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  • Cute but gross
    DON'T WATCH THIS AND EAT....more info
  • enjoyable & educational
    We liked this movie, it was educational for my 11 year old and he also enjoyed it. I was hoping that it would expain a little more in detail some of the roles of the "clean up crews"....more info
  • Eh...
    Well, personally, I thought it was pretty gross but maybe other people liked it. It wasn't funny. There were some kinda sad attempts at jokes that didn't work out, and all in all it was pretty much a gross walk-out movie....more info
  • One of The Best Animated Films Ever Made
    This Live-Action/Animated Adventure Follows Frank, A Slob Who One Day Eats An Egg That's Been Caught In A Chimp's Mouth and Landed on The Ground. Inside His Body, A Virus Named Thrax is On The Loose in His Body. Now It's Up To The Help of A White Blood Cell Cop Named Osmosis Jones and A Cold Pill Named Drix To Stop Trax From Killing Frank Within 48 Hours.

    OSMOSIS JONES is Probly One of The Absolute Best Animated Films Ever Made. Though The Trailers Advertise A Family Film, It's Definatly NOT A Family Film, and I'm Kind of Shocked It Wasn't Rated PG-13.

    The Live-Action Cast Aren't As Good As What The ANIMATED VOICE Cast Brings To The Film, But Still Bring The Carecters To Life. The LIVE-ACTION Cast Includes Bill Murray (From GROUNDHOG DAY) as Frank, Molly Shannon (Who Later Did EVAN ALMIGHTY) as Shan's (Frank's Daurghter) Teacher, and Chris Elliot (From THE MASK) as Bob, Frank's Best Friend.

    The ANIMATED VOICE Cast Is One of The Best Voice-Over Cast Ever and They Really Bring The Carecters To Life. They Include Chris Rock (Who Later Did MADAGASCAR) as Osmosis Jones, David Hyde Pierce (From BUG'S LIFE) as Drix, William Shatner (Who Later Did OVER THE HEDGE) as The Mayor, and The Best Out of Them All, Lauance Fishburne (From MATRIX) as The Virus Thrax.

    The Animation is A Combination of 2D and CGI and It's Absolutly Realistic.

    OSMOSIS JONES is A Must-See Film For Older Kids and Adults of All Ages.

    Also Recommended



    Bill Nye the Science Guy: Human Body.

    -Commentary By Animation Directors PIET KROON and TOM SITO, Writer MARC HYMAN, and Producer ZAK PENN.
    -Frank's Gross Anatomy
    -HBO First Look
    -Voice Recording Sessions
    -Deleted Scenes

    The Commentary For OSMOSIS JONES is Another Great Commentary and It's Really worth Spending 95 Minutes Listining To Pepole Who Made The Film. Frank's Gross Anatomy is An Interactive Adventure That Make You Relive ''Gross'' Moments in The Film. The HBO First look is Another Great Making-of That's Worth Watching For 15 Minutes. The Voice Recordings Are Great As Well. The Deleted Scenes Are NOT, and For Once It Makes Sense Why Thay Were Deleted, Mainly It Wasn't That Good, Accturally Only One of Them Was Good.

    Overall Ratings:
    DVD-4.5/5...more info
  • One Cell Of A Movie!
    This is one cell of a movie! It's funny too, including the cast: Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce, Brandy Norwood, William Shatner, Ron Howard, Molly Shannon, Chris Elliot, and Bill Murray. I like the part where Ozzy says, "In the name of the Immortal James Brown, GET DOWN!" I give it a ***** (5 out of 5)....more info
  • "The dude was sick before I got here"
    Frank (Bill Muary) is a slob, and his eatting habits are just gross. Frank eats a dirty egg from the zoo. Inside the egg, a deadly virus named Thrax (Laurence Fishburne) who wished to make medical history by killing Frank. Enter Osomois Jones (Chris Rock) and Drips...err...Drix (David Hyde Pierce). Jones is a white blood cell and Drix is over-the-counter cold pill. Drix and Osomois Jones work together to stop Thrax....more info
  • funny
    this was a very funny movie. that has a great cast. and chris rock is hilarious from this movie....more info
  • good
    peter farrelly's osmosis jones is one of the funniest movies of 2001. that has bill murray and chris rock. ...more info
  • good movie
    I bought this to show to middle school students when we were studing the cells. It was a fun way to present the material I wanted to present....more info
  • Funny, plenty of adult humor, not quite young kid friendly
    This is a great movie, full of puns, inuendo's and one liners that only being inside a human body could pull off. It is about a lonely white blood cell named Osmosis Jones (played by kid rock) who is on a body wide search of a suspect virus that no one believes he has seen. Drex (David Hyde Pierce) is the fast talking, proper cold aid who, after seeing the commitment Jones has, joins him in the search for Thrax (Lawrence Fishburn). Bill Murry plays the host body, along with Chris Elliot as his best friend.
    This movie has plenty of twists and turns, and the thrills of a live action police movie. It is relatively medically acruate too. The reason that it is PG-13 is due to some of the semi-violence, near to bad language, and the inuendos. Overall, a very funny movie, and if you watch this with a 9-10 year old and explain all of the puns, should be enjoyable for them too, but not really for anyone younger than that. ...more info
  • Not neccessarily appropriate for kids
    I bought this item on the suggestion of a student, who thought it might be good to show in our jr. high science class. I'm glad I previewed it first! I'd caution other teachers and parents on the amount of innuendo in this film... also, as a viewer myself, it just wasn't very engaging -- more depressing than anything else....more info
  • It's unimpressiveness is impressive...
    ...this movie was a huge mistake. The audience I saw it with was largely quiet and seemed as uninvolved in it as I was. About the only thing going for it is the vocal talent (Rock, Fishburne, Pierce, Shatner) but even that ended up being disappointing.

    The concept just doesn't work. There's a major disconnect between the live action sequences with Frank (Bill Murray) in the real world (which make up perhaps 1/3 of the movie) and the animated sequences of what's going on inside his body. For me, this very cartoony anthropomorphic world of his internal organisms (the animation design reminds me of the Simpsons a little bit) just cannot possibly exist at all in the real world...yet we are supposed to believe that Frank's white blood cells look like Smurf/Bart Simpson hybrids and sound like Chris Rock...it was just impossible for me to suspend my disbelief as the film cuts back and forth between these two completely different universes.

    That said, I guess the filmmakers do what they can with it, the way they visualize the city of Frank (the inhabitants refer to his brain as Cerebellum Hall, the armpits are where all of the evil bacteria and viruses hang out and veins are shown as busy highways) is somewhat clever but, again, entirely too fantastic to exist in the real world. And then when these wholly disparate worlds collide, and the animated micro-organisms are literally travelling from one person to another AND THEN BACK AGAIN via phlegm and tears in the real world...well, that's when the impossible becomes TOTALLY LUDICROUS.

    And it doesn't help that all of the live-action actors (notably Murray, Molly Shannon and Chris Elliott) appear to just be collecting paychecks. Murray has achieved a new low here...I enjoyed his recent turns in `Rushmore' and `Charlie's Angels' but this is just plain embarrassing for him. The Farrelly brothers just must've told him to be as disgusting and slovenly as possible, which is fine I guess but that's all he has to do in this and what a waste of his talent. And the result is we just don't care about his character...he's repugnant and an idiot. So what if the Thrax (the virus) causes him to die? The audience feels no sympathy towards Murray and that is the fatal flaw of the film.

    And really, I expected more of Rock...there are a couple of scenes where it looks like he was able to improvise and do his thing but for the most part the filmmakers keep him on a pretty short leash and stick to the script, and I really think that an opportunity may have been missed there. Used properly, I think Rock could do great voice-overs for animated films.

    Oh yeah, one more thing...why can't a comedic film come out without some dumb film parody in it? You've seen the action in the Matrix parodied a million times already...well add another attempt (very feeble at that) to the list. It's really getting annoying, and pedestrian animated films like this one really have no new insights to add as far as that parody goes. They should leave that to more insightful programs such as Simpsons and South Park.

    One final note...I had this weird feeling when I walked out of the theater...as if the film just didn't work, and I knew the movie reminded me of another, but I couldn't remember what at first. Then it came to me...remember `The Last Action Hero'? That film left me with that same feeling, because Arnold Schwarzenneggar plays the role of a movie character that comes to life in the real world. It was just totally impossible to believe and renders the film - no matter how well it's done and how well everything else is conceived - toothless. And Osmosis Jones falls flat for the same reason. Audiences can suspend their disbelief...but only to a certain point....more info

  • Not for the squeamish!
    This is a movie that has lots of grossness to it, but there is a very good heart to (z)it. I suggest that you not eat before watching this movie because it is very gross, not as gross as Hannibal but still gross. Chris Rock was hilarious in this movie as was Bill Murray who was in only half of the movie. Well animated and directed, Osmosis Jones is a movie definitely for children, NOT adults. Rated PG for gross bodily humor....more info
  • Ridiculous entertainment does not equal great cinema
    Osmosis Jones is one of those movies you almost feel like you have to apologize for liking. Well, forget about it, because this is a very funny and downright entertaining movie with no class whatsoever!

    The scenes bounce between live acting and full animation, determined by whether we are outside or inside the body of Frank. The casting for this silly and peculiar movie was expertly chosen for both live and voice roles.

    Live, we have Bill Murray as Frank, in his most disgusting character since Caddyshack. Chris Elliot plays his brother Bob, and manages to challenge Murray in the "disgusting slob" category. Murray eats a hard boiled egg that landed in monkey doodoo, and thus introduces Thrax into his body, a red-death virus determined to take over Frank and kill him. (voiced by Laurence Fishburne)

    Inside of Frank, we go to the animation where Chris Rock is the voice of our hero, a white blood cell named Osmosis Jones. Jones is a detective for the City Of Frank, where William Shatner does the voice for Mayor Phlemming. Jones knows something is wrong, but the Mayor denies any illness could occur in Frank. But just to be safe, he "manually overrides" Frank and has him take a cold pill.

    Meet Drix, the huge and snotty cold pill, whose voice is played by David Hyde Pierce (Frazier's brother Niles). Jones and Drix make an unlikely team as they hunt down Thrax and try to stop him from killing Frank.

    Nothing is taboo here; they go to the nose and get caught up in the wave of snot when Frank's allergies act up, they travel to The Zit, Frank's hottest new club where Kidney Rock is playing (Kidd Rock), and Jones reminisces about the time he hit the "Panic Button" in Frank's stomach, causing him to vomit all over his daughter Shane's teacher. (played live action by Molly Shannon)

    Boogers, snot, vomit, farts, and zits; its all here. Ron Howard even does a guest voice as Tom Colonic, running for Mayor against Phlemming, who broadcasts his campaign commercial from The Bowels.

    This is visceral entertainment with a squishy feel to it, riotously funny and well endowed with toilet humor; silly campy comedy at its very best. In David Litton's excellent review below, he mentioned that this was a "Fun Time-waster". Indeed it is, David. Enjoy!...more info

  • Don't bother!
    Make that ZERO stars--rude and base. The kids I was watching with asked me to stop it after the first 5 minutes. Not at all clever or funny. Don't bother!...more info
  • Osmosis Jones
    I loved this movie, Chris Rock and David Hyde do a great job and Bill Murray is so funny, I could watch this movie over and over and never get tired of it....more info
  • Fun and educational
    Jumping between live action and animation, this movie is fun for kids and also explains a little about how the human body works.
    While folllowing a white blood cell (a cop named Osmosis Jones), and a cold pill he has been paired up with to help the human (Bill Murray) feel better as he gets what he feels is the cold. Later we find out a deadly virus is planning to take over.
    Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a fun movie, maybe with a few one liners geared towards slightly older kids. My 4yr old son loves this movie, and I think it helped him visualize what was happenning to me.
    I was diagnosed with Leukemia and I think he can relate the "bad guys" in the movie to the bad guys in me, and that I have "good guys" (and pills) in me fighting to save me.
    ...more info
  • Beautiful loser
    This terrific movie was doomed from conception. Most of those educated enough to appreciate the cleverness of the script (we're talking allusive, rapid-fire biology-based vaudeville here) are bound to bridle at the gross-out visual humor; most of those down with the gross-out aspect are likely be confounded or bored by the witty, wordy script. But somewhere in between will be a tiny, isolated coterie of pre-teen aliens for whom this will be the greatest movie ever. I hope they all eventually meet, interbreed, and take over the world. ...more info
  • Fast and Professional
    Great to do business with. I had a special request to ask of this seller, and they completed the transaction perfectly! Thank you!...more info
  • A one-of-a kind picture
    Osmosis Jones is a movie that is better than it looks. The story is halarious. The music great. And i loved how the movie was animation and real life. The only thing I didn't like was how the menu was setup, very confusing. But a funny movie with jokes the whole family can enjoy!...more info
  • more awful packaging
    I know most of my reveiws seem to ramble on abut the way things are packed, but this really makes me mad this dvd had a bonus cd sampler in it and the disc was all sticky and and gooey and in this day and age this is kind of scary. I don't know about the movie because I have yet to watch it and am thinking of returning it if it were not for the fact the people at the store would think I was a nut. Warner you also need to get out of the dvd iceage with those stupid snap cases.Please bw advised that this is a bad way to to pakage things and if the disc were on the back of the case like the tape it would have not been so bad....more info
  • pure stupid
    this is stupid and gross and nothing works in this movie. horrible I will say and BIl Murray is wasted as the man who Osmosis Jones and Drexel are in. maybe a little bit for kids but this one is so bad I had to keep my head from stop spinning it was so dumb and so is the end. from the Farrelly brothers and the guys from Space Jam. they couldve done a much better job. Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce, Kid Rock, Brandy and William Shatner do voices. Molly Shannon and Chris Elliott also star as well....more info
  • A smart animated movie
    Most people immediatly write this film off as a "gross out" movie, when in fact it's actually quite smart. They really go in depth with the inner workings of the body, and are pretty dead on scientifically. As someone who is very interested in anatomy and the body, I throughly enjoyed this movie....more info
  • Bad
    The live action-animation interaction was flwed; the Farrely Brothers can do better than "gross-out PG" comedy. They could make Dumb and Dumber, Something about Mary, and Kingpin style films. Their free fall continues. Say It isn't so! (Get it?)...more info
  • Use a Klenex Would You?
    Movie Summary: Osmosis Jones is a white blood cell in the body of Frank. He is a cop who defends Frank from invading germs. Frank is a disgusting human being who eats a hard boiled egg from the floor of a monkey's cage and in the process ingests a nasty virus named Thrax. Jones is the only cop who is on to Thrax's evil plan to kill Frank in record time. Jones gets help from an over the counter cold pill named Drix and together they fight to save Frank's life.

    My Opinion: The animated portions of the movie were entertaining and fun. The live action portions of the film were gross and not that funny. If it had been 95% animation, this would have been a lot better film. As it is, its audience would be mostly teen and pre-teen boys who are into the gross out humor. Bill Murray's character is disgusting and very hard to like. He doesn't treat his daughter very well. He comes across as very unsympathetic. In the animated portions, all the characters are well done. Chris Rock does an excellent job as Jones. He's funny and you end up rooting for him. David Hyde Pierce is perfect as Drix the cold pill. They make a surprisingly good team. Laurence Fishburne and William Shatner round out the excellent animated cast. If only they could have toned down the live action parts and made Frank more likable. Then we'd probably have a hit on our hands.

    DVD Quality: Video: Widescreen anamorphic - 2.35:1 Animation is very crisp and clear. Sound: DD 5.1 The dialog is quiet and the music is loud. Extras: Commentary, Trailers, Behind the Scenes Documentary, Deleted Scenes, Hidden Clip Menus: Average Animated Menus. This is a decent DVD release with a fair amount of extras.

    What You Should Do: Rent it if you've got some teen age boys in the house. The animated portion of the story is great, but the live action scenes can get pretty gross.

    Related Movies To Check Out: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Toy Story, Cool World...more info

  • Educational (Kinda!)
    I've been a 5th grade teacher for 5 years and have shown this movie each year as a reward after learning about the human body in science/health. The kids, for the most part, really enjoy it. There is just enough nasty stuff in there to gross them out - which they love! As a teacher, I just love the entire analogy of the story - every little cell in the body is working toward the same goal - keeping Frank alive. The kids like it, and I also enjoy it. There are some moments in there that are more adult humor that the kids don't even catch, so I'm able to get a laugh out of it. ...more info
  • Osmosis Ewww
    Fun to watch, until Bill Murray comes on screen. Word to the squeamish...you might want to close your eyes during his scenes. But the animation is very well done, and the dialogue is very funny if you follow closely....more info
  • Great Films for Children 5&UP
    This is a very clever film! A good introduction to the
    workings of the human body.
    And it manages to do that in a very entertaining way. Adults will
    find it very entertaining too.
    Bill murray plays a man with some medical problems, and the
    effects on his body are shown in animation. The members of
    his immune system are a lot of fun
    I've watched it several times and I continue to enjoy it....more info
  • Entertaining for kids
    As a Biology teacher I am always on the lookout for entertaining movies that allow me to bring real science into the classroom. Osmosis Jones has enough Human Biology to justify showing it, but I did not find it very interesting or factually relevant. Some students enjoyed it, but others were bored (the animation keeps it juvenile)....more info
  • If you're not a cartoon character, please leave the building
    When I first heard of this movie, I thought: how neat, a fun and educational way for kids to learn about how the human body works. I'm glad I watched it first on my own, though, because I'm not sure I'd let any children of my acquaintance watch this. At least not the young ones.

    I think the movie would have been better without any of the live action characters (Bill Murray, Chris Elliott, etc.) for two reasons. First of all, they're just disgusting. Too disgusting. It got to the point where I'd watch all of Bill Murray's scenes with my hands over my face, peeking between my fingers. Between the running snot, exploding pimples, and ingrown toenails, the "gross-out factor" just goes way, way over the top. To me, it stopped being amusing and became just repugnant early on. Like, his first scene.

    Second, I think the final scenes, when Bill Murray ends up in the emergency room, are far too intense for younger viewers. He basically dies on the table in front of his young daughter (Elena Franklin), who's led away sobbing by nurses. He comes back from the brink of death, of course, and all ends well, but it's still pretty traumatic and graphic.

    The animation sequences, however, are just wonderful. Bill Murray's character is the "City of Frank," complete with a police force (the white blood cells, featuring Chris Rock), a highway system, airport (Frank's stomach), and even a political campaign (with William Shatner as the incumbent mayor in "Cerebellum Hall" and Ron Howard as his challenger). The whole city system inside Frank was a really clever idea and very well executed. David Hyde Pierce is also wonderfully "uncool" and fussy as over-the-counter cold pill, Drix ("I was developed at the University of Chicago, where I graduated Phi Beta Capsule"). It's a whole new take on the "good cop, bad cop" movies.

    All this having been said, I'm pretty sure I would watch thie movie again, but I'll be fast forwarding through the live action sequences. Just cartoon germs for me, thank you....more info

  • A Very Cool And Well Thought Out Movie.
    I first came across this a couple of years ago when it was being shown on the Cartoon Network station in the UK. I'm a big kid at heart, so I thought I would give this a shot. I have to admit, from what I remember I enjoyed it immensely back then. So after going a few years without seeing it, I decided to take the leap and buy it to watch one more time. I have to say that I loved it even more the second time around. I became shocked to find out that this is even a Farrelly brothers production, which gave it that extra comedic boost. The Farrellys famed for comedy classics like Dumb & Dumber and There's something about Mary.

    I have seen many reviews with the main negativities being it was either a gross out movie or it was too graphic. Sure, the cartoons show cells being killed in what some would say is quite a brutal way, but that's the realism shining through I guess. If you're going to make an animated movie based around a killer virus, then it's inevitable that you're going to see cells die. For those who have kids, this is a good way to teach them the realities of life and that not everything is all smiles and sunshine. I don't know, I guess people like their kids to live in a delusional world where everything is A-OK. The gross out scenes, I have to admit became a bit too much even for me. I have a thing for snot and the whole snorting and swallowing thing, so I did skip through that particular scene. There's not doubt that the particular scene in question had a point to it when viewing the animated interior. Another thing that bugged me about the negative reviews was the acknowledgement of innuendo, citing that it's inappropriate. How is innuendo inappropriate? Unless your child is aware of what the innuendo is referring to or the negative reviewer has a dirty mind themselves, then there truly is nothing wrong with a little adult innuendo in a kids movie. A lot of kids TV shows and movies have the odd adult joke here and there, that float harmlessly over the kids head and give the adult a cheap chuckle.

    The story focuses around two entities and tells us two separate stories in one fantastic movie. The animated side focuses around Osmosis Jones, a loser white blood cell cop in the city of Frank. One day after Frank swallows an infected boiled egg, he contracts the deadly Red Death virus which embarks on a mission to kill Frank. Determined to prove his worth and after discovering the Red Death virus, Osmosis must fight against the mayors and his departments wishes to locate and stop the virus. He does get a little help from a cold pill by the name of Drexel, who becomes known as Drix. He's uptight and does everything by the book, at least he did until he met officer Jones.
    On the outside we are given Frank, a slob zoo worker who's really let himself go since he lost his wife. The only people he has left are his brother Bob (Equally slob like) and his daughter Shane. After eating the boiled egg that was dropped in Monkey poop, he slowly deteriorates, but is determined not to go the hospital or the doctors as he wants to make it to the Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival.

    This movie is stocked full of really big names such as Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Murray, Ron Howard, William Shatner and even a cameo by Kid Rock. How can you honestly go wrong with a movie with such a cast. This is a really enjoyable film that I think can be enjoyed by the entire family. People just need to get over the delusion that a big of harmless innuendo and adult humour is going to kill their child....more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    Can be used from grades five through high school! Humor and visuals for all ages. Great fun learning about the immune system. Bravo to all.
    Gets SIX out of five stars....more info
  • Very creative!
    What can you say about this movie? It's fun, hilarious and just
    plain enjoyable. This is one of Chris Rock's better films.
    Even though it's gross in some scenes it's still fun to watch.
    It's really for older kids. I wish there was a second one!
    Granted, it didn't do too well in theatres but it's still
    a hilarious cop movie. ...more info
  • I only bought it because I'm an extra in it.
    I was an extra in this movie. When Bill Murray sneezed I walked behind him. I'm the one with the long brown hair and striped rainbow tanktop. The movie is cute but it's not a must have if you're not in it....more info
  • A sleeper
    this movie is a gross and drawn out method of teaching boddly up keep. i didnt like it and im sorry i bought it. although Bill Muarry have been in better films ...I think he discredit him-self here. I dont think people want to spend thier money on a movie to tell them about the insides of thier bodies......more info
  • mostly fun
    The movie is not as gross as some people are making it sound. I think there was only one or two scenes that I found gross. As an intentional biology major, I thought it was great that they made a funny movie about our body. Little kids would probably be a little bored with this movie, not understanding what a cell is. But older kids like 8 and up, would probably like it and even learn a few things about the human body....more info
  • Be careful of what you eat...
    Frank (Bill Murray) is a slob of the highest order. His clothes are disheveled, his personal hygiene is awful, and his eating habits are -- well -- downright dangerous. On one occasion, Frank picks a dirty egg from the zoo grounds and eats it because it hasn't violated his 'ten-second' rule. In that egg, however, is a mean, deadly virus called Thrax (Laurence Fishburne) who intends to write a new page in medical history for himself and kill Frank in the process. Enter white blood cell detective Osmosis Jones (Chris Rock) and sidekick Drix, a super-hero-like cold pill, who set out to stop Thrax. A light-hearted movie, I would have said 'Osmosis Jones' would be appropriate for kids; however, some scenes are violent and intense enough to make me question that thought. Adults, however, may find some scenes amusing, but will probably think this movie is more for kids. Those comments aside, the movie may be able to make you think seriously about your eating habits; if it succeeds at doing that for you or for anyone, it must be praised....more info
  • fun movie
    osmosis jones is a great movie for the family too watch. which has alot of laughs and nice scenes.
    ...more info
  • OK.
    Osmosis Jones is a great movie for kids,I wouldn't tell older people to watch this movie.It's kind of weird seeing Chris Rock in a movie without him cursing,well there is no bad humor but there are some very sick parts considering it takes place in a body and it's about a white blood sell and a cold pill tring to save a body from a bad germ.It get's stupid and slow at some parts but it's a good movie all together.Recap!Good for kids bad for adults,slow but good.Kids,get it.Adults,don't bother....more info
  • Great Animation and awesome characters!
    Okay, some peole think Osmosis Jones was a disgusting movie. Well, have you ever seen The Fly? That is ten times more disgusting.
    The characters for Osmosis Jones were original and captivating. My favorite was Thrax, the villain. The story line, though used many times for movies, was still a very good one.
    The animated parts were spectacular! The characters and backgrounds earned my applause. The live parts looked sadly underfunded and the movie would have done better without them.
    And to tell all of you "macho" people who won't see an animated movies just because they are cartoons, you guys miss out on the art of animation. This movie was a refreshing change to all those teen flicks and horror movies....more info
  • Excellent
    Osmosis Jones, a tale of physiology, an adventure of how the immune system works; and a beauty story about a father and his daughter, health and disease in a well done zoom-in-zoom-out between reality and animation.

    Parents can't miss!
    Children pay attention!...more info
  • Great!
    It came just when I needed it for my class!
    Very Happy...more info
  • all copies should be rounded up and dropped in a vat of acid
    At our house we try once a weekend to grab a video, make some kid-friendly food and have a movie night. This movie even put my 7 year old son off his pizza. I have never seen a grosser film. There was no bodily humor; "humor" implies an attempt to make people laugh. This was simply an attempt to gross people out. I dunno - if you think someone walking around with a big green booger hanging out of his nose (who then snorts it up and swallows it)is funny, maybe you'd laugh. *shrugs*

    The animated part is better with David Hyde-Pierce playing a hilariously rigid cold capsule (sort of a "Buzz-Lightyear-before-he-figured-out-he-was-a-toy" type), but it wasn't worth the agony of the live action stuff to watch these parts. I gave up after half an hour, and my kids asked me if they could watch something different about 15 minutes later.

    Listen - I can burp and fart with the best of 'em, but this film just needs to go. I'd rather sit through a 6 hour "Dora the Explorer" marathon....more info

  • Osmosis Jones: Great for When the Kids Get Sick
    Whenever our kids are sick we watch this film to spark discussion as to what is going on inside the body.

    As already stated here, if toilet humour upsets you, use caution with real young ones.

    The Fishers
    Duke, Sharon, Bud(98) and Grif(00)...more info
  • Jolly good show
    This is a great movie for kids and I found it thoroughly entertaining as an adult as well. I don't understand how some reviewers are so "grossed out" by this movie. They obviously have never been involved in child raising :)

    The "gross out scenes" go well with the plot. Afterall, Frank IS a pretty disgusting person which is exactly what the movie is trying to convey. The movie touches on health and human physiology in a fun way that will encourage kids to learn more. It is also based around family members caring for each other. Whenever one of our kids is home sick from school this is a good movie to pop in to pass some of the fevered time.

    As far as the vomit goes (pun intended) what do you think would happen if you unwittingly ate polluted oysters??!!

    The major plot of the movie has the "buddies against all odds" theme ... but the underlying plot is about a person who needs to straighten up and take care of himself.

    So "Osmosis Jones" is fun, funny, and educational to some degree....more info

  • Humorous look at dangers of poor health habits
    A great combination of animation and live action. Good lesson for school age children on importance of good health habits....more info
  • Boring Not Enough Action Gross Stupid.
    Osmosis Jones Stinks!!! I t was on Cartoon Network on Direct TV and worst it was at my school!!! I watch this stupid Movie Everywhere!!! Not Even Funny Its gross The story is dirty sick father ate an egg that was spit on by a monkey and the egg was pooped on and he ATE IT!!! Osmosis Jones a Terrible character This movie is short thankfully The reason i gave this movie 2 stars is because I loved the character RED DEATH He is cool!!! Red Cool Talker and He has a long claw that burns stuff. Anyway dont watch this movie. OVERATED...more info
  • Gross, But Funny
    Osmosis Jones is a really good movie, if a bit... well... disgusting at times.
    The plot revolves around a white blood cell named Osmosis Jones (voiced by Chris Rock) who serves as a police officer in the body of a guy named Frank (Bill Murray).
    When a dastardly virus named Thrax (voiced by Laurence Fishburne) invades Frank's body, it's up to the immunity force to stop him, and Ozzy is teamed up with a cold tablet named Drixobensomedaphedramine, or Drix for short (voiced by the always-wonderful David Hyde Pierce).
    Meanwhile, the pompous blood cell politician in charge of Frank's body, Mayor Phlegmming (voiced by William Shatner), is desperate to win the next election, but he is obviously doing a sub-par job of running Frank's body. His aide (and Ozzy's love interest), Leah, is voiced by Brandy Norwood.

    This movie is very amusing in some places, but I had to deduct one star because it is, on occasion, REALLY DARN GROSS. I had to turn my head away from the screen in some places. However, this is by no means a bad movie. I personally consider David Hyde Pierce's portrayal of Drix to be one of the best things in the film (if not the very best), especially when Drix busts a secret mob meeting at a disco and utters the following line, doing some dance steps as he speaks:
    "Attention, germs, you are surrounded. Uh-huh, uh-huh. Uh-huh, uh-huh, SURROUNDED!". Trust me, it's worth seeing just for that part.

    Overall, Osmosis Jones is definitely worth seeing, and it could also be used to teach an anatomy lesson, because it's very accurate. Just watch out for the gross bits....more info
  • nice
    great movie, it was hysterical and very original and clever....more info
  • Excellent Resource
    Osmosis Jones is an excellent resource for my students. This video is utilized in my classroom when teaching about cells and viruses. My sixth grade students really enjoy the video for its science content, humor, action, and soundtrack!...more info


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