrigerator which is convenient for face level operation. The printer works well except it could use some extra speed, but is sufficient with a little patience. Overall, I love this grocery list helper and would not want to be without the SmartShopper. ...more info
  • Very Convenient Aid
    My daughter and I both bought the SmartShopper, a voice activated grocery list and organizer. We are both equally impressed. For her, it is a great convenience. For me, it has almost become a necessity. I have hand tremors, and being able to voice my selections rather than writing them is a must. The voice recognition is good for both of us. Our husbands don't have the the interest to use it as much, but that's okay. We love it! I have not tried to train it to recognize unknown products, but my daughter has. That will be my next project. The only negative I can see is the price. Some would say it is on the pricey side. So shop for price, too. And don't forget the additional refill tapes. Your SmartShopper comes with refills, but you may want more....more info
  • Wife Loves It!
    The SmartShopper is a hit! I had been thinking about buying one since it came out, but felt it was too pricey.
    When the price reduction happened, I was ready to buy. My wife loves it! Only advice is to record in a quiet
    room, otherwise you may get odd items!...more info
  • Great Product
    So far it is so handy on the side of my fridge. Occasionally does not recognize a word, but usually due to too much background noise. Maybe someday they will add more lists, which could be helpful. I use unused envelopes (the kind that come in mail with everything!) for my written list and coupons, but now I just tape the printout on the outside and READY TO GO! Very pleased with it and reasonable price. ...more info
  • SmartShopper
    Love it, works great, kids have fun using it too. Worth the money. I has tons of categories and organizes everything for you....more info
  • Good in some respects
    It is not very good at recognizing words the first time they're spoken, which makes it awkward to use. The sorting of items on the printout is very useful....more info
  • Smart Shopper Is Outstanding
    The SmartShopper is an outstanding asset to the kitchen, office, etc. This is my second one and I bought it as a back up. It organizes errands and shopping list in such a convenient way. I would highly recommend this item to executives, housewives, students, etc....more info
  • Don't Bother
    I love gadgets so I was thrilled when I came across the Smart Shopper List Organizer. What a disappointment when it arrived. The first one I received didn't work properly so they had me send it back. I paid the shipping back and they gave me two additional rolls of paper to use for printing lists. When I received the second one.........the ink was dry so it didn't print the list properly. Got busy and didn't send it back (shame on me)so I'm out the cost and stuck with a product that I consider a sham....more info
  • list maker - not good
    It's great when it works. Sometimes it can't find the most common items in it's bank of items. You can add items to the bank but it is very frustrating because the cursor moves all over the alphabet making it hard to choose the correct letters. When you are able to add an item sometimes it still doesn't recognize the item you just added. I should return it before I take a hammer to it!...more info
  • a nice product that needs improvement
    I purchased this item for my wife in an attempt to simplify her life a bit. I am a gadget loving guy and thought this would be a great tool for her...a mistake on my part. The idea of this device is great, no need to write out a shopping list on some shard of paper, just press the button and say what you need. This is where the trouble began.
    Many items are not loaded into the library (fettucini wasn't in there???), however you are able to add new items to the library at will via the library management option. Here's the problem, the cursor has a mind of its own when you are trying to add new items making the whole task of typing a word an exercise in futility. After spending two minutes typing in a 7 letter word you then need to add the voice recording for the item you just added. We did this several times and when we finished the Smartshopper was still unable to locate the items when we attempted to add them to the list.
    Another gripe is that you cannot create more than one list, I'm sure we are not the only people who shop at more than one store. The option to create more than one list would be a nice addition on future versions.

    On the positive side the unit prints out your list quickly and it's easily legible.

    In summation, the concept behind this gadget is great...however there are still several bugs that need to be worked out. I also think that it is a bit overpriced for what it actually does. If this were thirty dollars it would be a great buy, for $100 + my opinion is don't waste your time/money, a sheet of scrap paper works fine and is much less frustrating to use. (we returned this item)....more info
  • Love, hate
    I have had this item for over a year now and some days I love it, some days I hate it.
    Some days it won't recognize ANYTHING I say. It never recognizes anything at all that my son says. I have added a few items that it recognizes but it is stubborn about new items.
    I don't like that you can't edit where an item is in the store. Peanut butter is not a snack, it should be with condiments. I think of snacks as cookies and chips.
    I bought it before the price reduction. I'd probably love it more days if I would have paid less. For what I paid I think I should love it everyday....more info
  • Smartshopper - great idea, needs work
    I love the idea of this product - I only wish it would work better. The print out is organized according to categories, which is a nice touch. However, it frequently does not recognize the product you are speaking and the choices it gives you don't even remotely relate to the item you spoke. When it recognizes what you are saying, it's great. When it doesn't (which, in my case, is at least 50% of the time), it's very frustrating and easier just to get a pencil and a piece of paper and write the shopping list the old-fashioned way!...more info
  • Great Idea
    This is a neat gadget. It sometimes has difficulty finding the right item, but overall, it's a cool toy. ...more info
  • Fun AND useful!
    You could use a pen and paper, but what's the fun in that? Every time you open the fridge and notice you need something, push the button and talk. What could be easier? ...more info
  • A Keeper
    I purchased this item as a surprise Christmas gift for my wife and I know she initially thought it was kind of corny, but now that she's used it for a while she loves it. Once you use it and get used to how it works it is very easy to make it a habit. She used to always forget items at the store, or I would forget to tell her when we were out of an item, but now we just add the item to the SmartShopper, print the list before we go to the store and we are sure to purchase everything we need. We both really find it to be a great convenience. We highly recommend it. ...more info
    SmartShopper SS101 Grocery List Organizer

    By the time it you enter your could've hand written it 10 times!!!!!!!!!! It didn't always recognise your voice commant....having to repeat it over and over. Then finally, trying to enter it by using key codes. 15 minutes later...still trying to make one entry that isn't on the programmed list. Not specific enough. Sometime you need a certain size or brand. Just entering "peas" might not be enough information.
    The video makes it look so easy. "I SHOULD"VE TAKEN A VIDEO" show the truth!!!!!!!! It got returned. Handwritting is so much easier....more info
  • Speak softly
    When it works, this a great product. Luckily most of the time it does. I had to turn the sensitivity down and remember not to talk too loud, especially if it is having trouble. Most people will talk a little louder if someone (in this case something) doesn't understand them. Resist the urge and talk softer and eliminate any background noise.

    I never could get it to add calendar no matter how many times I improved voice recognition and removed similar sounding item. Finally removed it and added wall calendar. It also goes through batteries a little too quickly for my taste. (about once every month or two) I wish you could plug it in.

    All that being said, I still love it. I rarely have problems with it any more, now that I know its quirks....more info
  • Best New Gadget Ever
    I love this new gadget! Being able to keep a running list as I run out of things is great and then being able to print and take the lisy with me when I'm ready to shop has really simplified my life. My husband and kids can even add items they need as it recognizes anyone's voice. No more "Mom did you remember to get cereal? I told you last week!". I haven't used it long enough to comment on battery life. The magnet is super strong and stays securely on the fridge. I think the best feature is how the list is organzied into sections according to where you find things in the store. For those who are technology shy....don't be intimidated. The Smartshopper is super easy to learn to use, not complicated at all. ...more info
  • Smart shopper
    This product doesn't work as easily as advertised. It takes several times before it recognises the item you want to record or it comes up with off the wall suggestions which have no relation to the item to record....more info
  • Yeah!
    I really love this item; it has really been a big plus plus. As a single mom on the go, all the time, this is the best item since sliced bread. My kids really love it as sometimes they use to forget to tell when we were out of things after i had already gone to the grocery store. This helps everyone to remember. I must also say that my package got misdelivered orignally, but Amazon may be feel real secure in getting my package. I would recommend this item and Amazon for future purchases. Thanks...more info
  • A must buy for everyone!
    We bought this product last Christmas and have been completely satisfied. No problems. A real handy, must have gadget. Throw away all the paper grocery lists. Everything is categorized & you can add any items that may not be on the SmartShopper.
    We bought another one this year for a family member.
    Try it, you'll LOVE it! ...more info
  • Works OK>>>
    Yes it is cool, but it does have a difficult time picking up words. It also has some random words preloaded and also missing items I think are basic.

    go figure. ...more info
  • terrible
    this was a terrible product. i returned it this week in utter disapintment. it was unable to comprehend any of the items spoken and none of the troubleshooting techniques helped. i intend to order the more expensive model in hopes is will work as expected as it was my intention to purchase one for every shopper in my family....more info
  • Lots of features to help you be more organized!
    My husband purchased this for me, after I'd read about it on the Internet and mentioned I'd like to replace my ratty looking refrigerator magnetic shopping list. I was delighted when I received it, and have been using it for about a month, and am every bit as delighted with it now.

    I am an organized person by nature, and this product allows me to organize my grocery shopping in several ways. I can put an item on the list and then make the additional note that I have a coupon for this item (I then place the coupon in an envelope on the side of the fridge). The catalog of items pre-entered in the SmartShopper is huge, and I have found only one item that I had to enter myself (chicken nuggets for my grandson!). I purchase cleaning and paper goods at a non-grocery store, so I like the fact that I can keep more than one list running at a time. At print-out, the SmartShopper categorizes your shopping list (produce, frozen, canned, etc.), making shopping easier and more organized. I also like the fact that the SmartShopper has a very strong magnet for attaching it to your refrigerator -- a good option to having to hang it on the wall. I have used the SmartShopper daily and printed off 4 or 5 lists, and have not had to replace the batteries yet.

    I'm 100% happy with the SmartShopper, and reviewed it on my blog at [...]. The learning curve is very short and it's features are many! Although I've seen it on sale for less than my husband paid for it, I believe it's a good deal for the money at any price!
    ...more info
  • Smart shopper
    I have a terrible memory so this seemed to be made for me. I love it!!!
    The only problem is it does not pick-up a lot of the words in the book. I haven't had time to add words but will do this soon. My daughter and a friend of mine saw it Thanksgiving and will probably be ordering one soon. It was a little pricey but I still love it....more info
  • Great tool for my busy family
    This is an awesome tool for my family. Now I don't have to try to remember what my family told me they need on the way to school, soccer, or out to dinner. I just tell them to put it in the list maker.
    I find that my grocery trips take less time, I actually buy less and ,definately, forget less. I also carry it around with me and record every thing I need just before the trip. This gadget has reduced stress in my house a bit, and any bit will help.
    I have had a little problem with recognition of words. However, I just follow the directions and improve the voice recognition for that item and it works great. I have also deleted items that I will never buy and put my own items in.
    I have recommeded this to many of my friends and family. I really do think that it is a time and stress management tool. ...more info
  • Wonderful Shopping Aide
    This item has saved me so much time and money in the grocery store. I love it! It's magnetic, so it can attach to your fridge. All you have to do is press the record button and say the item you want to add to your list. You can even add various errands you need to run as well, such as going to the bank or post office, etc.

    It comes with an instruction booklet and list of items, so you know to say "pam cooking spray" instead of pam, or non-stick spray, when you're adding an item. I haven't had to reference it much though. Once you say the item, it will display a list of possible choices for you to confirm the item you want to add to the list. If the item you want isn't in that list of options, just press record and try again. You can also flag the item if you have a coupon.

    It also sorts your items into categories when the list prints. Typically the errands are at the top of the list, followed by the categories of items as you would find in the supermarket, ie dairy, pet products, cleaning, produce, etc.

    I highly recommend this item. I can't imagine grocery shopping without it. It saves so much time because things are nicely organized and it saves me money because I find myself making fewer impulse purchases because I stick to my list....more info
    I am having a difficult time getting this product to recognize my voice. The concept would be a 5 star but I could not give it that because it does not understand anything that I say unless I repeat it several times. I have followed the directions speaking clearly, having friends do the same, but so far nothing has helped. I purchased two of these planning to give one as a Christmas present. Hopefully with more practice I can get it up and working. If so I will write another review and wll indicate how I finally got it to work. In the meantime I hope others who bought this product will give their input and tell me what if anything I am doing wrong....more info
  • smart shopper
    I love this item it does have a little trouble sometimes getting the item on the list when you tell it what you want. but it's so easy to go in and add it manually .. It's really a great thing to have has alot of features and prints the list out very nice....more info
  • A Handy Time Saver
    I bought two of these for my daughters. They both have five children ten and younger between them. To save on the family grocery bills, they are avid coupon shoppers. They are thrilled with the time and cost savings the SmartShopper organizer makes possible. Both units work well without any glitches. We paid attention to other reviewers who advised speaking softly and clearly and the SmartShopper recognizes everything perfectly. Very pleased with this product. A must have for everyone from coupon shoppers to those who cannot remember things....more info
  • Love it!!
    This is the best product ever! I don't have to worry about losing my shopping list anymore. Whenever I notice I'm running low on something, I say the name of the item into my Smartshopper and it shows up on the display screen. It keeps it in memory until I am ready to shop. Then when I'm ready to shop, I hit the print button and it prints the list out in "categories." Makes shopping at the grocery store quicker and easier. The voice recognition is fantastic. The Smartshopper has almost every item you would need from the grocery store in its memory. If you have an item that is not in the memory, it is easy to add it to the library. I love it!...more info
  • Great idea, but...
    This is a great idea in theory, but the product simply did not work correctly. Repeatedly raised and lowered my voice and spoke fron different distances but mostly to no avail. It was correct less than half of the time and we found ourselves wasting so much time trying to get it to recognize some simple things, such as steak, ham, cheese. What it would record when we said these things were sometimes hilarious (douche???). Maybe in a couple of years we'll try again. Or think of a way to use it as a party game....more info
  • smart
    i love the smart shopper, it makes my shopping so much faster and easier. i like the idea that i can input items that are special for my family. It's great that it is magnetic and it can adhere to my fridge! So easy to use....more info
  • It's a hit !
    If you can learn to "talk like a robot", you'll LOVE this item. Once I figured this out -- it recognizes almost everything. Need to turn the TV, radio down when you're talking to it also. I've added to my list already. Love it !!!...more info
  • Fun & Keeping up with the times!
    I love my smartshopper! I just leave it in the kitchen and when we are running out of something or need something else wirhin 2 seconds I have it all loaded in my smartshopper database! I can just walk by it, hit the record button and say "Eggs" and eggs gets sorted on the list. I love how when you print out your list, it itemizes it by produce/dairy/meats/etc. Keeps it nice & organized and all I have is this sleek strip of paper with me! You can also have a 2nd list, for can record your errands like needing to go to the bank, chiropractor, etc. Keeps you on track when you leave the house so you dont come home and say , "Darn, I forgot to do that or buy that!" :-)...more info
  • Awsome
    The smartshopper is so awsome that I have purchased 9 and have talked 2 co workers into buying them. I had one for a month and gave it to my daughter and was completly lost with out it. We can program it to fit our needs. When it prints out, it helps you shop in one area at a time rather then bouncing all over the store. If my list is not complete, I can take it in the car and add to the list. Once I'm at the store, I can print and shop. They also make great gifts. ...more info
  • More expensive than pen and paper, but more fun.
    Got this for my wife to help organize and keep a list for when she goes to the grocery store. Seems to work well, with a good library of things the average household would buy at the store. When it prints it does it by category, an added bonus. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries in order for the device to recognize what you are trying to tell it, and sometimes you need to use the brand name, as it has many of those in the library as well. I would buy it again, as I seem to use it more than the wife. ...more info
  • We love the SmartShopper Organizer
    I gave this to my wife for Mother's Day. The product is everything it was advertised to be. I know some people had some difficulty setting it up and getting it to recognize and store words not in it's original library. We had only very minor difficulties at first, but it was a very quick learning curve and we soon got the hang of it. It has made my wife's shopping chores easier. Only one Con: Now our kids can easily put marshmallows, candy, bubblegum, chips and various assorted junk foods on the grocery list. Oh well, they're easy enough to delete ... the junk food listing, not the kids....more info


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