Ancient Secrets Ceramic Nasal Cleansing Pot, 1 Neti Pot
Ancient Secrets Ceramic Nasal Cleansing Pot, 1 Neti Pot

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Product Description

This gentle and effective nasal irrigation technique is widely recommended by health practitioners as a wonderful way to improve your overall well-being and maintain vibrant health.

  • The patented Ancient Secrets design is an updated one that provides a better fit, better control and easier use
  • It is made from heavy-duty ceramic to be dishwasher safe.
  • The step by step illustrated instructions make it easy to use
  • Clear the nostrils to free breathing
  • Relieve nasal dryness and remove excess mucous

Customer Reviews:

  • Great investment for your health
    I love the Neti Pot. My friend Kathy purchased one and raved about how well it worked for her and I have terrible allergy problems so decided it might be beneficial for me as well. I read other reviews and was impressed with the consensus that most felt it was amazing with the first use. I was worried when some mentioned the burning sensation but decided to go for it. I have used it twice a day everyday since it was delivered and it is amazing that something so simple can be so effective. I did purchase the Neti Pot salt which is pharmaceutical grade, very fine, and dissolves immediately and use a little less than is recommended to avoid the burning sensation that sometimes happens when you use too much salt. I still have to use my nasal spray sometimes to open the passages up enough for the solution to run through but find after the nasal rinse my passages are open even more and I don't have the constant post nasal drip. I am also able to use the nssal spray less often. The process is quick and easy. I don't know how I got along without it. I love it and highly recommend it!...more info
  • Works just like they say
    After hearing all the hype about this product, we decided to try it out. No disappointment - works great! Well worth the price!...more info
  • It's wierd, but it works!
    The thought of voluntarily shoving water up my nose seemed highly unnatural to me. Thank goodness my partner walked me through the proper use of a Neti pot. I use it daily and it is a ritual I will always perform. Even when I can breathe clearly, it's amazing how much gunk is stored in one's sinus cavity. I have not been sick since I started using my Neti pot and my allergies seem to have disappeared. Try this product, you'll be glad you did. ...more info
  • neti pot
    All I have to say is, it's worth trying. Seems like my nasal passage stays open. ...more info
  • Neti Nasal Cleansing Pot Review
    This is a great, simple solution for relieving stuffy noses with no side effects from medication. I highly recommend this item to anyone suffering from nasal problems. ...more info
  • Netti Pot for health, OH YEAH!
    This is a must have ceramic netti pot for nasal cleansing. I purchased this one as a second for my home. I had surgery and the ENT said it is the healthiest thing one can do for themselves to clean out their nasal passages every few days. It helps my allergies, helps me breathe easier. What more is there to say. EASY TO DO!!! OPRAH and Dr. OZ talk about this on the Oprah Show all the time. GET yours here with some salt solution much cheaper than in stores. It is worth it!...more info
  • Neti Pot is wonderful
    These are wonderful!!! I have bought several and given them to freinds and family members. So much better for you than using all those sprays and meds....more info
  • best neti pot
    I had bought this one at a healthfood store and it was the best investment ever! I went on a trip and left it behind with a sick friend who also got a lot of relief by this. But then I bought the Himalayan Institute Neti Pot and I hate that one!! GET THIS ONE! The design of this one is much more functional. ...more info
  • Best-designed Neti pot
    This is a far superior design to the Himalayan Institute neti pot. This one:
    - seals well around the nostril
    - keeps the water in the pot rather than having it come out of the top hole
    - flows smoothly through my sinuses

    The Himalayan Institute design has problems in the above areas where this Ancient Secrets pot excels.

    I would give this one a "5" if it weren't for the price. Something like this should be $5.99, shouldn't it? Then again, I have yet to see any Neti pot under $10, so perhaps I am being unfair.

    Lastly, let me emphasize that there is no need to buy any special salts. Plain table salt works fine (get the NON-IODIZED variety) as does Kosher salt (it should be non-iodized but has a larger grain so you need to use about twice as much). Think about it... you are most likely going to be using tap water rather than heating up filtered water, so do you really need some overpriced "pure", "medical grade" salt? Save your money!!!...more info
  • A sinus sufferers best friend
    I purchased this neti pot mostly because the plastic one I had kept scratching my nose. I was a little hesitant since the shape is different. If anything this works better than the more traditional shaped pots. More of the water/saline comes out of the pot without having to drastically tip the pot, which can be difficult with the other versions. If you've never used a neti pot and suffer from sinus trouble, I highly reccomment this. I use it once or twice a week and feel the improvement for at least a couple of days. As someone with ongoing sinus trouble, it's nice to have an option that isn't OTC decongestants....more info
  • Comfortable, easy to use!
    I'm on my 3rd day of using this Neti pot and have to say I'm surprised at how easy it has been to use! I have been so nervous about trying this method and did so much reading, watching demo videos, finally I just decided to try it. The spout fits very comfortable in the nostril and holds 1 cup of solution which is enough for 1 side, then refill with 1 cup saline solution and do the other side. If you just keep calm, practice breathing through your mouth or think about how you breathe when you are snorkelling, it works so easily. Only thing is I'm not sure if some water is getting into my Eustacian tubes as I feel I have to "click" my ears more often, feel slight pressure in the ears and tenderness down the sides of my neck. Will try for a few more days to see if it is helping. It really does feel soothing to have the saline solution passing through the nasal cavity, cleaning it all out. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Awesome product even for the non-holistic anti-yoga crowd
    Don't let the "ancient secret" verbage scare you -- practically speaking this thing really works. It feels a bit "odd" at first, but then instant relief!! Great big thumbs up!...more info
  • Great thing for nasal cleaning.
    First I was very skeptical about using this thing. I thought that this would be quite uncomfortable. Finally I decided give it a try since I wanted to reduce my Guaifenesin dose. I was amazed how easy it was to get used to this thing. Furthermore, this was very effective in reducing my congestion. I am not taking my Guaifenesin daily anymore. I would certainly recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • THE BEST !!!
    This product works amazingly well. I'd been told by a doctor that I could use one of those prescription nasal sprays for allergies. Instead I'd been using the over-the-counter Nasalchrom, which worked well enough, I just wanted to try this neti pot.

    After using it the first time my need to use the Nasalchrom spray was markedly reduced! I am feeling so much better, the all natural way. I don't even need to use it every day, and my allergies are better than they have been in decades. :-)...more info
  • Great.. If you want a product that GIVES you sinus infections..
    I tried this a couple of times as I was getting over a cold, despite my initial thoughts of, "Who puts water up their noses? That's just stupid." But, several friends recommended it and I saw all the glowing reviews for it, and there were even comments from doctors saying it was OK. Well, when I used it, the water would not drain out the other nostril no matter what I tried. Maybe I have a deviated septum? If so, there should be a warning to people who do, because it gave me a horrible sinus infection. This also happened to a friend of mine, too. He even got it to drain out the other side and also wound up with a horrible sinus infection. I can't say why, other than maybe I should have listened to my initial instincts and not used it. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    I have been having sinus headaches for over a year and after buying this neti pot I haven't had a single one. The design is great on this pot and I have been recommending it to all my family and friends!...more info
  • Who knew this would give Fast and Effective Relief to years of allergies?
    My mother had always cleaned out her nose after having surgery to clean her sinus cavities after years of severe infections. I thought it was disgusting. She told me it was the only way to alleviate her headache and mucous as well as terminate other colds. I didn't believe her until, as a professional singer, I had an emergency prior to performing. She used a bulb syringe for hers so that it what I tried at the time. I thought it was going to choke me at first, like accidentally getting pool water up your nose. Also, the salt can feel tingly/burning at first if you are severely affected. Still, I got over the illness in less than a day...a MIRACLE! I have used this routinely since and tend to flush my nose out once every hour when I get the first hint of a runny nose and it never lasts more than a day. I like my neti pot more than the bulb syringe and would have switched earlier had I known they existed. I was always concerned about properly disinfecting the bulb syringe so I purchased new ones. This is easier to clean. You do get used to it and I happily recommend this product. Honestly, it is no more disgusting than all those used tissues. You just get it over with in one place and can put the pot in the dishwasher....more info
  • Now, I'm a beliver
    OK, so I'm skeptical about some of this holistic healing stuff. Sorry, but I just don't believe that wearing bay leaves under my armpit will get rid of my bunions. But, I also don't want to take antibotics to get rid of the same chronic sinus infections over and over. So I read up on this novelty and decided to try it.

    It works, it works, it works. There, I've said it. I can't impress on you how much better your sinus's will feel after a bout with this system. Not hard to master the technique - the first time or two will seem odd, but after that you figure how to hold you head so the angle is just right. Then it's just a warm, comfortable sensation in your nose. Quite pleasant, actually. As far as results, most of the villians in your nose are microscopic or at least, tiny; so, most times you won't see a science project in the sink after a treatment. But rest assured that it washes the pollen and other irritants out with the water drainage, then they won't cause you any problems later. I haven't used it while having a cold or an active sinus infection yet, but I anticipate it will help and soothe that problem.

    Just try it. It really is beneficial because it works. I use sea salt, works fine, but I'm going to try the voodoo salt concoctions that these guys sell to see if it's any better....more info
  • Seems to really work
    Ok, so I do not use the netti pot, but I do have singing students who combat allergies that now use this. They are having a lot of success at keeping their allergies down with this. I have watched how it is used and seems to work fairly easily. All of them LOVE IT, and love to talk about it....more info
  • Neti Relief
    I've been amazed at how well this has worked. I've had terrible allergies all my life. One day, after dusting and vacuuming, as I sneezed my way to the bathroom ready to pop an allergy pill, I decided to give it a shot. The results were almost instantaneous. It does feel a little weird but you get used to the sensations rather quickly. I still take pills when necessary, but the neti pot is a great first line of defense....more info
  • neti pot
    love it. only problem it breaks easy. but the best i have tryed. would and have recommend
    ....more info
  • feels like an ocean wave going up your nose
    Allergies: this product will clear you up for five minutes then the instant refill. The effects don't last long. Make sure you don't put too much salt in with the water. It hurts. I use this as a last resort because it really isn't pleasant unless you like that ocean up your nose effect....more info
  • Worth every penny.
    This netti pot works great! I suffer from year round allergies since a kid and have tried everything from allergy shots to prescription rhinocourt sprays to claritin (which seems to work well enough but just too darn expensive to do daily) to ablation at the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists to reduce the inflamed tissue blocking my nasal passages. The netti pot is probably the most effective and cheapest method I've found so far to open blocked nasal passages. It is most effective if you do it 2x daily once in the morning and once again before bed. ...more info
  • Helped with allergy symptoms eight away
    My daughter is allergic to almost everything and has taken prescription medicine for over 15 years. This neti pot has helped to keep her sinuses clear enough to reduce her congestion....more info
  • It really works, no gimmicks!
    I'm a chronic allergy suffer that uses Allegra D and Rhinocort AQ spray. Not only does this product help with immediate congestion relief, it's so effective that using it every 2 weeks to once a month could eliminate the need to take ANY allergy medicines. I've cut back my use of meds about 75%. There's a technique to using it, just don't give up after the first or second time. Yes it will feel uncomfortable, but you have to remember to breathe through your mouth. AND you should blow your nose (one nostril at a time) immediately after using it. Within 10 minutes, you'll notice a completely clear feeling. This is a great investment for allergy suffers who would rather not take meds or who need immediate relief on bad hay fever days....more info
  • Neti Pot Yields Food Results
    I've been using my neti pot daily and seem to be having good results with it. I was having sinus irritations and headaches on a regular basis, but haven't had any problems since beginning the use of the nasal cleansing routine. Time will tell if it helps later, when we get back to cold and flu season, but I'm satisfied so far!...more info
  • Don't knock it until you try it!
    I researched the neti pot before deciding to buy one. My husband has worse allergies than me, so I thought I would get one for him first. He uses it once a day and it really does the trick. It took about 2-3 uses before finding a comfortable position/temperature of the water. It is wonderful and better than cold medication or prescription drugs. Great for season sinus problems and the start of congestion.

    I then bought one for myself after his success and I don't know why I waited so long. The claims on Oprah and the internet are true. Give it a try. I recommend this to anyone trying to stay away from presciptions and medications or for those who just want to take better care of themselves....more info
  • Healthy Alternative
    It was easier to use than I had anticipated .... and it's better than the plastic products I've used in the past.
    Get rid of your steroid/inhalers and go natural! It's a great alternative....more info
  • Looks good, better than plastic
    I bought the ceramic neti pot to replace the plastic one that came with nasal rinse solution. The ceramic pot looks a lot nicer on the bathroom counter. As for functionality, it's a little better than the plastic one.

    For those who never used a neti pot, it changed my allergy-ridden life! ...more info
  • A life saver
    I saw this on Oprah, although I had heard about them before, it sounded gross.
    But once I saw it, it didn't look that bad. So, my first sinus infection, I ran to the health food store to buy one. I normally drink a vinegar and honey solution (2tbs vinegar, 1 tbs honey) in a glass of water (it works like guaifensin) to thin the mucus and I don't need a neti pot. This time the sinus infection was bad. I blew my nose so much that the outside of my nose was irritated, because my mucus was too thick to come out. The neti pot saved me. I could not believe that it would bring out more green mucus at the end, even though I could not previously blow my nose and get anything else out. And this was the plug that normally stays there and keeps the infection going strong. Once I did this, I could breathe!!!
    This is an amazing product! My 11 yr old daughter who constantly complains of a headache, tried it too, and says her headache is gone.
    If it doesn't work for you, you are doing something wrong. Keep trying. I think it's more effective if the water is warm enough but not too much so that it is uncomfortable. ...more info
  • Works great for me
    I bought this after my wife watched it on Oprah. She suggested that I researched something called "Nose Bidet". I decided to try it since Claritin and Claritin-D seems to be not as effective for me anymore. It works great for me. My sneezing has reduced substantially. Even my co-workers noticed it. I also bought NeilMed prepackage saline solution and also tried non-iodized salt. The non-iodized salt works just fine and there is no reason to go more expensive route. A quarter teaspoon of salt plus water (about 8oz) and then nuke it for 20 to 30 seconds (depending on the power of your microwave)....more info
  • A Big Help
    I first heard of the neti pot on a message board where so many people reported finding sinus congestion relief after using one. I ordered this one from Amazon and decided to use my own plain salt. While it is sort of weird having water pouring out of my nose, I must admit that I have had wonderful results. The warm, saline water opens, cleans, and reduces swelling. And, it's quick to do so is easy to start as a routine. It may sound gross, but I've had sinus infections that stunk....well, no more! I won't stop using it, that's for sure. ...more info
    This Neti Pot is a much improved and practical product. I have owned others but this is the best....more info
  • Good solid basic Neti pot
    I've used this particular Neti pot for over a year now (since seen on Oprah) and it's completely solved my hayfever allergies which used to really mess with me each year. I like the D-shaped opening which reduces, but does not eliminate, dumping water in my ear when I tip it up too fast. It took a while to get the salt ratio and temperature right, but once I did, it was very pleasant ever since. Be sure to get the pure Pharmaceutical grade non-iodized salt without any additives. I mix it with quite warm tap water in a 2 cup measuring cup which gives me two pots worth for each side. Mixing it in one batch saves time and increases consistency. For travel though, I use the RhinoHorn because it's plastic so it's light and won't break. But, for home use, I like the ceramic one better and only use it. For the price and design, this one is a winner in my book....more info
  • I guess I am a rarity
    As soon as the fluid gets up to my sinus cavity I instantly feel a strong pressure in my forehead before it comes out my other nostril. Even weirder is that it goes in and out when I start with my right nostril but it will not reciprocate when using my left nostril. I am also left with mild headaches ?!?...more info
  • Good product
    If you have never used one of these, you should try it. I had someone talk me into using a neti pot for the first time and now I use it all the time. This one is very easy to use and works great. If you have sinus problems you should give it a try....more info
  • Its even physician recomended
    After having a sinus surgery the doctor recomeded the daily use of this item. Althought I had one in my cabinet at home, I'd not given it a chance. After ariving home and a few days latter, the results where beyond comparison to any over the counter medications to clear up congestion, sneezing, or what have you....more info
  • It worked faster than antibiotics for me!
    I used to get 6-8 knock-me-out for 4 or 5 days sinus infections per year until I found this little gem. I was away on vacation (away from my doctor) when the usual symptoms started. I ran to the near-by health food store and begged for help. They suggested that I try the Neti pot, and WOW! I used it 4 times the next day, trying to stop the beginnings of another raging sinus infection. It definitely hurt a bit at first because my sinuses were so inflamed, but it took away my sinus infection faster than any antibiotics - and believe me I have been on all of the powerful ones!

    Some people can snort salt water, but not me: My nervous system says, "Knock it off, idiot! You're drowning!" But with the Neti I can breathe through my mouth when I use it(which is now a morning ritual when I get up). AND FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I CAN REMEMBER, I HAVE NOT HAD A SINUS INFECTION FOR OVER A YEAR!!!! And I have not been sick once! And I saved a dozen co-pays for care and meds! And I am off allergy meds for 10 months of the year when I used to be on them year-round!

    Why didn't anyone tell me about this before? Perhaps the dozen or so physicians I've seen in the last three decades for this condition had stock in the pharmaceutical companies.(Just kidding.)More likely they didn't know about it.

    I take one on vacation, have an extra in case I break my regular one, sent one to my mother and to my best friend, and have recommended them to everyone I know who has sinus problems.

    Note: Be careful not to make the water much warmer than room-temperature. Add just enough salt to make it into a tear-like saline solution. Too little or too much salt, and too cold or hot water will hurt....more info
  • Awesome for allergy suffers
    I love this product. I use it every night and I've seen a dramatic difference in my allergies. I suffer from postnasal drip so I was constantly clearing my throat, this has substantially decreased my annoying cough!! I would highly recommend for allergy suffers. It does take a little getting used to, so give it a week or so and you'll be an old pro!...more info
  • IT WORKS!!
    We have been using the Neti Pot for over 6 months now...our nasal allergies have ceased - it's amazing!! Very easy to use with numerous benefits, so don't be shy. This is a natural cleanser that clears the nostrils to free breathing, removes excess mucous and reduces allergens in the nasal passages...oh, and it also relieves nasal dryness too!
    WELL WORTH IT!...more info
  • Better designs......
    I like the neti pot but this one is a bit bulky. I broke off the handle and have since replaced with a different brand that I like better....more info
  • Breathing Easy
    Using the neti pot for the first time was a bit weird. Water kept going down all the wrong ways. However, once I got the hang of it (it's all in the way you tilt your head), the water would go in and out with no issues or discomfort. I cleanse once daily and love the way it makes me feel afterward. I feel... fresh! I don't worry about people smelling my 'sinus-breath' anymore. I have fewer allergy related issues since using product. In fact, I love it so much, I bought 5 others for friends and family who I know also suffer from allergies....more info
  • Great and I have most of the Neti Pots
    I have two of these, one of the original Neti Pots that is also sold on Amazon and the Neli blue platic ones.
    This is deeper than all of them which allows you not to spill out of the top and get greater gravity flow than the others. The original one that I have is just too shallow and does not hold near as much. After trying all of these I feel like a Neti Pot collector and Im not sure how I feel about that... but I can breathe :)...more info
  • Great Netti
    I previously had this cleansing Neti pot and liked it so much that I purchased it again after breaking the original.

    works great...more info
  • Best.neti.ever.
    I tried a stainless steel version of a neti pot Stainless Steel Neti Pot for Sinus Congestion (Ayurvedic JalNeti) before moving to this one. The metallic twang was just ICKY, beyond the whole "I'm flushing goop out of my head at a startling rate" variety of ICKY.

    This heavy-duty ceramic model is great. It's glaze is nice and smooth, you can throw it in the dishwasher and be confident it's actually getting really clean, and I've dropped it on my hard ceramic floor and no chips or cracks.

    Because it's truly inert, unlike the stainless steel types, you don't deal with any nasty after taste. The only part I wish were different is the size, the stainless one was about one pint, this is half that. Still, it works very well, is comfortable and easy to use. ...more info
  • Poor design for an otherwise great item
    This specific design does not work well for me. I have difficulty getting the water from the container into my nose without spilling it and making a mess.

    You do not have to purchase any mixture to put into your water. Using a pinch of non iodized salt in the water works just as well. Iodized salt will burn terribly.

    I have a much easier time with the Neti pot made by the Himalayan Institute. Amazon carries those as well....more info
  • Great design
    The design allows for filling of the tub without spilling when using. The angle helps with leverage when tilting....more info
  • It works
    This daily nasal hygiene has changed my life! I can breathe again! My sinusitis has been cured. It washes away bacteria and viruses before they have a chance to incubate. If I do get a cold, it does not last as long and I don't get stuffed up....more info
  • Sinus relief
    I've not gotten into using the neti pot on a daily basis, but have found it useful to clean out the gunk on those days that I feel clogged. The saline creates a slight tingling sensation that I find refreshing and seems to last throughout the day. This design is comfortable and easy to use, though I haven't used any others to say how it fares in comparison.

    It does take some trial and error to get the correct positioning and if the water temp or amount of salt is off, there is that burning sensation but it is not so bad. As another reviewer mentioned it is very helpful to warm up the pot first by filling and rinsing with hot water. And I'd skip the special salt packets and just get some kosher salt from the grocery store. I picked up a container for a buck that says it has 525 1/4 tsp servings, so even with daily use that would last almost a year and a half. I'd also recommend only using when you are going to be upright for at least an hour (not right before bed) to give any water which might remain a chance to drain rather than collecting in nasal passages/eustachian tubes.

    Even non-drowsy formula sinus/allergy meds seem to affect me, so I'm very grateful to have discovered this natural (and CHEAP) form of relief! ...more info
  • Does what it says it does
    I thought I would give one of these a try because of some nasal congestion, especially at night. It didn't solve all of my problems but it works as advertised. The quality of the pot is great and the directions were quite clear. The woman in the picture doesn't really have her head at the right angle but I had already looked around the web and saw many examples of how to use the thing. There are even quite a few videos out there... check out YouTube if you need help....more info
  • Seems like such a simple idea
    I bought this item thinking I would just give it a try, but not expecting it to work. I love it and now I don't know what I did without it. I don't know why to so many of us it makes more sense to pop an allergy or cold pill before trying a non-medicinal method. Just think about all the junk that your body has to deal with everyday from pollution to household dust. Just look at your windows!

    I find it best to use the Neti pot in the shower standing up, just as part of my daily return with warm water. I do suffer from occasional allergies, and this helps a lot. I started using the Neti before the winter and I have gone the entire winter without catching a single cold. I don't use any special salt, just non-iodized salt from the grocery store for .75 cents. Last forever. No need to spend extra money on fancy salts. ...more info
  • a wonderful product, saved me a trip to dr.
    this is a great product. i use it ever day, i am a potter and constantly breathing clay dust. this has helped me more than any medaciation i have used and saved me many trips to the dr.& having to take prescription drugs that have so many side effects, it was a blessing to find & use this product thanks so much. judy a boozer...more info
  • LOVE it
    LOVE my neti pot! It really makes a difference and you can feel that difference right away. Mine accidentally broke, so I guess I'll be ordering another.......more info
  • Great relief from snoring and possibly sleep apnea!
    First let me say that I am no Birkenstock wearing, new-age "medicine", clove smoking hippy. Nor do I subscribe to all of the negative vs. positive energy stuff.

    With that said, this Neti Pot is amazing. My wife bought it and I was skeptical but tried it just to see what it felt like. I was expecting something akin to water boarding but it was nothing close. It did take a few attempts to get the salt to water ratio right for me. The recommended amount caused a little bit of a burning sensation like getting water up your nose while swimming in a pool. The results however have been spectacular!

    I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I use a dental appliance to help keep my airway open at night so I get a better night sleep and to reduce my snoring to a tolerable level for my wife. Without the dental appliance she is often forced to sleep in another room. My snoring is so loud it can be heard even when my bedroom door is closed. I have always had problems breathing through my nose with one of my nostrils usually blocked. I also take prescription sleep medication every night and frequently wake during the night but usually I am able to fall right back asleep.

    On the first night of use my wife noticed that my snoring had completely stopped. (I also use a dental appliance). The second night had the same dramatic results. She had to feel around in the bed to make sure I was there. The third night I tried sleeping without the dental appliance but still used the Neti. I snored but not enough to disturb her, not continuously, and not enough to wake myself up throughout the night. I did not use my sleep medication on day two or three and I have slept the same amount of time or one hour longer each night. I do not notice waking during the night at all as I normally did pre-Neti.

    If you have problems sleeping due to breathing problems I would highly recommend giving this a try.

    ...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to
    This is great for people with allergies and sinusitis. It takes my sinus headaches away within minutes of using it. I have great success with this product and love that it's dishwasher safe....more info


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