Sharp AF-S125MX ENERGY STAR 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Sharp's AF-S125MX ENERGY STAR qualified air conditioner provides cool comfort all summer long. Sharp's air conditioners not only exceed federal efficiency standards, they exceed design standards as well. Sleek and stylish, they will fit into your home design beautifully. Saving you energy and enhancing your decor, Sharp's air conditioner line is too cool to pass up. 12,000 BTU, EER 10.8.

  • ENERGY STAR? Efficiency - Save money, save energy, and help preserve the environment! Sharp's ENERGY STAR qualified products exceed the existing federal efficiency standards for air conditioners by at least 10% which qualifies them to bear the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR logo for energy efficiency.
  • Comfort TouchTM Controls - Convenience is standard with Sharp's user-friendly Comfort Touch controls. With a 12-hour timer delay on/off feature and two-degree temperature control, there's no more temperature guessing. Simply set the controls and forget about it!
  • Slide-Out Washable Filter for easy removal and cleaning -4-Way Air Directionlets you direct the cool air where you want it most.
  • 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds - EER = 10.8
Customer Reviews:
  • Mold city!
    My review is for the Sharp AF-S125FX-A purchased 2 years ago. I can't locate any differences between the the two models (seem identical in styling, BTU's, everything) so my suspicion is that Sharp renamed this unit and continues to sell it.
    Pro's: remote control and the loudness of the unit blocks out any traffic noises (bonus for us).
    Cons: There is NO way to clean inside the upper cabinet of the unit without cutting some of the plastic (which I am seriously considering doing) and this unit's design retains water, does not drain well & grows mold as if it was designed as a mold farm.
    Recommedation: Run away!
    Please note that we've had various units in this exact same location for years & NONE of them have ever grown mold like this (or even grown mold - yuck!) or been as problematic as this unit to clean. Definitely a bad, bad design.
    Also (huge pet peeve), despite it being an "energy saver" unit this a/c never shuts off (isn't designed to do so) or cycles down when desired temperature is reached. And it saves energy how?...more info
  • Efficient but loud
    Efficient air cooling, energy saving modes that work well, Energy Star with a rating of 10.8

    Loud and also makes a pinging sound when the water is dripping from the coils making it sound like its raining outside.

    I kept this unit because of it's energy efficiency and affordability.
    If quietness is a priority avoid this air conditioner....more info
  • Loud & Not Very Cool
    My wife and I were replacing two Panasonic Air Conditioners with two new Sharp Ones. We read that Sharp generally makes very good A/C's.

    Wow were we disappointed. This A/C was so loud and did not cool the room down as well as our older Panasonic A/C's. The fan was so load that we had to turn the machine off when eating dinner because we could not have a conversation. In the bedroom it was difficult to sleep with the A/C on because of the fan. The sound is like a hair drier.

    We returned these A/C's and purchased two from Amana, the only Manufacture we found who listed the noise level (50dB) on their product description. We found them are J&R the only store we found who actually has the A/C's on display connected so you can hear them....more info