Sunlawn 16-Inch Light Weight Manual Push Reel Mower #LMM40

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  • Weight: 19.3 pounds
  • Precision 5 blade contact-free cutting system - flame hardened,bearing mounted blades
  • Cutting height .4 C 2.2 inches (10 C 55mm), easily adjustable
  • Suitable for all North American grasses
  • Expected blade life without sharpening 8 C 10 years

Customer Reviews:

  • Great way to cut the grass!!!
    The product arrived and I performed the cutting height and blade alignment procedures as outlined in the shipped documentation. It cut the grass perfectly. This is a precison machine with close tolerances. It's a very good value....more info
  • Great Product !!!!
    This is my first reel mower, and I didn't know what to expect. My regular mower had became possessed, and I ended our relationship. I was willing to try anything. So with gas prices rising, and feeling the pinch to go "green", I went "reel". I had done my research ( I have a 4000 square foot lawn )and decided on the Sunlawn LMM40. I am very impressed with it. I could not believe how light it is, easy to push, how great it cuts the lawn. This was a very good decision. Why have I used a rotary mower for the last 25+ years? Peer pressure, TV ads, trying to keep up with my neighbors, ignorance. I don't know. But I won't go back....more info
    I bought an EM 2 electric reel mower this year. It worked great and I was very satisfied with it. Then the drive belt broke. That was three months ago. There are no spare parts. They don't return your calls and e-mails. I have caught the employee answering the phone only twice usually you get a recording. They have promised to ship parts but haven't. The EM was an expensive lawnmower and now is a useless piece of junk. If they are this bad with the higher up products I would be careful about any product support for any of their products....more info
  • Silent Pit Bull
    After two weeks of hunting the internet for reviews, finally decided on this Sunlawn. Shipped fast, and free. Pulled the machine out of the box, screwed together the sturdy handles, set it for 2 inches, and went at a nasty, wet, lumpy, scruffy, overgrown corner of the yard that had been uncut since the gas mower died. This baby chewed through the mess like a backseat full of ChubChubbs. Scratchy old stems? Gone. Thick, soppy grass? Pfft -- like a bayonet through a birthday cake. Instead of leaving wads of wet grass to rake up, the Sunlawn neatly scattered tiny chopped mulch over the surface. If it bogged down here and there, I just tipped it up a bit and it got on with the job. I got brutal with it, and it never quit. When done, brushed the blades clean, gave the gears a squirt of WD-40, put it to bed. Now -- I'm only 5' 6", 56 years old, and a woman with health problems and a bad back. It's light, easy to use, and I can lift it with one hand. The Sunlawn MORE than fulfilled expectations. ...more info
  • Sunlawn= POOR company, warranty & customer service!_ ZERO rating
    I also purchased the 16 inch (MM-1) version of the Sunlawn reel mowers, in May 07 for a small, leveled yard. It worked, until is also broke this summer 08 = the metal loop connections that support the anchors to adjust height & tighten the blades are both cracked. I also tried contacting them via Amazon's message system, email and phone, on numerous occasions. Contact info on their website does Not work! It's been over a month! Amazon ALSO can Not get through to them. Amazon responded that after 90 dys of purchase, in this case, they could not directly intervene! These units come with a 2 year warranty!
    *Warning: I would not buy from this company, consider a different manufacturer of reel mowers, at this time.

    Update/Tip: contact the Better Business Bureau, "IF" the manufacturer doesn't respond. It works!...more info
  • Lightweight but not robust enough
    I like the weight of this mower, but I'm disappointed that the design doesn't let me cut close enough to fences/side of house, etc.. My husband picked it out and he's a mechanical grenius and reads fine print and specs and all, and I'm sure for what we wanted to pay, it had the best reviews and specs and design.
    But I'm the one who mows the lawn and the mower gets hung up on a thick dead leaf or a clump of dead bermuda grass and I have stop and pull it backward to clear the clog.
    Last summer I used my neighbor's reel mower (Scott brand I think) and I much prefer it for getting closer to things (wheels didn't take up so much space). It would hang up fairly easily, too, but not as easily as this one. But it was also nearly twice the weight.
    So, all in all, this mower does the job without wearing me out and for a reasonable price so I guess I can't ask more than that....more info
  • Sunlawn Reel Mower is an excellent product
    Sunlawn 16-Inch Light Weight Manual Push Reel Mower #LMM40

    This lawn mower was exactly what I thought it would be. I researched it online and was hoping to buy it in person, because I wanted to try it before I bought it. But I couldn't find a retailer nearby, so I ordered it from Amazon. I am very pleased. I have a good sized yard (about a 1/3 acre) but it's level and I don't have a lot of landscaping to maneuver around so it doesn't take very long to mow the yard. I am very pleased with my purchase and the lawn mower works great!...more info


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