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  • Low production quality
    The low production quality (camera work, sound quality, editing) was distracting. The story was full of stereotypes, exaggerations and inconsistencies. I wouldn't recommend unless you have a lot of time on your hands and you like saccharin sweet romances....more info
  • Low Budget movie - don't waste your time - not romantic!
    I liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding so I thought this might be good after seeing other comments....this is no where near the quality of acting, filming, directing or anything else that I expected. It's low budget, the filming is what my 12 year old could do, with the camera going back and forth. I couldn't finish it.....it got worse and worse. Don't waste your time or your money. Believe me, it's a really bad movie....more info
  • Of a life told in mere months' passing, of a wish granted and something about pistachios, and a wedding for Bella
    Who would've thunk it, that Scott Baio had it in him to be so good? A WEDDING FOR BELLA features a Scott Baio who is ages removed from his TV heartthrob days of HAPPY DAYS and CHARLES IN CHARGE. Here, he plays Dominic Pyzola, a work-obsessed Italian-American holding down two contrasting gigs. By day, he's a merciless corporate executive, handling mergers and a cold-hearted ace at firing employees. Then he lets his hair down and toils at the biscotti bakery he runs jointly with his two brothers. The heart of the film lies in Dominic scheming to marry the wayward daughter of Bella, an elderly, terminally-ill woman who dwells above the bakery. Bella has been like a mother for the Pyzola boys, and her fondest wish has always been for her independent daughter to finally settle down and start a family. Dominic means to make Bella's wish come true, before she passes on.

    A WEDDING FOR BELLA is an unassuming little film with occasional eruptions of color and joviality. It steeps itself in expansive Italian-American culture, yet the characters are played by the actors with enough earnestness and sensitivity that they don't feel too much like caricatures. The film unveils quiet moments which impact on an emotional level and a romance which is lowkey and begins as a contrivance yet ends up being real enough. I thought Kristen Minter as Lucca, Bella's flighty, contrary daughter, was splendid, with wonderfully natural reactions. Rosemary Prinz plays Bella, who decides to live the "six good months" left her with grace and dignity. Prinz is well-cast in the role, although she does come off as too cloying at times. But it was actually a heartrending moment when, after weeks and weeks of cheerfully toughing it out, Bella at last voices her agony. The supporting cast is laudable, especially Shuler Hensley as Pino, the half-witted brother, and John Seitz as Massimo, the half-crazed husband.

    It's a simple story, with a plot gimmick which stretches credibility some. So credit Scott Baio with underplaying his character to very good effect, as he makes Dominic's crazy scheme actually seem realistic and workable. And, while a weepy, sad, and bittersweet drama, there's still room here for humorous moments, mostly brought about by the three brothers interacting and by the antics of Massimo, who is a great gruff man.

    A WEDDING FOR BELLA isn't a glossy, big budget production. It even seems amateurish, at times. Yet it has a way of eliciting quiet tears and contemplative silences. Even the "big" moments are arrived at without flourish. When Dominic proposes to Lucca, as family members look on, there isn't a grand, rousing speech. The speech he makes is simple and direct, and the question is bluntly proposed. The whole thing is actually a bit awkward, which to me makes it more endearing. A WEDDING FOR BELLA triumphs in its celebration of family ties and a steadfast clinging to ethnic roots. And in Bella's gradual yet defiant decline, it manages to be quietly life-affirming. So, no, A WEDDING FOR BELLA isn't a glossy, big budget production. It's a good movie, though....more info
  • I Love Pittsburgh
    If a friend from Pittsburgh, where I used to live, had not told me about this movie, I would have missed a real winner! It is sweet (without being cloying) AND bittersweet, loving, and tender....just wonderful. Every once in a while a movie like this comes along and gives me hope that more worthwhile movies will be made like this one - without violence, shooting, sex, foul language....just nice healthy films.

    The acting was "spot on" and I loved seeing a bit of the city and the Strip District. Scott Baio was wonderful....he sure has developed into a fine actor whom I hope to see in more big-screen movies. He plays a wonderful character in this movie, very multi-faceted.

    This is a treat for the senses, especially anyone who enjoys food-related movies!...more info
  • I LOVED This Movie!
    Okay, so it ain't "Gone with the Wind", but what it is is a sweet, sad, funny, romantic, warm-hearted movie. The characters were entertaining, the plot was interesting, and Scott Baio proves that he is really a pretty darn good actor. I got a kick out of the older couple who play the Italian parents as they remind me of my own Greek relatives. Other reviewers are complaining saying that the Italian elders are a mere caricature of real people. Let me tell you, coming from an ethnic family...they are not too far off the mark. One would have to grow up like the Greeks or Italians to truly appreciate and embrace all the nuances presented in this film. I highly recommend "A Wedding for Bella". I bought the DVD on the sales rack of a video store on a whim, and I am so glad I did. I can't wait to share it with my brothers. ...more info
  • Awkward...
    ...is how I would describe this movie, if I had to in one word.
    I happened to enjoy "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and this film is a bad attempt to replicate that film.

    My wife and I sat down to watch this hoping it would be as good as the reviews on the cover. Not even close! I watched about 40 minutes of it and gave up. So to be fair, I did not watch the entire movie. I simply couldn't stomach it. My wife did and reported to me that it never really improved any.

    The editing and overall pace was clumsy and awkward. The story seemed forced and absurd. The acting was at times good, but the dialogue was so bad the actors looked silly. When the film attempted to be funny, I actually was embarrassed for the filmmakers because it was NEVER funny. The characters were also unlikeable. The lady that was dying seemed nice enough, but they jump into her ordeal so early in the story that it was hard to feel any serious sympathy because we don't know the character well enough. The woman's husband acts like a jerk and I guess it was supposed to be endearing, but it wasn't. It was irritating. The main character violates the wishes of this dying woman by blabbing about her problem to everyone and then gets mad when they do the same. He also, for some reason, gets a little nuts when he sees people eating cheap food. And then the whole premise of pretending to love and marry someone as one last lie to a dying woman was kind of disturbing. And on and on...

    Sorry, but this film left a sickening and awkward feeling during and after viewing it. The only thing my wife and I got out of it was we talked for about an hour later that night about how bad this movie was.

    ...more info
  • A good family love story all around!
    I first caught this movie on cable a little after the beginning. I purchased the DVD after this. I only buy movies on DVD if I really like them. This movie is Wonderful! I even purchased a copy for the wife of a good friend. A good family love story all around!...more info
  • horrible movie
    I am not sure I watched the same movie as the other reviewers who wrote how much they loved it.
    I found the storyline boring, the acting two-dimensional, the plot unbelievable.

    I really cannot fathom what kind of people are writing the glorious comments.
    The movie was banal at best, partially unbearable for the bad acting. ( The retarded brother made me scream, and if I had to look into Bella's eyes one more time, I would've rather gone blind )

    The cuts were horrible, and the whole movie and script didn't make much sense anyway. What was the daughter doing in Mexico now? working as a prostitute maybe?

    Yeah, and I still have to find a high powered VP executive who is casually dropping in on meetings, and having a bakery on the side. Haha, wish I had this guy's job with the paycheck and all the free time on my hand to run a second business.

    The Italian couple was laughably pseudo-realistic, the daughter remained flat like cardboard, and the rest of the cast seemed more like cast-offs from a highschool drama lab. I watched it till the end just in the faint hope, it would get any better - NOT!

    ...more info
  • The movie was not so bella!
    It was an alright movie. It was very sad. I was hoping for a better Scott Baio character. ...more info
  • Major Disappointment
    I bought this movie because it got such great reviews. What were they thinking?! This movie is terrible. I was expecting a nice heart-warming "chick-flick." I was very disappointed. This movie is extremely BORING. It moves so slowly! The whole thing just feels like it's dragging. Boring, boring. I kept hoping it would get better. It never did. Even the ending was lousy. You can tell this was a LOW-BUDGET film. Apparently they couldn't afford to film a wedding scene, or even Bella's funeral! How pathetic. Don't bother watching or buying this. It's a waste of time....more info
  • Romantic and Irresistible!!
    This movie was a most pleasant and unexpected surprise. I truthfully had no idea what the movie was about and picked it last minute. I was completely unaware that this movie took place in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. Being from that area, it had me from the start. It brought back some wonderful memories of my Dad, who passed away 5 years ago, and I going into the little biscotti shop where much of the movie is filmed.

    Don't hesitate to purchase this movie. You're in for a real treat. It's heartwarming and touching. Enjoy!...more info

  • Baio's best performance in a great little film
    Perhaps you don't expect much from a Scott Baio movie, but take the time to check this one out. OK, so maybe I am a bit biased as I am from Pittsburgh and have been a Scott Baio fan for way too many years, but this film was genuine and well acted. The story is well written with compelling events and smart dialog. The chemistry between the characters is suprisingly strong, and Scott Baio pulls off some pretty funny lines. The ability of the director to enable the actors to bring out the essence of the characters is abmirable. The whole story leaves you with a warm feeling in the end. My only beef is with the actual DVD. I won't even get started with the name change (from the smartly named The Bread, My Sweet) or even the change in genre (from drama to romantic comedy), but I will completely protest the release only in full frame format minus ANY BONUS material. And believe me, it is strictly a DVD/video release company doing, not the producer's doing. All-in-all, this film is not to be missed. Believe me, it is worth it....more info
  • Who knew?
    Who knew Scott Baio could play a romantic leading man? He's still as adorable as he was a Chachi. This was a nice surprise, I had seen no advertising for this movie, yet the title and cover caught my eye. Bittersweet, but still sweet....more info
  • grab the kleenex
    I was truly impressed with Scott Baio (?sp). The movie was incredible and I am so glad I took a chance and watched it. It is truly just a feel good story with an ending that won't leave you wanting....more info
  • You must see this movie!
    Admittedly, I am a little biased writing this review. My brother and his wife are both in this movie. They do community theater in Pittsburgh and were lucky enough to land small parts in this wonderful film. Anyway, even if I am biased, you still must see this movie!! It is wonderful. I NEVER cry at movies, but I did with this one. The story is beautiful and the scenes around Pittsburgh are great. On top of that, my brother was in it! What more could I ask for?...more info
  • A True Tear Jerker with Heart
    First off, I never though about writing a review but this film was so good I want everyone to put this on thier MUST HAVES. You will laugh. You will cry. You will watch it over and over. The story line of love goes much more then romance but, of family. In an age of mega bucks movies thrown together for effects, its great to find a jewel where you can feel real passon for the characters. Truly a winner! PS and anyone from pgh will love the shots of town....more info
  • What a surprise
    Based upon the reviews I read on Amazon, I decided to take a chance and buy the DVD. I have now watched it three times and have been moved even more with each viewing. It is a tender and beautiful story, one that makes you cry and lifts your spirits all in the same moment. All of the characters touched my heart. My only complaint about the DVD is that there are no subtitles and I have been unable to discern some of the dialogue. That aside, this is a movie worth watching (over and over again). What an absolute gem!...more info
  • One of the best films I've seen
    The story was original and romantic. Scott Baio was wonderful.
    Truly a charming film, I had to buy the DVD after seeing it in
    the theater. Scott Baio has two other films that have not been
    released as yet, Face 2 Face and Very Mean Men, I saw the trailers, they looked very good too. I wish they were available
    on DVD....more info
  • Surprise sleeper
    I rented this movie late on a Friday night and as you would expect, nothing was left worth seeing. In a hurry, I rented "A wedding for Bella" and ended up watching it three times over the weekend. I only buy movies that I don't get tired of seeing over and over, this one rates a buy. This is the best movie I have seen in a while... or at least one my wife will also watch....more info
  • Surprise sleeper
    I rented this movie late on a Friday night and as you would expect, nothing was left worth seeing. In a hurry, I rented "A wedding for Bella" and ended up watching it three times over the weekend. I only buy movies that I don't get tired of seeing over and over, this one rates a buy. This is the best movie I have seen in a while... or at least one my wife will also watch....more info
  • You don't have to be Italian
    Having three times viewed this excellent film on the big screen, I have to say that no movie in recent years has done so well on an obviously small budget. I found the acting to be outstanding. Scott Baio, until this film, has not had an opportunity to show his dramatic skills. The authentic locations captured with cimematographic excellence, show Pittsburgh, PA to great advantage. I have been awaiting the DVD release, hoping it will
    allow for the broad exposure the film deserved. This is a perfect movie for anyone who has ever wanted to fall in love, or did fall in love, or anyone who has ever cared about anyone else.
    It should have been released in wide screen, but it is one film I will add to my library that is panned and scanned. By the way, my brother in law, who thought the Legend of the Lone Ranger was a masterpiece, did not enjoy this film. Does that help you?...more info
  • Best movie ever made in Pittsburgh
    This is by far the very best movie I have ever seen. In terms of leaving a lasting impression on me. I have seen it several times and have taken family members and friends to see it also. The scenes are very authentic of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania strip district. A unique district in itself and the story is excellent. Being of Italian descent I really appreciated the authenticity of the film. I am still reccommending it to friends. The acting is also superb. I am really glad to see it will soon be available in DVD....more info
  • Wonderful Movie
    I saw this movie at a Film Festival and I loved it. It shows all the actors at their best. It's funny, sad, and romantically sweet. I saw this movie over a year ago and every few weeks I have been checking the website to see when it came out on DVD because I loved it so much!! I think if you haven't seen this movie your missing out and if you have seen if you know you have to buy it because it was so good. I completely love this movie and I am so excited it's coming out on DVD....more info
  • Beautiful
    This was an undoubtedly one of the best independent films made this year. It captivates the audience and does a wonderful job of allowing us to become part of the lives of the people on screen. This is one of the best movies, on many different levels, I have seen in a very long time....more info
  • "The Bread, My Sweet"
    An absolutely beautiful story and an even better work of art. The cast is superb and the city of Pittsburgh is shown at its best. You CANNOT go wrong with this one....more info