Pureology Nano Shampoo & Condition Deal

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Product Description

SAVE $31 when you purchase (1) 10oz NanoShampoo & (1) 8.5 oz NanoCondition.

  • 100 percent vegan formula
  • Anti Fade Complex
  • Zero Sulfates
  • certified organic botanicals
  • aroma therapy essences

Customer Reviews:

    purchased this from amazon both shampoo and cond. +mask
    used it for about a month now
    i have a thick black mediterranean hair (not coarse)
    all what this thing done is a softeness and hydration of hair for like three -four hours max.
    this is not a treatment at all
    no wonder result
    no long lasting haydration or softness
    some VERY cheap products i used is better hydrating than this
    i really doubt there is any nano technology or any benefits in this thing
    save your money ...more info
  • WOW! My hair glistens with healthy shine as it did when I was a child!
    First off, I have to admit, I am NOT one to write reviews on products...even the ones I have been very pleased with. I just stay too busy to bother.

    HOWEVER, after breaking down and trying the Pureology Nano Duo for myself (and I was quite skeptical), I am for the first time in my nearly 50 years, taking time to share my experience with a product. I have old hair (sigh), and abuse it terribly with hair color (all over color plus low lights and high lights), flat ironing, blow drying, hair sprays etc. I have split ends everywhere, flyaways, it takes two days after washing it for it to not look dry and frizzy and I have not seen natural-looking shine since I was a child.

    After only one washing, I could tell a difference in how soft it was and how quickly it "recovered" from washing and wasn't looking fuzzy and frizzy. That was definitely cool and I was impressed. But after only my second shampoo and conditioning treatment, I can honestly say I was absolutely blown away! My poor pitiful, old, dry, damaged and abused hair has that radiant glistening type shine to it that you see in the hair of small children when the sun hits it...a shine that is naturally beautiful, not from layers of silicone slicking down your hair like you get from other products. I never would have thought it possible for my hair to look so fabulous! And the color...ooh, la, la...brilliant color so gorgeous you'd notice it from across a room. Every time I pass by a mirror, I just have to take a quick peek and admire that lovely shimmery sheen I hadn't seen in over 40 years. It is soft as it can be and so much more manageable. I am not spending nearly as much time in the mornings trying to get my hair to look right. These products are just incredible!

    So, yep...I paid a bundle for my hair care this time and was frankly nervous about doing so, but I will do it again, and again, and again...and would even pay more for this kind of result if I had to....though thank God for Amazon!!!! This is one splurge you will NOT regret! Oh, and all that talk about how a mere dime sized dollop will do ya???? Absolute truth. WOW. ...more info
  • great for itchy head
    I've tried literally dozens of different shampoos and conditioners which were intended to treat an itchy scalp. My head used to be very itchy due to the medications I take. None of the other hair products I used, including products with tar, for eczema and psoriasis, or products intended for an itchy scalp really worked. And if they did work, they would work for a temporary time period, or for a short period of time during the day; then my head would go back to itching like crazy.

    I don't know if it effective because of all the organic materials Pureology uses or because it uses just the right mixture of ingredients, however, Pureology Nanoworks shampoo is by far the best shampoo I've used for treating a chronically itchy head, regardless of the cause. I can't say enough good things about this product; it has made a huge difference for me, and is easily worth every penny even at the full retail price. ...more info
  • Big Price Tag - Big Payoff
    I have never had that great hair texture that other people seem to have,nor that perfect hair cut that "matches" your face shape. But after trying the Pureoogy Nanoworks I had a good hair day, then another.My hair finally does what I want it to and looks like the hair I always wanted.The BIG bonus here is that your hair color does not fade as fast- and I have tried EVERY color-protection shampoo & conditiioner (even Aveda). I dye my hair & use hair products so once a week I use Pureology Purify Shampoo & a deep conditioner.The price on the Nanoworks is pretty steep but a little goes a long way with this product.I started out buying the sample 2 oz size first, then after I saw what it did for me I bit the bullet and bought the regular size bottles.You will not regret this splurge....more info
  • Yes...it's worth the money!
    I have never left a review for a beauty product before but I had to for this one b/c the existing reviews are what convinced me to try it so I want to help someone else, too. I've always used salon products on my hair (even used Pureology lines in the past) but have never spent this much on a shampoo or conditioner before. I really debated but decided to try it and I cannot tell you how pleased I am! I have only used it one day (probably should've waited to write a review after a week or so just in case something weird happens) but I am now a believer! My hair is very fine and has slight wave---I blow dry it straight every day and it's highlighted (so it definitely has some damage). Everything to smooth my hair always weighed it down but this did not. After one shampoo and condition I could tell a difference. My hair was far less frizzy after blow-drying and feels silkier (even 8 hours later I notice how much softer it feels!). It straightened so much easier, too. It honestly looks healthier after one day! I'm going to try the glaze next.

    Splurge on these...you'll be glad you did....more info
  • Amazing in a Bottle!
    I had been using the Hydrate (purple bottle) Pureology for about 5 years and absolutely loved it. For the last couple of years I had been wanting to try the Nano, but my stylist told me that once I tried it I'd never go back and that is a scary thought because it is very expensive! However, recently I moved to a new town and had to try a different salon that apparently uses really harsh chemicals for color. I got a lot of blonde highlights and low-lights and then two weeks later I noticed my hair was completely fried (pretty much from root to tip)! The Hydrate shampoo just wasn't up to the task of saving my hair so I finally caved and bought the Nano. Oh. My. Gosh! This stuff is AMAZING! My hair is soft and manageable, and I am starting to see real improvement in the breakage/damage. My ends are healthier and my hair has more moisture than before. The best part is that I can comb it again without it snagging and it stays soft like that all day. I hate to admit it, but my stylist was right. I can never use anything else again! ...more info
  • Fabulous product, high price
    This shampoo and conditioner is very expensive but worth it. A bottle will last close to 6 months.
    I have dry dyed and highlighted hair. This duo softens my hair like nothing else--and believe me I have tried it all.
    If you want soft shiny hair, you have got to try this...but realize you will need to toss all your other shampoos and conditioners in the trash....more info
  • Only brand that works for me
    Yes, I paid 85$ for shampoo, but nothing has ever helped my dry, curly, damaged hair. All other shampoos seemed to just wash out of my hair. After the first use I noticed a difference and by the second use my hair was noticeably improved (hydrated, smoothed, and silky). It still has some repairing to do but the salon told me that by the second week it restores you hair to its "virgin state, before you used damaging products." So far so good, I'm looking forward to it working!

    (Ask someone at your salon to explain the technology this product uses because it's quite interesting and good to know for your hair.)...more info
  • Best shampoo for fine color treated hair!
    I've been using Pureology products for years, on the recommendation of my salon (pink volume shampoo and purple moisture conditioner). When this line was no longer carried (due to distribution in non-salon locations like Target) I was forced to look elsewhere. Hurray for Amazon!

    I have fine, naturally curly/wavy, color treated hair. The nano products smell great, and I don't have to use alot to get the most out of the product. Small amounts of shampoo lather a long way, and the conditioner makes my hair feel great without weighing it down. I was able to stop using my de-tangler after using the conditioner.

    They're pricey, but it's worth it (to eliminate more products that weigh down my fine curly hair and make it look shiny, not brassy)!...more info
  • The Creme de la Creme of Shampoo/Conditioners!
    This product is like the Beluga Caviar of all shampoos and Conditioners--seriously. It makes straw-like ends feel silky smooth and puts a natural shine in your hair. Normally I have trouble combing through my hair in the shower or when blow-drying it straight, but not with this product.

    It truly transforms your hair and once you've had experienced it, as long as you can afford it, you'll never go back to your old shampoo and conditioner again!

    Everyone compliments me on how good I smell, too when I use it!...more info
  • Fabulous product, great service
    I adore this shampoo & conditioner. Lowest price I've found anywhere. Fast shipping. Great service. Excellent transaction. Thank you!!...more info


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