Hunter 30714 HEPAtech Small Tower Three Speed Air Purifier with Ionizer

List Price: $204.00

Our Price: $118.99

You Save: $85.01 (42%)


  • HEPAtech filtration system with ionizer
  • Three-speed whisper quiet Hunter fan
  • Changes the air up to 6 times per hour
  • 30-percent better odor reduction
  • CADR rated to clean a 11 by 13-foot room
Customer Reviews:
  • The filter noticeably collects A LOT of dust...
    I don't notice a difference whether the Ionizer on or off, but the dust surely collects in there. It suggests to replace the filter every few months (even with continuous usage), but in my experience so far, the colored indicator (gray-scale paper sticker) shows that the filter is ready to be replace every month (and we keep our place pretty clean... I don't know where the dust comes from).
    By the way, when ordering the replacement filters (which can get expensive), order 1 carbon filter for every 2 HEPAtech filter....more info
  • Removes Smell
    I was looking at different options before running into this deal.
    At $44 bucks I couldn't pass it up. We have had it about 3 months and so far so good.

    I actually really got to test it after my wife made some fish for dinner. I moved the unit to the kitchen and put it on high and didnt' turn on any other fans. It really removed the smell. By the end of dinner the kitchen smelled normal.

    I haven't replaced the filter yet but that is where I see the extra expense is going. For the price, I would get another one....more info
  • Great air purifier!
    I purchased this air purifier despite some bad reviews. I'm so glad I didn't pay attention to the bad reviews. It is absolutely wonderful and does a great job. I really wish I had bought two at the same time. It is not loud at all. I actually put it in my room at night because I sleep so much better because of the gentle fan blowing. And as far as how it works the proof is in the filter. I can't believe how much dust/dirt it is removing from the air in my home. A wonderful buy!...more info
  • Great for a small bedroom or den
    Agree with the other reviewers, the filter replacement cost is high. In my case it will average about $10/mon.

    I didn't expect this small unit to clean the air in our entire bedroom, which is very large with cathedral ceilings. It does an excellent job filtering the air in the lower portion of the room, where we sleep or sit.

    Purchased the unit in April '07. The first time the Pre-Filter light indicated it needed to be changed, I washed the filter lightly in cool, sudsy water, let it air dry and reused it. It will cost $19.95 to replace it next time.

    The HEPAtech filter replacement light came on after 5-1/2 months of use. Replacement cost was $29.95 from Amazon.

    One other note, this air purifier must be placed on a shelf or table-top, not on the floor.
    ...more info
  • Great Air Purifier
    The Hunter Air Purifier works great but the filter is not as easy to clean as your are led to believe. When you try to vacuum the dust out, you also remove the fibers that collect the dust. Ours have been cleaned twice and now have to be replaced. You can find these at prices of $59-$19 each depending on where you shop. We've had our machines approximately 5 months....more info
  • Works ok....
    This works okay...but it's not a miracle. The unit is sort of big and it says to keep it a certain distance from the wall so you have to have a place for it so it won't be in the way. I have noticed that the air in our bedroom doesn't seem stale as it once did but I guess I was expecting perfectly clean air. The filters are VERY expensive so you will have to weigh that in your purchasing decision as well. For the price I paid I am happy with the purchase. ...more info
  • Not sure if this thing work
    We just bought one of these. The noise is bearable. On Turbo it sound less than most air conditioner, so not bad. We've had the machine for a couple of days and we can't really tell if the machine work. We opened it up and checked how strong the suction and we don't or barely feel anything coming from under the fan. So, at this point I think we bought a very exensive fan. Not sure how these things are suppose to filter anything without any suction coming from the fan. I would look around if I have to do this over again....more info
  • Hunter 30714 Review
    THIS PURIFIER IS QUIET! I have no idea how any of these people are calling it loud?! When it is on the turbo setting it can tend to be a little loud but we constantly have BOTH (in seperate rooms) on regular setting and it is quieter then any air conditioner I have heard on Low. The only reason I wouldn't give it five stars is that you do have to replace the filters every 3-4 months. As for performance, it definately purifies the room well but unfortunately i do not know about air born bacteria because I have not gotten into the winter season here. But I have noticed that it removes smells well....more info
  • Pretty good for the price.
    I suffered from a severe allergy to the dusts in my 10x10 room. I turned this thing on at the highest speed for 5 hours and I could feel the difference. The quiet speed is pretty quiet where I can sleep easily and the highest speed sounds almost as loud as the air conditioner. It's pretty good as a white noise. For the price and the effectiveness I give this the 5 stars. Too bad it doesn't have the A/C function. ...more info
  • not much of an air filter - Ionizer is lackluster at best
    The HEPA filter fits loosely in the body of the unit. Enough space at top of the filter to let unfiltered air get by. The pre filter (black carbon) didn't fill the entire front grill. Had approx. 1/4" open on side that let unfiltered air by. Perhaps when replacing the pre filter, I will cut it larger than the old to actually cover the entire air intake/inlet. The ionizer does work but doesn't supply/emit enough neg ions into the air stream to make a difference. The smaller table top units use the same H.V. module but have 4 emitter points in the air stream. This unit has one. Given the higher volume or air it can process (as compared to the table top units) I'd expect at least 4 emitter points or two H.V. modules and a ring of emitters around the periphery of the air stream. I ran this unit in a room (approx. 14' x 18') over night and in the morning I didn't notice as much of a difference as the smaller table top unit made by the same company. That's even after I sealed the filter edges to make sure only filtered air got into the unit. As soon as the warrentee is up, I plan on modifying the ionizer with more emitter points....more info
  • Can see the dirt in the filter... cleans great
    I bought this during a Friday Sale and was a bit unsure of it's capabilities. I put it in the den where we all congregate (two smokers, two kids, and three dogs) and I have been very impressed so far. With all of the activity in this room and the added smell of cigarette smoke I wasn't sure if it would be effective. Well, I have to admit, the proof is in the filter and the fact that there is less dust in the room. The filter has captured the smelly smoke and stinky dog odors. It is actually pleasant walking in the den now. My only problem is the cost of replacement filters. With the abuse this air purifier will be taking in my house, it will be rather costly to replace since I will probably have to do it monthly. ...more info
  • Excellent air purifier, pricey filters!
    I really enjoy using this air purifier. I find it's easier to breathe and sleep now that I am using this. From what I've read Hunter is great about standing behind their product. The noise level was certainly as expected. It has Turbo mode, which should not be run for extended periods of time (couple of hours) and also day and night. Day has a noise level somewhere in between the hum of my microwave and the hum of my computer. Night is just a bit louder than my computer fan. I actually love the white noise it creates in the background. It's easy to move around for people of average mobility and strength. I took off one star considering the price of the replacement filters and lack of value priced alternatives. The pre-filter runs $20 and needs to be replaced every 3 months ($80 per year) and the primary filter runs $30 and needs to be replaced twice per year ($60). Altogether that's $140 to keep the air of an 11 x 13 room clean. I feel the filters are way out of line as far as pricing. I buy similar filters (20 x 24 x 1) for $6-8 for my home air conditioner and the primary filter on this air purifier is made of identical material and is only a small fraction of the size yet runs three times as much? It just doesn't make sense. ...more info
  • Great Value
    Some of the purifiers I looked at ran into the hundreds, but this one got great reviews at a great price. The purifier is NOT loud at all. We were able to keep the day setting on while we slept which is supposed to be slightly louder than the sleep setting. Only issue is very slight odor which I believe results from ionizer setting. Overall am very pleased with purchase...more info
  • Air Purifier
    This purifier is working overtime in my house and it is doing the job of keeping the air relatively free of cat dander and dog odors. Good machine, good investment...more info
  • Great for the price
    I bought the unit from the gold box because of the price. I didn't expect much, however it works great. The air in my livingroom no longer has pet smells and the dust level is down. The only negative people write about is the noise. Those people are just stupid, it's not very loud, and all air purifiers that work well make nosie....more info
  • Hunter HEPA filter
    With our local pollen levels reaching new heights we needed to augment the whole house electronic filter and purchased this for our bedroom. We have been steeping better and have had many fewer signs associated with pollen (sneezing, inflamed eyes, etc.) If quality of life is important (and why would it NOT be?) this room air filter can go a long way towards enhancing it....more info
  • LOUD and I think it works
    I put this in a smelly room to see if it works and the smell went away quickly so despite the previous bad reviews, I am keeping this. The Honeywell 1700 did nothing for more than an hour before I plugged in the Hunter 30714. It definitely cleans the air of smells although the Honeywell ones make more promises e.g. antibacterial. If the low price is due to discontinuation, then I am happy to pay less for something that does the job. ...more info
  • Not impressed
    I ordered this from the gold box, and I do not like it. First off, this discontinued model measures 23 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 11 inches deep.

    1. The noise of the fan. At sleep level, it sounds like a quiet PC. Not bad, but also not very effective for circulating the air. At normal and turbo levels the sound is very noticeable and annoying.

    2. The other part I dislike is the alleged "ionizer". I've owned the sharper image machine and other ionizers, and this is nothing like it in the sense that the ionizing feature of this device doesn't collect dust or dirt. In fact, after opening this up the only evidence of an ionizer is a little thin piece of metal string about 4 inches long attached to screw (this screw also holds a wired electrical connection, which I assume allows this little piece of metal to emit ions). It also doesn't emit that "clean" smell of the sharper image machine.

    3. The build quality of the casing is cheap plastic. The fan motor is actually quite heavy, but rest of this unit feels as if it were made out of frisbees.

    4. I really can't tell if this is actually cleaning the air (opening up the filter shows no evidence of dirt or debris), but that's probably because I always leave it on "sleep" because I can't deal with the noise of the higher settings.

    ...more info
  • Extremely effective - reusable filter not so much
    I am a smoker and my wife is not, so my smoking at home is relegated to outside or in my home office. This unit effectively cleans the smoke out of the air in my 10X12 office and keeps the rest of the house clean-smelling. The only downside to this device is the "reusable" hepa filter. I kind of understood it was washable (ideally being able to clean out the tar and nicotine trapped in it) but it is not. You may vacuum the filter of particles, but the smoke is reducing its effectiveness. So, apparently I WILL have to buy replacement filters regularly.

    I paid close to $100 for mine at Lowe's, so this is a deal!...more info