Born in Shame

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This third and final novel in Roberts's Irish trilogy is the story of Shannon Bodine. Shannon's life is rocked by an emotional earthquake when she learns the identity of her real father. Obeying her late mother's last wish, American Shannon travels to County Clare, Ireland, to meet the sisters she never knew she had. Warmed and comforted by the bond that grows between her and her sisters, her heart is lured by the charm of the Irish countryside and tempted by the attraction of horseman Murphy Muldoon. Murphy takes one look at Shannon and knows that she is the woman he's waited for all his life. But Shannon is a practical woman. Will she open her heart and mind to the timeless, magical bond that connects them? Or will she reject fate's plan and leave Murphy to return to her life in America?

A talented graphic artist, Shannon Bodine's life revolved around her job at a prestigious New York advertising agency. But her world was turned upside down whe she learned the identity of her real father: Thomas Concannon. Respecting her late mother's last wish, Shannon reluctantly traveled to County Clare. There, her loneliness and shame melted away in the embrace of the family she never knew existed. And amid the lush Irish landscape steeped in mysticism and legend, she discovered the possibility of a love that was meant to be...

Customer Reviews:

  • Would have been five stars...
    ... for BORN IN ICE, the best book of this trilogy. That one's a lovely romance filled with the coziness and homeliness that makes a house a home and that makes relatives and friends family. I especially loved Grayson's and Brianna's trip to New York.

    BORN IN FIRE was charming and funny, with a sharp, fiery heroine. I especially love Ms. Roberts' way with giving us glimpses of interesting professions -- in Maggie's case, glass-blowing. This one would rate 4-1/2 stars if Amazon enabled us to give half ratings.

    BORN IN SHAME was nice and interesting, but the weakest of the series. I never understood Shannon's "need" to visit half-sisters she never knew she had or her guilt for initially telling the private detective who tracked her down that she wanted nothing to do with them. Not everyone gets choked up over the idea that strangers have had a private detective tracking you down and poking into your private family life, even despite blood ties.

    I also did not see any reason for the paranormal elements to this story. It was as if Ms. Roberts felt obligated to throw some mysticism into the story because the Irish are famous for their mystical heritage.

    BORN IN SHAME was good in developing the relationship between the sisters, especially Shannon and Maggie, and I did like the romance. But were I rating it on its own, it would get three stars. As I'm rating the trilogy, I give it 4-1/2. It edges out the Dream trilogy because of the strength of the first two books, but is not quite as good as the Maryland Eastern Shore trilogy....more info

  • Another grat Book by Nora Roberts
    The Story is another good one by Nora Roberts. I bought this book in Audio Form and I did enjoy it. I just wish the Narator, Fiacre Douglas, would have spoken a little slower and taken his time. I loved his Irish Accent, but I felt that he was "raceing" through the book....more info
  • It was OK but nothing special...
    Well, I didn't care for the first book & I enjoyed the 2nd book but for this book I have to say it was just O.K. These were the first Nora Roberts books I ever read & I don't think I'll read her books again. This book just never pulled me in. In this 3rd book of the "Born In" series you meet Shannon who is the half sister of Maggie. Maggie has just recently lost her father & her mother is on her deathbed when she reveals that the man Shannon has always thought was her father was not really her father. Her mother's last request was that she go to Ireland to visit. Right after her mother's death a detective arrives & tells her that Maggie & Brianna were looking for her & before you know it she's off to Ireland. While in Ireland meeting her family she also meets Murphy who is the neighbor to her sisters. A romance quickly starts but I was so turned off because I can't stand paranormal books or magical books & Shannon & Murphy had dreams that showed them that they were together in a previous life. The dreams went on & on & they talked about their past lives as if they'd just stepped out of it. I can't stand that stuff so that's why I didn't really care for this 3rd book but if you like that stuff then I guess you may like this book. If you don't like anything magical then stay away. Another thing is that I couldn't understand why Shannon never asked to see a picture of her father. Don't you think she'd want to know what he looked like??? ...more info
  • easy to read and completely believable
    This is the third book of a series so well written that,while each book stands alone on its merits, they blend very smoothly one into another. It is a story of three sisters, this one being a love child born in USA. She is discovered by the other two sisters through letters found in the attic. They invite her to come to Ireland, which she finally does. The interaction is completely realistic and thoroughly readable. I have read these books, Born in Fire, Born in Ice, and Born in Shame, several times and enjoy them more each time....more info
  • Excellent conclusion to a wonderful trilogy
    I loved this entire trilogy by Roberts. Each book continued to get better and I was disappointed that the story had to end.

    The first two novels (Born in Fire and Born in Ice) are about two sisters who have known each other, lived by each other their entire lives. Their stories are interesting and inspiring as well, by Roberts leaves the closing novel as the hummdinger.

    Born in Shame is the story of a third sister. The three share the same father, but not mother. Raised a continent apart from the other two girls, she comes to Ireland to discover a little about the father she never knew, and finds herself along the way.

    Loved it!...more info

  • Fast paced and rushed
    To read Born in Shame, the first two books in the trilogy should be read first, or at least Born in Ice. It was Brianna who found the letters to her father and instigated the search for the writer. Had Brianna not done this, Born in Shame would not have been written.
    Anyway, the reader is immediately thrown into Shannon Bodine's high style life. From the beginning, she's very stubborn and single minded. After losing both parents, finding out her father really was not her father, and that her mother had an affair with a married man, sends Shannon to Ireland to explore her newfound roots. Here she meets Maggie, who she constantly bumps heads with, Maggie's husband Rogan, sweetnatured Brianna and her humorous husband Gray, and Murphy Muldoon, long time friend of the Concannon sisters. I felt that the story was very rushed. Shannon makes hardly any effort to stalmate Murphy's actions towards her. They're sleeping together before you know it. And then suddenly, she comes to her senses in the last chapter and doesn't leave Ireland. Who'd have thought?...more info
  • Solid and Good
    Born in Shame is the third book in the 'Born In...' series, which features Shannon Bodine and Murphy Muldoon.

    Born in Shame is a solid ending to the 'Born In...' series and wraps things up very nicely. It wasn't one of my favorites of the trilogy, and honestly I found Shannon irritating after having read Maggie's and Brie's stories.

    But! I did love the story surrounding Shannon, and Murphy, and tying the loose ends. All trilogies should end as satisfying as this one does....more info

  • The best in three sisters stories.
    I recommend you all. Nora Roberts is good at writing about not only romance but also family ties....more info
  • Not as strong as the first two ...
    but worth the read all the same.

    In this conclusion to the "Born In" trilogy, Brianna and Maggie Concannon are finally successful in tracking down the half-sister they have only recently learned about. Shannon Bodine is less than eager to have been found, especially since she only just discovered her lineage and is struggling with major identity issues in the wake of the news.

    Shannon travels to Ireland to get some answers, but not to connect with any "family" -- the only family she acknowledges, her parents, are dead. Gradually she discovers that the ties of blood are as strong in her as they are in her sisters, and whether she wanted it or not she now has another family.

    This book is far more about Shannon's journey of self-discovery than it is about the romance she embarks on with the Concannon sisters' longtime friend Murphy Muldoon. Murphy is almost selfless in his total adoration of Shannon from the start, and I wasn't very impressed with the "mystical" aspects of their romance (they both have recurring dreams that they knew each other from before). In addition, Shannon isn't as sympathetic a character as either Maggie or Brianna was, because unlike them she grew up in a loving, happy home and seems to have no valid excuse for the bitterness she now feels.

    All the same, you can't read a trilogy without reading the ending, and this was an enjoyable enough way to pass the time....more info

  • Born in Shame: Trilogy #3
    Having read the 1st 2 books of Nora Roberts' "Born In ... Trilogy" I was frustrated at being unable to locate the 3rd in the series in a couple local bookstores. Luckily, Amazon came thru. Nora Roberts always does a great job of sharing an indepth look into her characters with her readers. In this series, we emerse ourselves in the lives of 3 very talented sisters, their dysfunctional Mother, surprising Father, and the lucky men who become their husbands. I looked forward to the book and was not disappointed!...more info
  • Last of the Trilogy, Just as Great!
    I simply loved Murphy! He knew what he wanted, he just had to win Shannons' heart. I enjoyed all three books tremendously, all were real winners!! More! More! More!...more info
  • One of Nora Roberts' Best!
    Shannon Bodine knows how quickly life changes. Her father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly a year earlier and now her mother was dying of cancer. Shannon didn't know how she could bear to lose both of her parents so close together, but her mother's dying words shattered Shannon's carefully ordered world. Her real father was Thomas Concannon, a man her mother met and had an affair with in Ireland years ago. Shannon was devastated and grieving when the private investigator found her and informed her that she had two sisters living in Ireland - and they wanted to meet her. Shannon immediately rejected the offer to visit and returned to her work as a graphic artist in New York, but she couldn't focus and nothing seemed important. Before she knew it, she found herself on her way to Ireland and a family she had never met...

    From the moment Murphy Muldoon saw her, he knew that Shannon was the one for him. He had been dreaming of her for years and now she was finally here, in the flesh, all he had to do was make her his. But Shannon was strong and stubborn and Murphy found that he had his work cut out for him. Oh, she was attracted to him, he could see that well enough, but she resisted his efforts to court her and refused to believe that she could have a life there in Ireland with him as a painter. But Murphy was stubborn too, and this time, he wasn't about to let her go...

    This is the third book in the 'Born in' series and it is my favorite of the trilogy. I loved Shannon and Murphy's characters and enjoyed seeing the people from the other books pop up in this one so I could see how they were doing. Roberts must have a special love for Ireland because she paints such a beautiful picture of the country and makes it almost a character in the book. The love story here is wonderful, two modern people from very different walks of life with some powerful dreams mixed in to make things complicated. This is a wonderful, fast, fun read that I enjoy reading time and time again!...more info

  • Great!
    This was such a good book. All three in this trilogy are really good. They just sweep you away to a place where family means a lot and friends are true. I loved it and highly recommend. This trilogy is one of Nora Roberts best....more info
  • Not Her Best Work
    I usually enjoy Roberts' stories-despite the fact that she tends to recycle her plots and characters. Anyway, of the three books in the trilogy, Born in Shame is my least favourite. The heroine, Shannon, is rather unappealing. She lacks Maggie's spirit and Brianna's sweetness. Murphy, the hero, is great, but I just kept thinking, he's too good for her. The supernatural/mythical elements in the story are kind of silly. Roberts does a much better job of weaving them into her other, more recent, Irish trilogy. Roberts has written some memorable romances, but this is not one of them....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I loved Born in Fire and Born in Ice, but I must say this is my favorite book! I suppose it's because everything comes to a conclusion, of sorts. All sisters are involved in this book - their stories continue on!...more info
  • 3.5 stars
    The third in this trilogy. I really wasn't sure whether to give it 3.5 or 4 stars.

    Shannon Bodine is the 3rd daughter of Thomas Concannon, born "in shame" as the title says--the result of an affair while Maeve was pregnant with Brianna. Brianna finds Shannon's mother's letters to her father, that tell of her pregnancy, and she feels compelled to find the woman her father loved and their unknown sibling.

    Meanwhile, when Shannon's mother is dying, she tells her about Thomas Concannon. So when Brianna contacts her, it's not a complete shock. She's not eager to become part of a family she never knew she had, but Brianna's open, friendly lack of pressure and the need to get away convince her to travel to Ireland for a visit.

    There she meets Murphy Muldoon, farmer and lifelong friend of Maggie & Brianna. And they're apparently reincarnated lovers or something.

    I have to tell you, I don't think there was any need for that. Shannon and Murphy could have fallen in love just fine without being compelled to by some long-dead lovers who'd screwed up and want another chance, thanks. I'm just really not a fan of that sort of plot, usually, because it makes me feel like they don't really fall in love--they're just following a preordained script.

    I'm also unconvinced by the idea that blood relationships are all-important. To my mind, that's meaningless--what matters is the people you love, whether they're related to you or not. What saved this story is that both Shannon and Maggie agree with me.

    Then there was Murphy. I'm not sure if Shannon should marry him or get a restraining order. He was definitely one of those heroes who will not take no for an answer. What kept him from being too alarming was that the other characters all trusted him and that Shannon herself seemed just exasperated with him, with its connotation of a hint of amusement, rather than angry or frightened.

    And yet I got frustrated with Shannon's insistence on returning to a life that had nothing left in it that she wanted.

    What saved the story was the growing family relationship and how the presence of Shannon interrupted the pattern formed by Maeve, Maggie, and Brianna. Instead of splitting them further apart, Shannon, in her unique position as an involved outsider, found the happy medium between conciliation and anger and facilitated the development of a healthier relationship for all of them.

    It's worth reading for that, I think, after becoming invested in the other two books in the trilogy, but I wouldn't pick it up on its own--mostly because it hit 3 of my pet peeves. Definitely a case of your-mileage-may-vary....more info
  • Nothing Shameful About this Book!
    One of the things that sets Nora Roberts above other authors is her ability to produce a trilogy that gets better with each book. By the time you read the third and last book, you're left wanting even more. That's definitely how I felt after reading the Born In trilogy.

    In Born in Fire we were introduced to hot-tempered Maggie, Thomas Concannon's oldest daughter. In Born in Ice we were introduced to cool and reserved Brianna, Concannon's second daughter. Now in the third and last of the trilogy, we meet Shannon Bodine, the illegitimate daughter of Thomas Concannon. We finally learn about Amanda (the woman who came into Thomas' life and showed him how to love again after years of marriage to a heartless woman). We learn more about Maggie and Brianna's mother and her life of misery. We also learn about the unborn child Amanda carried with her to America all those years ago when she left Thomas.

    Shannon grew up in America and didn't know that her real father was actually an Irishman she had never met. When her parents die, she learns the truth and sets out to fulfill her mother's dying wish that she meet the sisters she never knew she had. Shannon travels to County Clare, Ireland not really knowing what to expect and still reeling from confusion.

    It's not an easy meeting, but a bond begins to grow between Shannon, Maggie and Brianna. While they're blazing new ground and learning about each other, Shannon also must deal with her attraction to long-time Concannon family friend and neighbor, Murphy Muldoon. This is where the story differs from other Nora Roberts books. Roberts shows a magical love that is timeless - the destiny of two lovers from long ago brought back to the present so they could possibly reunite if only they open their minds and hearts. The underlying message is simple - true love is eternal.

    I've read other reviews and spoken with many people about this series, and this book is definitely one up for debate. The "paranormal elements" of encounters in past lives between these two characters and flashbacks to show that past relationship aren't received by some readers with an open mind. I found it to be an interesting twist and added a new dimension to the overall story line. If you liked the Donovan series (the tales about the three witch cousins, Morgana, Anastasia and Sabastian) then you should love this trilogy. This is definitely not your cookie-cutter romance plot.

    I feel the characters are strong and developed well. The reader is given more insight into Murphy Muldoon and from the glimpses we were given in the first two books, this is a nice option. If you believe that true love is eternal, then it explains why Maggie and Brianna were never interested romantically in the hunk that lived next door!

    As with other Silhouette romance books, this is short and provides a quick read. It's a great way to spend a cold afternoon and will make you feel warm inside.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Series.
    Bought these books in a set trilogy,and of the three this one is my favorite. I really felt for Shannon, she lost her Step-Father in one year and in the next she lost her mother Amanda she was sort of lost and bitter. Now she finds out that she has two sisters Maggie and Brianna living in Ireland and the worst news is thather original father was from Ireland. I fell in love with three of the sisters as they made Shannon feel at home,and she also discovers how to love in a young man named Murphy Muldoon a farmer. I also loved the legend that went with this story as well,to me it just seemed right with the many legends in Ireland. I highly recommend this book as well as the whole series. I will be reading more of Nora's books. I think that she is a master in the Romance of her books....more info
  • one word ---EXCELLENT!!!!
    I personally feel that this book is one book the every Nora Roberts fan should read. This book is the third in an extraordinary trilogy. It will make you laugh, cry, and really put you in touch with your emotions, and really feel like you are there through all the things that Shannon goes through. From Ireland to New York to Timbuktu, this book is for YOU! ENJOY!...more info
  • Boring
    I think she takes too long to develop the story, which wasn't much at all of a story. It was very predictable that Shannon would fall in love with Murphy. I've read much better love stories. ...more info
  • Fallin' in love half way around the world!
    Born in Shame -- Nora Roberts has out-done herself this time. This book makes you not only want to fall in love, but to fall in love half way around the world! A dream and fantasy come true...more info
  • Read and enjoy!
    A friend at work insisted I read this trilogy (I had never read a Nora Roberts book before). Finished Born in Shame an hour or so ago. I am going out to buy my own books to have and hold and browse through from time to time. Read and enjoy!...more info
  • Excellent
    This is the 3rd book in a series of 3. The reader is outstanding. He makes it easy to follow because he makes the voices and accents different and is consistent throughout....more info
  • Born in Shame
    I always enjoy Nora Robert's books in audio. I think these are stories that are meant to be heard. It's much easier to do dull and boring chores if I have someone telling me stories!...more info
  • Nora Roberts
    has many trilogies and I was happy to get this and recommend these books to anyone who is a fan of hers....more info
  • It brings Ireland alive and makes falling in love MAGICAL
    I thought the other 2 in the trilogy were good -- but visiting Ireland from an American woman's perspective was simply wonderful. Nora Roberts brings everything I love about Ireland alive for me -- the music, the green hills, the warmth of the people. I COULD NOT put it down, and looked forward to the subway ride home to read it again! Just one question -- WHERE does one find a man like Murphy Muldoon in New York?!...more info
  • good read
    What better way to pass a cold, winter than by curling up with a good book? The "Born In" trilogy by Nora Robertss is an excellent way to do just that. You won't be diapointed....more info
  • Glowing and Real
    You can always tell when the author is stoked by the environment and the people of the country she is writing about. This trilogy which includes Born in Fire and Born in Ice is outstanding. The dialog is stunningly real, the people literally lodge in your heart and mind with their realism and charm and the descriptions of the scenery and of Ireland itself is just magnificent. There are times when you laugh outloud, grind your teeth, feel yourself tearing up and vicariously enjoying the yummy pastries that Brianna bakes up. There is real heart in these three tales and of them I particularly liked this final book of the trilogy. I think it is because Shannon is American born of Irish descent and her somewhat "ballsy", hip and smart approach to life teaches the two Irish born sisters some real nitty gritty style in dealing with their despicable mother Maeve who has done her best to try to ruin their lives with her bitterness and failure.

    The three males who love these three sisters, especially Murphy, who is beautiful on every level, simply charms the heart of even the most jaded reader. Often, throughout the trilogy one wishes "if only" all males were like him. Rogan and Gray are equally charming but their male ego struggles to accept their burgeoning love for Maggie and Brianna, respectively are difficult and frustrating at times. Murphy, the patient, handsome, talented and humble neighbor and friend simply shoots his love arrows straight from the heart to Shannon.

    Like the Light of Ireland that bathes that land of enchantment and gaelic mysticism with its special glow, so too does the lore and magic dazzle the reader throughout the pages of these three books and make this trilogy a put on the shelf to reread especially when one's spirits are bogged down by the daily grind.
    Thrilling and wonderful stories that flow in a river of light from the imagination, the experiences and the talent of Nora Roberts, again....more info

  • this is my favorite book from my favorite series.
    i love all of nora roberts books, but this is one of my favorites. this series is my favorite. the characters are real and i love the time i spent with them....more info
  • An Interesting Book of Irish Life
    Following reading the second book of a trilogy, Born in Fire by Nora Roberts, I knew I wanted to read the first and third books. Even though I have not completed reading this book, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Nora Roberts writes books of love, and relationships between family and friends. The Born in Ice, Fire, and Shame triology is set in Ireland and has a wonderful descriptions of Irish life....more info


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