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  • awesome movie!
    ok, just to voice a question I have, did all the other reviewers watch the same movie? 'Cause, like, one of them talked about the kids "holding the stone", which never, uh, happened. Likewise, I never heard anything about the stone being "from the gods" or anything. Okay, first of all, I thought this movie was pretty damn good considering it was very low-budget, for pretty similar reasons to those that have been stated before, namely the plot and also just the sheer coolness factor (who wouldn't want to read their teacher's mind when they get called on to get the answer?). Anyway, I just have some things to say in defense of this movie.
    Yes, the special effects were nowhere near the level of those in something like The Matrix or Lord of the Rings, but for one, they still got the job done, and two, this movie had nowhere near the budget that most movies with killer effects have.
    The other thing I heard complaints about was the realism. They're sitting on a huge magnet, and they find this stone that produces strong electrical impulses (at a low amperage, obviously, or they would have been dead). Hey, we know the brain uses electrical signals, so it's relatively believable that electrical impulses might affect it. Ok, I know it's unrealistic that something like that would give you psychic powers, but come on, Star Trek breaks laws of physics all the time. Sci-fi and fantasy by nature include things that would not work in real life. You want your movies to be perfectly explainable scientifically, how do you explain Harry Potter? How does mumbling Latin and waving a stick around cause something to fly? Face it, movies are by their nature unrealistic, or they would be documentaries....more info
  • I love this movie!
    When I first watch it I thought it was kind of boreing, but then it got more intresting and now I love it. I didn't like Ashley but one of the mean guys (The Dickies Boys) I like. David Anders who plays Booji is also on Alias and I was happy to see that....more info
  • Good movie but lame special effects.
    The flick itself centers around 4 teens at Mar Vista High School. They are outcasts & misfits who find a mysterious stone that gives them magical powers & an evil personna.
    Reese, (Anders) is a new student who moves to the school, gets bullied around a bit, then meets the other 3. They go to the woods on a trip together, find the stone laying out in the open, after holding it they each are given special powers. You can see a light in their eyes, a different colored light for each one, then they are transformed into evil personnas.
    They go back to school, show off their new personnas, where they do stuff previously they were not capable of. But decide to ditch the stone after a friend of theirs is hurt because of its effect on them.
    The music is good, but pretty basic. The camerawork is good, but nothing special. The special effects are lame, you can see how cheaply done this movie is by the lights in their eyes looking like flashlights with colored bulbs, & the light over one of the guys who floats in the air is obviously done by a flashlight. The acting is good enough though to make the movie be very enjoyable. I loved it a lot when I viewed it, but the special effects just keep it as an average b movie....more info
  • Totally Awesome
    This was an amazing movie! The best I've seen that was involved with paranormal things like: telepathy, mind control, healing, and telekinesis. Awesome. Defenitaly worth seeing. This is the type of movie you could see over and over again! I'm so buying this!! The cover caught my attention, then I read like two lines and the world 'paranormal' got me to rent it! It was so good it gave me chills! I wish directors would make more movies like this. Aya...more info
  • Quite a good low budget movie
    This is one of those rare "teen" thriller titles that is actually quite original and well put together. The story deals with a lot of sci-fi elements, somewhat like those films Charles Band put out a few years back on the defunct "Pulse Pounders" label.

    I rented this thinking it was probably an average (at best) film, but the story draws you in and doesn't let go. The acting is above average for a low-budget film, and the characters are well written. The CGI special effects are numerous and quite realistic, especially when you consider this did not have a budget anywhere near what the latest 'Lord Of The Rings' or 'Star Wars' movies had.

    I liked this movie enough to buy it for my collection, after previously renting it. Give it a just may like it also....more info

  • Too Cool For School -
    This DVD box promised a lot.

    I was expecting your typical badly acted, retarted plot with cheesy special effects and I was really suprised. This movie is 1. Well acted 2. Well Directed 3. Well shot 4. had a great ending. But don't take my word, check it out for yourself....more info

  • B Sci-fi movie that is wonderful!
    This movie is a must see. It touches the soul. It gets inside and you can't help feeling the sensations of the characters. Everything about it is so simple and child-like in its manner, so much attitude... it will take you to a place you really should go....more info
  • Forgettable, but really good at the beginning...
    This EXTREMELY CHEAP movie is about four kids who get magical powers from some elemental stone--(made by the gods through the ages, yakkity yak)--and then get telekinetic, and sometimes pyrotecnic powers. Now, I like fantasy/scifi movies, and even though the stupid high school acting and personalities were stupid (WAY too much sex and drugs--my high school is NOT like that...)It was interesting. But when it hurts one of their friends, they all say "No more evil powers" except for some school *cough, cough* --(need I say more)?--girl. this is when the movies started to suck. She goes on some totally unbelieveable evil rampage, then tries to kill her *old* friends. she dies....blah, blah, blah, no more evil stone for them.
    It was a good movie, up until they all started sleeping with each other and killing each other. still, if you can deal with the 10-year ago '80s like special effects, and the miniscule acting, its worth watching--not buying....more info
  • The Worst Movie EVER
    Like with this review, don't waste your time. I give this a Negative 10 (-10) on a scale of 1 to 10, It must have taken a week to shoot the movie and about a thousand dollar budget. This movie reminded me of the "Tela Tubbies." Graphics = F, Acting = F-, Story Line = C+, Would I watch again? Hmmmmmm, NO. Don't waste your time watching this movie unless your in dire need of a nap. ...more info
  • Great Movie
    This movie brings back memorys for me. I saw it once when I skipped school. Its not the greatest movie in the world, but the idea of the movie was great. Teens with psionic powers, how could you go wrong? lol...more info
  • A Satisfied Viewer
    The Surge is such a cool movie. Reeses powers are so cool and with me a goth myself I relate to him....well not with the powers but you get the point. I wish I had the healing powers of reese, the telekenesis of Phoebe, the mind reading of Zack, and the mind control of Ashley. Reese could even heal a broken neck! This movie is amazing. You should deffinetly check it out. I did and now I'm obsessed with it. As Ashley would say: "YOU WILL BUY THIS DVD!" lol....more info
  • The truth
    Ok everybody is saying how well written and acted and the plot and bla bla bla is... well here's the truth.. the acting was good-some of the characters weren't totally beliveable when they screamed for help or what ever, next, the music wasn't that great because i don't even remember the music, I mean it didn't even stand out that much for me to remeber, next, the camera angles made me sick, the kept bobbing it back and forth, back and forth, it was like I was getting sea sick in my own living room, but I do give them credit for good plot and good effects for a low budget film, I watched this on HBO or something, not on dvd I would only own this movie if it was for sell for less than $6.00. And I enjoyed it, I just wouldn't want to own it. So i think you should just rent before you buy,...more info
  • Bad. So Very Bad.
    This movie has awesome cover art. That is about it. The catering on the set may have been good too(unconfirmed) but nothing in the film was good. The story was weak. The actors were weak. They tried to make the main character look just like Brandon Lee in The Crow. The background music songs were cheesy knock-offs meant to sound like popular songs. For the most part I laughed at it. Bad. So very bad....more info
  • good
    this movie is pretty cool. i liked the story. only problem is it ripped off the craft....more info
  • Awesomely Bad
    I watched this movie about five times. It just kept getting more hilarious. Let's go through its high points shall we?

    I'm not even going to go into the plot, the acting, or the screenplay because it still hurts to think about. The character developement was pure genius, though! Throughout the movie, the main character, Reese, gets better and better at jumping into his friend's convertible. Every female character, including the math teacher, gets sluttier and sluttier. Reese's hair also gets greasier and greasier. Brilliant!

    Now some funny things start to happen in this movie. Did the crew want to play a joke on us, or were they just smoking something? Right after the kids get their powers...from a glowing rock of some sort...we start to see flashlights. It's only subtle at first, but later it looks like there's kids behind the camera just going CRAZY with flashlights. It starts to hurt your head a bit. But THEN the camera starts swaying back and forth as if it were hung from the ceiling of a rocky cruise ship. You start feeling nauseous...but then, to keep you hooked on the movie, there is AN ENORMOUS, RANDOM CROTCH SHOT with a "whoooooo weeeeeee" sound effect behind it. Speaking of sound, there is ONE SONG that plays throughout the whole movie, like some Marilyn Manson song but they couldn't afford Marilyn Manson so they made up their own song and just played it over and over and over...

    Overall, I loved this movie. Three very mutated thumbs up....more info
  • Toilet Paper
    That's all this dvd was good for, toilet paper. Just a bad bad movie. I gave it a shot because it was new, and now I wish I had saved that shot for my head. Bad acting, bad plot, bad acting, bad special effects, bad audio dubbing, bad acting, bad characters, and did I mention bad acting?

    Save yourself the agony and pain of watching this and go drive a screwdriver through your hand instead, it will be more mentally stimulating I promise you....more info

  • Exploring the inside of my eyes with searing hot needles...
    would be more fun than watching this movie. To all who rated this a great movie... Grrrrr! I can't even begin to express the suckworthiness of this movie. The plot is used up and old. The characters are way out of synch, come on, mild mannered hippie chick finds some mindtoys to play with and next thing you know she transforms into an alpha personality with an Austin Powers wardrobe!?! What? Special effects budget was $19.99 and that got them three flashlights and a free copy of photoshop. Acting was actually pretty good... nah, it sucked. But there was an unexpected twist to the end and that would have been that I turned it off before the end. Ok, so this is my opinion and I reserve my right to it. All those who oppose my opinion are completely right as they have the freedom to there own. So don't go trying to trash me cuz I think that this movie is better seen while asleep....more info
  • Could have been better
    they had an awesome concept but they did not work it to their full potential. It would have been a lot better if they had all rebelled or been good together. the best scenes were when they were using their powers at school. The special effects were very realistic. It was entertaining...more info
  • Cool Cover Art...
    unfortuneately, that's the best thing about this movie. The special effects are lame. The acting is subpar, some of which can be blamed on the director (very poor camera angles). How people gave it a 5-star is beyond me. Must be friends and relatives of the cast. For a low-budget film, I might consider it a 2-star. But, I just had, had to bring down that 3 1/2 overall rating. Movies rated that highly should offer much, much more regardless of budget constraints. I'm spending good money and want to be assured that when a film gets a decent review that it offers good entertainment in return. This one did not. Sometimes it's best to listen to those 1 & 2 star reviewers. That was the case here....more info
  • Oh Lord!
    It is a horrible, horrible movie. I only got it because David Anders is in it, and it was not worth it at all. I do admit I was mesmerized by it; it was like a bad car accident....more info
  • Surge protection needed please.............
    Worse movie ever. I wish I could think of any redeeming qualities but I can't.
    There was only one sympathetic character and his whiney attitude soon made me want to punch him in the face. I ended up punching myself in the face for even renting it.
    All of the other characters were so very unlikeable that I couldn't care less what happened to them.
    The actual 'surge' power source was cartoonish.
    I recommend passing this one by. I wish I would have....more info
  • Surge Blows You Away
    I just watched The Surge today and I was blown away by it. The special effects were fantastic. The music was extraordinary. The cast worked beautifully together and they were believable. Mat Scollon was way hot as the goth Reese. Psychic powers are all the rage and these were superb. To say the very least The Surge will soon belong in my personal collection. It was the best movie I've seen in a long time....more info
  • do they make C movies?
    Made for teenagers, I wondered at times if it was made by teenagers too. I did enjoy it though (for some reason I can't fully explain). The actors were solid. Story? Eh, I've seen better in worse movies. High School girls perhaps? yeah, they're cute too, but I think there's a darkness to it that people liked. If it were on cable, and your a male between 12 and 25, you'd probably leave it on. All in all, it doesn't have alot of substance but was entertaining. Glad I rented....more info
  • "Surge" Into the New Millenium of B-Movies
    Alright, just about everyone who's reviewed this movie has described the characters involved in the production and the special effects, but nobody has actually shed light on what the movie is about. Therefore, I'll do the honors of bestowing that information to you. Reese, the main character, has just moved to a new town with his father and is trying to adjust to life in a school that seems bent on giving him hell in whatever way they possibly can. After being bullied by some jocks on the corner of street one day, a few kids ride by and offer him a lift. Afterwards, they venture to a secluded forest where they find a mystic lodestone with the ability to give powers to those who are able to levitate over it. Reese and the others do so, and after gaining their unique powers they decide to get the school back for all the wrong it's done to them. However Ashley (who has the ability to control your mind) abuses her powers and in turn decides to go muy loco on the world with her gang of "zombies" who she's gained control of. Reese and the others must now find a way to stop Ashley from her dastardly plans for taking over the world.

    Dang, and she would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids...

    I suppose the acting in this movie was average for a B movie. Though uninspiring and highly fictitious, the special effects do give this movie some credibility which is what helped give this trash its 2-Star rating. All in all this movie is a little long-witted and the ending can pretty much be predicted way before its conclusion. For those who're in love with horrid low-budget films I'd recommend this, but be warned: it is extremely boring all throughout the movie, and nearly every aspect of the film is dulled by its dry, unprovocative plot....more info

  • A good movie, worth watching.
    The movie was good, not great, but nice. The other reviews here seem to be pure fantasy, as nobody slept with anyone, nobody got killed (well, one or two people, but no massacres), and only one of the group becomes truly evil; the rest simply play a few petty pranks. As I said before, it is worth seeing, especially if you've ever been picked on, but it doesn't have the quality one would find in a high-budget production. Oh well, suck it up folks, not every movie is perfect. Anyone who bashes this movie simply because it doesn't have the best camera work, and ignores the plot entirely in their review is a spoiled movie watcher indeed!...more info
  • Ashley rules!
    Very fun movie. Four kids discover a strange stone in the woods and it unlocks a special power in each one of them. Of course the hot chick's gotta turn bad and she's sweet! A lot of fun. It reminded me of 'The Craft.'
    I can't help but wonder what power the glowing stone would give to me. . ....more info
  • Love it
    i really liked this movie. not just because i love sci fi movies but because it was a good plot and what better to be the bad guy in the movie then the one who is kind of the person who sets every thing ups sister. good character acting, just a good movie all around!...more info
  • GREAT MOVIE!!!!!
    The cover of this movie was what captured my attention. When I watched it, I was totally satisfied. From the special effects, to the storyline, this movie had everything necessary to keep my attention!!! Not to mention the two cuties.... (Mat Scollon and Ed DeRuiter)...more info