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RevitaLash is a unique eyelash conditioner that will help you achieve significantly Longer, Thicker, and Fuller eyelashes. Like liquid eyeliner, RevitaLash is simply applied once a day. Within three to ten weeks, your own natural eyelashes will look spectacular: Longer, Thicker, Fuller! These exciting results are seen in women of all ages! No matter how short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eye lashes are, RevitaLash can help you achieve long, beautiful, healthy looking eyelashes.

  • Highest Quality eyelash growth enhancer
  • physician formulated
  • %100 safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Product seemed to stop working. Now back to same old sparse lashes
    I began using Revitalash in April. By September, my lashes looked amazing--long, thick, curled, all the sparse spots filled in. They were so long, they hit the lenses on my glasses. Friends and coworkers constantly complemented. I didn't have to use an eyelash curler or mascara and they were beautiful. I was so happy, I bought a second bottle. Then suddenly in November, I had mass die off of half my lower lid right eye and half of the upper lid left eye. Still using the product, now in December, the lashes growing back look just as thin and sparse as my old ones do. I only have some remnants of the long, thick curled lashes, and they look silly among the bare spots with my now returning short thin lashes. I emailed the company from their website contact us form twice with no response asking if there is a guarantee with the new formula since I'm not going to waste money buying again, especially if the new formula offers equally dismal results. Very depressing....more info
  • not sure
    i have been diligently using revitalash for about three weeks. So far, I have seen no change in the length or thickness of my eyelashes. I have heard that it takes time, but I'm not sure how much time that is. I bought another tube, as I didn't want to run out, but if it doesn't work after that, I think that's enough of my time and energy to give any product. spg...more info
  • Working slowly...
    I started about 1 month ago using this product and my eye lashes has growing a little bit....I think I need to use it more longer.... but it is working slowly..but working...more info
  • This stuff really works!
    I had large gaps in my lashes due to lash extensions and within one week of using Revitalash my lashes began to fill in. After one year of using Revitalash, my lashes are longer and much stronger. The price tag is a little high but one bottle lasts 5 months- and it works!! Read more about how much I love this product and see other skin care and beauty product reviews at [...].

    ...more info
  • My results
    I'm giving this three stars because it does work but the results do not justify the price.

    I've been using this for over two months. Before I started I couldn't even get my lashes on a curler. They were that short. Within two and a half weeks I could see a difference. Within a month I could get my lashes on a curler.

    I've used this as directed. I did see improvement but I think there is a natural plateau to the lenght and amount of eyelashes that one's DNA will allow. I've hit mine. Overall a good product but I can't see spending the money on it again (I got mine for 60% off and still can't justify it). ...more info
  • Hopeful in NY
    Somewhat disappointed after reading all of the positive testimonials. I haven't seen any change in my lashes although I have faithfully used this product since October 24 (20 days - 3 weeks) as directed. I even use a lash curler twice daily...keep hope alive:-)!!! I will continue to use Revitalash and update my progress periodically. Will check back by early December (appx 6-7 weeks).

    1/11/08 - Happy New Year! Well, I have used this product well past 6-7 weeks and my lashes are just as they were before spending (wasting??!!) $139.00...I'm also sure that the 90 day money back guarantee has expired as well. So here I am stuck with an expensive vial of water. This product absolutely did NOTHING at all. I have used it as directed and given it ample chance without success. Don't waste your money...gotta wonder if the other reviews are by Revitalash investors???.....hmmmmmm....

    ...more info
  • it works! -- but i had to persevere
    after a month i thought i would be one of the folks that experienced no results. after two months i felt the same. BUT -- i stuck it out. cuz, what heck, i paid a high price for it and i wanted to give myself a chance. and boy! i am sooooo glad i stuck it out. when i was bummed at the 'apparent' lack of growth, i stopped using it daily and went to every other day. i'm lazy to boot. curiously enough, when i stopped doing daily, that is when i began to notice the growth. or maybe it just took longer to take effect on me. so now it's march (i bought my tube in mid-late december) and i am compelled to share my results.

    i wish i took before photos. my lashes before Revitalash were dismal, to say the least. and because they stick straight out they were practically invisible. i cannot even imagine not having this product. i have the lashes that i have always wanted. i would love to have them even longer and even fuller, but i am VERY happy with how they look now. when they are curled and waterproof mascara'd, they remain curled and i don't have to be 3 inches from a mirror to see them anymore. my lower lashes have benefited too. this is really saying something.

    i still use it only every other day or two - good thing this product works despite my laziness. you only need a thin line on upper and/or lower. now when i curl my lashes they stick out quite a bit over the heated curler and i can admire the volume as well as length. i apply mascara now with joy, yes joy! - applying it before this was an act of desperation. :)

    what can i say - i love this product. and it goes without saying that i will continue to buy it....more info
  • I was skeptical
    I had heard about revitalash and did some research, read the reviews, and really wavered on the idea of purchasing a product that was so costly. I was skeptical that it could live up to it's claims. Well I am here to testify that it did. With about 3 weeks of regular use I noticed that my eyelashes were in much better condition and seemed to grow more evenly. Within 2 months they were really long! When I use an eyelash curler they peak out over the end of the metal, whereas before I started using Revitalash they only reached about to the middle of the metal bar. I am still on my first tube but purchased a second one so I will never be without this product! Every time I put on my mascara I am amazed at my eyelashes. I highly recommend Revitalsh!...more info
  • I have beautiful lashes now
    I started usuing revitalash 3 months ago, the first month nothing. and then allof a sudden I noticed my lashes were getting longer, now my lashes are so long that when I put on mascara, they touch my eyebrows. I think this is an amazing product!...more info
  • Was skeptical, now a convert.
    I've always been skeptical of beauty products claiming to work miracles. However, on the recommendation of a friend, I bought this item as a gift for my girlfriend. She applied it faithfully every night, and after a few months, her lashes are appromixately twice as long as they were, and probably twice as thick and dark. Her lashes are actually TOO prominent with mascara, and they are long enough to touch her glasses. This is some potent, amazing stuff. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Immediate Results
    I read many reviews before trying out this product, I was convinced that it can make my lashes longer but none really gave me an idea of how long my lashes can grow. I started using Revitalash on March 16th and my lashes were 0.5cm (depressingly short) I used it every single night, except maybe forgetting one night. Two weeks after, on March 30, my lashes were 0.7cm!!! And, on my fourth week, April 8th, my lashes were 0.8cm!!! Its May 8th now and its still 0.8cm but thats already 60% growth from my original 0.5cm lashes and after it stopped growing in length I noticed my lashes have been getting fuller. (No method to measure fullness though) I intend to use this product till I finish it! I love it!...more info
  • Revitalash changed my blue eyes into brown
    44 yr. female. Purchased Revitalash a month ago for thinning sparse eyelashes and brows. Within a few weeks there was a noticeable difference. I was gaining length and thickness and I was thrilled. Yet only a few days ago I noticed some brown specks in my blues eyes. I have discontinued using and can only hope that the damage will stop. I love my blue eyes and cannot believe there is a cosmetic product with such permanent horrific side affects such as this and no mention of it anywhere....more info
  • I didn't believe it at first...WOW
    I bought this product in mid-December '07 after reading the promising reviews and was hesitant to spend the money on the product, but I do not regret it at all! I have never had a problem with my eyelashes. I am 23, and all my life I have had very dark, thick, long eyelashes, and have been getting compliments on them for as long as I can remember. I love my eyelashes, and I guess you could say that the only reason I bought this product was out of vanity, to see if I could get them any longer or thicker than before. And I am amazed. I have been using it for about 2.5 months, about 5 nights a week (I forget to use it sometimes before I go to bed). After about 3 weeks, I could notice a difference, so I took a few pictures of my eyelashes to compare to later results. Now, about 2 months later, I can't BELEIVE the difference. I normally wear glasses, and my lashes are so long that they hit the glass. One day last week I took my glasses off, and a friend stared at my eyes, gasped, and asked if I was wearing false eyelashes! 2 days after that, I was getting my hair cut, and my hairdresser stared at my eyes (I had mascara on), and said, "Please tell me those aren't your real lashes!" then went on for about 5 minutes about how "amazing" my lashes were, and how they looked fake. So I took pictures a few days ago to compare to the earlier ones. There is a noticeable difference. My lashes really do look fake. I measured them with a ruler, and from center to end, they average 1" in length, some a bit longer, and some a bit shorter. Without mascara, it looks like I have mascara on, and with mascara on they look false. I would recommend this to anyone who has the patience to wait for results, and I continue to use this to see if there will be any more growth!...more info
  • Revitalash
    I first saw an ad about revitalash on my last recent trip to the beautiful Island of Oahu. I did my own investigation based on reviews and finally bought one myself. I started using revitalash Valentines Day and I specifically chosed to start the 14th so I would always remember. Well, as expected , the product is working on my lashes. I check my lashes every night on my bathroom mirrors and I can see the difference in every angles. Just after a week, my lashes are growing wild, more fuller lashes. I'm very impatient and can't wait to see it grow to it's full length. I will post my next review after a month. I will be posting before and after pics. And BTW, I don't work for Revitalash nor am I being paid to advertise. I'm just one happy content customer. ...more info
  • CAUTION! Please see an opthalmologist during usage!
    As far as WORKING, this product gets FIVE STARS, but in order to advise you very seriously, I MUST warn you to PLEASE see your OPHTHALMOLOGIST during your usage.
    THANK GOD- a friend told me of a news item she had heard about a product that sounded very similar to the one I mentioned I was using. She told me the FDA had seized the product. I quickly looked it up on the internet and it was regarding a different product. I went on Revitalash's website and they have a press release about it. HOWEVER, although not the same product, it had the same INGREDIENT. THEREFORE, Revitalash chose to make a new product without this ingredient (which is probably what made it work so well.)
    Following this information, I made an appointment with my doctor, whom I see regularly for other eye issues, but was not yet due to see him. MY OCULAR PRESSURE HAD TRIPLED IN ONE EYE AND QUADRUPLED IN THE OTHER! It was so out of control, I had to have laser surgery on it to bring it down! PLEASE, be careful. Read the ingredients. And if you DO use a product, see your doctor during the usage to monitor your eye pressure!...more info
  • lifetime commitment?
    Does anyone know how long you have to commit to this product? I'm considering making the purchase but fear it's going to be something I'll have to do for the rest of my life! Don't want my lashes falling out after I (hopefully!) have grown accustomed to them being long & full. I can handle a year...but don't want to be relying on this in years to come.......more info
  • revitalash is working..but slowly
    I have been using this product for about a month. I have noticed that my lashes are growing. My lashes are very short normally and now when I put mascara on them they actually are longer than before. I will keep using it and I am sure they will grow longer. It is fun to see the difference. ...more info


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