Purple Kenmore Progressive Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner 31913 / 31912 HEPA Filter with Direct Drive Beltless System for Carpet and Bare Floor Rated #1 by Consumer Reports

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Rated #1 by comsumer reports Summer of 2006 (Kenmore Progressive Vacuums with Direct Drive). This is one of the nicest upright vacuums you can buy from a name you can trust. Switches from Carpet to Bare floors with one switch. Direct Drive system. Includes tools like a wand, dust brush, and a combo tool for carpet and upholstery. Easy Height adjustment has 4 settings. Cleaning system with a Powerfull 12Amp Motor. Bagged Upright Vacuum. Beltless system has a separate motor built into the cleaning brush so that you never have to worry about chaing a belt again. Did I mention that the HEPA Filter gets 99.9% of Dust Mites. All around a great Deal.

  • Kenmore Progressive w/ Direct Drive were Rated #1 Upright Vacuum by Consumer reports - Summer 06
  • Hepa Filter Gets 99.9% of dust mites
  • Direct Drive Beltless System w/ 4 possition height adjustment
  • Built in Dirt Sensor tells you when your carpets clean.
  • Sensor that tells you when your bag is full or there is a clog in the hose.
Customer Reviews:
  • Not for People with Pets!
    I have four cats, all of whom shed copiously! Even if I vacuum daily, the intake hose clogs with pet hair and must be disassembled to clean properly. I now use a Dyson Animal which does have to be emptied frequently but doesn't clog!...more info
  • No complaints!
    I've had this vacuum cleaner for 4 or 5 years now. I've never had a problem with it. I love not having to worry about a belt!!! When I moved in with my then boyfriend, now husband 2 1/2 years ago, I discovered he had one too. So we have one upstairs and one downstairs. He has never had a problem with his either by the way....more info
  • Kenmore is awesome!
    Kenmore or Oreck, Which Will Work Best For You?
    Have you ever considered what vacuum will work the absolute best for your household? Over the years, I have countless times stood in the vacuum aisle at a department store pondering which one will work best for me and my household. I eventually decide which one to purchase, only to end up returning it a few days later because it was not up to the challenge of picking up pet hair or picking up the mess our three children leave behind. Once I even purchased two vacuums at once just to save myself an extra trip to the store. Neither of those met my household's challenge therefore back to the store they went. I then turned to outside sources for suggestions for what alternatives I had to choose from. I purchased an Oreck XL Classic, on my mother-in-law's recommendation. She raved about the Oreck being so light and easy to use. Next with Consumer Reports high recommendation, I purchased a Kenmore Progressive Bagless Upright with Inteli-Clean System. Consumer Reports' testing is extremely thorough, making this the most helpful review found. Both vacuums were in the same price range; however I was swayed by the overall performance of the Kenmore. After using the Kenmore for just a week, I donated at least three vacuums together with the Oreck that had already been to the repair shop twice. The Kenmore has outshined the Oreck in design, suction power and warranty.
    Versatility is key in my household! Living with children and animals our home features dog hair, crumbs, and dust bunnies everywhere. Having tools that will reach the tiny crevices is vital to me. The Kenmore has onboard tools that I can simply pull out when needed, especially when I stumble across Nerds in the sofa cushions. The Kenmore is outfitted with Handi-mate Jr., a miniature, power-driven hand tool that is used with the vacuum's hose. Handi-Mate Jr. extends your reach, while giving you a bit of agitation in a hand tool. It's best used for cleaning tight spots, such as stairs and upholstered furniture. The Oreck is merely an upright vacuum and does not come with accessories or tools. The deciding factor for me in purchasing the Oreck was that it only weighed eight pounds. I am not convinced how that made my life easier when I had to also purchase an extra handheld vacuum to clean our stairs! The Kenmore also has Inteli-Clean System, which tells you when your carpets are clean! The sensor lights indicate when the carpet is clean when the lights change from red to green. The Oreck uses a costly bag that I had to purchase at a vacuum supply store. The Kenmore is completely bagless. For my house the bagless is the most efficient. I can empty the canister as needed while cleaning, which can between 4-6 times. How many bags would I go through at that rate with the Oreck? The design of the Oreck is lacking in any versatility, where the Kenmore has all the design features that are imperative for my active household.
    Call me fanatical, but if I see vacuum lines, I believe the carpet is clean. Seeing the pattern in the carpet makes a room look freshly cleaned. The Kenmore does make a room look clean to me, vacuum lines and all. The suction power of the Kenmore is evident each time it is used. The three motor settings are easy to get to on the handle and allow you to match the amount of suction power to the job at hand. These speeds enable the machine to efficiently clean area rugs, curtains, and upholstered furniture and pillows, without drawing fabric into the agitator or hose. Does Oreck have that option? No, there is no option of switching the power settings on rugs. While the Oreck is lighter and claims to have the best suction power on the market, it still leaves pet hair behind on our carpets. Consumer Reports highly advocates the Kenmore and rates the bagless version as number 3, the bag version is rated number 1. On the other hand, the Oreck is significantly lower on the list, at number 34! The biggest difference is in the category of carpet, and Consumer Reports chooses the Kenmore as the best upright for most tasks stating, "The Kenmore excels at cleaning carpets and bare floors, and vacuuming using tools."
    Once our Kenmore engine froze up, after trying use the reset button, and unclogging the filter. I eventually took it into the store to schedule a repair and was shocked that they immediately replaced the vacuum with a brand new one. The Oreck that was purchased in the same year had to be sent off for repair, not once but twice! That put me without a vacuum for 8 weeks, and never worked correctly after that. If the Kenmore Company stands so strongly behind their product, I have to believe in the longevity of their product also. Their response certainly made me a happy and returning customer. Although the Oreck was a free repair, it did not make up for the fact I was left without a means to vacuum my carpets. You can imagine what the living room carpet looked like after those eight weeks!
    I hope this will thwart you from wasting your money on vacuums that will not function for more than a year. I have purchased numerous vacuums that were in the less than $100 price range, that did not hold up to our daily use. Therefore, I finally broke down to research and purchase a vacuum that has finally met the challenge of a busy household. After I tried more than ten different brands of vacuum cleaners, I can honestly say that I am now loyal to Kenmore. Needless to say I have learned a valuable lesson; you really do get what you pay for when it comes to vacuum cleaners.
    ...more info