Island Lampe Berger 3888 Purple

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Product Description

Each Lampe Berger fragrance lampe or lamp is crafted using the finest materials in France. Nothing is more effective for removing unpleasant odors and destroying bacteria from the air like Lampe Berger lamps and Lampe Berger Oils or Fragrances. Cooking odors, pet odors, musty smells, even the strongest tobacco odors are removed by simply burning the lamp for a few minutes! Every Lampe Berger lamp is packaged in a beautifully labeled gift box with guard grill, snuffer cap, fill-funnel, wick/stone burner, an operating instruction pamphlet, and a 10 oz. bottle of Lampe Berger fragrance. Lampe Berger Gifts are exceptional ideas for gift giving and a wonderful way to introduce your friends and family to this fabulous air purification and cleansing method for the home or office. The Lampe Berger Oil and Fragrance refills are a must for that one gift that is always easy to select for future gift giving needs.