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What it is:A hair oil for dry hair and scalp.What it is formulated to do:Designed to moisturize and nourish hair, add shine and combat dry scalp, this rich, yet lightweight treatment oil helps prevent hair breakage and promotes healthy hair growth.

Customer Reviews:

  • It burned my scalp, ears and neck
    This product felt good at first but after a few days, my scalp developed sores and the skin on my neck and ears became very rough and started to peel.

    I wouldn't buy anything from Carol's Daughter again....more info
  • Underwhelmed, Lisa's Hair Elixir may have caused Severe Scalp Burns!
    I decided to try using Carol Daughter's products to incorporate more natural products into my lifestyle. I ordered the Tui Smoothie, the Hair Balm, the Hair Milk, The Tui Leave In Conditioner and Lisa's Hair Elixir.

    The Tui Smoothie does not hold up to the high and positive reviews. Dove's Moisturizing Conditioners work better. I have been using Dove Intense Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners for one year now and have seen great improvements with my hair and scalp.

    The hair balm is okay. The smell reminiscent of my childhood...the pomade and hair dress.

    The hair milk is good, but the smell is more acidic than sweet.

    The Tui Leave In Moisturizer works great.

    Lisa's Hair Elixir has great moisturizing property. Be careful not to use too much oil on the hair and scalp. It will weigh the hair down and cause the "stringy" hair look if too much is added. Also, be very careful. My hair began to itch greatly after trying Lisa's Hair Elixir. I applied the Hair Elixir based on Lisa's recommendation of a pre-shampoo scalp moisturizing treatment. A week later when I went to get my 7 week touch-up, I got burned severely. Never in all my life have I experienced or seen the kind of chemical burns I endured. My stylist did not change the brand of the relaxer or do anything different in the process. The only variables were the use of the Carol Daughter products, specifically the use of Lisa's Hair Elixir. The CD Line of products may be geared to individuals with NATURAL curls and locks. Exercise caution if your hair is chemically processed. Some individuals may be allergic to the ingredients. Be careful!!!

    ...more info
  • It's just okay
    I bought the entire line of hair regimen for Carol's Daughter and i haven't been pleased at all. This stuff smells very strong and a little goes a long way. After 2 days i had to wash my fine, relaxed hair b/c it weighed it down and made it greasy. ...more info
  • Carol's Daughter's Lisa Hair Elixir
    This product is great. You only need to use a small amount and you will be happy with the results....more info
  • Overwhelming Fragrance
    I am not sure why any hair care product has to include overwhelming fragrance. This one is very potent smelling. I don't like over fragranced things. I am not sure that the smell is outweighed by any benefit it provides. It is supposed to contain essential oils (which aren't a problem) and they added incense-like fragrance oil on top of it all. It is very cloying and doesn't go away. I really wish they had an unscented version....more info
  • I Love The Elixir :-)
    I have noticed less breakage after using the hair elixir (I use it every other day, and I put it on after I wash & condition my hair ), and I am satifsied yet again with Carol's Daughter hair products. I will continue to be a faithful customer. ...more info
  • Great for coarse, thick hair!
    OK, hair oil is not for everyone - if you have less than thick hair, I would not recommend it. But for me, I am Caucasian and have struggled with my thick, slightly wavy, coarse hair all my life. Most of the time, it has just looked frizzy. I found CD on the Sephora web site and decided to try it - I am hooked! My hair looks smooth and shiny - I do have to be careful not to overdo this or it will look greasy. This works great, especially with a blow out. I have used products especially for damaged hair all my life (they are the only products thick enough to give me some conditioning) but until I started using CD, I really wasn't happy with anything. I didn't give this 5 stars because I like one product even better - CD hair balm - and the smell is intoxicating....more info
  • Simply the best
    Oh I just love it!
    I use many products from the Carol's Daughter line, but Hair Elixir is the best.
    The smell can be a bit overwhelming, but the outcome is well worth it. I was experiencing breakage in a small spot and rubbing Hair Elixir gently fixed the problem over time.
    I have thick relaxed hair and I use this hair oil sparingly on my scalp (it will run) and for an overnight hot oil treatment once every two weeks. Occasionally during the week if I want some high-gloss, Hair Elixir hits the spot. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Good for Oil Treatment
    This product was a bit too greesy for me to use as a normal hairdress because it cause my hair to matt. Therefore, I decided to use it as a hot oil treatment instead. Used in this manner, it gives a nice tiggly feeling to the scalp and allows my hair to stay fluffy....more info
  • Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir
    This oil has made my ends feel so much softer. I use this for a hot oil every week, after my first shampoo, then shampoo again. My hair has so much more moisture now....more info
  • Blessing
    I love this product when I first received my products..I was like a kid in a candy store. .....I was disappointed with the Elixir at first. It smelled so strong. The whole house smelled. I put 5 drops in my hand and my family thought and said whoa...that is strong ! So after a few days ...I tried it again....I used a drop and just put it on the ends. It did not smell as strong. It was pleasant the second time around. I sware to you....the second time i used it...I could tell my hair strands were lie. The scent was not that strong but to hide the scent you should spray the vanilla conditioner in your hair. Your hair will smell perfect and feel good for the next couple of days. I bought a lot from this company and I learned that.. after you use kinda find out what is best for your hair.You can mix your products and get good results. I am on my third week and my hair loves all the products. I pray before I use anything and I'm tellin you it felt like these products were prayed over before i used them. My hair is just feels good. My hair hasn't felt this healthy since....I was a little girl. My hair feels wonderful in such a short time....
    You should try it...! It's not for everyone but for me...hmmm. It hits the spot. I don't want to use anything in the hair salon, grocery or drugstores anymore.
    Once you have a good don't want to ever let it go!

    The hair milk is awesome on my daughter's natural hair and my relaxed hair. ...more info


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