Weight Watcher Scale by Conair WW39 Digital Glass Scale

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Product Description

The Conair Weight Watchers digital scale has been engineered to the highest precision standards to give you the most accurate possible weight reading. The oversized LCD screen is easy to read and its contemporary glass and silver finish will make it a stylish accessory to any decor. t'll look great in your bathroom but it's an important tool to help you maintain (and possibly lose) weight as part of a plan for overall health and fitness. It's a very important home accessory and the WW39 is attractive as well as functional. Get one today. Displays weight in 0.1 lb or 50 g increments 330 lb/150 kg weight capacity Large, high strength, impact resistant, 12 x 12 glass platform with chrome accents Tap-on scale activator Lifetime lithium battery

  • Extra large 1.5" LCD
  • 12.2 x 13.5" Platform
  • Glass and Silver Finish
  • 330 lbs capacity
  • .11 lb resolution

Customer Reviews:

  • I would not buy again
    If you don't mind a 5 lb. weight gain or loss from one minute to the next, this is the scale for you. The first time I got on the scale and saw the reading I thought it was just a mistake. Tried again and I had gained 5 lbs. Tried again and I had lost 3. In other words, don't believe what it says. If you are trying to lose weight and you only weigh once a week, you will see the weight loss altho you won't really know what you weigh. Otherwise, don't waste your money....more info
  • Very nice
    I was very pleased when my new scale arrived. It's quality is evident and well worth the price. This certainly beats the old 'dial' style weight scales! The digital numbers are nice and large making them easy to read....more info
  • Good scale
    Good scale - very consistent result.
    Takes a very firm tap to get it to come on.....doesn't work everytime, but second try will usually get it to respond.
    ...more info
  • Disliked it so much I returned it
    Very difficult to use. Had to pick it up and put it down on the floor each time before using it. Returned using Amazon's generous 30-day guarantee policy....more info
  • Classy Scale
    Scale is classy looking, all glass and will not rust as most o when used in a bathroom (Most are). Scale is very accurate and easy to read. Very happy with the scale regarding price and performance....more info
  • weight watchers scale- digital
    excellant product, does all that is says, accurately. no about the actual weight digital read out large display and to the nearest tenth of a pound. ...more info
  • Eats batteries
    Sure it looks great and matches almost any decor but mine is eating batteries. I weigh myself once a week. Seven weeks (that's seven uses) later and it needs new batteries again. Going to get myself something lower tech....more info
  • Scale
    I like this scale except you can't just stand on it and get your weight. You have to tap it first and then wait for the zeros to come up prior to standing on it. This is a little annoying.
    ...more info
  • Great scale - very accurate...
    Very happy with this scale. I weigh in at Weight Watchers every Thursday and I weigh myself on this scale just before I go the the meeting. So far it has only been .1 to .3 of a pound different than at the meeting....more info
  • Digital Scale
    Very accurate scale - to the 10th of a pound. Easy to use, attractive. If you like electronic gizmos, you'll love this product....more info
  • hard to activate
    you have to kick it into the wall to get it to come on!!! i have tightened the battery connections and I guess i will send it back. peice of junk in my opinion.........more info
  • Accurate
    This scale is accurate and very helpful when it comes to tracking your weight. The digital numbers are easy to read and the decimals are an added bonus...more info
  • Accurate, but...
    the "tap" to start the scale takes more than a "tap". However, it's accurate, and we like it....more info
  • Inaccurate
    The scale doesn't turn on if I tap on it as it instructs so I have to pick it up and put it down again for 0.00 to display. And I notice it can vary by as much as 3lbs depending where I place it. I placed a 5lb bag of flour on it and the display remains at 0.00 so it's not sensitive enough to even weight that. Very disappointing. ...more info
  • Miriam in Salem
    I find this scale to be as accurate as the doctor's scale. Have had to keep track of my cat's weight loss and this scale makes it very easy....more info
  • defective product
    Weight Watcher Scale by Conair WW39 Digital Glass ScaleYour suppose to tap the scale on the top, wait for it to stop flashing then step on. You have to lift the front edge of this one up a quarter inch and let it drop to the floor to get it started. I'd return it but my wife doesn't want to wait for another! I'm sure it's a fluke, but I'm sure not satified with it....more info
  • Goo Gone Needed!
    The scale is great. Accuate. Nice looking. It's easier to get it "started" by lifting up the scale with your toes than tapping it. The sticker is a bug-a-boo! I didn't think it'd be that bad. You NEED Goo Gone as it's so unbelievably difficult to remove all the residue. Otherwise, this is a great scale for the price....more info
  • Weight Watched Scale
    I love this scale. I don't always like what it tells me my weight is! I think at least 6 other people have bought this scale after seeing mine. It is really a good buy. It is alway with in a lb. of the Doctor's scale....more info
  • sauerpower
    Like other reviews, I have the same problem with this product -- having to tap quite hard to turn on the scale. It works better to lift it up with your toe and drop it slightly. ...more info
  • Good scale for home use
    Me and my wife have been loooking for some scale`s that can measure our weight, but the most important thing we want to measure our baby weight. I cant say it perfect scale`s but for home measure it reasonable even more because of price....more info
  • great bath room scale
    Easy on off with a toe lift at the base. Sleek look. Reproducible weights. A good basic scale at a good price...more info
  • Worst Purchase Ever
    Without question, this product has to be the worst piece of junk I have ever bought on Amazon. I first ordered the scale in February 2009. When it arrived I was impressed by the sleek good looks of it but soon found out the one I received didn't work. I sent it back for a replacement. The replacement worked reasonably well for about two weeks then started having problems. Sometimes it wouldn't come on, other times it would come on and not register any weight and other times the weight showing would be double what it should have shown. For example, I weigh about 170 - the scale would show 340. Perhaps the dumbest thing about the scale was how you need to "tap" the scale to turn it on. What moron thought of that? Why can't you just stand on it and have it come on?? If I could have rated this scale 0 stars I would have. The only place for this thing is the garbage where it is now. Stay away at all costs....more info
  • Disappointed
    The scale simply didn't work!
    Had several people attempt to try it to no avail.
    It happens.
    I returned it - lost a few bucks however what can you do?!
    So, yes, I was disappointed for the first time with Amazon.
    Otherwise - I love using them for almost all products....more info
  • Very Nice Product
    Accurate, light and well built, and very nice looking. For those who have had DOA units, I thought we had the same thing. After pulling out the plastic battery saver and snugging down the cap, nothing would get the readout to come up. I checked both batteries for voltage, but noticed when I put them back that the upper battery had not been underneath the short tab. Once both batteries were underneath the upper tab, unit worked great.
    ...more info
  • Gret buy
    I was totally satisfied with my new scale. I especially like the numbers that it has been giving me, I am weighing myself more often and watching my caloric intake and the numbers have been going down. The product is just what I was looking for, easy to turn on, easy to read and looks great against my tile floor....more info
  • Digital bathroom scale
    Conair WW39 Weight Watchers Digital Glass Weight Scale

    I never used a digital scale before so was unfamiliar with the idea of tapping it to sort of wake it up. It is simple to use. No problem with the zero going off. Very precise (weighs to 0.1 pound). Very happy with it.

    Delivery was within the estimate and there were no problems....more info
  • Dead on Arrival!
    These scales looked nice enough when I took them out of the packaging. However, after sorting out the batteries as advised, I was never able to get them to work, no matter how hard we 'tapped' or lifted them!...more info
  • weight watchers scale by conair ww39 digital glass scale
    The scale works great. Large easy to read numbers. Seems accurate and more important, repeatable. A good value....more info
  • Digital Scales
    Very good product, good vendor. Merchandise arrived, just as advertised, and in a timely fashion. Thanks!...more info
  • I am very satisfied
    I am very satisfied with the Weight Watchers scales that I ordered from Amazon.com. It arrived unharmed and in timely fashion. I would order from Amazon.com again....more info
  • quirky
    I purchased this scale twice. The first one would not turn on by tapping on the top. I even tryed new batteries of my own. I was really "tapping" hard; so much so that I was worried what damage might occur. So, I sent it back and recieved a replacement. The same thing happened. Then, just by coincidence I slid it sideways across the floor, and it turned on. I have learned (by trial and error) that to get it to turn on, you have to make some sidewards motion, not just tapping up and down. I will keep it and use it, but I don't like what it takes to get it to turn on. Otherwise, it is a fine product. Weight Watcher Scale by Conair WW39 Digital Glass Scale...more info
  • Conair Glass Scale
    This is a great scale. The readout is large and bright. The only drawback is that it MUST be used on a hard surface. It gives faulty readouts when used on a carpet surface. ...more info
  • Horrible scale-broke in first week
    I bought this scale and what a mistake. It broke after a week, it will cost almost 50$ to send to Conair and the store I bought from will not take it back. The "tap on" feature (when it was working) was more like a slam your foot as hard as possible feature. Please save your money. I am ordering my new scale from Amazon as at least I know I can trust thier return policy. Save your $$!...more info
  • Does not work.
    The scale arrived in non-functional condition and the digital display does not turn on. It came with 2xlithium batteries inside. I don't know if the batteries are dead or if it's broken. Also, it's pretty bulky, both in size and in weight. The thick glass plate makes it pretty heavy and the digital display part is cheap plastic. I could not be more dissatisfied with this product. If you are even remotely considering to buy this cheap garbage, please don't. I'm sure you can buy a scale that works for the same cheap price. Good shopping.

    update: In addition, when you return the product to Amazon.com within the full refund period, you will not receive the full refund. I paid $29.99 for the scale and got back $23.99. ...more info
  • A beautiful and high quality scale
    Both my wife and I like it very much. We like the precision of 0.1 pound, we can see the small weight change of our body....more info
  • Most accurate scale ever!
    I can get on this scale 5 times and it will be within .1 pound each time....more info
  • Works, once you get it to turn on.
    I find this scale to be fairly accurate - no more than 0.2 lb variations between multiple weighings. I have noticed that it seems to "stick" on whatever the previous reading is. In other words, you can weigh a 150 lb person multiple times and get 150.0, 150.0, 150.2, 150.0, but then if you weigh something lighter and then try weighing yourself again, it's more likely to jump - to 150.4 or something. It also weighed a plastic container holding 38lbs of cat litter as 40.3 lbs. That's good enough for my needs.

    However, I also can't get this scale to turn on just by tapping it. I thought it was completely broken until I accidentally dropped it and it came on. Now I lift up one side slightly with my foot and let it drop to turn it on. I haven't yet decided whether that justifies returning it. ...more info
  • Really Bad
    Difficult to turn on, grossly inaccurate (You can weigh 5 pounds more or less within an hour or so). Mine is already in the landfill....more info
  • Accurate and stylish too
    Extremely accurate over nearly a year of ownership. How accurate? Weight yourself, then use the toilet, and weight yourself again; it reflects the change. ...more info
  • Don't buy it
    I am never buying a digital scale ever again. Everytime I stepped on it it would register a different weight...analog is the way to go....more info
  • Very nice looking scale
    Some said that there's a problem with a red tag. I didn't have that problem at all. I removed the red tag and been using this scale with no problems at all. The look fits great with many kind of decoration and bathroom styles. It's consistent and I have few or no reason to doubt the accuracy of this scale....more info
  • Like Large Display
    We enjoy our Weight Watcher Scale and bought this one for a friend for a Christmas gift. She is in her early Nineties and can read the display quite well. She enjoys the style and attractiveness of the scale.

    We have found that the weight is pretty close to our physician's scale and have confidence in the readings.

    ...more info
  • great tool for weight loss!!

    After visiting my daughter-in-law in CA and using her Weight Watcher Scale, I just had to have one for myself. Great tool. I'm about to order a second so I don't have to transport one between homes.
    ...more info
  • Batteries keep dying
    The original batteries died after 3 months. I thought they might be old from sitting in the box. I replaced them, and the new batteries only lasted a week. It is too late for me to return it, so I wasted $30. Buy one from Wal-Mart, so you can exchange it if you need to!...more info
  • Great price - awesome product
    Very lightweight and extremely accurate. I was a little afraid that I was going to break the glass when stepping on but all was OK. I would expect to pay double the price I paid at a local home store. Rec'd within 2 days of placing order and free shipping to boot. Great item - sleek and very attractive. Very pleased....more info
  • love my new scale
    The scale is every thing I wanted. An easy to use scale with a large readout and stylish looks. Works exactly as it is supposed to and seems to be very accurate. The only problem I had was placing the batteries into service. The instructions for placing the 2 small waffer style batteries were not on the product packaging or any of the included instructions. I figured it out but it might be a problem to place them if you have no knowledge of such things. All and all I am quite pleased with the scale and would recommend them as attractive, accurate, and well made....more info
  • fails to weigh accurately
    We thought this scale was nice as it reads in tenths of a pound. Then as part of a meat order we had a whole duck that was of an unknown weight. Wanting to not guess the birds weight between 5 and 7 pounds I got on this scale and weighed myself. Back on the scale with the bird and guess what I weighed less with the bird than I did without it! It maybe okay to be a little off if it is uniformly off but this is sloppy. ...more info


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