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Charles F. Haanel was a noted American author and businessman who belonged to the American Scientific League, The Author's League of America, The American Society of Psychical Research, the St. Louis Humane Society and the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce.

He wrote several books which were published in St. Louis by Psychology Publishing and by his Master Key Institute in New York. Mr. Haanel put into books the ideas and methods he used to gain his success. Besides the Master Key System, which he wrote in 1912, he also wrote Mental Chemistry and The New Psychology

By 1933, The Master Key System had sold over 200,000 copies and then seemingly disappeared. The Master Key System is one of the finest studies in self-improvement, mind-stuff, and higher consciousness ever written. Covering everything from how to get wealthy to how to get healthy, Mr. Haanel leaves no stone unturned. With precision, he elucidates on each topic with logic and rigor that not only leaves you feeling good, but also thinking good. The book was banned by the Church in 1933 and has been hidden away for over seventy years!

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Customer Reviews:

  • Mr. Charles F. Haanel Master Key System:
    If you are into this sort of thing; that is, self-development at all cost, even though this book was written in the early part of the 20th century, it is very much appropriate for people who are interested in self-evolution - self-development, in 2007. It explains in very clear, concise terms how to go about getting what you want at a deep level in a "weekly lesson format". As within, so without.
    I have been reading and searching extensively for the last 30 years and I do not hesitate to recommend this book very highly....more info
  • Good info and excercises
    I'm not a fan of the "Law of Attraction" in general, but I think this book has merit. It's got some explanations and exercises for getting one's mind in the right frame for cooperating with the forces that be, in any case.
    The only trouble is that it's very badly written. It was originally meant to be a weekly mail-order course, and maybe it worked better in that context. Each chapter begins with a brief argument, then several paragraphs of short statements to reflect on, then usually a weekly exercise, and finally a Q and A that's really a summary of all the paragraphs that made up the bulk of the actual chapter. There are several chapters where the weekly excercise is the only information of real value it provides -- perhaps an abridged version of the book should be released....more info
  • Not that great.
    I was not very impressed, after having read other reviews, I expected more. Think and Grow Rich or other books do better job in my opinion....more info
  • The Master Key is Mental Alchemy
    "One of the old Hermetic Masters wrote, long ages ago: `He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery.' And these words are as true today as at the time they were first written. Without this Master-Key, Mastery is impossible, and the student knocks in vain at the many doors of The Temple." This quote was taken from a book of Hermetic Philosophy called "The Kybalion" (pg. 28) which was published at the beginning of the 20th century and anonymously written by "Three Initiates" but is reputed to be authored or co-authored by William Walker Atkinson, one of the authors quoted by Haanel in his book "The Master Key System". As a 32-degree Mason, Mr. Haanel was certainly familiar with esoteric philosophy (incl. Hermeticism and Kabbalah) and a comparison between Haanel's book and "The Kybalion" will reveal many commonalities, including an exposition of the causal, magnetic and compensatory Law of Attraction (like attracts like). Haanel's maxim of "As Within, So Without" is reflective of the Hermetic "As Above, So Below" and those familiar with the Hindu Upanishads, some sacred writings of India, will see how this relates to the Hindu idea that atman is Brahman or, to use Haanel's terms, the individual ("below") is one with the Universal ("above"). Also, the Law of Attraction is reflective of the Law of Karma. The Master Key of the Kybalion is the same as the Master Key of Haanel's book. The Key is the understanding and practical application of Hermetic principles which are rooted in the foundational idea of the essential oneness of the individual and the Universal, Creative Source (which some call "God"). According to Haanel, when this truth is understood and appreciated, one "will have come into the possession of the Master-Key" (Week Twenty-Four: Alchemy, page 197). In the "Questions and Answers" section of Haanel's book, he doesn't really answer the question, "Is not the Master Key Idea of `God' Pantheistic?" He basically just asserts that "this depends entirely upon your idea of Pantheism." Like the Kybalion, Haanel's idea of God is more bi-polar and panentheistic (All in God, God in All) than pantheistic (All is God) and both use the Bible's New Testament reference which states: "In Him we live and move and have our being" (a quote from the Apostle Paul in Acts 17:28). Panentheism (a.k.a. Process Theism) gained in popularity in the 20th century after A. N. Whitehead's book "Process and Reality" was first published in 1929. Also, the New Thought Movement (of which Haanel is considered by some to be a part) has recently recognized the value of panentheism through the New Thoughters Anderson and Whitehouse. See their book "New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality" where they acknowledge that pantheism underlies much of classical New Thought but see the philosophical problems of it and recommend panentheism instead by promoting Process New Thought a la Whitehead.

    Hannel is one among many authors that were inspired by the nineteenth century's growing interest in esoteric philosophy and practical mysticism that spread throughout Europe and America. Some of the individuals (R. W. Emerson, Thomas Troward, W.W. Atkinson, James Allen, etc.) referenced or quoted in Hannel's work reveal his influences and links to the broader inter-connected movements, including the Transcendental and New Thought Movements. The 19th century also saw the founding of both the Theosophical Society and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, notable occult groups that explored the metaphysical laws of the Universe and eventually contributed (along with the other movements) to the current so-called "New Age Movement" with its Neo-Paganism and modern "magic".

    With all that aside, one doesn't have to be a pantheist or panentheist (I am neither) to appreciate some of Haanel's insights. God is indeed the Omni-Source of all power, and the power of the human mind (both the conscious and subconscious aspects) to influence one's perception of reality and even contribute to it (including psychosomatically) certainly needs to be taken seriously. Also, the importance of self-discipline to one's overall success in life should not be underestimated. Human responsibility is an important factor in the human situation as is education, and the application (including mental application via meditation), not just knowledge, is what will effect change for the better not only in one's habits but also in one's circumstances....more info

  • Master of the list, not a master key system
    Charles F. Haanel may have been both a genius and a successful businessman, but he certainly was no author. The book does contain useful information, most of which is common sense, but the presentation and organization makes this book difficult if not impossible to derive any value from. Within each chapter is a numbered list of thoughts, or concepts. In total in any one chapter there may be 30 or so numbered points comprised of two or three sentences. These are identified as paragraphs. The proper way to read this book would be in a meditative or contemplative state of mind. Read a single point (paragraph) and consider it's deeper meaning and possible implications in your life. However, to sit down and read this as you would any other typical book is very difficult. I read the first chapter, or the first numbered list, and found it more like cramming for an exam. Perhaps I'm too impatient, but I found this exercise a waste of time. I simply threw the book in the trash and chalked it up to a bad call on my part. What I was hoping for, and what this book for me was not, was the recollection of one successful man in how he transformed his life - what universally applicable truths did he discover, what mindset or values did he use, and how he put it all together to transform his life. If this book contains that information in a useful form, good luck putting it all together. I bought this book looking for a well-defined system. In the end, there is no "system"....more info
  • Excellent!!
    I bought this book about a year ago, and have read and re-read it almost daily(and I'm still not done with it). My life has changed so much because of it. It's a book that's made to be read slow and contemplated. You set your own goals and desires and Charles Haanel guides you as to how to reach them....more info
  • This edition
    Before ordering this book, I had already started reading the e-version, decided this book was worth reading, the system worth applying, and wanted a hard copy.

    I bought this particular edition mainly because it featured a "Search Inside" and the publisher also produced a workbook.

    Having received the book, I am disappointed with the small print and the binding of the book, which one has to flatten out completely, at the risk of having the pages get unstuck: the margins are too short.

    The workbook is a much better publication, and though I have just received it, I would recommend that one uses both books from the start, if like me, one can only take so much theory, and would rather have some practical, personalised exercises (The Master Key System lays out an exercise each week, but the ones in the Workbook are more concrete.)

    Wish I could extol the virtues of the "System", but I haven't gotten that far yet. I can only say that I have tried the Joseph Murphy method, and that only provided minor satisfaction. I would say, this system is probably more to the point....more info
  • This could be life changing
    My comments are based on the original book, not any re edits or revised editions. If you look online, you should be able to find an ebook of Charles Hannel's original for free, since the book is over 75 years old it is in the public domain. Personally I spend all day in front of a computer, so it's nice to take a break and read an actual physical book, and I like to circle, highlight and write on.

    This book is incredible, I think this was probably "the secret" original edition since it was introduced in 1903, predating napoleon hill and several others. TO my knowledge this is the first book that mentions the "law of attraction" but it mentions several other laws as well. Although Prosperity through thought force

    You could honestly come up with probably a chapter of material if you took each key point and went into detail describing it. But the information in this book is absolutely compacted to the max, no fluff at all. Honestly you could spend a long time just thinking about each section.
    Unfortunately because it goes and lists everything, I know that some people will not find it a book that you can read through.
    This is one that although it makes sense, it isn't an easy read. There's just so much information to take in, that most people will have difficulties reading it.
    It isn't like chewing through a hard to swallow think hide meat though, it's more like very rich dessert that you want to savor.

    But although it's a difficult book, this is still probably the best book I have ever read in my life. It's amazing that a book can have such deep profound information locked into every chapter. I read this prior to viewing "The Secret", and was actually very disappointed in the secret because it simply doesn't do the law of attraction justice.
    I haven't even finished this book yet because I like to absorb my time and take it in.
    If you put all the success books out there together, you will still probably have more information in this one.
    I love how it actually logically and factually explains the law of attraction, and explains through the cause and effect how it all works.
    Seriously, if you are thinking about getting this book get it. If you don't want to pay for it, search for it google and download it.
    Here's a couple google searches
    "Master Key system" filetype:doc (will find a word document version)
    "Master Key system" filetype:pdf (will find a pdf version)
    print it if you'd like otherwise read it online....more info
  • Bad Publishing Regardless of Material
    The publisher took the text of Charles Haanel and squashed as much of it as possible on each page. The margins are small, and the text is squished upon each other making it very hard to read. This layout and publishing is cheap. This is unfortunate because the material is phenomenal.

    I recommend the material.

    I DON'T recommend this book from this publisher....more info
  • "What the mind can conceive, it will achieve"
    Having just recently been introduced to the writings of Charles Haanel, I cannot recommend his Master Key System enough. After going through the book and exercises once(and benefiting greatly), I am reading through again. I have recommended it to several people close to me and have seen very positive changes in their own lives. As individuals, we are solely responsible for the direction and success (or lack thereof) in life. The process begins through concentrated, focused thought. Haanel teaches us how that works and how to accomplish whatever our objectives might be.This is one of the most important works of literature I have ever read.
    For anyone who feels a lack of control or direction in their life-- this is a must read. Be blessed!
    ...more info
  • Digging for Gold

    Well, one reviewer tossed his copy in the trash. This is quite unfortunate.

    I can only hope the garbage man found it and is now living a new life of purpose and power. Perhaps the poor soul who tossed the book away will become his employee some day...

    This book has that sort of power, if it is actually read and *acted upon*. The author has proof of concept in the accomplishments of his own life.

    The validation for this system is found with the practice suggestions contained in each module. I humbly suggest that each reader do these practices after reading the associated section. This action will make the difference between genuine personal development and stale philosophical musing.

    Then join us in a better life. No more need be said. Try it....more info
  • Excellent! Pleasant, Easy Reading, Motivating!
    I really enjoyed reading this book and could hardley wait to pick it up every chance I got! Very motivating, practical approach to incredible information about oneself that is eye opening and inspirational. Enjoyed every minute of it. Going back to read the second time and really apply every issue mentioned thoroughly to truly change my life. It all makes perfect sense. Check it out....more info
  • Master Key System
    This book is one of those rare books that has the potential to be life altering for the reader. The author was undoubtedly in communion with a higher power as it was written. Read it with an open mind and the possibilities for self improvement are unlimited. Highly recommended!...more info
  • The original, and still the best, self-help book
    There is always, and only, one first. This is it for self mastery and personal growth.

    Buy this book, and use it in the manner intended, and you will see changes in your life after the first week and so will those around you. Results require effort activity on your part, and they are rewarded beyond description. But you must WORK AT IT.

    This book and these techniques do not solve your problems, but they do teach you where the solution is and how to get to it, and most importantly how to use it.

    ...more info
  • Makes you think
    I purchased both the Master Key System and the Master Key Workbook. They both work together. The workbook gives you a way to put the lessons in the "System" into everyday use.

    I have found the "system" very helpful. I recommend this to anyone who is ready to make the most of their life, both personally and professionally.

    The system is not a "quick read and put aside" book. You work though it on a weekly basis, with one lesson per week. I find myself re-reading the lesson two to three times per week. The lessons are not long, but they are thought provoking. It builds, one week to the next.

    The Master Key System
    The Master Key Workbook...more info
  • The REAL master key
    In the introductory biography which precedes Haanel's work, the publishers highlight at least one reason why you might want to read this book:

    "It is Silicon Valley's secret that almost every entrepreneur who made a fortune in recent years did so by studying the words Mr Haanel penned over eighty years ago....Since this book was no longer in print until recently, copies of The Master Key System became a hot commodity in the Valley".

    Now I've no way of knowing if this statement is true, but such is the power of Haanel's system that it seems eminently plausible. I would not for a moment want anyone to think that Haanel presents some kind of 'cosmic ordering'-type, 'get-rich-quick' system, and neither is it a book about Law of Attraction. It is far deeper, and more important, than that. Haanel claims that his system can revolutionise your life. I've been working with this kind of system for years, and am emphatically convinced that it works.

    At the heart of Haanel's approach is an analytical thesis that was pioneered by Thomas Troward (to whom Haanel refers in this book). Essentially, this thesis is that the universe is governed by an overarching creative process.

    Haanel calls this "Universal Consciousness"; Troward called it "Spirit". Neither refers to "God", because the Universal Mind that they describe is an essentially impersonal, 'subjective' force, equivalent to the subconscious rather than the conscious in the human mind. It is more akin to a highest law of nature - a law of creativity - than to a deity. It is impersonal. You do not worship it, but you align your approach with it. Haanel's term "Universal Consciousness" is probably more apt than Troward's "Spirit" because the latter might carry connotations of the occult (though that was certainly not what Troward meant).

    Haanel argues that everyone's subconscious is a part of the Universal Consciousness. This gives the individual access to great creative power, in any aspect of life. Anything that manifests in your external world, Haanel argues, has been manifested first in the inner world of your mind. The trick, therefore, is to learn how to discipline your inner world - in other words, to channel your thinking - so that inner creation is positive.

    His method, originally published as a part-work, is to set out twenty-four stages of study, each including a mental exercise. Each chapter contains a list of numbered, very precise propositions. This is a very effective, very focused approach.

    If you are sceptical about the idea of a universal creative process - and do not believe that thought drives the material - you are not going to like The Master Key System. But if you accept a Troward/Haanel-type analysis of cause and effect, you will find The Master Key System an extremely powerful and effective tool. ...more info
  • This book puts it all together
    I've read many books of this nature, but this one just puts it all together in a way that really gets to the heart of how to be successful in life. I've read the very best there is out there, and this book is really the key....more info
  • Open the doors to your mind by using the right keys
    This book by Charles F. Haanel is clearly a masterpiece of thought provoking work by a true master of 'thinking'. Mr Haanel delivers an excellent read on the art or science of thinking and mastering the keys to self awareness for anything you can imagine.
    I would recommend this book to anyone in any walk of life at any age. It is intended for a more mature audience and looks at the very seeds of our thoughts and how we can achieve our lifes goals through the seeds of our very own self maintained thinking.

    Get it. Your money will be very well spent....more info
  • Master Key System
    This book is an absolute must for those who want to know how to have the life of their dreams. ...more info
  • I read an old copy of this book when I was a kid and I am:
    more excited than that kid I was in that intellectual candy store called the HollyPark library in Hawthorne, CA. ,Though that library is now defunct and closed, this is a book I remember so well at that library that when I heard that Kallisti Publishing had printed a new edition of it, I just had to revisit it. So my head was spinning when I heard it was annonated with a short biography of Charles F. Haanel, I felt young again soon as I heard. I just turned 30, so it took 15 years off my life, to hear that this great book is back on the market, this masterpiece that influenced Napoleon Hill, Frank R. Wallace, Claude M. Bristol and Tony Robbins and flavored their great works with the time tested power of "the science of thought" and 'yes', "mind stuff". Anyhow, the excitment I felt at buying this book was so great that I tracked it all the way from ordering to delivery and if I could give this book six stars, my, MY, I would... I would. So, I suggest you buy a copy while they are around from Kallisti, because the power and majesty of this book even if it was old and dog-eared when I read it was incredible. It was like the ultimate mind-vitamin and when I had my troubles I wondered what happened to it, but the memory was still there of it all though it was a glittering yet thin trail of time that I had left behind of this all-time great book. Like I said in other reviews, I only review 5-starworthy books or better, this is better. If you get this book and GET IT. You'll know what I mean. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you're inspired by it. Because I mean every word of it sincerely.

    Captain Josh....more info
  • The Master Key System
    When you follow the seminars as they instruct, and connect with your spirit, your life will be transformed. There will be no limits to what you can accomplish....more info
  • Before The Secret
    Great book though it is not a "quick" read. Meant for each chapter to be read in weekly installments, which is a good idea overall to absorb the information. Worth it to know a more indepth proseperity philosophy....more info
  • Showing its age
    You must bear in mind when this book was written and if you are researching the development of self-help books then it will no doubt interest you.
    However if you are looking of anything to inspire you, then perhaps your money would be better spent on many other titles on Amazon's shelves.
    The style and format of this book renders it almost unreadable to the normal reader. It repeats the same lines and thoughts ad infinitum and is full of the most out of date pseudo-scientific clap trap that you will ever come across.
    Statements made earlier in the book take on the status of "facts" in later chapters. It seems that if Charles thinks of it, then it is true, because he was successful. If you count, conning people into investing in Eucalyptus tree plantations for furniture manufacture and vineyards that don't produce enough grapes, as success, then that is your decision.
    There was for me a certain entertainment in reading this old Snake Oil salesman's tilt at established religion which earned the banning of his book by the Church. No doubt this was the reason for many of the books sales.
    Again if you think it will improve your life - don't bother
    ...more info
  • Terrific Book for Law Of Attraction Fans
    I'm really enjoying my time with "The Master Key System," going through one chapter each week as is recommended. Its exercises for developing one's abilities with meditation, visualization and focus are really good. I've underlined many passages and enjoy revisiting them. I think this book can be very beneficial and is definitely worth reading....more info
  • The Master Key System
    This is an excellent book for organizing your mind to reach your goals. I think the information has also allowed me to remain calm in stressful situations and think things through......more info
  • The master key system
    Well I am into my third week with this book. It can not be read like a normal book since each chapter represents a lesson.So far I am having fun with the book. The exercises are very helpful and I am learning all about how much we need to be able to control our thoughts. I am learning things about my self I never new. I think it is a great book and could be of great help to those who want to have a more focus mind. God knows this is something we can all do with....more info
  • The Most Practcal handbook in your home
    Charles Haanel was brilliant, not only for his time, but all of his principles apply today and will continue to be a masterpiece in the future.The Master Key worked so well for the people who really applied the principles in his book, that it was banned by the Church in the 1930's.He originally wrote his 24 lessons for a group of business associates that requested he teach them what he was doing to be so successful in his business. When they found how well it worked for them, they requested he not let the general public in on their little "secret", and so, Charles only taught his methods to a select group for several years until he finally decided he should publish these principles of abundant living to anyone that would listen to the message. It didn't take long for the church to catch wind of what was going on, thereafter banning his book.That is why Haanel was not one of better known "New Thought" writers. Only after the 50th anniversary of his death, were the copyrights available to be published again. Don't miss out on a wonderful lesson for living! This is a terrific book! It can change your life....more info
    The book gives an excellent insight on the law of attraction.You can understand very qickly why people like Donald Trump became rich and famous.
    "The Master Key System" leeds you throught the 24-weeks proces of understanding the Universe and its law.The Laws so powerful they can change your life forever....more info
  • The Master Key System
    This is one of the most powerful books ever written for those seeking to increase or find... both mental and spiritual power. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest books ever written for those in search of self development and spiritual growth. This is not a novel... it is a course for self development and spiritual power. I will be forever grateful to Chalres Haanel for the knowledge he has givem to me and mankind in this blessed work. Buy it (while you can), if you are not ready for it now, keep it, until you are in the right spiritual frame of mind.. to understand it....more info
  • This book is powerful
    This book is very powerful. Don't read it as a regular book. This is a workbook. You read each part several times a week and meditate on what you read. Your mind does the rest. Very much worth any money spent on it. If you want to read some free books similiar to this go to my site Http:// info
  • super
    I am surprised that this book was not written by a philospher or a new-thought practitioner but by an ordinary businessman. He was truly a genius and this, to me, is the best self-help book we can find today. It will survive for ages and should be read by every thoughtful person. It ought to be translated into other languages...more info
  • The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel
    Ever wanted the 'answer' to really understanding how to bring success into your life? The Master Key System is the nearest thing you'll find to one. In this masterly and insightfull piece written over 90 years ago, Charles Haanel reveals the secrets to realising our greatness by providing the keys to total success in life - physically, mentally and spiritually. Before reading the Master Key I had read many of the well known classics of personal growth like: Think and Grow Rich (Napoloen Hill), The Power of Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale) and The Magic of Thinking Big (David J. Schwartz). However I found none so fundamentally to the point and enlightening as the Master Key. I immediately liked the Master Key over all the others because it was so factual and practical, with a total absence of hyperbole. There is no 'the secret speaks to those who listen' treatment here, just the plain facts - and the fundamental methods to make it work for you. It did for me! The profound yet succinct treatment of such a complex subject leaves you in no doubt that you are reading the truth. Whats more, the structure of the book is very much geared around a working manual. Each chapter is a short weekly lesson with a practical exercise, successivly building upon the previous one, to take you logically through the total growth process. I found this structured pace very easy to work into my normal life. By the end you WILL understand how to use your power within to improve your life permenantly. Those looking for the one book to provide the key to making their life a success... this is it! This re-edited publication of The Master Key System (by Anthony R. Michalski) has been meticulously produced to be totally authentic to Charles Haanel's now extremely rare original....more info
  • A must read
    This is a fantastic book that will take you on a mental journey and, if you are mentally prepared, change your life forever....more info
  • The Master Key System
    I found this book after watching the movie The Secret. It is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone who desires to grow in life. The 24 week course laid out in the book, will assist you in developing your inner abilities, such as the ability to visualize and since our mind thinks in pictures, it is a wonderful tool to develop.
    This is a great book. ...more info
  • Most effective
    This book is well written and to the point. The author does not attempt to cloud any of the processes with dogma or rituals. He in fact explains in very plain language how to create your own world according to your own desires in accordance with your level of discipline in attaining your goals. I for one find this book invaluable in that it is always there to remind that my mind can and does control my actions and my outcomes. I would recommend that everyone read this book. ...more info
  • Great
    I am starting week 5 of this book. I swear doors are opening and answers to things are just coming out of nowhere. It seems people are beginning to be drawn to me more also. I tried reading the book at 19 and the language was too difficult and complex to grasp, so that could be the problem many readers faced earlier. Later in life it makes sense. You need to read slowly and grasp the exercises. I can't imagine all of the things to be gained by week 24. Defiantly worth the [...]. ...more info
  • Sage Wisdom at its finest! Nani Aki Linder Author Cross Cultural Approach to Leadership Success
    A friend first sent me this book about two years ago. I was delighted to see as I read that wisdom as expressed by C.F. Haanel is actually ancient wisdom of multi-cultures. It is facinating to note that much of what he expresses are from aboriginal as well as oriental cultures. His depth of knowledge is remarkable. The exercises scientifically back up what many people have thought to be mysterious or magic. His way of teaching is easy to follow. The exercises very astute. Anyone who is interested in awakening the power of the mind, reaching their own path to enlightenment and deeper success would be well advised to read the entire series. Nothing works however unless you do so be prepared to apply the laws of the universe. ...more info
  • Difficult to understand for the laymen
    This is an excellent book if you are versed in the "law of attraction" thought process. If not, i would not recommend this before reading a preview of the basics in the "law of attraction." ...more info
  • A book from early 1900s that can change your life!
    Charles F. Haanel was a successful business man who discovered that spiritual life is a key to success in everything you do. He proved that what is happening outside is in a direct relation to what is taking place in your consciousness.

    When the Master Key was published, it was one of those books that successful business men wanted out of the market. They didn't want people to read this book as its truths would help anyone to overcome limitations.

    The rumor is that when Bill Gates was just a student, he read this book and utilized its truths. Rest is history.

    I have read this book - it is divided in chapters that have introductions and numbered paragraphs to study. It starts from understanding the principles of your conscious mind and its power and advances to utilizing these principles.

    As you put in use what the author explains in this volume, you will start seeing substantial changes in your reality. In many ways, Charles was so much ahead of his time. Even today most profilic business coaches such as Antohony Robbins etc. do not admit the fact that your life is in your control 100%. We are taught that we are at the mercy of externals, but it ain't so.

    In many ways, Charles F. Haanel is the most outstanding business coach there has ever been. Way before current business coaches who incorporate spiritual life and business, he did it. If you are an owner of major company -- have every employee of your company to read this book and utilize it in their daily routines. Your company will become the new success story. That is for sure.

    Why am I giving just 4 stars for such an outstanding book? Well that is because the volume is rather long. I think the central message of this book could have been condensed into 60 pages -- but instead the author goes on and on for several hundred pages. On the other hand -- this does ensure that everyone grasps the principles involved in creating success.

    Does it work? Yes it does. Why do some people fail? Well, they just read this book but don't put in use its truths. For some it is difficult to understand or believe that your life is just a mirror that is telling you what you are in your consciousness. Think you have a problem, and one will surface. Think you have a solution and it is as well yours. Fair game....more info

  • Unlock Any Door
    It's elementary, my dear might conclude, and surely enough be correct, upon having completed this book. But, sometimes what should be most obvious is the most difficult to grasp.

    The bottom line to the message in this critically important book is that it's within our power to live the life we choose to live. We take this at face value, yet fail to apply this great truth to mold our lives. Why is this so? I think it's due to our own resignation to 'believe' that we can truly be as we choose to believe to begin with.

    Perhaps we've been too jaded by messages and suggestions that we're not worthy, and are 'destined' to be less than we can dream. The sources of such messages is not important, eliminating their negative influence is all-important. This book will help you accomplish this and much, much more.

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