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  • A lot of money for what it does
    I used this for about a month. Although it teaches you to breath slowly, so does a cassette and relaxation tape. It appears to be a lot of money for what you need....more info
  • Works well but there are cheaper alternatives
    I have this product and use it daily. It looks to me that there are some iPhone alternative application out there that do the same thing. Specifically iBreathe. You may want to check these apps out if you have an iPhone, if anything its nice to have when traveling. I was surprised to see that it even uses the phone as a sensor like the actual device....more info
  • Not bad,
    Basically a relaxation feedback device. I started with a breathing rate of 18/minute, over the first session I lowered that to 4/minute. 2nd I started at 10 and went to 3. I'm hovering about there now while on the machine. Not sure what it's doing for my blood pressure yet but it's certainly relaxing....more info
  • Amazing
    I love this devise. I bought the duel machine so that it would keep track of both my boyfriend and myself. I am in my early 40's and he is in his late 30's. We are not over weight and we do exercise regularly. But still both of us had prehypertention/stage 1 hypertention. Within three days my blood pressure had gone down to normal levels! 3 days! The directions say it takes 3 to 4 weeks to see a difference but mine was much quicker. I started by using it every day to get in to the habit but now am using it 3 times a week as suggested. My boyfriend's progress has been slower but it also brought his blood pressure down within the first week.

    You have to be willing to put in the time or it will not work. But wouldn't you rather put in 45 minutes a week than go on medication? The other great thing about the Resperate is that it is very relaxing to use. It's like taking a little time out of the day to simply relax. I think it's great for anxiety too. It just helps you to slow down and concentrate on your breath. I can't say enough good things about the resperate. I'm so happy I bought it. ...more info
  • Seeing the sadness on my doctor's face after realizing I know longer need his prescriptions was worth the price.
    Well, this isn't going to be too long or technical. I used to have high blood pressure into the dangerous levels, my doctor (former) put my on meds that he mentioned "may cause some depression," well, it did that and more because for the first time in my life I considered suicide, the side effects were that bad. Well, I searched on the net like a demon trying to find something to help me, I got this and it did big time. After a few months of using this, plus using a tredmill every other day returned my blood pressure to normal. When I showed my daily record charts for months of testing my doc could not believe it, but he took my blood pressure and got to see it for himself. Frankly, I doubt he'll tell his patients about it. You know, he and other docs receive all expense paid vacations from the pharmacuetical companies and other benefits. Heal thyself....more info
  • Lowering Blood Pressure Relief
    Simple to use, convenient and effective way to lower blood pressure has led to a reduction, by half dosage, of one of my prescriptions. Personnally tested myself by going off, resperate and returning to confirm lower pressure. Some people who have recently reviewed the product here, clearly have not used the device, or used it correctly....more info
  • An amazing device that REALLY WORKS
    I purchased this device for a friend that had very high blood pressure that was out of control. At the time (4 months ago) he was taking 4 different pills twice a day and while the pills helped in lowering the blood pressure it was still way above what it needed to be and the readings weren't consistant.

    After a month of usage his numbers started coming down, today 4 months after begining of usage he is down to half a pill a day, even his doctor who initially was a sceptic has become a beleiver and is recommending this to his patients. This device definetly works, I've read some of the negative reviews here and don't get it, its either they didn't use the device correctly as instructed or they are talking about another device completly. I have become an evangilist for this product and have one thing to say - If you have high blood pressure - GET THIS DEVICE, you won't be sorry, its a real way to get rid of all the medication you have been taking and a way to get your blood pressure down to where it should be naturally.

    ...more info
  • it works
    If you use it each day... 15 minutes... your blood pressure will lower. Unless you experience it yourself, it may be hard to believe. ...more info
  • Not worth the money - higher tech snake oil
    Doesn't work any miracles, but it provides a nice, soothing break. Allow me to save you a couple hundred dollars: learn to count your breaths--breathe in to 4-6 beats. Exhale for 10-15 seconds. Do this for 20 minutes and it can lower your blood pressure maybe 10 points (on top). But drop it below 120/80? I haven't experienced that....more info
  • control of labile BP, updated
    After being in acute renal failure I was on 5 different anti-hypertensive meds to try and control my fluctuating BP, none of which was able to get it regulated. My doctor recommended trying the resperate and getting off the lotrel and using cozaar, which is renal friendly and has virtually no side effects. Within 4 weeks my systolic BP was in the 115 to 125 range instead of 165 to 185. I am so grateful for this machine. The musical tones make me feel as if I am in the company of angels, it is so relaxing. It has now been 8 weeks and my BP has been completely stable. It is FDA approved for use to lower BP. It works without any other changes in your normal routine. Update: August 2006, It has now been over a year of faithfully using the resperate. I did have to change from cozaar to atacand because of an elevated renin level but that was last Fall and my nephrologist is very pleased with the stability of my BP. Not only has this machine helped with my hypertension but I also get hardly any colds, which was always a problem for me. My doctor says it is because I am so relaxed using the resperate. I still highly recommend this product....more info
  • It lowered my blood pressure sometimes.
    At the doctors office I had a blood pressure reading on 12/05/05 of 148/82 and on 1/05/06 of 167/80. I started using Resperate on July 2006 at least 3 times a week. I have gotten as low as 125/75 but in the morning it can go to 160/88. I jog 3 miles everyday and use statins and a blood pressure lowering drug. I am 67 years old.

    Martin ...more info
  • Impressive results on Day 1
    Just got this today, so this review won't be about the long term results, but rather what happened the first time I used the product. (I'll update after I've used it for 6 weeks).

    Anyway, I've been averaging probably 125/85 up to 135/100, depending on my stress level. My doctor has had me tracking my BP for the last month. Before going on medication, I wanted to try this. Tonight, I took my BP before trying it... 125/85. After using Resperate for 15 minutes, I felt very relaxed. Walked back into the living room and sat down, then took my BP and was surprised to see it at 107/75.

    I just checked it now, 1.5 hours later and it's 118/82. So, we'll see what the effect is after a few weeks of repeated use. But on Day 1, I'm impressed....more info
  • one person's experience
    I have tried this device daily for 2 months. Immediately after use, my blood pressure is lowered, for example from 156/101 to 141/97. But the change lasts only for a short time. A very vigorous physical workout has a larger and longer lasting effect. According to their publications the device worked for about 60% of their subjects. I myself see no long term effect yet. My breathing rate is already slow. With this device I bring it to about 2.5 breaths per minute. Because the device displays breaths per minute instead of seconds per breath, it gets unresponsive at slow breathing rates, leaving me to choose between breathing faster or having the tones drift in and out of phase. Also the belt responds only to expansion at one spot while a breath may entail a moving locus of expansion. On the other hand it is easy to use and sometimes pleasantly relaxing. I found that meditation drops blood pressure a bit less than the RespeRate and increases pulse rate while RespeRate does not. I plan to keep using it....more info
    I just ordered this machine today, I hope it works.
    But, there is one thing you should all be aware of:
    If you take your blood pressure in the morning it is the highest it will be all day. You body raises your pressure in the morning to give you a jump start, otherwise you would stay in bed all day. That is how my specialist explained it to me.
    Think about it in the morning when you get up, feel how your heart seems to be racing, that is your wake up then it takes some time to lower and even out. So take your pressure after noon sometime and see if that helps.
    Do it preferably at the same time each day. I like 2:30 P.M.
    Good health to you all....more info
  • Resperate Device
    Expensive...and after three months of daily use I can't say it has helped my blood pressure.

    I record my blood pressure every morning at the same time...after getting up from nights sleep.

    I use exercise equipment for 45 minutes after stretching exercises. Then breakfast and 15 minutes on Resperate Devise.

    My blood pressure hasn't changed significently in the last six months and I continue to take blood pressure medicine.

    The Resperate Device was used for the first six weeks just before bedtime - change in schedule hasn't changed blood pressure measurments to any significant extent.

    I continue to use the device because of the fortune spent on it but wouldn't consider buying it again....more info
  • Using RESPeRATE to prevent migraines
    My daughter Morgane, who is now 8 years old, has been suffering from delibitating migraines since infancy (yes, there is such a thing, unfortunately).
    The symptoms are very impressive, she usually drops to the floor and starts vomiting within a few minutes. She cannot move or open her eyes. It makes her very anxious and we noticed that she hyperventilates when she thinks she is going to "get dizzy". We tried to make her breathe slowly and calm down, to no avail. Morgane's doctor told us that breathing slowly and practicing biofeedback were the best non-drug practices against migraines, and we try to avoid giving Morgane medication as she is so young. So I thought of using RESPeRATE as my Dad has high-blood pressure and I knew it worked on the breathing pattern.

    Morgane immediately understood how to use the device, it was so easy and even fun for her. It relaxes her and gives her the strength to know she can do something about her migraines. Her breathing pattern has reduced considerably and so far, she has not had another migraine attack for about 6 months. She used to have them every two months.

    I have purchased another device for my best friend, a long time migraine sufferer. The way I see it, it is such a painful condition that anything that helps without harm is a blessing....more info
  • Best for those who struggle with the basics of staying healthy
    I am glad this product is available. Not for me, but perhaps for the majority of people who are not aware of the huge benefits of slow, deep relaxed breathing. If you are disciplined, and you are practiced, at yoga, relaxation response, or meditation, this product will seem a bit silly. You can save 300. bucks by following this advice: Take slow deep breaths for 10-15 minutes a day, take less than 10 breaths per minute, and try to do less if you can, but not below 5. Do this every day and watch your blood pressure go down. Thats it. I think they could send a CD with the same tracks on it and give you90% of what this things does. I sent mine back and opted to just do the breathing with my cheap timer...Kudos to this company for making a drug free way to lower blood pressure. It will help a lot of people i am sure...more info
  • Way overpriced
    All this box does is make tones to slow down your breathing. I looked at it for a long time, I never found a clear explanation of what it actually is. So I tried it and it seems like it should cost about $11.99. Save your money....more info
  • Lowering your blood pressure
    The Resperate machine does what is advertised - my blood pressure has been going up and down for a few months now. In desperation, after having my blood pressure medications changed one after the other, with no appreciable affect, I decided to try the Resperate machine. After one month my blood pressure is stabilized. Resperate is easy to use, is very relaxing, and takes only 15 minutes. I would encourage others with fluctuating blood pressure to try it....

    Jim...more info
  • Great product to reduce stress as well
    I have been using Resperate for 2 weeks and when I use it my BP falls anywhere from 20-40 points. I use it 2-3 times each day faithfully. That is key to good success with Resperate. You must use it every day for best effects.
    It also is great for reducing stress. I feel much better physically after using it.
    Ask your MD if it is for you. You should use it as part of an overall program to reduce BP: lifestyle modification, diet, exercise, stopping smoking, etc... It should not be the only thing you use.
    **** Here is a helpful hint. Make a recording of one of your sessions. That way if the machine breaks you can still do the treatments. You will need a few things to get a good recording. A line in connection to take from headphones out (on Resperate) to input on computer. You will also need a headphones line splitter (so you can hear the tones on one line while the other goes into the computer, and then recording software. I use audacity which is a free download [..]
    The cables cost about 20 bucks, but it is worth it to have a back up copy of the recordings. Then when all is connected, just sit back and do a session of Resperate and record it on your computer. Then burn a cd and you have a copy should anything happen to your resperate unit.

    Hope this helps!
    For me it has been well worth the cost....more info
  • It does work
    I got this for my husband as he would`nt take BP meds. It seems to be working and he is glad to have it....more info
  • Effective...if you work at it...
    A sample of the RESPeRATE was given to the internal medicine practice where I worked at the time.

    It DOES take "getting acquainted" to learn how to use this. You must actually read the manual to gather it's operation. Once you get oriented, it is pleasant-and effective-when one is RECEPTIVE to what the device is supposed to do. If an individual has issues with labored breathing for any reason, it will be a challenge to use (albeit a very soothing one). You are to breathe along with the preprogrammed music of your choosing (there are a handful of melodies), and the music gets slower and slower. The change of tempo is influenced by the feedback the belt around your waist gives the machine. You will be challenged to breathe REALLY deep and REALLY slow. I mean, like, master yoga practitioner slow!!! Challenging. Doable, but challenging. If you do it and keep with these exercises in breathing, you WILL be better for it. I want the reader to clearly understand that although this machine is very very soothing to use, it is not to be mistaken for a luxury item or a toy relative to addressing your health. It takes time-daily!-and receptivity to its relaxing powers to obtain tangible results. The RESPeRATE will teach you the good HABIT of healthy breathing while lowering your blood pressure if you actually use it.

    Big expense, but you'll spend the same on a year of copays for your prescription drug. It qualifies as a reimbursable expenditure if you have a flexible spending account. If it's about the end of the year and you still have funds in your FSA, go for it!

    Even if you don't have high blood pressure, it's excellent for relaxation right before bed, or just plain stress management. I would imagine that even children over the age of six or so would like using one. ...more info
  • Good quality, and indication of blood-pressure benefit
    The RESReRATE is neat, very easy to learn, and works as predicted. Target breathing rates are below 10 per minute, and I rapidly achieved 5 and below. I use it every day.

    Blood-pressure benefits of the order of 5 points are promised within 6 to 8 weeks. It is a bit early for me to provide final results, but my average reading has indeed dropped by several points. I have also been sleeping longer nights, on average....more info
  • do some research
    One reviewer (who obviously hasn't purchased or tried it out) said he wouldn't reccomend it without seeing the clinical trials. A good point, BUT with a few clicks I was able to find copies of 6 of the 7 clinical studies... PLUS many peer reviewed medical journals that had articles that were NOT written by "employees of their company".
    I won't bother with my personal anecdote- but I do believe this product works. The company's website is a good start [...]...more info
  • Great Device
    For 25 years I was besieged with uncontrollable High Blood Pressure. This Resperate solved my problem and SAVED MY LIFE. Before I found Resperate I spoke to doctors about my situation and it seems like alot of them just want to pound your body with pills without realizing that there are other ways to lower blood pressure, and in the meantime people die because they don't know about Resperate and that's a shame.

    I would like to let people know that you guys have a marvelous product. I came across one of ads in USA Today and I said to myself, "Why not, let me take a shot at this". I had been trying for years to control my blood pressure and finally decided to take a shot with this device. My blood pressure used to be in the range of 184/69 constantly, after using Resperate for 6 weeks I got down to 111/59. My doctor was flabbergasted at the change, this thing did the job beautifully. I use it at least 4 times a week, in 15 minute sessions. I have to say, I used to be petrified whenever I would go to have my blood pressure taken, I would think to myself, "Oh my God, what's it gonna be this time"...And now I have no concerns, I'm comfortable, I look forward to it know that I'm gonna get a good reading every time, no more fear. ...more info
  • Breathe deeply more often
    I have not used this machine but will base my opinion on the use of a blood pressure monitor that I purchased when my blood pressure suddenly shot up to 170/100. I think this was due to food poisoning. Anyway my blood pressure had always been pretty low, approximately 105/65 when I was in my 20s to 30s and about 125 to 135 once I passed 45. After the food poisoning incident, I purchased a blood pressure monitor from Wal-mart to watch my blood pressure. One day, when I sat down to take my blood pressure, I had a really exhausting day. I was pretty tired and decided to relax myself by taking a long slow deep breath in through my stomach and an equal amount of time exiting the breath through my stomach. I then did the reading and my blood pressure was 106/64. Was this a coincidence or was it because I had taken the deep breath? I did one long deep breath several times again within the week just before I took my blood pressure and each time my pressure was lower than normal. I started doing deep breathing once or twice a day when I wasn't using the monitor (2 to 3 long deep breaths in through my stomach and out through my stomach) after which I always felt more relaxed.

    My blood pressure has stabilized to approximately 115/70, I think this is a direct result of the deep breathing exercises that I do during the day. The RESPeRATE blood pressure monitor seems to be a good machine and after reading the reviews, it sounds like a meditation or biofeedback machine. I think the RESPeRATE blood pressure monitor is an excellent machine for someone that needs to be taught slow deep breathing exercises through the stomach, but if you can't afford this machine or find it difficult to sit for 15 minutes a day, try an inexpensive blood pressure monitor and practice on that. Same concept. If you're breathing right, the monitor will reflect it. If you're excited or agitated, or your blood pressure and heart rate speeds up whenever a doctor takes your pressure "White Coat Syndrome," the RESPeRATE machine may help you to remain calm in all situations.

    ...more info
  • Good, but not good enough
    This may look like a great invention; it may have helped many, but I just can't see anything in it that is worth the price tag. There is nothing that this device can give you a 15-minute yoga session can't give. And, if you are too lazy to do yoga for 15 minutes, chances are that you are too lazy to use this device for 15 minutes. The price tag may force you to use it for 30 days, but after that you are stuck with it and it will probably end up under the bed along with all other "easy-storage" gadgets.

    Negativity apart, it is actually a great invention. It does a good job in sensing your breathing pattern and forces you to stick to a pattern for 15 minutes after which it shuts off by itself. It guides you through a pattern with ascending and descending soothing musical notes. It is quite relaxing and you will find yourself yawning by the end of the 15 minute session. But, again, it is too pricey for what it does and it is not anywhere nearly good as simple yoga.
    ...more info
  • Absolutely love it!!!
    I purchased this device because I am 36 years old with a blood pressure reading of 150/85. The first attempt was a little difficult for me as I kept trying to keep my breathing in sync with the machine. Sometimes I would inhale too fast or exhale too fast but quickly caught on as to how to use it before my first session ended.

    By the time I get my breaths down to 4.0 a minute I get very sleepy and relaxed. You are supposed to use this once a day for 10-15 minutes but I use it twice. I use it when I get home from work to take away the stress and then before bed which puts me right to sleep.

    I noticed by several of the reviewer's here who only gave this device one or two stars. Two of you have never even tried it and gave your silly replies based on your intellectual perception. One of you claimed that it was too tedious to use. It does not take too make thought to place a strap around your waist where your stomach rises and falls in order for the machine to recognize your breathing patterns. If you have placed the belt on improperly then the device will tell you what the problem is and will tell you how to fix it. The machine will tell you when to inhale and when to exhale. You will listen to the music which will change its tone so that you will be able to follow your breathing pattern with it even if your eyes are closed. Does that sound too difficult or tedious to you? If so, then forget the breathing exercises all together for there will be nothing out there that you will find to be less tedious. I tried yoga, tai-chi and struggled for a while with focusing on my breathing and the exercises that I had to do at the same time. This device is so simple that a 5 year old can follow it.

    There was one guy that seemed skeptical about it requiring scientific evidence. Wow! Well here is the proof, I went from a blood pressure reading of 150/85 to 120/60 in a short period of time. If you have an electronic blood pressure machine at home then take your blood pressure reading the second after you finish using this device. Today, I took my BP reading the second my session with the machine ended and had a blood pressure reading of 110/55 with a pulse of 55. I have to make a doctor's appointment to see if I should lower or come off my BP medicine since it has dropped so much so quickly. I haven't had a BP over 140 for a while now. Yes, I did make some changes in my diet which certainly added to the benefit of this machine.

    Give this device a try. You will have the same thoughts that I did at first: "How can this 10 minute breathing exercise lower my blood pressure consistently?" Just try it and after about a week you will find yourself feeling more relaxed than ever. You will find yourself wanting to use this machine because after 5 minutes of using it you will be feeling absolute relaxation. The first couple of times I felt relaxed but the more that I used it the stronger the feelings of relaxation became.

    Try it!! ...more info
  • It just didn't add anything
    When I finally got it to work. I was below the level it was training to reach....more info
  • Resperate
    I have used this product nearly every day for at least 15 minutes over three weeks now. A few days ago I read on the resperate forums that you can increase the default 15 min sessions so I moved mine up to 20. The more "Therapeutic" minutes you log per day the better. Combined with exercise and low sodium diet, I believe that someday I'll get off the bp meds. I've already begun to question the need for the medicine with this thing. Some days however my bp shoots up and I don't know why. I have noticed my bp goes down in the afternoons and that overall since using this device, my bp in the afternoons has gone down. My bp before using this was 140/85 and lately it's been 132/78. Some mornings my bp has gone down to 119/72, but that's after exercise, honest diet, and breathing exercises the day before. 15 min to start is not hard to do. The "guiding" tones are easy to follow and overall I feel relaxed after each session. A couple times I actually fell asleep...which is not recommended and when your breathing goes off the path, the device wakes you up and tells you how to get back on track. It's all good. If you are spending $$ on medicines, I recommend you buy it. Maybe you can lower your dose or get off it entirely by using this thing. The retail cost of my bp w/o insurance is $190 per 90-day supply. This resperate device could eventually be quite a cheap investment with a great ROI. ...more info
  • Costs too much.
    Meditation will do the same thing. Buy a tape or take a class....more info
  • May or may NOT work for you.....
    Purchased this machine for my wife (born 1949) who has high blood pressure (150+/90+ untreated) and Type-II diabetes. Had high hopes as this was not a drug-related therapy. But was vastly disappointed by lack of positive results. Yes, she enjoyed using it. But her blood pressure was not improved.

    HERE IS MY ANALYSIS for your consideration. If your high plood pressure is caused by stress and the cares of life, RESPeRATE may work for you. But there is no mechanism by which it can address or cure arteriosclerosis. So, carefully analyze the cause of your high blood pressure before buying!...more info
  • Easy to use
    Update, I've been using this now for 7 months and my blood pressure has improved so much that after 3 months my doctor let me cut my dosage in half, then after 6 months, he said I could stop altogether! (though I still take one-quarter). He's quite amazed that it works for me, but he's satisfied and so am I. I use it 2-3 times per week in the morning or evening and it's quite simple. Once in a while the speed/melody is off, but I just restart it and it's fine. I've been singing it's praises to my friends. I followed a reviewer's adviice and keep the device in a zip lock bag, the cords tend to get tangled, and I take my blood pressure right after I use it and sometimes randomly, just to be sure. My rate is a steady 3.8-4 breaths per minute. Persistence is the key....more info
  • Don't see much benefit from this machine
    When I started using the instrument, my breathing rate turned out to be already below 10 breaths per minute. What the machine does can really be accomplished by simply concentrating on your breathing. However, I don't feel that just by slowing your breathing rate you can control your high blood pressure. If that was the case I would not have high blood pressure with my low breathing rate. Maybe someone has a breathing rate of 17 or more per minute might benefit, but I feel I wasted money on quite an expensive gadget. The only benefit that I gained from the machine was to become more aware of my breathing rate. My mistake was that I should have measured my breathing rate before ordering....more info
  • breathing easy
    This is an amazing product. Not only is it lowering my blood pressure, but it has made me feel more calm and relaxed. I do my breathing exercise every morning and feel good all day long....more info
  • Get in Sync, Naturally
    A very useful device for synchronizing your breathing and heart beat, so as to lower your blod pressure without drugs. Anything that has few or, as in this case, no side-effects, other than to encourge you to relax, is very welcome. Very relaxing at the same time, so it is particularly good for those who don't find the time to relax during the day. Just 15 mintues a few times a week and you will find you almost want to use it every day. Would be even better if it could record multiple users instead of just the one person so it could be used by a family or in a clinic setting....more info
  • Get One!

    My Resparate works great, and is helping significantly. It is a good product. Customer support is good. No problems yet, but after years of use some parts may need to be replaced. This is a relaxing and effective way to maintain BP health. Seven clinical studies establish its effectiveness, and it is working for me.

    I recommend this product without reservations....more info
  • Easiest way to relax in the world!!!
    If you have trouble sitting down and relaxing, this is for you!!! I have a hard time sticking with things like this, but I've hardly missed a day in about 3 months so far. It is so enjoyable! Give it a try...... worth the money!...more info
  • Resperate
    Probably, I have not had the chance to throughfully try it. I need to watch the video to get more information on his use. I think from what I have tried up to now, that it will help me a lot....more info
  • Starting To See Results!
    I've been using the RESPeRATE for a little over three weeks now, and I am starting to see some positive results! My blood pressure before using the RESPeRATE was around 150's/100's- now after three weeks of two a day sessions(once in the morning and once in the evening), my pressure is around 130's/70's. To tell the truth, I was having trouble at first with it, and was getting very discouraged, however, like the moderators on the RESPeRATE forum have continued to say, breathing easy and naturally is the key to sucess, something that I was not doing the first few times that I used the RESPeRATE. Now, I am actually enjoying using it, it really makes me feel calm and tranquil after my daily sessions. A Big "thumbs-up" for the RESPeRATE!!! Thanks, JB...more info
  • No Doubt About It Now!
    I cannot believe this product works as well as they say it does! I noticed a difference right away. Both the top & bottom numbers have gone down back to normal (that's right, NORMAL!) in less than a month (my HBP was attributed to stress, despite the fact that I'm in terrific health). If you're willing to commit the time (approximately 12-14 minutes a night), you too will get dramatic results. My only wonder is why this product is not prescribed to every single person in America with HBP. ...more info
  • Problems with Resperate
    I wish that I had read the reviews here at Amazon before I spent the money on a Resperate Machine.

    This machine is the biggest waste of money I've seen in a long time. The company would not give me the free shipping promised in the newspaper ad so I ordered from Amazon.

    I complained about the limited 30-day warranty but was told it would ONLY take 3 - 4 weeks to see any results. Since I have many problems with most BP meds, I was dreaming that this might actually help!

    My spouse & I tried it for a month with NO results & left on vacation [no time to send it back]. When we got back we tried it for another month -- my BP went down slightly, his actually went UP.

    I asked the company about that and also about whether we had to use this thing for ever. I never got a reply.

    I repeated the questions on their forum -- still no answers.

    I found this exercise exhausting, frustrating, & boring because the stupid thing does NOT breathe WITH me [now my BP is UP too], and I cannot possibly breathe as it directs me [panting like a dog!]. My husband complains about the same thing.

    I would advise people not to waste their money.

    ...more info
  • Mediocre results but an unexpected benefit
    I tried this because I wanted to see if I could lower my blood pressure enough to stop medication that had unwanted side effects. I'm still on medication. However, the device has helped me get to sleep and sleep better.

    I read the research on Resperate's website, and even though none of this research was referenced on the American Heart Association website, decided to try it. Here was my testing procedure:

    1) Over 5 day period, prior to using Resperate, I took my blood pressure twice a day, and averaged the scores. This was my baseline: 115 over 89.

    2) I used Resperate 15 mins. every day, prior to going to sleep. While the timed breathing seemed easy, it still required a little concentration. I consistently had breath detection and sychronization scores over 86%. My beginning breath rate averaged 8 and ending rate was 5.

    3) I continued taking my blood pressure as above, and always prior to using the device. Pressure readings fluctuate even within the same minute, so I took three readings and averaged them whenever I measured it. I tracked the daily pressure on a spreadsheet.

    RESULTS: During the first 30 days, results seemed impressive. Graphing the slope of all the daily points, the final point was 106 over 81. I continued every day, but the pressure went back up. Was this a placebo effect?

    Over the next month, pressure again fell, but not as low. Overall average after 60 days: 111 over 84. Systolic dropped 4 points, Diastolic 5 points.

    This was not like the dramatic results described on their website. I would probably sell this device except for an unanticipated side effect: better sleep patterns. I have had difficultly getting and staying asleep, using medication about every 3 nights. I have only taken sleep medication once since beginning Resperate.

    I also saw they dropped the price on the Resperate website, so if you want to try it, you might investigate there.

    FINAL NOTE: If you are diabetic (I'm not), there's clinical evidence that this approach has a low probability of working for you. I saw no reference of this point on their website.

    ...more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    I bought one of these about two years ago. I have been on 30MG Lisinopril for years and the pressure was once again creeping up into the 150's. Since I began using this device on a regular basis, I can not remember the last time my blood pressure was over the 130's and it is often in the 120's. (I have never had a problem with the diastolic pressure but it has dropped as well).

    And it is SO enjoyable. I have tried meditation and find it is difficult but 'resperating' is something I now treasure....more info
  • Resperate Device
    I have found this product to be of good quality and and effective in it's intended use....more info
  • Works as described for me
    I had considered this product a number of times but sat on the fence because of the price. A recent increase in my BP, despite taking the usual steps to lower it, required an increase in my medication which stabilized but did not lower it. I made up my mind then to try RESPeRATE. After a month of daily use, my BP as well as my resting pulse rate have all lowered.

    The machine is easy to use and requires only 15-20 minutes per session. I also find the routine to be meditative and relaxing. I recommend finding a quiet place to use it with no distractions or interruptions.

    As far the price, however, they should have included the carry/storage bag. The earphones supplied are no better than the throw-away type airlines sell for $2. They could have been better quality. Also the built in storage compartment is barely adequate for the sensor, belt and wires....more info
  • Did nothing for me
    This was a real waste of money, I started using it everyday in June '08, and kept using it all summer without a drop in my blood pressure AT ALL.
    I read it had a one month return policy, but they recommended using it for at least 6 weeks....Go figure. I E-mailed their customer support and NEVER heard from them. So between the failure to lower my blood pressure and no response from Resperate..I think my blood pressure might have actually gone up a little....more info


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