Complete Pregnancy Fitness with Erin O'Brien

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Studio: Acorn Media Release Date: 05/29/2007 Run time: 117 minutes Rating: Nr

Customer Reviews:

  • Engaging and tough enough!
    Exercising everyday I have a hard time finding videos that are difficult enough to keep me engaged. Erin's video, although gear towards later pregnancy, gives me a good 40 minute workout even though I am just at the beginning of the second trimester. Lots of leg work and squats, good toning exercises. I have not tried the partner portion yet but glancing through it it looked good, especially for that third trimester when a little help with balance might be good. ...more info
  • The most perfect #1 workout!!
    This set is the most perfect workout set! I started the prenatal when i was 5 months and it was exactly what i needed. You get everything you would ever want- stretching, cardio, and strength training! And the even better thing is the instructor is 7 months preggo! Now the postnatal was amazing! I cant put into words what a god send the postnatal workout was! THis is the only pregnancy workout program anyone needs!...more info
  • Alright
    This DVD set is okay, though it doesn't feel very professional. It really is filmed in her living room and the camera work and lighting are not at the professional level of most other exercise DVDs. It's a bit expensive for the quality. The workouts are good. I was challenged and the gal is a good leader. The partner workout basically used the man as a prop. He doesn't get to do much. If you are looking for a workout specifically designed for pregnancy, this will do just fine. But if you are in tune with your body, just about any exercise tape will do the trick. It's just up to you to adjust it to your needs....more info
  • Lots of fun
    I love her sense of humor, the video work, and the fact that takes place in her living room. It is inspiring to see how fit she is. A little difficult since I'm not in the best shape but I do as much of it as I can when I get the chance. Great combination of warmup, strength training, aerobics and yoga-like cooldown....more info
  • Challenging, no-frills workout
    I'm a second time mommy-to-be who still runs and regularly does yoga and other prenatal workouts - I thought this workout would be easy but I was pleasantly suprised! The leg work (inner thigh and derriere) is especially good, and I find my muscles are still sore (in a good way) the following day. There is not nearly as much arm work as Karyne Steben's "Perfect Pregnancy Workout," so I alternate them. True, the electronic version of "Frere Jacques" that plays during the menu is grating, but the music during the workout is barely noticeable. I love the length of the workout, too - it's 40 minutes broken up into warmup, dynamic movement, floor work, and stretch and relaxation sections.

    Other reviewers don't like the "homemade" feel of the production, but I do - Erin O'Brien is down to earth (no makeup, incorporates time for water and bathroom breaks), not overly peppy, but still encouraging and upbeat. She's also challenging - I find a lot of these prenatal workouts too coddling, I like being pushed. I found myself in a great mood after finishing this.

    I have mentioned this in other reviews of pre- and postnatal workouts, but I have had two very easy pregnancies (so far) and a very easy first delivery and recovery. Two doctors attributed that to my exercise pre-, during, and postpregnancy. I am determined to exercise as much as I can for this pregnancy, too (my little guy seems to like it, too). Mommies to be - get out there and exercise! You will be so grateful you did! This is a great workout to get you going....more info
  • Great Video
    I think this is a great video; although I was a little sore after I felt like some of the exercises (squats) were geared towards someone who worked out daily; and I had to take a break during my first trimester. Otherwise its awesome and has a great focus on the warm up and cool down. I would definitely recommend it to any other mom's!...more info
  • Good workout
    Prior to my pregnancy I was pretty much a regular at the gym. However, my first trimester was very difficult, so I decided to take some time off. I am now 20 weeks along and feeling better, so I figured I should get back into working out. This video is great. There are a lot of moves that you would do in an aerobic class at the gym, but there are also a lot of modified moves for being pregnant. Some of the special features are cheesy, and the music is not that great, but the workout makes up for it.

    ...more info
  • Awesome fitness DVD!
    I love Erin O'Brien! I started this when I was 3 1/2 months pregnant and wished I started it earlier. It's got just the right mix of fitness activities. I can't wait to try the post-natal workout!...more info
  • Perfect Pregnancy Work-Out!
    I love this DVD - finally an exercise program for pregnant women that yields results and makes you sweat! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Good workout, annoying camera angles
    I found that the workout was engaging and just the right level for me (moderate exerciser before pregnancy). She really seemed to know how to get a good workout and do it safely. My only negative feedback is that the weird camera angles were a bit annoying at first....more info
  • helpful
    I found I had no energy during my pregnancy, The excercises in this video I found very easy to do with giving me a good workout and not making me more exhausted. I kept me going!...more info
  • Great video!
    I decided to try and workout during this pregnancy. This video is a great workout. It is easy to follow and definitely challenging....more info
  • Good Workout
    This is a good workout that gets your heart going without over-doing it. She's very matter-of-fact. It could probably use some different music (I'm a little sick of hearing that electronic French lullaby) but overall a nice workout without being too long! ...more info
  • I love Erin! and her workout too!
    I bought three dvds to keep me in shape while pregnant. This one, "The Perfect Pregnancy Workout" and "Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer Wolfe"

    Of the three, this is the one I reach for daily. My Prenatal dvd skips, and the "Perfect Pregnancy Workout" is rigorous, but boring. I like this one because it's a good workout and I enjoy doing it daily. I'm 34 and was jogging 2-3xs a week before I was pregnant. I stopped completely in my first tri (just too exhausted) and started using these dvds in my second trimester to get back into shape.

    I have about 20 exercise dvds and this is the first one I've fallen in love with. It feels like Erin is your own personal trainer in your own living room. There's no pretense, no overly done lighting, and no fancy makeup. The workout is fun, simple and effective. Erin is down to earth, informative and real. I also love that she's in her third trimester - very inspiring!

    The workout is divided into 4 sections; warm up, dynamic movement, floor exercises and stretching/cool down. She put a lot of thought into this dvd, there are water and pee breaks. She is pregnant with her second baby here, and it is clear that she designed this workout to prepare you for CHILDBIRTH. Lots of lower body moves, kegels and cardio (with her always reminding you to make sure you aren't panting).

    Unlike a lot of exercise dvds it is very clear that Erin teaches classes regularly. She's very experienced, knowledgable and communicative.
    I don't live in southern California anymore, but I wish I did so I could seek out her gym and take her classes. I can't tell you how much I love this dvd....more info
  • The best !
    My wife tried a couple of different fitness videos before, but when she got that for x-mas she was amazed. Everyday she keeps telling me how good this DVD is. She loved it, and she feels good after the around 40 minutes exercises. If you wanna sweat, that's the video for you.

    I didn't notice at first, but it comes with 2 DVD's, one for prenatal, other for postnatal. That's pretty cool!

    ...more info
  • Great Workout!
    I work out regularly, just walking, biking, yoga....... some aerobic work. This video is work! I am having a hard time breathing with my pregnancy so I have to pause for breaks, and maybe even stop the video at times but only because of my workout level. It is a very good video, quick and action packed. She is a great instructor. It amazes me on how she does some of the stuff she does at 7 months pregnant. I am only 4 mths and I can't squat like that!...more info
  • Too much talking
    I think I like the work-out o.k. I like quick, hard workouts and I have started this 2ce and haven't made it through. My complaint is there is too much talking before it actually starts, even comments during the workout get a little annoying. She is cute, but I can't bear to watch the whole intro every time so I sit and sit and FF! I'm in my first tri-mester and want to stay active. Hopefully I like it more the more I try it....more info
  • Great video
    Love this video. Her instructions and coreography are easy to follow. It is a fairly easy video to do if you are in good shape already. Hard to find videos for more advanced people. ...more info
  • A Great Workout!
    I am used to taking body sculpting classes at the gym and Erin's video is a great modified version. It is challenging yet rewarding - I feel great after every workout!...more info
  • A good workout!
    I really like this workout. Erin is really low key and not as annoying as many workout video people. The workout was fun and I could really feel all those squats the next day....more info
  • Excellent DVD!
    This is the best fitness dvd I've tried and I think I've tried them all! It's a good workout but not too vigorous. It wouldn't be a great dvd for someone who hasn't been working out before becoming pregnant though. You need to be in pretty decent shape to keep up. ...more info
  • Fabulous and Fun!
    This is a wonderful workout video for moms-to-be that are used to being very active. My body always feels great after finishing...even if it's a little tougher on some days than others. Also - my husband and I really enjoy the partner workout. He loves having an opportunity to cheer me on for keeping a healthy body during my pregnancy.

    This, along with yoga, have kept my legs and back strong and happy so far! Have fun and enjoy!...more info
  • Fantastic Pregnancy Workout
    I am currently 4 months pregnant and just started this workout last week. I was active prior to pregnancy, so having some knowledge of dynamic movements including squats, yoga and pilates will be helpful for some of the moves in the Prenatal workout. I wouldn't reccomend this for someone who is just starting to exercise who has never done some of the above listed activities - but if you do, take it slow! Erin is a good instructor who explains the moves as you are doing them and is motivating. I recommend this to any expecting mother who still wants to keep those muscles strong while maintaining flexibility during pregnancy! It's also a great mood booster!...more info
  • Sick and twisted thinking about pregnancy and natal care
    This lady seems to think of pregnancy as something to fix and get past as quickly as possible. From her blog:

    "The main reasons to continue exercising through your pregnancy include: 1) Less weight gained = less weight to take off after the baby is born 2) You will have a smaller baby, which is easier to give birth to 3) You will endure labor better."

    Is she concerned about her looks or about her baby? I can't tell.

    ...more info
  • Good but might be too hard for newcomers
    I too found the lack of professional quality a little off putting at first. I was totally intimidated watching the dvd. I had placenta previa the last part of first trimester and early second. So, I just got back to excercising at week 26. However, when I did the moves, I found it to be easy. I fast forward the parts I don't like and do the ones I can. I love that she makes you drink water and there is even a pee pause. I thought that was hilarious! The workout was good; I actually feel a little sore tonight after doing it today. It is good to have in my mix. The best part is watching the partner workout with her husband, actor James Denton. He looks about as excited about it as my husband would. Be sure and watch it!! Really cute. They seem like a normal, sweet couple....more info
  • Good stuff.
    Overall I like this DVD. She is high energy but not annoying...and she really gets you moving! I was actually surprised at some of the exercises - lots and lots of squats. But since she is pregnant too, it inspires you to keep up. ...more info
  • For someone who hates w.o. vids, this one is actually great!
    I normally cannot stand work out videos but knew I should do something besides walking to keep my fitness level up. I was pleasantly surprised by this video.
    1. Erin O'Brien is not irritatingly peppy, but realistic and down to earth. There is very little excess dialogue, which I appreciated. She imparts just the right amount of info and throws in a few extras about physiology and anatomy, which I appreciated. Plus there are water and pee breaks! ( which I really needed)
    2. The workout is probably best suited for someone who has done a few classes before and has at least a moderate level of fitness. But I suppose a beginner could simply watch it a few times before attempting if it were a bit too fast paced for them. She adds modifications for times when the heart rate is too high, which is nice. I thought at first it would be too easy for me, but oops. It got me! (in a good way, of course)
    3. The workout is complete, I thought, especially given it's timeframe of only 40 minutes. That includes a short stretching session afterwards, which made me feel really good.
    4. The production value was great -judicious amount of camera angle changes and fades, making it easy to copy her body mechanics. Simple set-an average, well lit living room. All the props she used were standard furniture. I had to make some small adaptations but all were easily accomplished.
    5. Best of all-unobtrusive music, used mostly to provide rhythm. No trendy production, no silly distracting lyrics, just background percussion oriented music at a nice soft volume (Although I really dislike the music that plays for the menu, but that doesn't matter)
    OVERALL: I highly recommend this work out video and look forward to using the post-natal DVD as well....more info
  • Excellent Pregnancy Workout
    I started this workout at 24 weeks and I think it is great for all areas of the body! I love the fact that Erin includes water breaks throughout the workout and I think the music selection is very appropriate. The workout doesn't drag on either...the 40 minutes is over before you know it! The 20 minute partner workout is fantastic husband even enjoyed it! I have not tried the postnatal workout yet but I'm sure it is great!...more info
  • She gets my blood pumping!
    I love this video as she challenges me. Most prenatal videos bore me and I endure them simply because I know I should do SOMETHING and cannot work out like I used to. ...more info
  • Great workout, no sillyness, no frills, but fun
    Great workout. She's not shrill or silly but is still fun. The partner part is really cool too....more info
  • Great work out DVD
    I feel I get a great workout when doing this dvd. I have noticed that my body feels less tense and more relaxed. My back used to bother me and this has helped me feel better. It seems to go by fast. I love the work out....more info
  • Great Workout
    I am 37 years old and 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child. I just started this workout 2 days ago. I have exercised all my life though not always consistently. I had only been walking about 3 to 4 times a week before starting this DVD after finding out I was pregnant. Previously I would follow the Weight Watchers DVD's or go to the gym and walk/run on a treadmill with some strength training. I am alternating days with Erin and Nancy Popp's Prenatal Quick Fix. It is very easy to follow and I feel refreshed at the end. I only have a few minor issues with the DVD... she stresses the water intake which is great but they have a few up close and personal shots of her face with her mouth on the bottle. I really think this could have been left out. I think it is suppose to make you thirsty but it turns me off a bit. The other is the sound. She is in what looks to be like a den with wood floors and the sound is not very clear.... it sounds muffled at times. She also has a few moments on some exercises where she is not saying what she is doing. For instance the cat stretch segment... it is hard to be on all 4's and look at the TV... she is very quiet during this segment so I had a hard time following this part. Overall, I think the workout is worth the 40 minutes... there is no jumping or really difficult moves. I have not watched the couple workout and probably won't because I prefer to exercise on my own. ...more info
  • Great workout!
    I am in my 2nd trimester and I am really enjoying this workout video! It is not too fast paced but fast enough to get your heart pumping and get a good lower body workout. I am not bored with it! I highly recommend this workout video to pregnant women who are wanting to stay in shape....more info
  • Great for Avid Exerciser
    I started using this video when I was 7 months pregnant. Up until that point, I continued to do my normal pre-pregnancy workout rountine which consisted of a total fitness class twice a week as well as walking, running and ab work every day. I have found this video a great replacement for my total fitness class. It is challenging enough that I still feel like I am getting a workout, but it also provides me with a comfort level that I am doing the right exercises for me and the little guy. I bought this video based on the reviews, and now I can also add that I love it too. Erin will definitely be my companion for the next 10 weeks....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    This is the best prenatal work out video I've tried! I love the 40 minute length because I feel like I've actually done something but without having to make time for an hour long workout. The program is easy to follow and multiple video angles help you to make sure you are using proper form when doing the moves. I was exercising 5-6 days a week before becoming pregnant and this video still feels a little challenging physically for me, but in a good way. You need very little space to do the work out and the only prop you need is a kitchen chair for a few moves. But be warned....this lady really likes squats and the Pilates portion at the end looks easy but your butt will be sore for days the first time you do it....more info
  • I love it! Very energizing and mood pumping!
    Great program! Not boring at all like many fitness programs out there. Erin gets your mood up and your blood moving. I love the homestyle setting of the video - it makes you feel like you can do it easily. And actually you can - the program is pretty easy to follow. Overall - I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great for all fitness levels....
    This a great workout no matter what your fitness level is. I enjoy using the tape and will continue throughout my pregnancy. It was a fun workout and you can feel it working as well. I liked her personality too....more info
  • Reassurance for exercise in pregnancy
    I am currently 13 weeks pregnant. Before I watched this video, I was really quite tentative as to what exercise I did. I longed to move my body and was encouraged by the Ob to remain active (or the third trimester would be hell) but after a longed-for pregnancy I didn't have the confidence to exercise without some guidance.

    I found this video on Amazon and was impressed by the previous reviews. I figured it was a small price if it was not that good. In fact, I have found it excellent. Erin O'Brien gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed to exercise during pregnancy. That was very much appreciated!...more info
  • Perfect Workout
    I just got my DVD today and I was so excited I put it in immediately. It is filmed in her living room but it isn't in a non-professional way. She is very down to earth and keeps you going through the whole thing, she challenges you without pushing you over your limit and constantly reminds you to push your self on a level from 1 to 10 to about a 7. She keeps it real. The music isn't bad at all, you only even realize what your listening to a few times through out the video. She has a soothing voice, reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker. I was in shape before I got pregnant but I had such horrendous morning sickness, I'm 16 weeks right now and I was sick from about 8 weeks to 14 weeks, so now that I'm feeling better I wanted to get in shape again. It's the perfect combination of pilates, yoga, and cardio. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Makes you sweat but you dont' feel like, "I can't go any farther" if you do, then do what she says and take it easy. Good luck :)...more info
  • Felt It!
    I could not believe that with no weight all, I could feel the burn. I also had my heart rate moniter on, and my hear rate was up there eventhough this is not a aerobic-type workout. It was great for the lower body, but did not have much for the upper body. But, the production is odd. I did not care for it....more info
  • Complete Pregnancy Fitness with Erin O'Brien
    OK - I will make this short and sweet. This DVD is great. She worked out my entire body. She pushes you to work hard but not too hard where it is dangerous to the baby. She is funny and inspiring. I have lots of Pregnancy DVDs and this is the only one I can do where I actually feel like I got a GOOD workout. I was sweating and that felt great!

    Just FYI - I workout pretty often and I am pregnant with my 5th in 7 years. This workout has helped me to tone and tighten. YEA!!!...more info
  • Great exercise!
    I'm used to working out regularly, and when I found out I was pregnant, I did not want to stop, but I wanted to do something safe. So, I got this DVD, and I'm completely satisfied. At first, the exercises seemed easy (for a person who's worked out before), but I have to tell you - as the pregnancy progresses, the instructor definitely manages to get you sweating! I'd most certainly recommend this to my friends. Try it!...more info
  • great for the completely unfit!
    I've never bothered to exercise at all but at about 5 months, when I started to develop back pains and calf cramps, I decided it was time to do something about my body. I love this routine as it's simple and well demonstrated. The partner work out is a fun idea too....more info
  • I love it!
    I highly recommend this video. I have been doing it off and on throughout my second and third trimesters and have not gotten bored with it at all (as compared with the FitMama video by Leisa Hart, which I find to be more suited for the extremely out of shape individual who likes lots of repetition and no variety). I think Erin's personality and energy make the video a pleasure, and you will get a great lower body workout (with some upper body stuff thrown in there). I've never actually tried the partner workout, but from watching it, I think it looks great also. This video is definitely worth buying, or at least checking out from your library to see if it's a good fit for you. ...more info
  • Effective, but not too extreme
    I'm 28 weeks pregnant and found this DVD set to be pretty effective. I didn't feel like I was dying while I was doing it, but my muscles were a little sore the next day. I was NOT a regular exerciser before pregnancy, but decided to start due to gestational diabtes and general over-all health. I'm not sure how good this workout would be for someone who's use to working out, but it's great for beginners....more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!!!! ERIN IS AMAZING!!!!!!
    This DVD is awesome, I love the fact that it is in her home, it provides a very down to earth, comfortable feeling that we all need as people, not just expecting mothers. To know there were no actors or props amd fake smiles and music like most aerobic tapes, made this my favorite. I loved every bit of it. This is my first pregnancy and I am far from a beginner exerciser and Erin's 4 section DVD made me feel great!

    She teaches and guides you through every step as well as continues to make sure your breathing, posture and safety are on point, so don't worry if your concerned about all that being done right, she will definitely make sure you are.

    It is a great DVD set (2) and a great price, I loved the quality as well as the video graphics that added to the positions and stances she did, it allows you to again make sure you are doing everything right. This is awesome!

    I hope to continue adding her to my daily exercise collection, even after my daughter is born.

    New Mommy
    San Diego, CA...more info
  • Perfect pregnancy workout!!!!
    This is a great workout for those of you who want to feel like you've worked out but you don't want to overdue it. It may be a bit fast pased for beginners but very easy to follow and learn. Great for those who are used to daily workouts. Makes you feel GREAT when you're finished and really helps cramping and fatigue. It's one of my favorites!...more info
  • Down-to-earth experience!
    I have to say, at first when I heard the music for the video, I was thinking this is going to be a cheesy cookie-cutter dvd. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Erin's down-to-earth, tell it like it is attitude. The workout was nicely done and it really made me feel relaxed after working out.

    I definately recommend this to anyone who is expecting. I have yet to try the other side for after the child is born...I will fill you in on that in June! :)

    ...more info
  • One of my favorite workouts!
    I've never been enthusiastic about a workout video, but this one really impressed me. While some users have been put off by an unprofessional look to the video, I liked that she filmed in her uncluttered, simple living room. The music was a bit repetitive but I didn't mind it compared to the music I've heard in other videos.

    Although I have never been obese, I didn't exercise during my first pregnancy and I gained too much weight which caused complications for myself and my baby. After birth, I struggled to take care of my family for months due to health issues. For my second, I committed to keep exercising and eat a healthy diet. This workout has been a big help to me.

    When I began this workout, it was challenging for me, so I did what I could at a slower pace than the instructor. Take it easy if you haven't been exercising or if you feel your heart rate going too fast. Gradually, I have been able to do more and it's been rewarding to feel my body get stronger.

    Erin O'Brien takes time to emphasize safe exercise throughout pregnancy. I was concerned about the safety of exercise while pregnant, but this video has been very helpful. She reminds you to modify the exercise if your heart rate is too high and explains proper form. The exercises are great for preparing for childbirth and keeping in shape, which is so important. It's not wrong to want to endure labor better (you need to be in good shape to do endure such hard work!) and have less weight to lose! Expecting moms need to take care of themselves and gain just a sensible amount of weight for both their health and their baby's. I'm looking forward to using her post-natal workout and then moving on to her Strong Body, Ageless Body workout when I'm ready!...more info
  • Great Pregnancy Workout
    This is a great workout video for any trimester. I am just starting my second trimester, and prior to my pregnancy, I ran, lifted weights, and did toning classes at my gym. This video will get your blood pumping and will work all of your major muscle groups. The instructor is very pleasant, does not have any sort of strange accent, and there isn't really any unnecessary and excess dialog. The video is well-organized, with sections for warming up, working out different muscle groups, and then for cooling down. I also liked that the instructor is situated in her own living room. I felt like I was right with her, while doing the exercises in my own living room :)...more info
  • Love it!
    I am just starting my second trimester and am so glad I found this dvd early enough to use it throughout my entire pregnancy. It is challenging and Erin is not annoying!...more info
  • the perfect prego workout
    I first discovered Erin's video at our library and found myself checking it out so much that I decided it was worth buying, so I bought the combo pack with the postnatal workout(I'll let you know how that one is). I love that she does the workout at home with only the props we all have in our living rooms (couch, table, ect). The workout is only 40 minutes which is easy to fit in anytime. I often find myself working in the video between tending to dinner. I definitly work up a sweat, and can feel my mucsles the next day. She's also pretty funny and the transitions are great and I like the combination of strength training, pilates, and yoga. I highly recommend this video. It's by far my favorite, and I find myself doing actually looking forward to it!...more info
  • Good sweat!
    Got this DVD with Shiva's Prenatal Yoga. Prenatal Yoga is the best. This one is good, it's not my type of exercise but I think it's as much as you should be doing when pregnant. You can sweat if you do everything as she says on the video. There is no cheesy baby stuff in the video, and she's really pregnant which is good, not some skinny girl telling you how to do prenatal exercises. I didn't care for the couples session and there was a Postnatal video which I didn't even know was part of this so that was a good surprise (i haven't even looked at the postnatal one yet)...more info
  • Pregnancy Fitness DVD
    I did not know what to expect from a pregnancy fitness dvd but I am very happy I bought this product. It has 2 dvds, a prenatal fitness and a postnatal fitness dvd. I haven't looked at the postnatal one yet but the prenatal dvd kicks my butt every time. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Good, Fun workout for beginners....
    I really like this workout DVD. Well worth what I paid for it. I use it almost everyday. Erin has a cute personality and makes you feel like you are in an aerobic class with an instructor. The only thing I don't like about it is that she goes through every move and set like it's the first time you've ever done it so you have to wait for her to explain the moves all over again everytime. I think it would have been better if there was an instructional section guiding you through the moves first then the actual workout so that you can quickly go through the workout rather than waiting for the explanations every single time. (Hope that makes sense) It does get annoying after you've done the video about 3 times. I guess the good thing is that she does take the time to explain exactly how the move is supposed to be done to avoid injury. Also, she has special training on exercise during pregnancy so I always feel better knowing that the moves are safe to do and not going to harm me or the baby.
    The video is broken down into sections with the warm up being first, strength training (which includes a little cardio- just enough to get your heart rate up but not break a sweat) then the cool down. I have only had the video a little over a month but can tell a difference in my energy level as well as with my lower back pain. It really does help to move around and strengthen those muscles. It also helps me to keep my weight gain in check, which is a big issue for me.
    I would say, if you are a beginner or intermediate exerciser, buy it. It's not too difficult but gets you moving so you feel better and more energized.
    Good Luck!
    ...more info
  • great!
    I really am enjoying this video. Even though it is 40 minutes, it seems to go way faster than that. I never have to just make myself do it, it seems so quick and fun, so i am keeping up with using it frequently. Looking forward to trying the other video for after giving birth....more info
  • Overall Great workout video
    I really like this video for the prenatal workout. I really like how she is really down to Earth and doesn't make you feel really out of shape, because she is panting right along with you. The exercises are easy, yet effective. She also uses a great variety of workouts including some yoga and pilates....more info
  • Best Pregnancy Workout
    I tried tons of different videos while I was pregnant, but ended up just doing this one each day. It was more challenging than the others but also short enough that I could make myself do it. When I delivered, the Doctor was amazed at what great shape I was in. I am now doing the postnatal workout which is great as well. I highly recommend this set, Erin is a wonderful instructor....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    Great workout. Not to intense, but you feel like you've done something. She's very reassuring and relaxed. Like that the "studio" is her living room, so you feel like you're right at home and that you're doing the right thing in your own living space. Got a Post-natal DVD too. Well worth it!...more info
  • Great workout
    This is the first video I've tried during my pregnancy that actually feels like a workout. Erin is down-to-earth, being inspiring without being annoyingly peppy. The video is filmed in her living room, which I liked because it seems more friendly and real....more info
  • Very good exercise -- mother of two
    This is by far the best pre-natal exercise DVD I purchased. It gives enough challenges, however, it is very gentle with no high impact at all. It makes you sweat and feel refreshed. I had very bad symptom and lost all my appetite and felt extremely tired during the 1st trimester for my first pregnancy. But this time, because of this DVD, I have much better appetite, no headache, and feel much more energetic. I also tried Fitmama, which is also good. But I don't think that Fitmam gives me enough exercise as I need. You will not be disappointed. Erin O'Brian is a fabulous trainer. ...more info
  • Good video
    Alternated with Buff Mom's to Be. I liked it kept me moving - flexible and strong. Some moves were a little tough for me, but it's good to challenge yourself alittle. ...more info
  • Pregnancy Workout Video
    The most amazing pregnancy video. It's no "warm-up" and she's just in her own home, challenging you with lots of strength training squats and lundges. I love this video!...more info
  • This workout should come with a little warning
    This is a really thorough, challenging work out. It's filmed in kind of a funny way, but once you figure out what's going on, you get over that. The reason I gave it three stars is because it might not be the best PRENATAL work out. She is constantly talking about "getting your heart rate up," when you need to be cautious about your heart rate during pregnancy. My heart rate easily got to 150 during the dynamic movement section of the video. My midwife recommends no higher than 130. If you are in really excellent shape pre-pregnancy, then you might be fine. I was in pretty good shape, but doing this video full out is too much and makes my heart rate too high. If you weren't exercising much at all pre-pregnancy, this video is definitely not for you....more info
  • Good Prenatal Workout
    Before I became pregnant I was doing Taebo, kickboxing, and lots of weights & cardio at the gym (about 5-6 days I week I worked out). Once I found out I was pregnant I knew I needed to be more gentle with my body so I purchased several prenatal videos. This one is one of my favorites (the other 2 I like a lot are 'The Perfect Pregnancy Workout' & Hotmama's Challenging prenatal workout with Terri Bryant). I have found that no prenatal videos work me as hard as I am used to but I guess that is the point. This dvd recording looks a little amateurish but gives a pretty decent workout so I can over look that. Overall I would recommend this as a good solid prenatal workout for any one in any trimester....more info
  • Awesome pregnancy workout!
    Excellent program for the more advanced exerciser & mom to be. Perfect combo of cardio, resistance & stretching. Love it! ...more info
  • I love Erin!
    Complete Pregnancy Fitness with Erin O'Brien

    I'm online now looking for more of Erin's workouts. Both the prenatal and postnatal workouts were very managable for me to do. More than anything, they gave me peace and I felt like I was doing something for my mind and body. Erin has an awesome attitude and is not annoying to me like a lot of instructors can be. I felt like I was working out with a friend (sound weird, but true!). I like how the postnatal has 3 progressions to build your strength gradually.

    LOVE IT!...more info


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