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As in the case of James Redfield's The Celestine Prophecy, once in a while a book comes along that unexpectedly soars to the bestseller lists simply because it feeds a specific spiritual hunger. Talking to Heaven is one such book. Based on the personal insights and memories of highly acclaimed medium James Van Praagh, Talking to Heaven offers comforting and startling stories about his contact with the deceased. Van Praagh could have used this text to prove that his gifts as a medium are authentic--the story about the deceased teenager who led his parents to his murderer is impressive (the result was a murder conviction)--but instead, Van Praagh offers spiritual and psychological comfort to those grappling with the loss of a loved one. He also helps readers develop their own means of talking to heaven. Even those who aren't aching for contact with the deceased will find Van Praagh's down-to-earth discussions of karma, the afterlife, and spiritual guides fascinating.

James Van Praagh is a spiritual medium--someone who is able to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds. Unaware of his spiritual gifts until he was in his twenties, he slowly came to terms with his unique abilities. In addition, many of his sessions with grieving people who came to him looking to contact the spirits of deceased loved ones are explored. From a devastated mother recieving a message of hope from her deceased little girl to communicating with a young man, killed in Vietnam, who doesn't realize he's dead, the theme of hope and peace in the afterlife is affirmed. Van Praagh also helps the reader recognize and positively deal with the pain of grief in a healthy, honest manner. Part spiritual memoir, part case study, part instrumental guide, Talking to Heaven will change the way you perceive death...and life.'

Customer Reviews:

  • question everything
    I would refer anyone who would take this author seriously to James Randi's comments on his behavior. He represents the modern version of the crystal ball reader and his claims should be eyed with an appropriate degree of skepticism. This would be a benign phenomenon but that his success depends on the suspension of reasoned thought on the part of those who grieve for their lost loved ones....more info
  • Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death
    I really liked this book! Much along the lines of TV's John Edwards in methology and philosophy. I believe this is not collusion, but instead coincidence. I believe these two came to their experiences independently, which adds even greater weight to what they have to say. This is a genuine real thing! Some of the best things about Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death is the fact it covers the author James Praagh's childhood experiences, acknowleges the life forces of plants and animals, and gives suggestions to the reader that help tune up latent psychic ability. Five stars; but i wish i could rate it a ten!...more info
  • Deeply Comforting
    Receiving this book as a gift shortly after my mother's passing, I was very grateful to have such a compassionate and thoughtful manuscript at hand. Indeed, it was a great assistence in helping me through that time of mourning.

    I also appreciated the encouragement--that we each possess untapped intuitive abilities that are there to be developed. So it was that I eventually enrolled in an esp class to gain better understanding concerning the evolution of the soul and this great work we are all involved in.

    I appreciated, as well, how this book compassionately demonstrated how spirit is "alive" even after passing over. This was further explained in The Living Word of Kuan Yin, wherein Buddhist goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin, discusses the "Always" or "Authentic" self (or soul). For the above reasons, I consider this book an essential addition to my spiritual library....more info
  • A Gift From Heaven by James van Pragh
    My 14 year old tabby cat, Angel Indi, crossed over in on 4th June 2001 this year and I was inconsolable even though I'd been studying metaphysics for years, and knew that there was life after death - it all just didn't seem fair and the way that Angel Indi crossed over (he died from feline lymphoma which attacked his central nervous system in the last few days very suddenly - he had been in remission for months and we were doing well and about to stop chemotherapy and then wham ... it didn't make sense).

    Anyway I stumbled across James Van Pragh's book Talking To Heaven (then again there are no coincidences!) and it immediately gave me comfort and I couldn't put the book down once I'd picked it up. I realised that Angel Indi was fine and well and from reading a lot of the readings that James gave to people which he outlines in his book, I drew so much comfort as the readings he shares with us in his book Talking To Heaven ranges from those who commit suicide, to having lost pets, children, familes, accidents, there was so much comfort in all of the readings as one by one I came to realise that death is just crossing over into the next life, being born into your next one and there is no pain when it happens; and they are met by people within the family and whom love them, and they are taken care of; and they miss us and are waiting to be reunited again with us; and they are with us daily, as much as they can; they are just not in their physical body anymore.

    After reading James Van Pragh's Talking To Heaven, I have been watching John Edward's Crossing Over series on tv and that too has been a wealth of comfort. James van Pragh has certainly helped heal that wound in my soul and I am very thankful that he went ahead and wrote and published Talking To Heaven.

    If you're hurting from the death of a loved one, I know that James van Pragh's Talking To Heaven will help you heal and bring you comfort knowing that your loved one is always around you and is safe and well and that you can talk to him/her whenever you want and they will hear you as they are always with you....more info

  • Truly a comfort to those in mourning
    I read this book after losing several people close to me. Some people dont know anyone close to them who had dies. I have known death all too well. At the time, I had lost my father who passed suddenly after heart surgery and then my best friends mother at the age of 48. It comforted me spiritually and emotionally and helped me accept what I wondered all my life. I enjoyed his storytelling and found myself nodding my head 'yes' through the whole thing. I couldnt wait to read more.
    I have enjoyed his show and interviews and believe that my angels are watching over me and my family, and that one day, I will see them again.
    ...more info
  • Super Book! A Quick Read...I Couldn't Put It Down!
    My mother passed away less than a year ago. Since then I've been obsessed with finding answers like, "Where do you go when we die?" and "Is she okay where she is?" James Van Praagh is very comforting and helped me fill a gap in my soul. I now have faith that my mother is not only in a great place and doing well but that she isn't "gone"; she is always right there with me in a way I never thought she could be. She's not just part of my heart and memories. She is actually there with me on a different level of being. She sees me, hears me, laughs at my jokes, and comforts me in times of sadness. What a difference it makes in your life to know that your loved ones never leave. In fact, they just get closer to you than ever before.

    Highly recommended book for those who are looking for answers about their deceased loved ones (and even pets)....more info
  • Talking to Heaven
    The book was very helpful in dealing whith the death of my daughter, knowing that she is still with me. I have read the book twice, and probably will read it again. I have order another copy for my friend to read, hoping it will bring him the confort it has brought me....more info
  • Fantastic!
    After escaping death when my appendix ruptured and being diagnosed with a rare skin disorder,I have been searching...
    I have always been fascinated with meatphysics,but only recently I have got my hands on a book that is highly uplifting.Just when I feel Like I am about to give up,this book shows up and does wonders.I more brave that ever before.Although I am a christian,I was still looking for more comfort,more answers.(because in case you guys don't know:the bible is very difficult to interpret,and as a result there are many denominations of christianity,and I don't want that.HOW do I know which is the right denomination?If all follow the "same" bible).
    But this book can only be interpreted one way!And that is the way that Mr Praagh would want us to understand.
    He not only wants us to know the truth,but to understand a little about himself.Thats right,he gives alot of facts based on his experience.He tells of how his Psychic gift started to get stronger as he got older.And how,like many of us,he was once lost.But now he is found and he would like us to be too.

    Make no mistake,this guy was chosen by God to help us.His words in this book does nothing but comfort us...After reading this book I felt like I had died and lived many times!Which,as you will understand after reading the book,is quite natural.We all have past lives!...I challenge you to read this magnificent book,its pages are filled with comfort...And I also want you to stay and follow your religion.Because religion is not a bad thing,it is just a way for us to keep organised.(though there may be some disadvantages of religions,but it is not my business to contradict.We were all made by the SAME GOD force!)

    So,in conclusion,let your Heart be the Judge of everything.Because our heart is life and life is god.And god is love and love is everything...NIGEL...more info
  • James Van Praagh's "Talking to Heaven" --- a guidebook
    "Talking to Heaven" came to my attention, as part of my spiritual journey led me to information that explained the things that continued to happen around me, as my son Jason and I began a new way of "being" together after his transition to Heaven. Many things happened and I was always led right to the source of information that I needed, at just the right time, by following what "others" around me suggested...following only the things that resonated in my heart. I find James Van Praagh to be sincere, and humble in a very likable way,and his manner of sharing his gift of healing resonates in my heart, assuring me that he is truly genuine and I appreciate the information he shares. I believe he speaks the truth when he mentions an "inner knowingness" as the way to access this information, and all of the things happened before I read this book, and I assure you that we are definitely connected to our loved ones always, in "all ways" and gifts of love are the blessings we receive from our loved ones when we realize that being "aware" in a new way and trusting our feelings is all we have to do...just believe!...more info
  • Ah hem, excuse me, sir/madam
    May I humbly recommend the DVD "Bullsh*t: The Complete First Season", starring Penn & Teller, available at, as a rather hilarious alternative to this fraudulent work. Episodes One and Twelve are especially pertinent in this regard....more info
  • Best First Book on Life after Death
    This little book was clearly and simply written about the subject, which is life of a medium. I have been reading mediphysical material for 25 yrs. and the information can get overwhelming in most books. This one is written like a guide and would be a wonderful first book on the subject....more info
  • Another Creepy Book!!!
    I read James Van Praagh's book over the weekend, it was interesting if you are looking or something to entertain you. I do believe that there exists a life after death and that there is a spiritual realm that we can not see or hear, but I think that it is demons or "familiar spirits" and not our deceased loved ones. I mean if someone closed to me passed away and wanted to talk to me, why would I have to pay someone $200 or more for us to communicate? If this is my loved one I should be able to hear them myself right? And if we keep on living and doing things as normal, well then what's the point of dying anyway?...more info
  • Trying To Help,,,but left with questions
    I believe that James Van Praagh in his own way is trying to help people,but to me it feels like another fad spiritual journey book as many others are and the book has the same basic foundation of death,white light and reincarnation,and it leaves me with the notion that this is a recipe,a sort of generalization of the afterlife,all is rosy and happy and we float in a mist til the next earthbound life and go through the same cycle over again until we get it right.

    For those who do not believe in reincarnation,the book just doesn't do it for them,it leaves them with questions,because aren't Heaven and Hell and Reincarnation at the cores,,,religious beliefs? We get reincarnation from the Hindus and Buddist and while we should respect those religions we need to get a good look at how this book is based on just more philosophy and what MAY happen and not about what may REALLY happen after death.

    The truth is,would I make much money if I were a medium and did NOT believe in reincarnation? Probably not,because reincarnation is a cultural fad at present and the mediums who believe in it are more in favor of the public than I would be in,because of my lack of belief in reincarnation the public would not favor my advice and probably not buy any of my books.

    Plus I saw a post on this site about a person who's sister died and they are sad that their sister may be floating around in white light doing nothing,,that would leave me concerned as well, because we all need to be active and learning no matter on what side of life we may be in. I'd guess the sister would be busy and active and would be having a very meaning life on the other side,,I'd take this book with a huge grain of salt and alot of thought....more info

  • A Solid Confirmation for a Newfound Psychic
    During the process of kundalini, a spiritual counselor told me to read this book. There was so much I didn't understand, especially where do I go from here at the end of the process. There's a calmness found in this book's words. The last few chapters were the most helpful since they described exactly what I felt and saw. This is one of two books by James VanPraagh that was suggested reading....more info
  • Bold and Encouraging
    If you've lost a loved one, have psychic intuitive abilities that you are trying to figure out, if you are a fan of Jonathan Edwards or Tiffany Snow or Sylvia Browne, this book will be a pleasure. Understand what it is like to live the unique life, one where no path is there to follow, and the trail blazing is left up to you. We don't die! Just our body does! We should live each day without fear of death. And know that the ones we love are not truly gone. Just most of us can't see or hear them anymore. For those who can, they have to put up with a lot from society and religious sects. A true loving God would never disagree with communication with our loved ones who have passed. And these authors tell you that. I believe it....more info
  • Book
    A great book for believers of after-life. I have gotten a whole new outlook on death and communicating with your love one's in the afterlife. Great delivery and seller. AAA+++++++++++++++...more info
  • Let's Have Peace on Earth."
    This is part spiritual memoir, but it is also the 'blending of thoughts, ideas, experiences, and lives' of those he writes about in this guide. This was his first books and very well received; he has followed up with REACHING TO HEAVEN and HEAVEN AND EARTH. He appears to be a 'medium' as in the book, ROSE RED.

    He discovered he was a psychic in the first grade of a Catholic school. He writes, "We are all born with some level of psychic ability." At the age of eight, he had his first clairvoyant experience when he saw the illuminated hand of God coming from the ceiling. Though the impact was impressive, he did not tell anyone. He did not feel afraid, quite the opposite: peace, love and joy. "I began to understand that there was much more to life than what I had been taught and what I could see through my physical eyes. It was my secret" -- this revelation from God, as he felt that no one would believe him anyway.

    He gives meditations to follow the relaxation exercises, which must be standard procedure for psychologists. I learned the basic relaxation concept from Dr. Gregory Forman, PhD, to help with a chronic nerve pain. It is similar way except for this addition: "As you exhale, imagine any negativity, stress, or anxiety that has been pent up in your body slowly leave..." I like knowing that, as I used the basic inhale,exhale prior to a recent foot surgery. I learn something useful from every book I read, it seems.

    For his meditations, you need to use the visualization technique as well. If, however, you just want a quick way of relaxing from a day's stress, you can do the relaxation exercise by itself. His three major meditations are: Saying Goodbye to Loved Ones and Sending Them on Their Way, Forgiveness and Reegrets, and Rediscovering Your Power.

    Love celebrates life, an emotional expression of the human heart. We should be aware of what we were, what we are, and what we are yet to become in a never-ending journey. Rich Levine reminds you that 'dreams are not a waste of time; your imagination is where your future begins."

    Since I've been against the death penalty for a long time, I was interested in his 'take' on capital punishment. Like me, he believes that the confined person suffers more from the loss of freedom and being treated as less than human. He advises everyone to look at the situation from a spiritual point of view and not from an emotional standpoint.

    His thesis, which I find frightening, is that "when a spirit of an individual is forced out of the body by capital punishment, the personality of the criminal remains exactly the same as it was prior to execution." According to him, the soul roams endlessly throughout the lower astral world with other like-minded souls; these tormented ghouls (my word) carry a mind-set of anger and hatred, seeking revenge for their untimely deaths and search the earth for weak humans whom then can mentally influence to kill or hurt others. This is a scary thought, but I'd rather not dwell on this possibility.

    Sylvia Browne expounds the 'life after death' part as a happy experience and has many devoted followers. I sent one of her books (in audio form) to Ken Young for his birthday last year -- when he was going through a rough time -- which he said he would share with his mother, a devotee of the psychic.

    Guess I'm a skeptic as I read for the information and not the consolation. This I found very interesting: Psychic energy in plant and animal kingdoms. Plants are extremely sensitive and often thrive when they sense a gentle and friendly environment where they feel loved and well-cared for. Once, while visiting a friend, he "heard" a high-pitched sound and "felt" a screaming vibration. He noticed that the house plants were dried up and dying, screaming for water. It was verified that they had not been watered in over two weeks. Maybe he saved some of them by being there. The magic of life comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, even plants.

    Animals have a sixth sense and can sense a disaster before it strikes, often hiding in a closet or underneath furniture. They are highly sensitive to human anxiety as well. It's not a coping mechanism but an inborn instinct they use to protect themselves.

    Sometimes, humans need this instinct. So often in life it is our desire to be loved and we tend to fall victim to our own making. Because we believe it is what is expected in order to have the love of someone else, we compromise who we truly are. We create a false image. When I read the book BEEN THERE DONE THAT, I lost faith in my "first love" (I was president of his fanclub in Knoxville.) and was told by Chick Watkins, "You believed in his image." We have given our power and a piece of ourselves to the person we love. We have left our centeredness and given away a part of our self-wholeness. We can never be truly happy until we live our own lives.

    This book has something for everybody. Since we are all distinct individuals, we seek different interpretations in books like this. It has certainly been a popular item....more info
  • Good
    This book is good. I've read other that are better. The purchase and receiving the product went well and I would purchase from this vendor again....more info
  • Spiritually vacuous
    Once again, a spiritually aware person writes us something similar to what all other spiritually aware people seem to write or talk about. The great problem with this sort of work for me is it's lack of authenticity. I have no idea if the author has any sort of self-critical skills at all with which to evaluate his experiences. He just lumps them all in the very pleasant and self-serving category of his gift.

    Still, the pay is very good, I'm sure....more info

  • Very Good
    I liked James Van Praagh's book Talking to Heaven along with Jenny Crawford's book - Through the Eyes of Spirit.

    Both mediums give out information and good explanation regarding life after-death.

    I must admit I have a large appetite for books written by such powerful mediums.

    Keep up the good work - James Van Praagh and Jenny Crawford.

    Bless you in your work.

    Margaret....more info

  • satisfied
    I just wanted to letyou know the book is in great shape and arrived in a very timely mannor. Thank you so much....more info
  • Excellent Book!!!
    Anyone interested in psychics and spirituality will love this book (Talking to Heaven, A Medium's Message of Life after Death) by: James Van Praagh. Apart from the uplifting messages from the spirit world to their still embodied loved ones left behind, James speaks of all aspects of mediumship from clairvoyance to psychometry to clairsentience, clairaudience and seeing and reading aura's. He also speaks of the 7 chakras which are the main energy fields that must be opened in order to develope your intuitive abilities or psychic powers. He also states that you must have the right attitude before endevoring to develope you intuition. This attitude must be the desire to develope your psychic abibities for the betterment of mankind and not for fame and prosperity. He also speaks of his childhood growing up as a Chatholic and how he realized that God is beyond any one religion or faith. He realized that God Is all there IS! We all have that God Spark within us, therefore we are all one and the same in individual physcial bodies. It is for this reason that communication between our world and the astral world is possible. We never really die, we only change forms and return to the deminsion that is beyond duallity. Only our physcial world has duallity, and because of this we have physcial bodies and everything material. James also talks about reincarnation and karma. Karma is what we gather from all past experiences from this life and others that must be transended.
    The saying from the bible:(What ye sew, ye shall shirly reep), is the law of Karma. Again I can't emphasize how wonderful this book is for those who are interested in the Psychic world and in developing your spirituality. James Van Praagh is a warm and loving individual who I feel is doing a great service for our fellowman, helping them to heal after loosing their loved ones from this physcical world. And teaching us all how we should treat each other so that this world will be a better place in which to live. ...more info
  • Read instead
    I strongly recommend "Why People Believe Wierd Things" by scientist, Michael Shermer. He exposes these "mediums" and will open alot of people's eyes. Very educational....more info
  • He talks to Dead People
    Very helpful and detailed book. Interesting and explains many realities or views of life events and how to handle the engeries of ghost activities, understanding things from their point of view....more info
  • "Life after death"
    For years I have dabbled back and forth as to whether thier is "Life after death" or if we die and are held "sleeping" till the day comes for us all to wake as it states in the bible.
    Then my daughter passed away unexpectedly and I searched for answers to this mystery in my mind. I wanted so badly for her to be out there...for me to talk to,to know she was alright and unafraid. TALKING TO HEAVEN has helped me to heal a little of the questions as well as make me feel more comfortable about my daughters demise. I doubt I will ever stop missing this precious child of mine,a woman...but at least I feel that when i softly speak to her, she listens.
    This book will help anyone with questions,grief or turmoil they are unsure about in thier lives.
    Katlyn Stewart
    Author of Nightmares Echo...more info
  • Useless non-information
    I am very interested in Heaven. I want to know what it is like. I want to read any information I can find about it. I have read Michael Newton's books and the Michael Spirits books (no relation to Newton). I am a big fan of Lisa Williams and John Edward. By the title of this book, Talking To Heaven, I thought it might contain information about Heaven. It does not.

    It is just the author rambling on with his personal opinions about things, opinions I found boring. There's no new information here.

    If you are satisfied with the material in this book, if you find it stimulating, I have to wonder about you. You are easily satisfied with nothing....more info
  • Comforting the inner soul
    I have read James van Praaghs book Talking to Heaven. It is so comforting to read about someone who has passed over and know that they are with you always. When my mother passed away it was needless to say devasting and I felt such an emptiness and excrutiating pain inside myself. It caused me to question my life. What is it all about? Whats the point? Why am I here? The people we love the most leave us. I felt stranded. When I read the book so many questions were answered for me without me asking. It was so releiving! I now have a peace within and more of an open mind. I am not afraid to die anymore, because we really don't die we just change form and continue to learn. The greatest feeling is knowing we can still connect with our loved one. Life as we know it is not a dead end! Life does continue. We can learn so much if we stay open and listen to what their trying to convey to us. I have had too many experiences now with life beyond to know that what James writes is true. I look forward in meeting him one day soon. I have the upmost respect for him and only wish I could help people the way he has. That has been a hearts desire for me for years. Thank you for easing my pain James. I have such a humbled overwelming confidence now. Tina Marie Gassert...more info
  • A believer
    I have read all of James Van Praagh's books as well as books written by others on the same subject. I am sorry for the person who gave such a poor review. Obviously that person has never had a spiritual experience and probably won't with the attitude, anger, and closed mind they presented in the review. I have also seen James on T.V. several times. He doesn't project much confidence, but that doesn't mean he isn't for real. Whether he is or isn't, it is still a fact that spirits of people and animals are around us and do try to contact us just like he says. I know this because my husband and I have been hearing our dog for three years now since she passed on to the other side. We hear her paws hit the floor from jumping down off the bed like she did for 15 years when she was alive. We are not crazy or imagining it. There is no doubt it is her and she wants us to know she is there. I have also felt her energy go through my body. There is no feeling like that one, for sure. I know that James knows what I am talking about. I also know that God makes this possible. We are not supposed to know everything there is about the spirit world while we are here on Earth. These experiences have made a true believer of me, and I thank God everyday for people like James who help us with our sorrows. Keep up the good work, James. Don't let unfortunate people discourage you. You are a messenger of God....more info
  • Excellent book
    I have had paranormal and spiritual experiences all my life growing up. This book validated so much for me, almost everything in the book described what I always felt I knew from a child. It also gave me new insight on other things as well. This is a must read, it will change how some view life and death. I would advise anyone who is in grief to get this book. ...more info
  • Talking to Heaven
    The book was in great shape. I received my purchase way before I thought I would. Good Job!!...more info
  • Simply Uplifting, No Dogma!
    James Van Praagh details some of his experiences helping those on the other side connect with their loved ones here on Earth. But most importantly he stresses the love on the other side not scary religious dogma. For those new to mediumship the book will help people have no fear of death and know that many of their loved ones on the other side are doing just fine and are with them always. This is one of the first books I read when I was developing as a medium and its still one of my favorites.

    ...more info
  • Fabulous and Comforting!
    James Van Praagh shares his amazing gift in warm, comforting stories and explanations of the spirit world that are both enlightening and understandable for the layman. This book brought together for me several (I thought) isolated psychic episodes and made their meaning clearer and more exciting. It is a very warm and comforting feeling to know those we have loved and lost to death are still nearby and taking an active part in our lives....more info
  • A halfway decent step to the sequel of this book.
    I have read both "Talking to Heaven" and "Reaching to Heaven." "Talking" is okay, a little intense in some areas, and sometimes a little boring. However, "Reaching" was very good. For anyone who is planning to read both though, "Talking to Heaven" is a definite prerequisite, as it does lay the foundation....more info
  • More proof of life beyond death
    James Van Praagh is a wonderfully gifted human being who has taken mediumship (communication with the dead) and unconditional love to new heights.

    Among the more prominant of mediums today, Van Praagh allows every reader to go inside the process of contacting the immortal souls of departed loved ones. In a process as effectual and profound as it remains touching, James seeks the truth behind the shrouded mystery beyond bodily death.

    In the process, lives are touched, hearts are healed, and moments frozen remain a spectacular testimony to the wonderous nature of the divine and spirit....more info

  • Garbage for minds that are too open
    This book is filled with total nonsense. It may provide some with a feeling of "happiness", but it is a false hope that has no real meaning or significance. There is nothing wrong with spiritualism, but there is something definitely wrong with scamming innocent people with lies and falsehoods. Van Praagh may not be a crook by law, but to any rational, critically thinking person his work is repugnant. This book is no different - avoid it at all costs, lest it whither your mind like a mushroom in an oven....more info
  • Incredible Experiences......
    First of all, let me say that I do not question James Van Praggh's abilities. However, I have some real concerns with some of the things mentioned in this book. I was not so much comforted as I was baffled, and disappointed. Here is why......

    1. Van Praagh talks about Karma, so reincarnation is part of his belief system about the afterlife. In Eastern religions which adhere to a belief in Karma there is no such place as heaven. Does Van Pragh believe heaven is a real place? It does seem so, but if he does then how can reincarnation or a view of continued life on this planet be consistent with a transcendent place called heaven? This doesn't make sense.

    2. Van Praagh claims that he is talking to heaven. I believe he is talking to someone, but how does he know he is speaking directly to heaven? What I mean is this, let's say you know of a person, but have never met them, then you talk to that person on the phone. The person claims to be the person, but you have no means by which to know what the person's voice is like or what their phone mannerisms are. How do you know for certain you are talking to the right person? You don't, but must take it on faith. Likewise, how does Van Praagh know he is talking to a person's dead Uncle? He doesn't. He takes it on faith. My question is, could he be talking to someone or something else? Could he be wrong?

    3. The book claims to answer the most profound questions about life and death. What answer does it provide to these questions about life and death? What I mean is, speaking to the dead is presented as the summation of the answer. Life goes on. Ok, but in what regard, or format, or quality? The thing I wonder about is, does Praagh suggest that all people go to heaven? Hitler, Dalmer, Milosovich? If so, then there's nothing we can do to alter our eternal destination? If we can impact it, then what must we do, or how should we live, or what should we believe? These are enormous questions, which the book is silent on. I don't see how not knowing the answer to these can be so comforting.

    4. People who have lost loved ones are emotionally vulnerable -- that is undeniable. As a result, when Praagh makes his declarations, people desperately want what he says to be true. That people go on, and everything is happy. I do think he is accurate in relaying what he `hears'. However, if there is good and bad in this world, how do we know what his source of information is? I'm simply saying it may be na?ve to blindly accept that Praagh is speaking to whom he thinks he is speaking. We better have strong evidence if we are to believe Praagh cannot be mistaken on this.

    5. Pets play a pretty big role in the book. Pets go on. People go on. What's the difference? There doesn't seem to be any moral foundation or basis for going on. I mean, pets are not, nor cannot be moral or immoral, but people are. Does morality factor into an afterlife? Many people don't want it to, and it seems that Praagh is then telling people what they want to hear -- at least in this regard.

    In short, I'm not skeptical about Praagh, I think he believes everything he says. I'm just not sure that he is not himself deceived. I would have liked it if he would have provided some objective criteria for determining the authenticity of messages from beyond. (In order to answer the question of certainty regarding who, what, and why) Is it wise to believe what Praagh believes? I guess this is the question....more info

  • Food for Thought
    You can steak your life on James Van Praagh. A rare medium. Well done....more info
  • A Gifted Man!
    James Van Praagh's insights and his life experiences are uplifting and inspiring. His ability to lead others to solve a murder mystery should have given some proof to those who do not accept his gifts.

    There is much more to this book then just lots of storires about contacting spirits on the "other side"; he talks about suicide for example, and gives us a view on that subject that may help greiving families.

    ...more info
  • Are you buying this?
    I found this book patronizing and extremely difficult to believe. Van Praagh's words were simplistic, vague and shallow. The age-old art of giving people want you know they want to hear has not been lost in this book. It bothers me that grieving people will pay for such shamelessly peddled drivel....more info
  • Great Book
    I was disappointed to read some of the negative reviews of this book. I consider myself to be an educated person--I've graduated from both college and law school. I have always questioned the existence of heaven and God, especially after the recent loss of a family member. This book confirmed what I have been taught in church my entire life: heaven exists and there is absolutely a life beyond this one. It is difficult to fathom a spirit life because we are earthly. We are limited in our perception. However, this book helps you to understand the mystery of death. This book will reduce any apprehension you may have about dying and help you get back to living your life in spite of your loss....more info
  • Absolutely the best book I have ever read
    First, if you aren't open to believing in Mediums, then perhaps this book may seem like a farce, but I DO believe. This book changed my life, literally. I am no longer afraid of dying or death. There isn't much more to say, other than I highly recommend this to those who are in touch with spirituality and have faith that Mediums are exactly who they claim to be....more info
  • Helped me through the hardest time
    I never thought that I would be prepared to let my mother go. We were very close and I was not ready to be without her.

    When she was pronounced terminally ill and they could no longer do anything for her cancer, she asked us to let her go.

    I read this book and the others that James Praagh wrote and it actually made things a lot easier. I read her several pages of the book the day she died. I repeated stories to her all through the week and I really believe that it helped her to pass.

    I had my younger brother and his wife read it and referred to passages of the book to help the others accept Mom's passing.

    I know she is here with me and now know why I have had so many feelings of someone being here to help me, my grand parents and my dad are with me too.

    Reading this and James' other books can make lots of things fall into place. I recommend it to anyone having a hard time going through similar experiences, having to let someone close go....more info

  • A must to read! Share with others!
    I picked up this book on the recommendation of a good friend, so that we may sit and discuss during a book club. I was totally amazed! I've already sent it to two other friends, in order to help them with their healing process after losing loved ones; my partner has done the same for a co-worker who lost her father. I grew up in a Catholic household and still hold *most* of the Catholic beliefs, so I can comprehend the author's background. There are so many "aww" and "wow" moments in this book. You truly must read this, even if you have not personally suffered a loss. (that goes for pets, too) *wink*...more info
  • A look on the past
    James never failed to move the hearts of people no matter where he goes or what he writes,his book is wonderfully written,and totally understandable for the ones who are not faniliar with this issue of spirituality

    alterego from Tulsa OK....more info

  • must read
    A must read if you are interested in the supernatural. He's got a good way of explaining things in a manner anyone could understand....more info
  • the vulnerable hearts fall prey to the silver tongued
    I have lost all I have ever knew of love, - my lover, my best friend, my companion, my heart and soul. And all too many times I have been told,"You are young, and you are beautiful; you will overcome and move on." IT is sad to know that those whom you depend upon for support and comfort cannot say anything to ease your suffering. BUt you cannot blame htem, for when they cannot know your suffering, there are no right words to say. So you seek out books like these, -- searching every possible source for some answer, some peace, some solace that might help you to find the strength to rise from bed each day......
    I am sorry to tell you that if it is true comfort and peace you seek, as you rifle thrugh the myraids of books of this sort for just one paragraph, one sentence, one word that might uplift and embrace your broken soul -- you will not find it here.
    This book is an account of several readings under various circumstances, given in dialogue fashion. Not a source of information. Not a dissertation of the afterlife.
    My beloved, my first and only love, died months ago of a suicide, in which he had hinted to but I found too late to save him. I seek to follow him, as I know what had drove him to this, and I endure the very same cicrumstances that drove him to end his life. I told him I could not go on without him --- and I know my days are short, because he left me behind.
    The section in this book on suicide enraged and sickened me, -- how he claimed that those who take their lives are punished and condemend to suffer their death and witness the effects of their passing over and over again in a continuous loop -- I not only do not believe this to be true, but find it to be cruel and demonic at most. While suicide might to many seem an act of weakness, cowardice, or selfishness, -- if you have not walked in that person's shoes, you cannot know the torment and suffering they have faced all their life. Nor can you know that for all their many nights of crying out to God with all their soul for peace and salvation, and finding no relief, -- that after a life filled with so much agony and angst they should be condemned to suffer all the more. Where is this God of mercy and of of love, the he should suffer his children further in such a way?
    I bought this book for the very reason that it contained a section on suicide, and I had hoped that it might shed light on what my precious husband had endured in the last of his hours, -- and if he knew that I was there performing CPR, begging him to breathe, crying out to God to spare him..... but this book, and what it contained, filled me with bitterness and incredible anger that Van Praagh could assume such things.
    The fact is -- unless you have DIED, and you have TRULY been there -- YOU HAVE NO IDEA of what awaits you beyond this life.
    But to make the claim that these dear tortured souls who suffered so much in their life that they could not bear to continue are in turn damned to suffer all the more for seeking release is an ugly and horrible suggestion, and I do not believe it for one moment. My husband life was filled with ridicule, persecution, hardships, struggle, disappointment, and failure - and to hear Van Praagh say that because he begged God on his knees in tears for release and was rewarded with a perpetual hell tenfold worse than anything he had known in life is just dispicable. God will have mercy on my darling, and he will have mercy on me should I join him, because I cannot bear this life without him.
    And if I am to suffer, -- it can be nothing compared to how I ache without him. So bring it on.
    You might be gifted in soem degree, James, -- but your personal opinions on certain subjects do not belong in a book in which people seek fact and not your personal bias. May God have mercy on YOUR soul for the many you have emotionally scarred by saying these things which have been heard by the masses who have lost a loved one through suicide.
    And maybe all you you "psychic" might do better if you would write something ORIGINAL, rather than rehashing and reinstating the same material in your books over and over again and merely changng the title....... just a suggestion....more info
  • A Great Read From A Great Medium
    James Van Praagh's book "Talking to Heaven", should provide comfort for anyone who has lost a loved one, or who is curious about the afterlife. In this book he describes the healing process we all go through during times of loss. Not only are the stages he discusses right on target, but he explains why we go through them, what's to be expected, and gives the reader direction on how to deal with each particular stage.

    I recently just purchased a little over $200.00 in "New Age" books off of Amazon, and I must tell you that reflecting over some of these "Reviews" on this book and several others I am a bit concerned about just whom is teaching who. As it seems to me many of these negative reviews are written by other so called "Psychics" or "Teachers" who have been bitten by the green eyed snake of ENVY. Some are actually ignorant enough to state they are "Psychics" or "Teachers". You can tell that many of them are written by the same three or four people simply by comparing writing style and grammar skills. You don't have to be psychic to figure that one out. Perhaps if they spent half as much time homing their own skills as they do slamming others they would accomplish something monumental in their own lives....more info
  • Everyone of us has the Power of James Van Praagh
    "Talking to Heaven" has opened my eyes to my Spirit and my Guides,or Guardian Angles.Everything makes sense after reading James Van Praah's Book.The good days,when everything goes your way,and the bad one's, when someone's trying to block you from doing something.I really wanted to know about my dreams.James tells us thats the closes we come to our spirit.When we dream about a family member,or friend that has died ,Its for real.There's so many wonderfull stories of people finding out that there loved one's are still with us in our everyday lives.The one that really touched me was Charlie.James had no idea who the spirit was,untill he was shown pictures on a refrigerator,and described them to Susan,the deaf woman who was there to find out if her loved one was alright.Charlie was her Dog.I almost cried.I have two dogs,and I know they have a soul.I was so happy to read that part of the book.James also teaches us how we can have the same power that he has,but you have to work at it through Meditation and other exercises.The main part about this book is what we already know.Love is the only way,through God.We are all part of God....more info
  • Read this book if you have lost someone
    Although I'm generally a skeptic, this book cleared up a lot of questions on death and dying. I highly recommend this book. It changed my way of thinking and the way I live my life....more info
  • Necessary Reminders
    Exposed to miracles throughout my life, I do not have to question the content in this book. I do, however, have to be reminded from time to time just how miraculous life can be. People should always approach all things with an open mind, and the consider the Enormous Possibility. The reading of this book spawned a movement in my little corner of the world. Loved ones read it, and we formed a Spirituality Group, in order to allow further learning and growth. Van Praagh not only reminds us of the possibilities, he also writes vividly, and takes his readers into a world some already believe exists, and others might one day....more info
    Are you very intuitive? Do you have a sense of inner guidance propelling you to the wiser decisions you make in facing the challenges in your life? Then this book may be for you. In "Talking to Heaven", James Van Praagh says, "This is not a game. It is not my intention to teach you some tricks so you can amuse others with your psychic abilities. The development of your intuition must be taken seriously and with respect". He shares at length understanding the physical and spiritual laws that enhance ones connection to God and to spirit guides. He uses his special gift, as a medium. to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds to help others. His book is filled with true stories of comfort for those who have lost loved ones, and of bringing back powerful messages from the other side. Whether you believe what he says or not, his message will give most people peace of mind....more info
  • Very well written, interesting and educational
    This book has completely reshaped the way I think about things in this life. James Van Praagh is an excellent writer and this book is a quick read that just makes sense in so many ways. It answered many questions I had and probably will change my life. I highly recommend it. ...more info


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