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Following on the heels of the arcade and console shooter sensations, BlackSite: Area 51 is an action packed, first person shooter experience which pits gamers against alien enemy forces using the infamous U.S. government landmark, Area 51, and the surrounding areas as the battlefield backdrop. Set in present day, players take the role of a decorated military veteran charged by the government to lead a squadron of "secret soldiers," each with his/her own specialty skill set, into the Rachel, Nevada area to fight off the invasion of unidentified enemy races. The player`s modern-day emotions and fears are driven into a world charged with grave responsibility affecting lives hanging in the balance and eventually finding himself torn between his professional orders and his own ethical standards. In the end, only the actions of the player and his squad can shape the outcome of BlackSite: Area 51 during this potentially pivotal moment in history.

  • Online Multiplayer Modes: A wide variety fo traditional online modes, such as Death Match, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag, as well as, all-new unique modes created specifically for BlackSite: Area 51.
  • One Button Squad Commands: Command your troops to perform a variety fo actions, including planting C-4 to blow doors, sniping enemies in guard towers, or taking control of vehicles - all with one click of a button.
  • Incredibly Realistic, Fully Interactive World: From the war-torn streets of Iraq to small town USA, you'll need to use strategic cover points as you blow away your enemies in huge levels where nearly everything you see is destructible.
  • As squad commander Aeran Pierce, you lead soldiers who respond to your every order. Lead well and they?ll rally behind you when the enemy brings the fight, but waver and morale will sink fast, affecting their will to fight.
  • Drive the latest military HMMWVs and commandeer civilian vehicles. Take a seat in the gunner?s position during a daring, low-level helicopter raid against enemy positions. Fight with a range of modern-day Special Forces weapons.

Customer Reviews:

    I find it hard to like squad shooters. Your squad members are either dumber than the bullets that mow them down or get in your way. This is advertised as a squad tactical game.

    Tactics? What tactics? Giving squad orders had never been considered tactics - why should we start now? No, this is in no way a tactical game. Save that description for, say, DEUS EX or even the RAINBOW SIX series.

    Moreover, your squad-members respawning subtracts substantially from the game's immersion factor. On the other hand, the enemy AI is quite high. You still can pretty much finish the game by rushing head-first, but the game makes you work - and pay - for it.

    Although not cutting edge, the graphics are very nice, the lighting and shadows realistic and the environments and objects are almost all interactive (BLACKSITE-AREA 51 shares the same environment-interaction routines with a much better game, STRANGEHOLD - if you like check out my review on it as well). The conspiracy brewing atmosphere is successfully conveyed - and the weather effects add another nice touch.

    On the other hand, the enemy designs they managed to fumble. The aliens are a collection of a mix of poorly developed and, let's say, older ideas.
    Do you remember the HALFLIFE crabs? Check.
    Do you recall HALFLIFE-2 antlions? Check (only with more horns and with firepower - and a mine that pops out when left for dead).
    Do you remember the coffee&nicotine-addicted aliens in MEN IN BLACK? Check (only larger and meaner).
    Do you remember the big bug-tank in STARSHIP TROOPERS? Check (only more segmented).
    What finally tipped the scale against this game, however, was the poor quality control: clipping was too widespread, stuttering too frequent and freezing unavoidable.

    A good effort that barely makes par. The overall feeling of this game is that it got started after a very creative brainstorming - but then was left to develop...itself.
    Only for conspiracy buffs willing to overlook its serious flaws. And even then, wait for the price to drop....more info
  • Blacksite Area 51
    Good Game , though the game is a bit buggy and many items in the game are not in real time,the developers need some real time behind some real weapons before they try to make a game,overall it was a good game,needs work

    hawk1234...more info
  • The most under-rated game ever.
    It seems like I've had this game on my wish list forever, but didn't get it until now because of the poor reviews. If you're a fan of sci-fi futuristic FPS games, then you can't go wrong with this game at the price it's selling at. I paid $10 and this is probably the best bang for the buck I've ever seen. And yet it gets less than three stars (at least before I added mine).

    The first thing you'll notice is that it has remarkably good graphics, even by today's standards. It may not be like Crysis, but it's still competitive with much of what's out there today.

    Overall, this game is very typical of the genre of games that fall into the same category as HalfLife 2. Not quite as sophisticated, but it still has some surprising effects, fairly good weapons, creative monsters, and nicely rendered scenery.

    Before I started playing, I installed one patch (1.2 I think) and I had zero technical problems with the game. There was one instance where the team members couldn't manage to get through a doorway which they had to go through to continue the game. I restarted from the very recent checkpoint and the problem was gone. No other issues at all. The game ran smoothly with everything set to max on my 3GHz Core 2 duo, 4 GB RAM, and dual SLI-linked 8800GTS 512 GPUs. I'm running Vista x64. It has a long list of screen resolutions and aspect ratios, so it will probably adapt to whatever your graphics capabilities are.

    It doesn't have user invoked saves. It saves at "checkpoints" which happen frequently enough that you won't find yourself playing for 20 minutes just to get killed and have to start over again. I played on the middle difficulty setting which is called "HARD". I found it a little easy at that level, so you may want to give the highest difficulty a try. You can change the difficulty level whenever you load up the game, so if you want to change part way through, it's no problem.

    Weapons are typical: pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, plus a futuristic scatter gun and plasma rifle. Ammo abounds, so you're not likely to run out very often. There are also turrets on the ground, on Humvees, and in the helicopters that you can use.

    Health regenerates by itself, but when the screen gets red, you need to duck under cover and recover from your wounds, which happens fairly quickly.

    You drive a Humvee during parts of the game and, unlike most games, it steers using the mouse rather than the keyboard. I found that much easier to control and it was almost like driving a sports car (except it really didn't go that fast). I rarely enjoy vehicle driving sequences as much as I did in this game. You need to maneuver the Humvee through rough terrain and wreckage to get past some of the monsters which added considerable excitement.

    You have a team of a couple guys (actually one is a girl) that you can command to move ahead or target specific bad guys. Like many games, the team members don't really do much to kill bad guys, because that's what you're playing the game to do. You don't want them steeling your fun, do you? How well the team performs is based on morale which changes depending on how well you're doing. With high morale, they are supposedly more effective. The morale level flashes on the screen and is apparently enhanced when you give the team targeting directions.

    The story line is typical. I don't pay a lot of attention to story lines, so I don't find them critical to game enjoyment. Throughout the game, you come upon "dossiers" that you can collect. I missed several and never even looked at most of them, but they most likely enhance the story line a bit.

    The game was probably about average length. It didn't take me as long as Fallout 3 or STALKER, but it seemed longer than the two Crysis games. Yes, it's linear, but I consider that just the style of game it is and don't count linearity as a negative. In fact, I prefer it to the open field games like STALKER.

    My rating of five stars is based on the quality of the game for the extremely low price. I would still rate it at four stars even if it were pricier, though. I highly recommend this game for people who like traditional futuristic shooters. It's enjoyable, easy to learn, and frustration free. ...more info
  • Average game
    An average FPS, good design but lacks depth. very linear play with not a lot of variety. Enemy AI is poor but functional, allied AI is good. Storyline is poor, as in weapon variety. At best it is a $20 game for its fun value....more info
  • Overall very good
    I think black site has done very well with this game. even though i put 4 stars i think this is 3.5. Graphics are well designed but the programmers should make adjustments with the weapons. Just add more because most of the time you only have a machine gun. Im not saying thats a bad thing its just the game should be a bit more challenging. If they make another patch for this game MAKE MORE WEAPONS! This game looks like its on the border line for being an T-M game. Its a bit like gears of war and halo mixed but just more scary....more info


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