Foogo by Thermos Leak-Proof SS 7 oz. Sippy Cup with Handles - Pink
Foogo by Thermos Leak-Proof SS 7 oz. Sippy Cup with Handles - Pink

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Product Description

Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos brand has brought its superior insulation technology to a new line of children's products for ages six months and older. In addition to providing added protection from spoilage and food born illnesses, Thermos also offers parents extra peace-of mind in knowing that Foogo products use all FDA approved materials and do not use plastics containing Bisphenol A ( BPA). TherMax?? double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention Keeps food cold for 7 hours and hot for 5 hours Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior Wide mouth is easy to fill, eat from, and clean Ergonomically designed lid with rubber grip Dishwasher safe Non-slip, scratch resistant base, cool to the touch with hot foods Light, compact and portable.The vacuum insulated stainless steel interior and exterior is non-reactive to all food and beverages. -- Keeps beverages cold & fresh for 6 hours -- Kid proof unbreakable design is perfect for infants and toddlers -- Insulation helps inhibits dangerous bacteria growth -- BPA Free materials -- Stainless steel interior and exterior -- Soft drinking spout is made from food contact safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) -- Dishwasher safe for easy care -- Sweat proof design won't leave water rings.

  • The vacuum insulated stainless steel interior and exterior is non-reactive to all food and beverages.
  • Keeps beverages cold & fresh for 6 hours; Kid proof unbreakable design is perfect for infants and toddlers
  • Insulation helps inhibits dangerous bacteria growth
  • BPA Free materials ? Stainless steel interior and exterior ; Soft drinking spout is made from food contact safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Dishwasher safe for easy care; Sweat proof design won't leave water rings

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Quality, Easy Care
    I purchased this sippy cup when we decided to purge all of our old sippies that contain BPA. This is a very high quality cup. I throw it in the dishwasher and it holds up great. Highly recommend....more info
  • Great BPA free cup!
    We bought almost every cup out there searching for a good leak proof BPA free cup for our twins and finally found these. They are a little heavy, but the girls manage them fine. They do not leak if closed properly, mine don't leak, even when my other kids screw the lids on. The valves come out and come apart for easy cleaning. Overall we ended up buying more of these, and don't use the others at all....more info
  • sippy cup
    I bought this for my grandaughter.
    I can feel better knowing that she is not using cheap plastic products...more info
  • Awesome once you figure it out
    Once you figure out the trick of assembling it properly and taking it apart easily (really jam the spout into the holder, and pry off the seal sideways), this is an awesome sippy cup. Practically 100% leakproof, the only time it leaks is due to operator error. Really does a great job insulating. ...more info
  • Plastic taste filtered into drink
    I bought several of these in order to replace my daughter's plastic sippy cups. Upon opening the thermos I noticed a very pungent odor of chemicals and plastic just as a previous reviewer had mentioned. I washed the cup out and filled it with a drink for my daughter who reported that it was "icky." I then decided to return them all as the plastic smell was so strong that it defeated my original purpose....more info
    I was disappointed to find out that this item is manufactured in China. This really should be disclosed in the item details. I would probably have given it a five if I had not been specifically searching for a stainless product that was not from China.

    As a result of criticism received on my above review I find it necessary to elaborate. I purchased the Foogo by Thermos Leak-Proof SS 12 oz - Straw Bottle for my son for the same reason many parents have, a non-toxic alternative to the popular plastic products on the market. However, I also had another concern at the time of purchase. I knew I wanted a stainless steel product, the problem was I also knew I did not want one that was manufactured in China. I was concerned with the increasing number of lead tainted products being exported by the country and simply did not want a metal product from China. My problem was finding documentation on many of the stainless steel products on the market. During my research, I discovered that although Thermos has many products manufactured in China they also had a high end line that was manufactured in Malaysia. So I decided to take a chance and buy the foogo hoping that it was also from Malaysia since it had a higher price tag than the Chinese made products. I was disappointed to find out when it was delivered that it was indeed "Made in China". In an attempt to save other like minded parents the same frustrations I reviewed the product, giving it two stars and pointing out that it was manufactured in China. I then proceeded to copy my review to the remaining foogo line of product, disclosing that I had not purchased them personally but to assume that they were made in China....more info
  • good product, but leaks
    I like the product overall; it keeps drinks cold, is made of safe materials, but it does leak....more info
  • Can't live without it!
    We can not live without these Thermoses. It keeps my son's milk cold for 4 - 6 hours. We can go out for a long walk to the park and back again and still have the same thermos of milk. When we first got it we were constantly opening it to make sure the milk was still cold...always was. The only warning I have is to not put it in the dishwasher even though it says it's ok. At least don't put the stoppers in the dishwasher...the seem to lose their leakproofing abilities after about 9 or 10 washes. Even then, the leakage is very little. We bought the larger version of this thermos too. LOVE IT!...more info
  • This sippy cup is great
    First, its a good choice vs. plasic. Also, I have noticed with other stainless steel cups, the disadvantage is that it takes on the temperature of the liquid inside (making it too cold to hold sometimes), however since this cup has the plastic handles it alleviates that problem. It's spill proof and easy for my daughter to drink out of. The only thing I would change is making it bigger....more info
  • Smelly
    After having milk in it it will never be the same. Somehow it gets into the inside of the cup's wall and starts to STINK like crazy. Rotten milk smell. I Cannot get rid of it. Too bad because otherwise it's a good cup. It does leak a little but not enough to stop using it. I had to throw it out due to the horrible smell......more info
  • Doesn't leak
    It doesn't leak. It doesn't leach chemicals. It's easy to wash. What more do you want?...more info
  • Cup Leaks
    I have had this cup for over 4 months and the majority of the time it leaks. I am very disappointed with this product especially after spending so much on it. I have disassembled and reassembled the parts of the lid numerous times to try and get it to stop leaking but it seems to have a mind of its own. Don't waste your money on this cup....more info
  • I have lost my patience!
    I bought this cup for my son to avoid using harmful plastic. He was 10 months old, took a sip from the cup, threw it on our kitchen floor, and the handle busted off! I emailed Thermos, and after many other emails, they finally sent me a replacement cup. Now my son is 20 months old. He seems to use the cup really well. However, the cup leaks like crazy! He thinks it is really funny to shake the cup upside down to watch the milk squirt out. It leaks from the top and the bottom of the lid. I have finally lost my patience this morning when I discovered my son's diaper bag full of milk that had leaked out of his cup! I had visions of throwing it out of the car window! What a big pain from such an expensive sippy cup! ...more info
  • Bought 2 but they both leak!!!
    I wanted very badly to like this sippy cup. The first one seemed to leak immediately. Liquid doesn't pour out but there is a small trickle if its not sitting up. I have taken it apart and reassembled it many times to no avail. I even purchased a second thinking I was being dense with putting it together. Nope. It happened again with the second one. I hadn't even taken it apart to make sure and it still leaked. Granted I had to shake it a bit but it shouldn't leak no matter what. Save your money....more info
  • Complicated, hard to assemble, impossible to keep clean
    That pretty much says it, as does everyone else who gave it a one-star rating. It's a Petri dish disguised as a sippy cup. It's hard to put together properly because of all the little parts. I bought two. We used them for two months, then I gave up and recycled them. Use your money to buy a Nuby or something similar instead....more info
  • Lid gets MOLDY
    Nice cup until it gets moldy way deep inside the spout....won't come off. Nice that it's BPA free, but the mold isn't something I want my child to drink, Can't find any replacement parts....not worth the money if you have to rebuy every few month....more info
  • my daughter likes it
    So after using this cup for 3 weeks now, I have to admit that it leaks SOMETIMES! When first reassembled after washing, the cup does not leak ... even when vigorously shaken upside down! Once my daughter drinks out of it .... one of three scenarios has happened:
    1) the cup still does not leak when vigorously shaken upside down
    2) the cup leaks a few drops before stopping even when shaken (I think this is liquid that is left in the spout after already passing through the valve)
    3) the cup leaks when shaken.

    I have not quite figured out yet why it leaks sometimes and not other times. Anyway, my daughter still loves this sippy and I will keep using it since she is usually in the highchair when drinking.

    As for assembling the cup ... it has become much easier, and it works best if I pull (and wiggle) the spout through the lid instead of pushing the spout through the lid from the inside.

    I don't think this cup is as bad as other reviewers rated it. Yes, it does have some design issues (and maybe Thermos is "listening"), e.g it is really difficult to reassemble and you need to align the spout (purple) exactly into the lid (pink) or the sippy does not close right (I assume that's why other say it leaks). But if assembled correctly this sippy does not leak. Another plus is that it is made of durable stainless steel, therefore BPA-free and healthier than other plastic sippies. If this means that I have to put a little bit more effort into reassembling it, so be it. The only issue I have with this sippy is that i don't see how much my daughter is drinking, but that is expected of a stainless steel cup.
    I also own the BornFree Training Cup (not the BornFree Drinking Cup!), but my 6 month old daughter prefers the Foogo. Personally I don't really like the spout of the BornFree Training Cup because there is not much difference between the spout and a bottle nipple ... they both have a y-cut (so what's the point of transitioning to a cup?) and the valve is not directly attached to the inside of the spout (guess that's why they need the leak-proof y-cut ... also why their Drinking Cup leaks)....more info
  • solid construction, too weighty for some tots
    The cup is well constructed, with a stainless exterior AND interior canister and leakless plastic top. The top is easy to disassemble and clean, and does not leak from either the threading or the spout. This is a problem we encountered with many other cups. Also, it does not sweat and leave water where ever the child leaves the cup.
    My only complaint is that the cup is so heavy it's difficult for my child to use on her own. She is 11 months old, so expect an older child would not have this problem, but it is a consideration for younger ones. ...more info
  • Sturdy, only cup my girl hasn't destroyed!
    My girl is 15 mos old and has destroyed every other soft spout/straw cup we've gotten her. (only a little unsupervised time, but didn't take her long to figure them out.) This one was the first cup we bought and she still hasn't destroyed it! I soak it in vinegar and a drop of tea tree oil once a week to kill off any bacteria, as I did notice a smell after a few uses, but now it's fine. I also use a nipple brush and tooth brush for cleaning small areas. We don't wash it in the machine. I bought other cups, as it seemed a little heavy for her to hold on her own, when she began to want to do that. I was also afraid she'd knock herself out with it, swinging it around! A friend of mine wouldn't buy it, as her daycare wouldn't allow them (too heavy). We don't go to daycare, so that's not a problem. So far, she hasn't chewed through the top and she's a chewer (also pushing through 4 molars right now!) If the gasket is all of the way in, it doesn't leak, but I have had it leak a few times when I didn't get it pushed all the way in (four little "corners" you have to have clicked into place). Any cup leaks a little and this one is very minimal - much better than the Born Free training cup or the nuby (without the lid on).
    All in all, I love it, so does my girl!...more info
  • No Leaks! CUTE! Very sturdy cup!
    This and the Safe Sippy are my daughters favorite cups. We have never had a leak and it keeps her water cold all day. This is a VERY sturdy cup, my husband ran over it with our huge SUV and it dented the cup. Even the plastic on it stayed in pretty good shape. It was bent enough to no longer be usable, but I was impressed with how well it held up. I think throws from the stroller will not be a problem and this cup will hold up to almost anything. We went and bought another one right away (even at $15!) because we LOVE this cup....more info
  • A safe sippy cup for water - no spills - happy Momma!
    This Foogo sippy cup is quite remarkable. The plastic used in the design are parts that the childs mouth comes in contact with and the ground when dropped. The Stainless steel is what touches the water. No contaminents there! In our house, this cup is used for water only! Just like our adult stainless steel containers, water only provides that there won't be bacteria, etc. or any stinkyness problems. We keep one in the car and one in the house. Our daughter has never really taken to plastic sippy cups, but she really does use this one! I'm completely impressed and wish more companies had quality designed products like this one. Go ahead, try it out yourself!...more info
  • Disappointed
    It's difficult to disassemble and reassemble this properly-- nothing "clicks" to let you know it's properly snapped into place, and when it's not lined up exactly right, it leaks. My daughter loves to play with it, but has so far absolutely refused to drink out of it, defeating the purpose. And the "made in China" part scares me in light of all the lead paint issues and toy recalls. I wish I hadn't bought two of these at the same time-- I was so sure we'd like them. ...more info
  • Bacterial Haven!
    This cup was nice for a few months, but I've noticed a smell for a while. I've hand washed it and put it in the dishwasher, but it still smells. There is a seam on the inside of the cup where the metal meets the plastic. It is impossible to keep clean, as it won't come apart. One morning I actually saw (and smelled) bacterial colonies around the rim. It was disgusting! It's really too bad, because it's a great cup otherwise....more info
  • Foogo Pink Cup
    The only problem I had was UPS delivered the package to the incorrect address. They got the packages mixed up.
    It took quite a while to receive the cup....more info
  • leaked the very 1st time
    My son (18 months) took the sippy bottle and turned it up side down when it began to leak. This only lead to him thinking it was fun, and shaking it harder for more water to pour out. This is not the sippy cup for those who have active exploring children. We also bought the "Safe Sippy" - with no problems ( even held up-side down)...more info


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