Amcor AD400E 40 pint Dehumidifier with pump

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Product Description

The AD400E by Amcor can provide continuous dehumidification because it includes an internal pump that allows the condensation to be: 1) Pumped out of the room 2) Continuously drained through a hose 3) Drained in the collection tank. Ideal for basements - run the hose out a window, or even extend the hose and run it upstairs. It features low temperature operation ? the AD400 will continue to operate in temperatures as low as 40F. Of course, if you don't want to use the included drainage hose, this dehumidifier can drain to an internal bucket, and it will automatically shut off once the internal bucket fills


  • 40 pints/day extraction rate
  • Fan-type defrost
  • Operating temps: 40F-100F
  • Humidity control 50/60/70/80% plus continuous
  • 2-speed fan
  • Automatically pumps when tank full
  • Can pump water to max 5ft
  • 1-24 hr on/off timer
  • Product Wt: 44.4lbs
  • Dimensions: 15 ? x 8 ? x 28?