Fisher-Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad

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Product Description

The Easy-Link Internet Launchpad offers Internet environments that allow children to play games without venturing into other areas online. Parents simply connect it to their computer using the included USB cable to allow kids to safely visit preschool-appropriate Web sites and play online games. Kids can plug their favorite character figures into the Launchpad and be taken directly to that character's website.

Once a character is plugged in, kids are only allowed to visit pages on that Web site until they plug in a different character, keeping them away from unsafe sites and unable to get into your computer files. Each game can be played using your computer's current mouse and the arrow keys on the Easy-Link Internet Launchpad. When parents want to go back to normal computer use, they can simply enter a passcode to turn the Easy-Link off.

Launchpad comes with three Easy-Link figures: Elmo, Dragon Tales and a cute Fisher-Price character. Eight additional Easy-Link Figures sold separately. Measures 10.5"L x 10.5"W x 6"H.

The Internet can be a nightmare for parents -- especially for parents with small children. Making the Internet a healthy, appropriate, and fun place for pre-schoolers, the Fisher-Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad helps connect kids directly to the official Web sites of their favorite characters. Designed for children ages three and up, this launch pad is easy to use and safe for your kids -- and the family computer!

The launch pad lets you keep your child from visiting inappropriate and unsafe sites.

Kids just plug in a smart key to automatically launch the games and activities.
Familiar Friends
The Easy Link Launch Pad includes three popular child-safe and durable plastic figures -- Elmo from Sesame Street, two dinosaurs from The Wiggles, and a Fisher-Price dog. Each character works as a direct key to its own Web site. When Elmo is plugged into the launch pad, children are immediately transported to the games section of Eight other familiar Easy Link character smart keys are available for purchase separately.

Peace of Mind
Because the Fisher-Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad blocks access to other Internet sites, links, and pop-ups, kids can connect to these interactive Web sites all by themselves, without you having to worry that they're visiting other innappropriate or unsafe sites. The only way for your child to navigate to another Web site is by inserting a different Easy Link character. To get back to normal computer use, you simply input a password and the the Easy Link program turns off. Parents can also rest assured that their computer is secure, as the launch pad also blocks access to your desktop and hard drive.

Super Simple
Kids easily learn to play games on their favorite Web sites using the computer's mouse and arrow keys on the launch pad. Setting up the Easy Link system is easy. Simply connect the launch pad to the computer's USB port and install the software from the included CD-ROM. Not compatible with Mac computers, the Easy Link Internet Launch Pad requires Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, or Vista; a 750 MHz processor; a USB 1.1 port, 128 MB of RAM, and an Internet connection.

What's in the Box
Easy Link Internet Launch Pad, CD-ROM software, USB cable, and three character smart keys.

  • The Easy Link Internet Launch pad makes it easy for kids to visit preschool appropriate websites to play online games!
  • It connects easily to your computer via USB and when kids plug a character figure into the Easy Link Internet Launch pad, they are taken directly to that character's website.
  • Once a character is plugged in, kids are only allowed to visit pages on that website until they plug in a different character, keeping them away from unsafe websites and from getting into your computer's files.
  • Kids play the online games on the different websites by using your computer's current mouse and the arrow keys on the Easy-Link Internet Launch pad.
  • 3 easy link figures included are Elmo, Dragonland, and Fisher-Price. (8 additional Easy-Link figures sold separately) When parents want to go back to normal computer use, they can enter a pass code to turn the Easy Link off.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fabulous Toy!!!
    I bought this for my 4 year old son and even though he is very much advanced beyond this as far as computer knowledge, this is a GREAT tool for him to use while I can't be right next to him to monitor his internet time. Lots of educational games at some of his favorite websites. VERY EASY installation. Updates regularly. He absolutley loves it!! The only thing that I wish it would be able to do is allow us to add our own "favorites" of other websites, such as Nick Jr. and Noggin, and have them open in a browser free window like the others do. I highly recommend Easy Link for those parents who want to give their kids a jump start on the basics of the computer, such as getting them used to using a mouse and keyboard. An excellent product all the way around!...more info
  • Great Idea...could use some improvements
    The idea of this product is a GREAT one. It takes you to existing PBS websites... but it makes it so your child can't get into other websites or files on your computer without a password. You can also set it up so printing can only be done with a password. The characters are a bit hard to snap into the product also. My son really likes it - picking out the character and exploring the different activities. I think Fisher Price should design websites that are specifically for use with this product - I mean... no ads and so everything works. By going to the existing site, it won't allow some things to work (one that I recall for sure is the Dragon Tales music section - it requires Real Player and a pop-up which the product won't allow. It doesn't give a message it just makes the error alert noise and will not work. There are other things like that that do not work, but I don't recall the specifics on all of them.) Also there are advertisements on some of the - the links don't actually work, but I find it annoying. After purchasing a product, you shouldn't have to look at ads.

    I really really think it would be great if Fisher Price made the site custom and made it even more child friendly with easy to follow instructions for a 3 year old (the product says it is for ages 3 and up). It would actually not be that hard to convert the existing websites into something customized for users of this product.

    The parent should definitely be there with the child when using the computer... but the child likes to be able to be independent about knowing how to work the sites and all of that. So a few simple modifications to the existing stuff would really make it so much better.

    Great Idea
    Makes the Internet a safe place for children
    Password Protected
    You can even set a time limit

    I have found that several of the sites it takes the child to, have "URL blocked" for some of the activities/features. Making some of the features/activities/songs not work.
    There are advertisements on some of the sites.
    For a 3 year old the instructions aren't very clear. Like the instructions are written and not spoken and not something that a small child could do easily....more info
  • Absolutely Awesome!
    We ordered this product to replace a Leap Frog system that we could not get to work. I love this game system! We were potty training at the time and after our son watched the Elmo video on stopping what you are doing and going to the bathroom, he started following suit. It was very easy to load and we have not had any glitches in the games. Do not be fooled by buying other games from Ebay. If you go directly to Fisher Price's website you can find games for seven dollars. Overall, we love this game system and recommend it to our friends. ...more info
  • ok, would not recommend it, but enjoyed the reviews
    First, I wish I would have read all these reviews prior to buying this toy. I bought it for my 3 year old. I did find it odd not able to download the software that came on the cd. I feel the firewall was my biggest problem with installation. I loaded it on my 10 year olds lap top, so they could play it together. There were some problems loading and very poorly written instructions, but after a second attempt and disabling security, it was a sucess. Until the next day, my daughter was working on a reading project in word and received the horrific windows blue screen fatal error that said to uninstall any recently installed programs. She lost some of her work. I uninstalled the program and it's been a week with no further problems. I will attempt to install it again on our family desktop but I have my concerns. Overall, my money would have been better spent buying her a couple more vsmile TV plug in play games that my 3 year old prefers anyway....more info
  • Nice toy...
    My 3 year old calls this his internet...It's perfect because it is the only thing he can play with on the computer and he can't mess with any of my programs. We gave him his own account on our computer and it makes him feel special....more info
  • Simply amazing
    Fisher-price has themselves a winner with this product!

    My 3 year old daughter can now surf the internet without needing any assistance. If you have a young kid you understand how important it is at their age to "do it myself". It couldn't be an easier concept: insert a character key into the slot and your computer brings up the specific website. When she gets bored with one, in goes another character key and on to the next site. The best part is that once a "key" is inserted, the browser is locked to those sites. My daughter will not accidentally hit any buttons and get explicit content.

    She is learning lots of basic computer skills while having a fantastic time. The websites have lots of educational games, stories, and activities. Now I just hope that they continue to put out more smart keys (like Curious George), but it seems that there are no shortage of them right now. This is easily one of her favorite toys, and nothing makes a parent feel better then watching their kid have fun while learning. Just don't tell her she's learning!

    I can't recommend this enough to anyone with children 3 and up....more info
  • two Easy Links and Still Not Working...need help
    I purchased this item (PBS version) for my son for Xmas, installed it on our HP Laptop w/Win XP/Verizon HighSpeed Internet & VRZN Internet Security Suite. Software was there and working properly but the EasyLink hardware isn't recognized on any of the USB ports when plugged in. When I plug the EasyLink USB in to my laptop the light on the EasyLink blinks once and goes off. So I returned this one that they did not have any more and picked up the Disney version and installed it, same trouble persisted. Whenever I plug this in it doesn't show up in any of the USB ports. All firewalls had been disabled. Any one that can help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Anxious to get this going for my son....more info
  • toddler couldn't wait to open it
    I have yet to use this product as my son is too young for the activities. He has however been carrying the box around the house because Elmo is on it....more info
  • Thrilled!
    I am thrilled with this product! My daughter is 3-years old, and she often spends time with me at work as the day comes to an end, and I need something to keep her occupied for the last hour or so. This "toy" is perfect! I set her up on my co-worker's computer, and she can't access anything on the hard drive! She simply moves the character's website she wants to visit to the middle position on the control panel, and right away, she's directed to the site! She just clicks away with the mouse and goes everywhere she wants to. She sees me check my email often, so she types away on the keyboard as well, and it doesn't effect the webpage that's up, or any other information on the computer. We simply loaded the software, plugged in the USB, and we were up and running! Thank you for a wonderful product!...more info
  • They loved it so much, I bought 3!
    I first bought one for my 3 year old daughter. She is on it everyday! She loved it! So I bought one for my 5 year old niece and 6 year old nephew. They both loved theirs as well! Each figure takes them to a different website. Some games are just for fun and some are geared toward learning something. But, even the fun ones are actually teaching them to use a mouse and keyboard. As far as durability goes, my 3 year old is pretty rough on the "keys" while taking them in and out (the keys tend to be a little tough to pull out and put in) but they have lasted for her. None have broken on her or the others that I bought. I would reccommend this to everyone!...more info
  • One of the best new toys this year!!!
    I was so happy to see this toy in the store...a parents dream come true!! I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old who both LOVE to play games on the compuer. This makes mine and their job so easy!! All they have to is pick witch character they would like to play and put it into the slot to bring up that character website and they can start playing. My kids are constantly wanting to switch games and yelling for mommy to help them now they can do it themselves!! this product is an A+ ALL THE WAY!! I am now hoping it takes off and fisher price comes out with more easy link characters!! ...more info
  • Frustrating unless child's mouse abilities are VERY good
    My 3 yo son gets very frustrated by this toy bc the games require him to move the mouse into a pretty small area, and he is not that adept at the mouse yet. There aren't very many activities that do NOT require mouse usage, and it doesn't tell you before you purchase them which don't.

    Also, some of the 'keys' are geared towards different age groups. For instance, the Arthur games are better for a much older age group than the ones on the 'Fisher Price Dog' key. But ALL of them say '3 and up'. There are whole paragraphs to read on some of the Arthur games, which of course my 3 yo can't do. I have 5 of the keys and I have only found ONE game that uses the keyboard instead of the mouse.

    I think I am going to put the whole system away for a while until he can click on a very specific target with the mouse. :-(
    ...more info
  • FP - Easy Link Internet Launch Pad

    I got this for my 3.8 years old son - who loves to play on the 'kid' websites... but I was always worried about him downloading something undesirable (virus) because he is so click happy... with this launch pad - I am worry free once I have logged him in... he is locked into just the websites the 'keys' will launch. The keys launch educational website games - so its all win-win! Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Easy link
    This product is one of the best things I have ever bought for my nephew. He not only is learning a lot from the sites he has access to but I no longer have to worry about him getting into my files or accidently erasing some of my music(again). If you have an active child that you want to be able to play games and have access to fun activities on some safe sites and not worry about your computer files or pop ups then this would be a great purchase for you. ...more info
  • Excellent idea but do not buy the extra figurines!
    Product works most excellent; but you can save alot of money by editing the XML file that picks which website to open based on the 3 included characters. It is in the directory where it is installed. you can edit it with notepad and change the url's. This will save you money by not buying more plug-ins.

    Great idea; but charging so much for extra add-ons is insane. Anyone can reprogram the websites for each plug-in. It is that easy. Save your money and learn to use notepad!

    Good choise for young-uns! ...more info
  • Great Toy!
    I bought this toy for my 1 1/2 year old daughter. She is stil la little small for it but we have had lots of fun with this product. As she gets older she will be able to do more on her own with out help. This toy is educational. Right now teaching ABCs and Numbers. ...more info
  • Nice internet toy for a toddler - Some keys do not work though.
    I bought this off Amazon for my son for Christmas. My son loves it, but we've just emailed Amazon because the Dog and the Dragon Tale key do not work. We also purchased the Wiggles and Barney keys. The "mousepad" is not the greatest ours had a big air bubble in it. It also doesn't actually connect to the station. It just sits in a hole. Overall a good $12.00 spent. ...more info
  • mothers helper
    I would highly recommend this toy. I have a 3 year old and she loves it. She could control it all by herself and I don't have to constantly watch her when she uses it, because she can't do anything but go to the characters websites. Its the only christmas toy that she consistently goes back to. This toy is also very durable, my daughter constantly bangs on the characters and so far they are holding up very well....more info
  • Wonderful product!
    We bought this for our 3 year old son for Christmas, and he absolutely loves it! The system is easy for him to use without much assistance from us. In fact it hardly took him any time to learn how to use it, and how to navigate the different sites. If he wants to switch to something different, it's as simple as plugging in a different key. It takes him straight there. I agree with what some of the other reviews say in that the keys can be a little bit tough to plug in, but this toy is obviously durable. It's one that I believe will stand up to lots of use over the next few years. I also love the fact that all other sites are blocked, and parts of the software are password protected so my son can't accidentally access something he shouldn't.

    This toy does come with some software that will have to be downloaded onto your system, but is easy if you have the correct specifications on your computer.

    I would highly recommend this toy to any parent looking for something both fun and educational for their child! ...more info
  • Fantastic
    I received this toy very prompt. I was estatic when it arrived WAY before Christmas. We ordered on the the 18th it was here...including the weekend. I looked everywhere for a great deal on this item. The particular day I purchased it off this site it was $9.99...very pleased!! We set it up on our PC and it loaded very easily...very little computer skills are necessary to load this program. This will be exciting to watch our toddler(3)and pre schoolers(4 and 5) explore the internet kiddie style!! My only concern is that the character plug ins wont be able to handle the abuse by pre school standards..and the connection site with the characters wont handle the kiddie "man" handling..but we havent tested it yet! great service! we'll be back!!!...more info
  • The kids love it!
    I have two boys, 6 and 3, and they absolutely love this thing! There are a ton of puzzles and different activities that they can do. We bought the Bob the builder and Thomas pieces extra, but totally worth it. I would recommend this to anyone with little kids. I even bought one for my nephew....more info
  • best money i've spent in a long time!
    I can't recommend this high enough! I've receommended it to all my friends with small children. I've been hesitant to let me 2 1/2 year old onto the computer because he would "click" everything and go into files that he shouldn't. All that has been eliminated and he played on it for 3 1/2 hrs the first time!!!...more info
  • We love this toy!
    I bought the FP Easy Link for my 3yo this Christmas. At that time, he had no idea how to use a mouse. Now, just one month later, he's a pro. He is learning how to spell, how to count/add, how to navigate the web (safely, I might add) and how computers can help us. I can't say enough about how nicely this particular toy has fit into our lives. I'd much rather have him playing with this than watching TV (even kid-friendly TV like PBS). He's interacting with the characters that he knows and loves and learning at the same time. What more could parents want?...more info
  • Parental peace of mind and sense of freedom for the children
    We are really glad we purchased this product. Previously when our children were on a website, if we weren't directly supervising them every moment, they would inadvertently click on a pop-up or access other areas of our computer causing problems. They also loved to print EVERY page they created, running our ink low. This has given us the peace of mind knowing that we can leave our children with this and they will not be subjected to pop-ups, cannot go to any other sites, cannot access the rest of our computer and cannot print if we don't want them to. We set the timer for the amount of time we want them to be on and it automatically stops when the time's up. If they want to print something they have to ask. It gives them the sense of freedom and responsibility they crave- they don't have us over their shoulder all the time, they can switch to different sites simply by picking a different "character key" to plug in and they're really enjoying it. My 8 year old was skeptical she would like it because of the "baby" sites, but she's found she really loves it- especially since her time on any site was limited and infrequent before due to all the beforementioned concerns we had. We have an 8 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old and they've all been able to use it and enjoy it without problems. I highly recommend this- especially for the price. I would like for the company to come out with "keys" we can program to go to other sites we want them to be able to get on- I suspect this will be an option soon- hope so!...more info
  • Great fun
    My daughter thoroughly enjoys this. She keys do take a bit of "oomph" to place, but she has no problem with that. She moves from game site to game site with ease. She really loves this. My only complaint I have with this is the same complaint I have with websites geared towards this age and that is more of the "options" should be verbalized. Kids this age generally can't read and having options without a mouseover "voice" can be frustrating. But this isn't Fisher Price's problem. I do wish, however, that Fisher Price will start to release the Disney keys seperately. I don't wish to buy another whole system to just get the Disney keys.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This is great for my 4 year old. I love the timer on it in the parental controls area. It keeps my computer safe from stray clicks. My son is happy learning and playing with his favorite characters. Highly recommend. :)...more info
  • Nice Product
    We purchased this product for our 4 year old for Christmas. He loves playing children's games on our computer, so we thought he would love this. He loves it! I would only recommend this product if your child knows how to navigate on the computer (using the mouse, etc) The only thing I don't like is that you have to type in a password each time you go to use it and you have to type it again when you exit. Children this age don't know what a password is, let alone able to type one in....more info
  • Great Idea
    I bought this for my 4 year old son. He really likes it and I love that it locks the rest of my computer. He loves going to the kid websites and playing. Many of the websites have ads on them one click and he is off to a place he shouldn't be. The launch pad locks all of those, he simply gets a ding when he tries to click on them and he goes on to something else. The launch pad also has nice parent controls like turning on/off the printer and setting a timer. It does have limits though you can only go to those 3 websites. Fisher-Price has already put out three more double packs to expand the product. ...more info
  • Fisher-Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad
    One of the best items purchased for my grandchild. Easy to set-up and easy to use. Very educational and fun....more info
  • Excellent for teaching computer skills
    I have 2 daughters age 4 and 5 and I have had a difficult time just trying to teach them basic computer skills i.e., move the mouse and click here. With this toy it came so easy to them and they are having fun learning pre-school activities. Other than having to get a software update from FP before we used it I thought it was easy to set up. The best thing is that I can leave the room and trust that they are not corrupting any data on my hard drive. Once they are in Easy Link program it is impossible for them to get to any other files or programs without a parent password. ...more info
  • Great Idea! Great Toy!
    I'm excited to write the first review for this product. I picked this up over the weekend for my son who is a few days shy of 3. He loves, loves, loves it! This is a great idea for anyone who shares their computer with a littler one. I purchased both the base unit as well as one expansion pack with Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder keys. Each website has multiple activities for varying ages and skill levels. I love that this thing browses the assigned websites in an adapted format for kids without all the difficult scroll bars, popups and useless links. It does utilize the forward, back, home and refresh buttons that will familiarize them with other browsers.
    These sites are full of activities that your child can explore and you don't have to panic if they are left unattended. The unit will not allow access to any other programs or settings on your PC or any other websites. That means, no more freeze ups from inadvertent clicks, no more lost info, changed settings, etc...
    I think my son will play with this toy for several years to come considering the large span of difficulty levels at each site.
    Definitely reccomended to anyone with a child 3 or older and I believe that my son would have played with this probably from about 2 and 1/2 since he was already playing other computer games at his skill level. ...more info
  • Fisher Price Launch pad
    This Fisher Price Launch pad is a great educational toy for on the computer. There are many things they can do with each character. The best thing is they have to know how to type in a password to get out of the site so they can't get on to the internet or mess up the computer. The Fisher Price Puppy is great for learning numbers and abc's. The little ones see and hear a letter and repeat it. Each character has different learning leasons puzzles, mazes, arcade, etc. I think it is a great learning toy. My grandkids are 1 & 2 and love it, even the older ones like playing on it. Fisher-Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad...more info
  • Great Toy Idea
    We got this for our Daughter's 3rd Birthday.
    As of yet We've just read the Lots' going on.
    We feel the restrictions early on will help us control her use later.
    We are excited to hook it up and see how it works.
    ...more info
  • Difficult for the younger ones
    My 3-year old twins have a difficult time working with the websites without lots of Mommy and Daddy help. Some of the games don't have a lot of sound, and require the user to know how to read what they are supposed to do next, or at least know how to click the "Play" buttons to start the game.

    Don't get me wrong though, this is a great idea. For older children, it certainly will keep them busy for a long time, but your younger children will get lost quickly if you don't help them along.

    My only complaint would be the mouse cursor isn't "kid friendly". It's tiny like a normal cursor, but that doesn't really draw a young child's attention like a much larger arrow could. You're left manipulating windows settings to get it larger if you want it, and even then that doesn't help that much....more info
  • My son knows how to use a computer so great now
    When i originally bought this item i wasn't too impressed since it went to websites you could get to normally if you just type in the web address. boy was i wrong to assume thats all this way. my son has come to know how to use a computer so well he impresses me everyday. he is able to get it started on his own with no help by inserting the plastic figures by himself and travels to all the different websites by simply taking one figure out and putting in the one he wants. tehre are so many games on there that he can learn from. they ask him to sort small from big, yellow from green, etc. yeah some dont have any learning value but A LOT do. he has so much fun he doesn't even kow he's learning. i was a little afraid that since he can't read(he's 3) he would have trouble navigating around. like when the screen asks him if he wants to play again, he knows to click it if he does. even though he can't read he navigates just as well as if he could. he usually spends 2 hours a day with this on and off. sometimes longer if we're inside all day. this gets his attention more than any other item he has. i would DEFINATELY BUY AGAIN!...more info
  • My 3 year old LOVES THIS
    This was such an awesome purchase. I have an extra laptop that my daughter uses and this makes it so much easier for her to get to her sites. She can completely operate this on her own and the password keeps her only on those sites. I picked up some of the extra links and the games are perfectly appropriate for her. I love it!!!

    Only down side is that the sites are limited. I wish there were some Nick Jr. Characters like Dora or lazy town. ...more info
  • great
    This works great and keeps your kids for going to the wrong place. My son is three and he loves it. He is able to get on and play and I do not have to be concerned about anything inappropriate popping up....more info
  • The boys love it!
    I bought this for my 3yr old nephew for Christmas. He loves to play on it. We put a sticker on the mouse so he'd know where to click, and he understands how to move the arrow on the screen. Once you've played a game with him, he can do it by himself. His 2yr old brother likes to stand and watch him play. My sister has to limit the time they spend on the computer now. The feature that keeps them off the internet or computer programs without an adult password is awesome so you don't have to worry about them messing up your system.
    The boys know how to change the characters to switch games and we just purchased the other characters (on ebay and walmart clearance) too.
    We haven't had any problems with it, and I think it's better than just watching tv because they learn shapes,and colors, and other tools....more info
  • a few kinks but worth it
    this is definetly a must have for any parent with a toddler. it's easy to install and easy to operate. just a few qualms tho. it's not mac compatible as of yet. you need to make sure you have the latest version of flash and shockwave installed. the pattern on the mouse pad messes around with optical.( i just use a regular mouse pad). now if you are tech save you can just go to the actual kids' websites but this is a definite must have if you don't want your kids accidentally deliting files on your desktop. the 5-30 dollars per key set is worth the trouble of entertaining and educating, and especially distracting your toddler without destroying ur computer. ...more info
  • Wonderful
    I think this is a great product so far! We haven't used it a ton, but it does what it says and keeps my kids where they should be. I am a bit concerned though since I tried to buy extra guys after christmas and everything seems to be gone and clearanced out (even here on Amazon). I really hope they aren't doing away with it!
    My only complaint is that it has a tiny little "work" window that should fill the whole screen, but is only about 1/4 of it. My newly 3 year old has trouble keeping the mouse in that little window. I assume this is for people who use lower resolutions on their monitors. Other than that I really love it!...more info
  • The best internet safe toy ever!
    I wish I had discovered the Easy Link system a year ago (before my son discovered free game downloads, which are NOT always what I want!) Easy Link is the coolest! It makes the internet SAFE for children while they totally enjoy themselves, and have control over which (safe) children's websites they want to visit. I bought one, then two more! I highly recommend this product! Great for ages 2 to 9 in my household!...more info


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