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The third tale in David Pelzer's autobiographical trilogy, A Man Named Dave is an inspiring story of terror, recovery, and hope experienced by the author throughout his life. Known for his work as a child abuse advocate, Pelzer has been commended by several U.S. presidents and international agencies, and his previous memoirs of growing up as an abused child (A Child Called "It" and The Lost Boy) have touched thousands of lives. He provides living proof that we can "stop the cycle" and lead fulfilling, rewarding lives full of healthy relationships. Ultimately triumphant, this book will have you living through the eyes of a terrified child, a struggling young man, and an adult finally forgiving his dying father--reading with tissues nearby is recommended. Ending with a touching conversation between the author and his own son, you'll finish reading this with a warm heart and an enriched understanding of the need for compassion in all parts of life. --Jill Lightner

Dave Pelzer's incredible and inspiring life story has already captured the interest of more than one million readers. A Man Named Dave is the long-awaited conclusion to his trilogy in which he describes how he triumphed over years of physical and emotional abuse from his parents to become a self-accepting and confident adult. Readers of Pelzer's previous two bestsellers await this book--the first of Pelzer's books to be available in hardcover--to learn how he finally confronts his pathologically abusive mother and his neglectful, alcoholic father in an effort to turn a childhood marked by rejection and emotional abuse into an adulthood filled with love and acceptance.

Customer Reviews:

  • What courage!
    For a man who has truly known hell, and lived to tell about it, it's amazing the character and courage he has to live at all, much less in the wonderful way he does. I felt like he was telling the story not to warn others, or teach others, or God forbid, brag of his survival skills, but to feel at peace with himself. This story is so humbly told - a perfect ending for those first two difficult books; difficult for him to live, difficult to believe, difficult to comprehend, heartbreaking to read. Good luck, Dave!...more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    As a boy, Dave Pelzer was abused by his mother to the point of starvation, lack of clothes, and extreme brutality while his father did nothing but watch. Now as a grown man, David Pelzer struggles to deal with his past. Dave joins the air force and meets a woman named Patsy who tries to bring some fun into his life. Along the way, David receives a letter from his father who is dying. He visits his dying father and realizes that he must confront his mother. Will his mother tell him why he was the only one abused out of his whole family?
    A Man Named Dave, written by Dave Pelzer himself, was an excellent sequel to A Child Called It, and The Lost Boy. Dave made you really feel like you were there and made you understand what he went through.
    This novel is a great book about a man struggling to deal with his past while helping people that went through the same thing. I recommend it to anyone, especially to people who might have gone through the same thing.
    ...more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    This is an riviting true story written by a man who survivied the most horrible child abuse. He has written two books previous to this book and the reader should order all the books and read them in order of date written. He puts the reader in the shoes of an abused child so you feel the pain the author felt. Sadly, child abuse still goes on today and reading these books helps the reader under stand what goes on in the mind of a child being abused.

    ...more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    A Man Named Dave is a story that will touch your heart. In the novel Dave Pelzer, a man abused as a child, bounces back from a disturbing childhood. When Dave was growing up he was taught that there was no use for him in the world. As time goes on and Dave moves in with his foster family he soon realizes that he can be whatever he wants if he puts his mind to it.
    The novel shows the strugles that Dave had to go through as a man and also the things that he learned through his childhood. Dave soon finds that even with the hard times life is worth it. Dave also soon begins a family of his own. Learning from his experiences as a child he now raises a child of his own. You will never want to put this book down....more info
  • appreciative social worker-Thanks Dave
    As a social worker, I found this book to be very authentic. Dave did a great job explaining his strength to move forward while emotionally processing his past. Had this been a novel, the story probably would have ended with Dave joining the service---determination trumps troubled childhood. However, in this book, Dave lets us share his true journey of healing and growth. It is a great explaination of the pull of family ties and the human need to find some level of understanding.

    If you're worried the series will be too disturbing, do what I did and start in the middle with his stories of adolescence. This will assure you that he survives with a sense of humor. Then go back and start at the beginning. However, save this one for last....more info
  • Simply the best!
    As I read this book, I was so captivated and distraught at times. It touched me to the core and made me cherish and value life more. This is the last book of the trilogy by David Pelzer and the ending couldn't have been more befitting. How a beautiful family is destroyed due to the alcoholism of the parents stands at the core of this really brutal tale. If it was a work of fiction, one might just dismiss it, but the fact that a mother could be so brutal to her son, is just so very incomprehensible! The fact that the tragic life of Dave ends in triumph gives immense satisfaction to me as a reader. It's simply amazing how he survives through sheer determination and immense will power and eventually triumphs.
    The most poignant lesson here is the human ability to forgive. And Dave does forgive his mom in the end, thereby making him a `real' man. His challenges in life did not leave him bitter and resentful, in fact they compelled him on a greater course in life whereby he helped millions of kids who have suffered like him.
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    Very well written book. It is very inspiring. Once you start reading you cant put it down. This man has been through so much and triumphed....more info
  • Amazing
    I have read the trilogy of this book and believe it to be uplifting and just truly amazing. It makes you strive to be all you can be and to treat others in the way you want to be treated. He is a true inspiration to anyone....more info
  • A must read for all parents and teachers!
    This book is emotional and you should read all his books. Every parent and teacher should read these books just to let you know that this abuse really does happen in life. Lets not just sweep it under the rug any longer....more info
  • Inconsistancies, persistance and lack of insight
    In each book, some of the same stories show up and each time there are some differences. For instance, at the end of this book, we learn that on the day he was taken from his mother, he came to school with no skin on his arms, which is what pushed the teachers, principal and and school nurse to finally call the authorities! This story's been told in the other books and this rather critical fact left out until now. I begin to wonder what else Dave isn't telling completely.

    I also wonder about Dave's apparant lack of insight into the dynamics of dysfunctional families. Maybe when he was a kid, this information wasn't so available, but in the last two decades, for sure, it's been out there. He never seems to put it together that his grandmother probably abused his mother in ways very similar to the ways his mother abused him. He doesn't seem to wonder much about what happened to them, or about the deeper roots of the pattern of abuse. Why doesn't he go for counseling, or even to Al-Anon, and get some of this stuff figured out? He seems unaware of how he continues in abuse-adapted behavior as an adult, as in his relationship with his first wife, in his relationship with the folks who were first going to publish his book and promote him as a speaker, and in his continuing efforts to connect with his mother and grandmother.

    I wish Dave well, and I hope that if he writes more books he will find and use the services of a really good editor....more info
  • A must read! Highly recommended!
    I just finished this book about 20 minutes ago. During the past two weeks I read all 3 books in this series. My heart broke during the first book as I read a trageic story that no child should ever have to experience. During the second book I cheered Pelzer on as he was slowly recovering and sometimes even enjoying life. I almost didn't read the 3rd book in the series, because I was confident that Pelzer's life turned out well. However, I just couldn't stop myself from wanting to know how it all ended.

    This last book was my favorite. It's a wonderful ending to a horrible childhood. Pelzer has an incredible story and I feel that by reading it, I have become a better (more enlightened) person. His passion to help others is truly inspiring and I hope that it spreads throughout the world. Pelzer's life story is something that I will never forget. Even though I don't personally know him, I feel honored to have read his books. ...more info
  • Less than satisfactory conclusion to the series
    I hate to say it, but compare to the first two - this book was disappointing. While it wasn't completely worthless; there was a significant amount of rambling and pages would go on with little point or connectivity. There was a hint at what may have made his mother the way she was, but no real answers. While there are many complexities in life we may never know, the previous books touted that "A Man Named Dave" held all the answers. It didn't. It was inspiring to see that he moved on with his life, but not without it's troubles. The chapter about his second wife just gushed of a "honeymoon" period with no real substance to their relationship or commitment. I think it is a must-read for those who have experienced the first two books, but be prepared to be less than dazzled....more info
  • Better than described
    The book was an awesome ending to the 3 book series, a very fast read. Its condition was far better than described and is getting passed around the family for all to read....more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    This book is well written and I would recommend it to any teachers and students for insight into child abuse and how someone can make their life matter by not continuing the cycle of abuse. I also recommend A Child Called It by the same author....more info
  • It's A Complete Trilology...
    It was very exciting to find out how his adulthood went for him. I give Dave a lot of credit for forgiving his mother after all she put him through. God bless this man for sharing his life story. Hopefully, this will help other abuse victims out. ...more info
  • The first two are more compelling
    I understand that I'm in the minority here, but I truly found this third book in the series by Peltzer to be preachy and over the top. I realize that the bok is a celebration of his triumph over the abuse and atrocities that he suffered, but I felt that the first two books were more "real" than this one. I can almost feel the presense of a finger reaching out, shacking, and wagging at the reader. I didn't even read the next one because I felt turned off by this one. No disrespect meant to the author....more info
  • David Pelzer's best book
    I loved this book. I already read A child called it & The Lost Boy. I was touched by all three. However A Man named Dave brought tears to my eyes and made me very emotional. I applaud David Pelzer for sharing his life. He seems to be a re-markable man....more info
  • Great book, but read the other two first
    Even though this book could stand on it's own, I would have been disappointed if I hadn't read 'A Child Called It' and 'Lost Boy' first...it would have been like reading the last page of a novel first. Dave has found the capacity to forgive those that committed those horrible acts of abuse against him. That takes a great man to do that. After I started the book, I kept turning the pages hoping to see that he had taken a gun and shot that 'thing' that called herself Mother. But, Dave was bigger that and everyone, whether they were ever abused or not, could learn a lot from Dave Pelzer. God Bless you, Dave....more info
  • What an example
    When true forgiveness isn't possible in your life, read this book and then, read it again.

    I am now convinced of the power in forgiveness, even more than before....more info
  • Best One
    This story is about a man who went through an abusive childhood, foster care, and a bad marriage and he is still standing tall. The man's name is Dave Pelzer. When he grows up he goes to the air force, and is underappreciated. His drunkened father dies. He gets an apartment, and he meet a woman named, Patsy. They get married, and have a kid named Stephan. These guys all of a sudden have a rocky road to divorce. Dave finally stands up to his drunkened abusive mother, and says some pretty deep things. Dave's days lightens with his new lady named Marsha. This is a good , no wait I mean great book. In my opinion, this is the best one. You might want to read the other two books,("A Child Called It","The Lost Boy") before this one....more info
  • Best one so far!

    The book A Man Named Dave by Dave Pelzer was an awesome book. It is a true story with amazing details showing how cruel his mother really was. It tells people reading that there really parents that abuse there children and that there are many kids still being abused by their parents and we need to help them. In this book it tells the reader how Dave's life turned out after escaping his mother. It tells how he feels and reacts when he joins the military, when his father dies and when he finds his brother Russell. I thought this book was great! I would give it five stars. I would recommend this book to anyone who has read Dave Pelzer's other books A Child Called It and The Lost Boy and enjoyed them....more info
  • A man named Dave
    A man named Dave is a good book. I would give this book five stars because he try to go through life with problems that he try to over come. Like will Dave and his Mom ever get a long? Will Dave's mom like his wife? Will his wife like his mom? Will he ever get to know his mom after all these years? Will he ever get close to his mom? Will his life remain hunted by memories of his years as a bruised "it" locked in his mothers basement.? Will he stay in touch with his dad? Just read this book and u can find out all of your answers

    ...more info
  • More Than a Story of Triumph and Forgiveness!
    This book is the conclusion to a trilogy written by Dave Pelzer. The other two were A Child Called "It" and The Lost Boy. All three are touching stories that arouse a range of emotions and are filled with the unbelievable horrors of child abuse and its aftermath.

    This book provides flash backs to Dave's physical and mental abuse at the hands of his mentally ill mother, his rescue by school teachers, his life in and out of foster and juvenile homes, his escape and success to and with the air force, getting to know his biological family, his struggle learning social skills, coping with the death of his father, living with and marrying a woman he did not love, becoming a father, learning to trust, helping others, forgiving his mother, finding love, and succeeding as an author and "speaker."

    David Pelzer's story as a survivor of one of the most horrific cases of child abuses ever documented is a must read for people of all ages and backgrounds who come into contact with children to recognize and help prevent this kind of crime to humanity.

    Dave's ability to describe and articulate his fears and feelings have touched the heartstrings of teachers, medical providers, police, social workers, legislators, parents, and numerous other people in our communities and have undoubtedly saved the lives of thousands of children.

    Thanks for bearing your soul Dave, you touched our heart and saved precious lives!
    ...more info
  • heartbreaking yet inspiring
    The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because it isn't the best of literature.
    This is the same review I will be giving for the trio of books written by Dave Pelzer, "A Child Called It" and "The Lost Boy".
    This trio of books is heartbreaking, yet inspiring. For someone to endure such shame, pain and abandonment of the soul and still come on the other side intact is quite a miracle, and one which I'm sure only God could have seen him through. I would recommend this book for anyone.
    ...more info
  • a good book!
    A Man Named Dave is a very powerful book about a grown up boy who was abused, that searches to find peace between his mother ( who abused him) before time runs out. In this book, Dave Pelzer writes about his struggles to live his life (even as an adult) without feeling frightened by his abusive mother. Even though he is out of her reach for any physical harm, his heart turns and twists to get to know the mother that had hurt him physically and mentally as well. As the situation with his mother continues, Dave lives his life to find what he was missing all along. Through the midsts of broken hearts, death, caving relationships,wasted oppurtunities, and opened doors, Dave Pelzer comes out strong and makes the best out of all that he has left. His heart turns onto those who have been or are in a abusive situation. Dave Pelzer is a man who has gone through the worst and yet, truimps with a heart to live his life to the fullest....more info
  • Heart Wrenching Story!
    The book is just as good as expected after the first 2, if not better. ...more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    My mom inspired me to read "A Man Named Dave". She read it and decided I was mature enough at 15 years old to start reading David Pelzer's bestselling series. I'm so glad she recommended this book to me. It is without a doubt the most inspiring book I've ever read.
    "A Man Named Dave", tells about the life of David Pelzer after turning 18 and going off on his own, taking on the responsibilities of an adult. This book describes the challenges and effects child abuse had on David Pelzer even years after he had been removed from his dysfunctional home. He told about how his mother's sick games affected him in his everyday life and how it made him into the man he is today.
    There was absolutely nothing that I disliked about this book. The tactful ways that David described his real life experiences were informational without bringing you over the edge with complete hatred of his manipulative mother and his dysfunctional, biological family. My favorite part of the book was how I saw David handle his father's death and how it changed him into a better man. At first, I was outraged about the absolute love David still showed toward his father, but as I read on David described what his mother put his father through. I started to understand why David's father was the way he was, which ultimately helped me understand how David acted throughout the book.
    Knowing people who have grown up in dysfunctional and abusive households, reading this book reminded me of experiences my friends have gone through. It also scared me to think about the experiences my friends didn't tell me about, and that's why I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone under age 14. For everyone else, "A Man Named Dave" is a book that gives you a great insight into the mind of an abuse victim and everything it takes to "forgive and forget".
    ...more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    I found this book to be well written and an excellent example of how it is possible to turn your own life around if you have the will power to do so.The previouse two books in the trilogy have to be read to fully understand the strength of character that Dave Pelzer must have....more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    Brilliant follow up on previous book. If you've not read the other books, then read them, it should change your outlook on life. This third book resolves the first two beautifully ans left in tears. An unprecedented display of personal triumph and legacy for Dave's son and readers who have suffered abuse of any kind....more info
  • One Man's Story of Abuse
    Have you ever wondered how people overcome abuse? The nonfiction book, A Man Named Dave, shows how he gets abused by his alcoholic mother. The author of the book is Dave Pelzer. This book is a story of triumph. Dave Pelzer triumphs over the abuse from his mother, who, badly hurts him. For example, Dave gets burned on the stove. Another example of his mother's cruelty is when she makes him sniff ammonia.
    Dave Pelzer doesn't tell anyone that he is getting abused. His mother doesn't abuse his brothers; she only abuses Dave. She makes him sleep on a cot in the garage and starves him. Dave has to sneak to get food. For food his mother gives him garbage. I think that kids shouldn't be abused because if you are going to be abuse your kid than you shouldn't have a child. The nurse realizes that he was getting abused when she says "Your Adam's apple is swollen."
    I can relate to this because a lot of people get abused. Also, people don't tell other people that they are getting abused. They need help to live through child abuse. I recommend this book to all teenagers and preteens they will understand that abuse is wrong. It can also inspire those who are being abused.

    By: Natasha Rosen
    ...more info
  • Book
    What an inspiration and heartwrenching book. Very powerful reading. Seller and delivery of product was very well. AAA++++++++++...more info
  • Wow
    The end of the trilogy. I finally got my head around part of what makes him so compelling. If you read what the marketers put together, you may think this is gloomy and such. Nope. It's about how he survived, and is therefore inspiring. But what finally comes together for me in this conclusion is the author's refusal to let me hate his mother the way I'd like to. Damn, life would be easier that way. Pelzer's no saint, mind you. He's human too. But dang, I really did want him to let me hate his mother. You can learn a lot from this guy, even if you do hate his mother. ...more info
  • A Nice Wrap Up
    I'm glad Dave wrote this book. It made his story come full circle and now the world can read how one man can truly make a difference and move on with his life....more info
  • Excellent book(make sure ya read the first two!)
    This book by Dave Pelzer was by far the best book I have read. He mixed great wording and tear-jerking events to keep the reader flippin' pages. The boy who went through so much as a child just to be able to call himself Dave has risen out of the shadows of abuse, not only to write about abuse, but also how to prevent and conquer it. Dave Pelzer is an inspiration to all of us, and I would recommend this book to anyone! But make sure you read the first two ("A child called It" and "The Lost Boy")....more info
  • Personally I didn't care for it
    I have to admit that his books are compelling but I didn't think they were convincing. There were a lot of unanswered questions and non enough substantial information to make it real to me. ...more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    This book is so amazing. I don't know how Dave can forgive the abuse he suffered as a child. He had the spunk and determination to turn his life into good by helping others. In my eyes he is a hero. Great reading! ...more info
  • good book!
    this is the third sequel to a child called it! i like the part where dave pelzer's mom talks about his father dying, and asks, don't you have something for me? didn't he give you anything before he passed away? and dave says no! father didn't give me a thing! then his mom says you're lying! and slaps him and makes his nose bleed! read it if you like dave pelzer as much as me!...more info
  • A Man Named Dave
    Dave Pelzer has been treated very badly by his mother for about 20 years. she has put amonia in a bucket and locked him in the bathroom so he couldn't breath. she ezpected him to do everything for her. he was her slavee. she would hit him and not let him eat but she woild come up with excuses so that she didn't turned in for child abuse. He was always tring to get away from her but she just kept making up excuses and stuff so she could have a slave. When he finally got away he was old enough to join the air force and he was tring to fifill his childhood dream by becoming a firefighter like his dad was and he was going to join the air force so he could well after about a month he was in the air force they told him that he wouldn't be able to be a firefighter yet! His dad was in the hospital and so he took off work so he could go see him. He tried to get his mom to go see him but she woildn't and she wouldn't she earased her little kids memory from having a brother and he was sad.

    My opinion is that the book gave good advise to those who do have abuseive parents. I was always looking forward to having to read in homeroom because it was a really good book. i didn't want to putit down!! Wow that was not the only one who didn't want to put it down....more info
  • A Man named Dave
    Great book. Trilogy is a real eye opener to the world of child abuse....more info
  • Best one so far!

    The book A Man Named Dave by Dave Pelzer was an awesome book. It is a true story with amazing details showing how cruel his mother really was. It tells people reading that there really parents that abuse there children and that there are many kids still being abused by their parents and we need to help them. In this book it tells the reader how Dave's life turned out after escaping his mother. It tells how he feels and reacts when he joins the military, when his father dies and when he finds his brother Russell. I thought this book was great! I would give it five stars. I would recommend this book to anyone who has read Dave Pelzer's other books A Child Called It and The Lost Boy and enjoyed them....more info
  • A Gift.
    This was a gift for a friend. The used book was in good shape and arrived in a timely manner.

    Thank you!...more info
  • Awsome book
    I would reccomend this book to all teachers....I am a preschool teacher, and it gives me a glimpse into the future of some of the country's most tragic stories....more info
  • A Man Called Dave
    This man is a productive individual in spite of the hell he went through as a child with a drunken and abusive mother and a father who failed to protect his child from the abuse. Dave proves that you can be productive as an individual when you aren't taught you will be at home. ...more info
  • Excellent
    The book is well written and details the journey of a man to seek answers for his childhood abuse at the hands of his mother. There were times I felt the story was too drawn out but overall it is an excellent story of courage and self-discovery.
    Would highly recommend this book....more info
  • "A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness"
    A story of triumph and forgiveness. This novel guides us through Dave Pelzer's past; as if we had experienced it first-hand. This would be a novel that i would recommend to people who are at least fourteen years of age due to the brutality, language and disturbing content.
    "You're not a person, but... a thing to do with as i please." These are the exact words that Dave's mom used to describe what she thought of her son. Never expecting anything like that to come out of a mother's mouth. The whole book tends to be shocking and repulsive.
    Dave was only able to relate to his father even thought he was rarely home. He was the only one who helped Dave when he was a child. That little bit of attention that he got from his father ended up to be the only good memories that he had. Sad enough, there is a whole chapter that talks about Daves' fathers' slow, painful death in which he endured. After the death of his father, he immedietly gained strength and was instantly encourages to make something of his life. All he wanted was to make his dad proud, thats all he cared about...
    Sad, yet inspiring......more info
  • A Story Of Forgiveness
    I Found out in this book that Dave Pelzer suffered from her mother's Games in 8 years. He tells about what happens to him when he joined the air force. He tells about how his father died of cancer. He tells about how his mother died of heart attack.

    In A Man Named Dave, Dave Pelzer has delievered the fitting conclusion to a monumental series of books about courage and truimph. In this powerful book Pelzer demonstrates, as few have, that it is in the darknest skies that the stars are best seen.

    Praise For Dave Pelzer and his New York Times Bestselling Books "A Child Called It" And The Lost Boy.

    Riveting. Neither I nor my sstaff could put it down! Pelzer's unyielding determination inspires us all. He is a living example that all of us have the capability to better ourselves no matter what the odds. One's life is forever changed after living through the eyes of A Child Called "It"

    These words were 18 year old Dave Pelzer's declaration of independence to his mother, and they represented the ultimate act of self-reliance. Dave's father never intervented as his mother abused him with shocking brutality, denying him food and clothing, torturing him in any way she could imagine. This was the woman who told her son she could kill him anytime she wanted to- and nearly did.

    The more than one million readers of Pelzer's previous bestselling minionsm A Child Called "IT" and The Lost Boy, know that he lived to tell his courageous story. But even years after he was rescued, his life remained a continual struggle. Dave felt rootless and awkward, an outcast haunted by memories of his years as the bruised, Cowering "It" locked in his mother's basement. Desperately trying to make something of his life, Dave was determined to weather every setback and gain strength from adversity.

    Dave's dramatic reunion with his dying father and the shocking confrontation with his mother- along with the discovery of the secret past- led to his ultimate calling: mentor to others struggling with personal hardships. From a difficult marriage to the birth of his son, from an unfulfilling carrer yo an enduring frienship, Dave was finally able to break the chains of his past, learning to trust, to love and to live.

    A Man Named Dave is the gripping conclusion to his inspirational trilogy. With stunning generosity of spirit, Dave Pelzer invites his readers on his journey to discover how he turned into shame into pride and rejection into acceptance- how a lost, nameless boy finally found himself in the heart and soul of a man who is free at last.

    *** Keep in mind: Dave Pelzer is the international bestsellinbg author of A Child Called "It" and The Lost Boy. He travels throughout the country inspiring hope and resilience in countless and individuals. Davew has recived commendation from Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton and in 1994 was the only American recipent of the Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award.***...more info
  • Highly Recommended
    I bought the trilogy I simply could not put the books down! I highly recommend them!...more info
  • It was a good book
    A man named Dave is a book about a man who wants to join the air force to make his father proud before he dies of cancer. He works as a chef and he cooks food for his crew. He is enlisted to be a firefighter, but his paper work that he did got messed up. Then he redid it and he became a boom operater. He meets this girl named Pasty and they find out that they have a lot in common and before you know it they live in an apartment together. Then they get married....more info
  • Great book!
    This book is fabulous. This man can inspire people in profound ways....more info
  • Finally Forgiving and Triumphant!
    This is the last book in the trilogy of Dave Pelzer's autobiography so you should really read the first two books to appreciate this one fully. They are A Child Called "It": One Child's Courage to Survive and The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family. In this book, David joins the Air Force, works hard, gets nowhere, allows a girl (Patsy) to move in with him and eventually marries her because she's pregnant with his child. Dave loves his son and is a good father to him but got divorced. Eventually, Dave moved to his favorite place by the river where he always wanted to live. Dave became a published author by writing about his childhood and fell in love and married his publisher. He then became a motivational speaker and helps give inspiration and advice to other kids who are struggling with their circumstances.

    In spite of his terrible parents, he was able to forgive them and move on with his life. That, I think, was the most valuable lesson in the book. This book seemed slower moving than his others but it does provide the happy ending to show how far he came in life's journey. He is an incredible person! I recommend you read this book AFTER you finish the first two.

    Karen Arlettaz Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry"...more info
  • a good book!
    A Man Named Dave is a very powerful book about a grown up boy who was abused, that searches to find peace between his mother ( who abused him) before time runs out. In this book, Dave Pelzer writes about his struggles to live his life (even as an adult) without feeling frightened by his abusive mother. Even though he is out of her reach for any physical harm, his heart turns and twists to get to know the mother that had hurt him physically and mentally as well. As the situation with his mother continues, Dave lives his life to find what he was missing all along. Through the midsts of broken hearts, death, caving relationships,wasted oppurtunities, and opened doors, Dave Pelzer comes out strong and makes the best out of all that he has left. His heart turns onto those who have been or are in a abusive situation. Dave Pelzer is a man who has gone through the worst and yet, truimps with a heart to live his life to the fullest....more info


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