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Set 200 years in the future in an epic universe, Mass Effect places gamers in a vast galactic community in danger of being conquered by a legendary agent gone rogue. A spectacular new vision from legendary developers BioWare, Mass Effect challenges players to lead a squad of freedom fighters as they struggle against threatening armies to restore peace in the land. Mass Effect is the first in a trilogy of games with an overarching story, where the real conflict between organic beings and artificial intelligence comes to life in startling clarity. Intense, in-depth story where the fate of life as you know it depends on you Features six character classes, along with six more unlockable ones - each class contains several talents As each talent is leveled, the character either gains stats (extra health, stamina, etc) or unlocks new abilities. Players can fully customize their appearance, gender, abilities and even military background. Four classes of conventional weapons ESRB Rated M for Mature

  • Science-fiction RPG
  • Explore uncharted worlds and uncover mystery
  • Real-time, squad-based combat
  • Character customization with a deep role-playing systems
  • Credible digital actors

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the Best Games Ever
    Seriously this game is amazing. It has an impressive amount of voice work with every character having a voice. The story is deeply engrossing with multiple paths your character can take. The choices you make affect the other characters in the game. Truly a brilliant game!...more info
  • Amazing Game
    This is hands down one of the greatest games I have ever played. The action is great, the story is even better, the conversation/interaction is superior to any other RPG. I can't wait for the next game in the trilogy....more info
  • Don't wipe your Mass Effect game file.
    The sequal for Mass Effect is coming out in 2010, and you will be able to continue with your saved data. Choices you make in Mass Effect will have an impact on the universe of Mass Effect 2.
    I won't go into alot of detail on the game because it has been reviewed in detail by nearly everyone else. However, I do think this is the best game available on the xbox 360. The storyline is epic, the voice acting is top notch, and the characters are all well developed. This is one to own. If you like sci-fi you must get this. Really, this is good enough to carry a television series. ...more info
  • Best RPG on 360
    Mass Effect is easily the best RPG on the 360. The graphics are awesome and the gameplay is superb even though the controls have a slight learning curve. The story is very compelling and interactive. Hopefully the sequel will be just as good....more info
  • $58.30?
    Mass Effect is a brilliant game, but why anyone would pay $58.30 when you can easily pick this up at a retailer for $19.99 is beyond me. You're also being offered the platinum hits version, which should never MSRP for more than $29.99. Do yourself a favor and get this game, but not for this price....more info
  • Begins as a 4 or 5 -- declines as you play.
    Mass Effect, in the beginning, had be pretty impressed. I was ready for an epic storyline and serious character development (and was willing to overlook the silly Star Trek-y 'alien' design). About halfway through, I began to wonder... what's the point of having so many different planets to explore if they all have the same buildings?

    The answer -- Mass Effect is really a pretty short game, artificially drawn out by the inclusion of a bunch of cookie-cutter 'missions'. Mass Effect's story is pretty interesting, and there's definitely a more pronounced element of 'character development' than in most other console games, but still... it didn't really do it for me.

    You are mildly motivated to grind XP and money, as those unlock new skills and items... but really, there's no need, since other enemies level up right along with you. You can rush through the game and do fine. The game is designed to appeal to habitual XP / Gold 'grinders' and loses a bit of its appeal once you realize it (just like when you realize that most subscription-based MMORPGs are designed to be addictive and impossible to 'beat').

    Mass Effect is entertaining, fun, and definitely a pretty game. The storyline is pretty compelling and you can genuinely get to know and feel for the characters. Still, it's oversimplified, repetitive, and doesn't stand out among the hordes of other similar games out there. 3 stars....more info
  • We've Been Playing for Months
    Mass Effect is an incredibly long RPG style game set in a futuristic world with multiple alien races and plans within plans, schemes within schemes. What you choose to do affects the storyline.

    You start out with a basic setup - you choose your background and character type. This gets you on a certain route. As you go through the game, interacting with people, you then have your character develop based on what you do. There are all sorts of intriguing skills to learn, to tweak your character even further.

    I cannot overemphasize how HUGE and involved this game is. There are a plethora of side missions, of characters, of planets and locations. It really feels like a large, developed world that you are one small part of.

    We have played and replayed this game many times. It is easily a game you can play for months on end, put aside for a while, pick it up again and enjoy it just as much on a new pass.

    The graphics are great. The way the characters move, the worlds around you, all were done with a great eye to detail. The voice acting in general is great. There's even romantic options in here if you're interested, to fall in love with one person or another.

    The one part that gets a bit tedious is when you go down to random planets to search for items. You have a sort of jeep / tank vehicle that bounces around on the planet. The planets all seem exactly identical, just with different paint jobs and random mountains. I realize they already filled the game disc up with all the rest of the awesome game, but still, it gets a bit silly after a while to land on yet another green / blue / black / white planet with its random mountains.

    Still, that's a minor complaint in what is an awesome game. There is a great storyline, great gameplay, a great feeling like you are affecting what is going on, great graphics, great audio. They did an exceptional job with this, and we literally have enjoyed it for months. I definitely look forward to a sequel to this. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Awesome
    I've been a fan of Bioware's RPG games for a long time now and this title proves once again they know how to make them. If you liked KOTOR, you're gonna love this game. It took me a while to make the transition from PC to console (XBOX 360 in my case). I still enjoy both, but the constant upgrading requirements for my PC was getting to me my wallet of course.

    Maybe being a PC gamer had something to do with the time it took for me to adapt to Mass Effect at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a blast.

    So thanks to all you guys who recommended this baby and thanks again Bioware for making one of the best games of all time, in this old gamer's humble opinion of course....more info
  • Another Bioware classic
    Along with Star Wars: KotOR and Jade Empire, Mass Effect is a tremendous Western-style RPG that Bioware seems to only be perfecting, without suffering from the dreaded 'sequel-itis'. The game sets up an orginal universe with complicated characters that you can interact with at your leisure. The game is very story-driven; however, like more and more RPG offerings there are a multitude of side missions that increase replayability (made all the more rewarding by the Acheivements). The graphics are phenomenal and, in a few instances of cut scenes, breath-taking in scope and scale. The music adds to the gravity of certain situations, though sadly I found the standard fare forgetable. Gameplay was invigorating and intuative; the AI was (in some cases) every bit as formidable as that found in a Tom Clancy game. Overall this was a mark of genius.

    As a side note the down-loadable content has added a true element of "you win some, you lose some". A very worth-while venture for anyone who enjoyed any of the side missions or is looking for additional back-story....more info
  • Fun RPG
    Mass Effect is incredible in its sheer amount of material. There are so many things to do in this game and it pretty much just hands you the wheel and lets you go/do whatever you want to do. The story is pretty decent and the ability to choose everything your character says during conversations makes things even more interesting. My only complaint is that things started to feel a little monotonous after awhile. I'm not really a Sci-Fi fan and I still enjoyed this game. It deserves to be played by any fan of RPGs...more info
  • Mass Effect is massively fun
    This is a fun game! I really enjoyed the twists and turns in the storyline. Every choice you make determines the games' next actions, so you can play it over and over with different outcomes. Yes, there are battles to be fought, but there is also dialogue (which you can choose to ignore) and an indepth story. Your actions-good or evil- determine your alliances and destiny. I'm not a hard-core gamer, and still made it all the way through the game. There are many choices in building your starting character, or you can start with a default. This one's a winner....more info
  • OK Game
    Mass Effect is a fun enough game with a moderately slow pace, some tedious missions and little replay value. I played the game twice through, mostly because the first time I skipped a lot of the side missions and I wanted to get some more achievement points.

    The story is interesting. Most people find it excellent, but the general Human v. Machine and insectoid bad guy aliens are two genres that are played out. Mass Effect has both. Even so, there are enough plot twists ad options to keep things interesting enough.

    Although it is open world, the story line is still linear. There are about 4 (maybe 5) major plot points. You can choose 3 of them in any order. There are a number of smaller missions a player can take, but they don't really effect the major plot line.

    I played the first time through in under 20 hours (I forgot how many, but maybe 18). I skipped many of the side missions, so I decided to replay. Bioware has a morality system in this game, so the first time around I played it as a straight good guy (called paragon) and the second time as a heavy (renegade). There simply was not enough variety the second time around despite the new missions and choices.

    Here is the bottom line: You can win this game in a week without alienating your loved ones. Rent it or buy it if you know you can get a good trade out of it.

    There are quite of few detailed reviews here, so please forgive this for being sparse on specifics. ...more info
  • excelent
    This game bought for my son, here his opinion

    The story its great I mean you can notice that the person who creatd this game thought every detail and possibility, you can choose some options in the conversations that adapt to your personality. it has couple of glitches but every game has one or two.

    In conclusion:
    I recommend this game if you want more possibilities than most of the games....more info
  • A Truly Exquisite Game
    I had no idea what Mass Effect was. I bought the game on a whim with little prior knowledge as to the story or gameplay or anything of that sort. I only knew that you could make decisions and choose the flow of the story (as in most Bioware games). When I started playing, I was honestly astounded. The game, first off, is beautiful and its story is rich. I actually cared about and felt connected to the characters. The gameplay was pretty good for's not an FPS, so fans of that genre will most likely be disappointed. It's an RPG and it plays like one. My only issue comes with tedious planet-roaming missions and long load times - trying to disguise them with long elevator rides does not work. Also, the ending is basically the same no matter how you play. There are a couple of major decision points but it's nothing that really inspires you to play through again to get something different. It would've been nice to see playing as a "good guy" culminate into something drastically different than playing as a "bad guy" - not just something that can be reversed at the end with a couple different choices and dialouge options (but maybe they're planning that for the sequel).

    All in all, the game is amazing and something I recommend to anyone who's looking for a fresh videogame experience. This is possibly one of my favorite games for the 360.

    ...more info
  • After the hype still great - for the right player.
    Go read IGN if you want a detailed review.

    This game is fun for people who enjoy reading, chess, board games, and pen-and-paper RPGs.

    The graphical issues and overall poor FPS elements make this a thinking man's game rather than a Crysis shooter, newb hunter's game....more info
  • One of the best 360 games
    Most games I play I get Bored and Don't play all the way through. This game is NOT one of them. I great 3rd person shooter with some rpg elements. I was not a fan of biowares star wars knight of the old republic but this game had a appeal. (discover planets, not star wars) the only complaints about this game is half the planets you "discover" you can't land on them and explore, you just survey. Also i wish there was another way to do your abilties than hit the bumper and stop the action. other than that it is a awesome game, it's got great replay value. nudity, I see worst sex scenes primetime tv so big deal. I wish you had more choices for your lovers. Also I play this game and not my kids. chacthers are cool expect the the two women that are your two lover choices Ashley who is up tight and Liara is to over reaching, why can't Tali be a choice shes self sufficient, modest, and self-less. ah.. oh well. the gameplay is great, I use to love those choose your adventure books as a kid and this is what this game reminds me of a little. The story is good except the council makes you mad but what politician doesn't. I hope sequels are as good when they come out I just for new races and abilties....more info
    Ok I got this game for my birthday and being that I've never been a fan of role playing games I wasn't looking forward to playing it. Man am I glad I changed my mind! While Mass Effect can still be considered an rpg it plays like a shooter but that's just the tip of the iceberg with this game. The interactive dialog, the character customization that allows for everything from eye color to jaw width to hair style etc., and the graphics all of these things and more are part of what make this game a must play for any and every gamer. The biggest seller of it is the fact that every decision you make in the game has a consequence that will effect the later dialog and outcome of the game. I can say truthfully that I've played this game through at least 8 times now and every single time I've discovered something that I didn't catch before. One of the other promising aspects is that this is supposed to be the first in a trilogy that is sad to allow you to use you're same character throughout all three games. The only bad things that I can find to say about this game, and believe me there are very few, are that throughout the games you'll find random loading happen and also there's a bit of an issue during cut scenes where textures have a delay in loading. But those are small complaints when you look at the full scale of this game amazon only allows as high as a 5 star rating but I'd give this game a 10 star one if I could ;)...more info
  • Solid Story Line + Poorly Executed Concept = Painful Waste of Time
    ME attempts to build a real-time RPG and shooter into one game stealing concepts first seen in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Amazing game). ME's combat system is convoluted and slow, the conversion/interaction is slow and mostly fruitless, the story line is enjoyable but slowly delivered. I can't say I played the game for more than an hour or two before re-selling it....more info
  • One of the best rpgs EVER, imo
    Imagine a video game-movie hybrid. No, not one of those cheap games where you click to decide what the next scene is. I mean imagine the interactivity and excitement of a video game melded seamlessly with the storytelling and acting of a movie.
    This is Mass Effect.
    First off, the gaming essentials. Let's start with graphics. The visuals of this game are spectacular. Everything is incredibly realistic and detailed. There is something just awe-inspiring about landing on a moon bathed in the light of a blue-giant star, or looking out at the arms of the Citadel space station. The faces in the game especially are incredibly detailed. And facial expressions are very, very realistic. They really do look like an actual human. One of my favorite cinematic moments is in the very beginning, when an alien Spectre (Special Operations group that can operate outside the law and is the best of the best) looks at an enemy dreadnought and his mandibles open ever so slightly, and you know that multiple expletives are running through his mind.

    And speaking of the cinematics, they are incredible. The last few scenes especially... I won't give anything away, but it's worth playing the game JUST to see the ending. some of the most gorgeous and epic scenes I have ever seen.

    Every detail in the game is very fleshed out. Each character has their own personality and history, which you can choose to learn by conversing with them on your ship. If you really want detail, by conversing with people and investigating select objects you add to your galactic codex, which is basically your guide to the mass effect universe. And every single planet, even those that you can't land on, has a description not only with scientific statistics but with interesting descriptions about the unique aspects of it. This is definitely one of the most fleshed-out universes I have ever seen in a game.

    The combat aspect of the game is also very well done. The shooter aspects are very similar to Gears of War in the over the shoulder camera, the cover system and the use of the left trigger to zoom (though you still get a crosshair when not pulling the left trigger and you shove yourself up against walls for cover rather than pressing A). You also have the option of training in tech and biotic abilities. Tech abilities work best for disabling non-organic machines, as well as disabling enemies' abilities, shields, and weapons, and also cracking into sealed objects. Biotic abilities are kind of like magic or Force powers, ranging from giving your character a defense boost to incapacitating five enemies and making them float around. And your weapons are very upgradable. The upgrades on your weapons can mean the difference between a quick victory and utter defeat.

    Also, your character is customizable to an obscene extent. If you have ever played Oblivion, it isn't too far off from that. Not quite that customizable, but close

    But where the game shines most (which is saying something, 'cause it shines pretty much everywhere else) is in the movie-esque elements. The conversation wheel is nothing short of genius. The wheel is displayed a couple seconds before your character gets his or her turn to speak. In general, the top sections take a Paragon (the nice, leave-no-man behind approach, roughly equivalent to light side) stance, middle sections take a neutral stance, and the bottom sections correspond to Renegade (the ruthless approach, roughly equivalent to dark side). Replies on the left side generally prolong the conversation, while replies on the right bring it towards a close. Little snippets are present to give the general idea of what your character is about to say, but you'll quickly find that you usually won't need them. You already know that you want to be a dick to the guy you're talking to, so you flip the stick to the bottom-right as soon as the wheel pops up. Once you get used to it, you'll see the wheel pop up a couple seconds before your character can speak, you'll flip the stick over to the general response you want and press A while barely even reading the snippet. Then your character speaks without any interruption in the dialogue, just like in a movie. A movie with good writers, I might add.

    The story of the game is amazing, and will certainly leave you waiting for the next hint of wtf is going on. And, as previously mentioned everyone, including your character, has a story (and you get to choose which of the possible stories you want for your character)

    The only complaint I can really make about the game is that it can be a bit buggy sometimes (there have been a few occasions where I got stuck in a corner or something and had to reboot), but those bugs are rare and are nothing that saving your game often can't fix. Oh, and the elevator rides are too long. Imo, you know that a game is good if the person has to resort to complaining about elevators in their review.

    All in all, I would say that this game is a must-buy for any 360 owner. I have played through it four times and I'm still not tired of it. I get done, take a breather, and say "okay, let's try playing with a different character class now" and boot my box right back up. And you can start a game over with the same character at the same level with the same equipment, which is necessary if you want to max out your character at level 60. Did I mention that Bioware has said that your character carries over into the next two games? I can tell you this much: if those games are as good as the first, this is going to go down as one of my favorite game series of all time....more info
  • Awful Follow-Up to KOTOR
    Let me say Knights of the Old Republic is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. The way they meshed turn-based combat with real time was a revelation that no game has since matched. But this game was boring as hell. I played it for over 5 hours, and all it seemed to me was a running simulator with a bad third person shooter mechanic thrown in. Sure, the conversation mechanic was interesting for the first 10 minutes or so, but after a while it was like watching a movie I had to also direct, instead of just enjoying it. Generic sci-fi themes also abounded, lacking the cohesiveness of the Star Wars universe for an underlying premise. I would say Bioware is great at interpreting a story that has already been realized for them, but awful at trying to come up with an original concept, AND executing it in an interesting fashion....more info
  • Sprawling, beautiful, buggy
    This game is one of the few that earns the much overused term "epic". From being able to search entire galaxies to forming meaningful in-game relationships, Mass Effect has rewritten what an action RPG can be, but not without some minor flaws.

    I was worried by some reviews that the world would be too sandbox to know what I was doing, but the journals feature and in-game cues make sure you always know what you're doing while giving you the option to explore.

    +Great graphics
    +Superior NPC development
    +Giant World
    +Fantastic Story
    +Spot on dialogue
    +20+ hours of play time
    +Multiple endings
    +Highly Replayable (from a person who has only replayed 2 series: Diablo & Half-Life)

    -Lots of Pop-ins from an engine that can't fully load textures in time
    -Long Elevators...which isn't a huge negative because it keeps you more immersed than a standard loading screen - very creative
    -Sometimes (very seldom) the game takes action-packed parts of the game and puts them in movies - a quibble, really....more info
  • Mass Effect SUCKS!!!!
    Do not buy this game it sucks. What a joke, I wish I could get my money back....more info
  • Excellent game, hours of fun.
    Alright well I just finished playing this game, and it was incredible. Here's the breakdown:

    Gameplay: Overall its fun, although sometimes it can be repetitive if you keep dying and have to watch the same cinematic over and over again. But the ability to customize your skills and the skills of your allies can really make things interesting. It took me a while to get the hang of the combat system, but its great- especially the biotics.

    The ability to customize everything was great, I can't stress that enough. For example you can choose whether or not to use armor piercing rounds, good against synthetics (robots), or anti-personnel rounds, which are good against organic enemies. Thats just for starters. There are literally dozens of different types of ammunition, armor, weapon upgrades, etc.

    The Renegade/Paragon system is also great. The fact that certain events can be completely bypassed if you are charismatic/intimidating enough makes the game a bit more realistic.

    I'll have to admit that the Novarius mission (I think I spelled that right) was extremely tedious and I couldn't wait for it to be over. Apart from that, the game was fun. The landscapes are incredible, especially in the Citadel.

    I also enjoyed being able to create a character that looks like me. I haven't been able to create a clone of myself, the system isn't THAT detailed, but if you take five minutes or so you can come up with a pretty good look-alike.

    Although this is a pretty hardcore sci-fi game, the story did not feel contrived or corny. In fact, the storyline is perhaps the most appealing part of Mass Effect. You will experience some plot elements that are definitely science fiction (beacons that can transmit images into your mind), and some that could easily happen today, except not in space (choosing whether or not to sell classified information, or taking down a rogue special forces unit).

    There are also a few references to other sci-fi genres that were a nice touch. The only one I can think of at the moment is Navigator Pressly looking a little like Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica.

    Overall, its worth buying. If you rent it, you'll just end up turning it in late because you couldn't stop playing....more info
  • Worst game ever!
    First of all, if you're buying this game because you think there's nudity in it, DON'T! Because there is NO NUDITY! As for the game mechanics, they are absolutely atrocious. The storyline is sleep-inducing. The controls are almost impossible to get used to. The characters are as uninteresting as they could possibly be. PLEASE don't waste your money on this game!...more info
  • Great Game, Just Too Short
    Just for the record, I don't have an account, so I borrowed this one.

    This game is loads of fun. I like the idea of choosing your character's appearence, dialogue, and backround. The combat controls are great, except the Mako takes time to get used to. However, this game has only 6 main levels. There are side missions, but they're not much trouble. I beat this game in a week. While I do think this game is really fun and detailed, I only recomend renting it....more info
  • One of the Greatest Action RPGs
    This is one of the greatest games that have come out this generation. A great mix of RPG and Action/Shooter elements, if you enjoy RPGs you wont be dissapointed at all. It does have a few technical problems, like loading times and slow framerate but the story, gameplay, graphics, design, make up for it. I think the story is one of the most involving sci-fi stories seen in a game lately. And it's getting a sequel which will for sure be much superior to something already great. So if you want to experience Mass Effect 2 to the fullest please play this one first. You wont regret it....more info
  • A great story that spans across the universe
    After taking on the "Star Wars" universe with the Xbox game "Knights of the Old Republic", seems developer Bioware wanted to get in on the space-faring, race-conversing, quest-taking type with their own universe and they went all out as their next big project, "Mass Effect" has a long-reaching mythos and detail that is quite impressive. Bioware has always been known for being excellent storytellers and this game is one of the top stories on the next-gen consoles not because it's rather simplistic but because it's so compellingly written that it does have a "wonder what'll happen next?" feeling about it. The gameplay on the other hand works but then it could've needed refinement and is one of those games that works despite the flaws it has.

    Story: In the year 2183, Mankind has been able to get further into space exploration thanks to a cache of technology discovered on Mars. Now able to land on other planets and encounter other races, they mainly work out of the massive space station known as the Citadel which houses the Council, the main governing force of known citadel space and Spectres, elite agents who can get through government red tape and rules to get the job done. But when Saren, one of the top Spectres, goes rogue and allies himself with the malevolent synthetic race known as the geth, it's up to Commander Shepard to travel all over the galaxy to bring him to justice and stop what he's planning.

    Graphics: Here's where it gets dodgy since graphics can be divided into 2 categories: the look, or aesthetic, and the performance which is framerate, slowdown, screen tearing and such. On the looks side, Mass Effect is incredibly detailed, great cinematics and photorealistic characters. But then again the framerate gets very chuggy when more than several enemies and powers are on-screen, areas load in the middle of play and textures will arrive seemingly one at a time but then again the Unreal Engine usually has this problem. From a looks standpoint, this game is very impressive but there are quite a few performance details that knock it down.

    Sound/Music: The soundtrack to Mass Effect largely consists of space-y synth music, akin to what you'd hear in 80's sci-fi movie soundtracks. It's not that the music is bad mind you it's just that it's somewhat forgettable, working fine in-game but disappearing from your head in the next area. However the voice acting is top-notch with actors such as Family Guy's Seth Green, Star Trek TNG's Marina Sirtis, Lance Henrikson and the Arbiter himself, Keith David. The male and female Shepard's also do a good job with their roles and it does avoid the Bethesda problem of having soundalikes for NPC's.

    Gameplay: The bulk of Mass Effect is conversations where you'll talk to almost everybody. Responses can range from helpful and appreciative to downright beligerant and nasty. This can affect parts of the game as diffusing a situation can add some paragon, or good, points whereas being confrontational but actually lead to a full blown fight. Though they are times where the good side has a strange end to the conversation and you're like "this is supposed to be a good thing?" Some of the sidequests also follow this such as one you'll run into where you have to save a crazy woman from killing herself. To be helpful, you have to gain her trust, step closer to her and give her a sedative so she can use it on herself. However if you want to get rough, you can just force it on her or if you're particularly brutal, just ask a sniper to shoot her. It helps to have the choice too unlike say Fallout 3 where it was really "be the softiest saint in the wasteland or the most evil son of a ***** ever", you can be nice to one person and tell somebody else to shut their mouth. Got to love a system that does that.

    For the actual gameplay aspect of the game, it's a 3rd-person shooter RPG where you and 2 others run through different terrains and buildings and fight enemy soldiers. The d-pad gives you the option to tell your teammates to take cover, regroup, advance to a specific location or concentrate fire on a target you select. Sometimes I'll press regroup repeatedly and they're nowhere to be seen but generally they're quite helpful. Guns in the game work differently in that you don't have ammo but rather the gun overheats, requiring a few seconds to cool down. Keep firing and it's no good but it's good we don't have to search everywhere just to find that one clip of ammo for that one gun we need to use. It's decent shooting and slightly fun though continuously pausing the game to press LB (weapon changes for the team) or RB (biotics...magic, if you will) kind of breaks the game's flow.

    One other part that is unfortunately my least favorite is when you pilot a vehicle called a Mako and travel a planet's surface to get somewhere, find things to salvage or shoot either small geth soldiers and turrets or massive worms. These sidequests are frequently short, repetitive and the Mako drives incredibly poorly but to fully explore the Mass Effect universe you have to drive these things so it's one of those "if I have to" type of deals. That being said there's quite a few planets, some good incentives to look all over the galaxy and they're quite brief so they're not that bad.

    Mass Effect's achievements encourage multiple playthroughs which is a good thing because this is a fun game to go through more than once. If you can get past the nagging graphical issues, you'll see Mass Effect is one of the best games you can own for the 360.
    ...more info
  • great game
    mass effect and left for dead are the only reasons why i bought a 360. mostly mass effect thought...this was probably one of the best if not the best game i have ever played... it's a straight up futuristic rpg which allows you alot of choices for your character, the music and voice acting is excellent and you can even create what your character looks like and his background. excellent storyline too...i wish i would of heard of this game sooner so i could of bought the limited edition one.. ...more info
  • Move over Halo, the new Xbox flagship game has arrived!!!
    This game is fun from beginning to end. The characters, plot, graphics, settings, universe, and history of this game are absolutely breathtaking! This is one of the best games I have ever played. I can't wait for the sequel! I also have to say in defense of some of the little bad criticism this game has received...contrary to reports about "graphic sexuality and nudity" this game does have a romantic subplot which the the player can dictate and pursue if he or she chooses to. It is not a mandatory part of the plot and can be easily skipped over. Furthermore the sex scene doesn't show anything but some full frontal nudity, so parents don't kids won't be corrupted! Not that they should be playing this game anyways if you follow the advice of the game rating system. All in all this game is a pure pleasure to play! The downloadable content and side missions are alot of fun and very detailed. ...more info
  • Good game
    Game is great, indepth RPG. The saving points aren't great. You fight all the way through areas to die at the end and have to start all over. Fighting mechanics are not great. The story and graphics redeem shotty gameplay....more info
  • Love this game but hate RPG's....
    I in general do not like RPG's. I've only like three:

    Final Fantasy 7
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
    Mass Effect

    You've probably already read some more detailed reviews and should check out reviews at gaming sites such as IGN for in depth information. From an RPG hater's perspective; this game is like stepping into an epic sci film where you direct the action.

    The storyline is what really hooked me in. I really wanted to know "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?" This is definetly a more accessable RPG title from the others you may have seen. The fights are not turned based, it is action oriented. The upgrading of your weapons, abilities, armor is simplistic and fun. You actually want to get that newer gun, the cooler armor and so forth. The voice acting and cinematics are some of the best I have seen

    The graphics and sound are breath taking to say the least. If you don't play this on a large HDTV with a home theater hooked up you are truly missing out. This is a definete pruchase.

    It is a worthy purchase for the casual gamer and a must have for the hardcore. It was a welcome change and addition to my library of first person shooters.

    Buy it. ...more info
  • One of my all time favorite games
    Mass Effect, is one of those once every five year come along games if that pleasantly often.

    The story is rock solid and very well executed. But what really drives this game home are the side stories, (such as the ones related to your character's background, or the Asari Consort quest) which really help you believe that this is a living breathing universe.

    It's an interesting contrast between say, Fable II which relies on a more active and direct form of immersion to the game world. But every bit as valid. The characters in the game are all likable except for those two stupid human side kicks. (Kaiden and Ashley I hate you both and wish I could kick you both out an airlock some day). Which is nice, except for the fact that in my opinion the characters I would want my Shepard to hook up with romantically speaking I can't because they limit your choices to either the almost creepily innocent Asari Scientist, Liara or Kaiden and Ashley..

    Those two... ugh I hate them, Kaiden less than Ashley perhaps they just aren't that enjoyable as characters, and I felt compared to the Xenos in the game they were weak sauce thrown in so you could have a "pure" non xeno based love story in the game.

    Couldn't I have Tali instead? Or heck Garrus or Wrex instead of Kaiden?

    That is probably the second biggest weakness of the game are two characters whom you don't even have to use in your party ever (until it comes time for those last two achievements). I have noticed very rarely that the game will freeze, but that's only happened to me maybe twice out of over 60 hours of combined play.

    The game's biggest weakness to me are the planets you go to. I understand most worlds aren't like earth, heck most probably aren't even terrestrial in the galaxy. But do they all have to look nearly identical with different colors slapped on? I mean really. Could ya'll have just thrown us a frickin bone once in a while aside from Virmire? I shouldn't be thinking "Man the moon is more exciting!" when I'm on a multiple worlds flung across the galaxy.

    This leads to the next big drag. The Damned Mako, maybe if the scenery was prettier I'd feel like driving this thing around would actually have a point besides using it to run over Geth and Raiders.

    This game is every bit as good through multiple play throughs. There's just -that many- choices in this game. (I would like to see more variation on effects these choices have on the area I'm in at large though)

    Get a 360 get this game. Trust me, good gaming isn't dead yet. Far from it.

    ...more info
  • ...speechless
    I am rather speechless about the 30 hours I spent as Commander Shepherd. However, it was such a wonderful time, I'll conjure up a few words:
    Simply put, this game was amazing. I had a few doubts going in - I've always been more of a swords and magic girl and not so much Sci Fi. But really, when you have a story line this epic, characters this well developed, a universe this beautiful, and combat this intense, genre doesn't matter at all. I felt like a part of the game. I got really pissed off at some of the characters and felt very sympathetic for some. Hell, I even cried once (play a Colonist if you want an amazing sidequest.
    Sure you have the texture pop ins (which I didn't notice until someone mentioned it) and a kinda clunky truck/tank thing but, just like the genre, when everything else in the game is sheer perfection, these quips seem pretty useless.

    If you own a 360, buy yourself this game. If you don't, go buy a 360 and buy yourself this game. Seriously....more info
  • Mass Effect
    I love this game! I will buy more games like this one. The conversation wheel is awesome and the cinematic scene is great. I like the drama of the romance it is like watching a movie, this has a story. ...more info
  • Replayability
    So, to start this game is amazingly fun the first time. But so are a lot of games. This game has a story that allows you to be a character as you would be, creating a back story, as well as developing your character along the way by your speech interactions, as well as your overall intereactions. Which right away earns this game more respect than most.
    However, the big kicker that puts this game far above many others is its replayability, I was given this game for Christmas 2007. I played it though pretty much back to back 2 times, during the year I picked it back up, and played it again. Then last week bored in playing some of the games I own right now, I picked it back up, went through again, and gound myself unable to put down the controller, just as if playing for the first time.
    So, if you do not own this game as of now, look at the price, and buy this right away, they are almost paying you to buy it for this price. This game essentially pays for itself, in the amount of times you can play it....more info
  • Very entertaining
    Still playing, but for a while I could not put it down. Very addictive....more info
  • fun characters
    I like this fast paced game. I enjoy the multiple choice decisions that the character has during the game. The choices that he makes...really do influence the game. I've been through the game three times, and I've enjoyed it each time.

    I would highly recommend this game to everyone....more info
  • Stick To The Beaten Path
    "Knights of the Old Republic" has been my favorite game for years now, and I've been eagerly anticipating any opportunity to indulge in a similar experience now that the series has sort-of dead-ended.

    After getting a 360 for Christmas, "Mass Effect" was the first game I bought for it. As of now, I've played it through twice just to make sure most of the experience wasn't lost on me. Does it live up to expectation? In a lot of ways, yes.

    For me, the big thing ME had to live up to in KOTOR's wake was the conversations. When a game is based on the ability to interact with your fellow party members as if you were actually has be able to pull that off rather well to keep up the illusion. Thankfully, it does, as each crewmember aboard your ship has a very interesting story to tell.

    The actual combat system is, in my opinion, one of the most entertaining and enjoyable systems I've ever played in an RPG. Weapons can be upgraded with ammo enhancements, armor can be reinforced, and the "magic" system evolves into something that's almost a guilty pleasure to use. Lifting a baddie into the air and shooting at them with your poison rounds until they dissolve never really gets old, nor should it.

    The story itself is one that does echo KOTOR in some respects, but on the whole is very original for a video game. Gamers should feel like they didn't deserve such treatment when it all winds down. It's filled with plot twists and populated with very unique creatures with their own cultures and mannerisms (but all speak English, go figure xD). By the end of the game, expect yourself to be well-versed with many of the game's alien races.

    Unfortunately, if one tries to venture beyond this epic quest to save the galaxy, you might find yourself trying to decide why it should be saved. The sidequests (outside the Citadel, at least) are ridiculously cookie-cutter, aggravating, and very unrewarding. And there are a lot of them. Each requiring you to drive a very unmanageable land rover over extremely rocky and always-barren terrain. The most you might find on each of the dozens of interchangeable planetary surfaces are a few mineral deposits, probes, or colonies that are of the same exact construction no matter where you go. (To those who completed the metal/gasses quests, you have my eternal respect and admiration for dealing with that.)

    This was the aggravating part for me. It literally doesn't matter where you go outside the main storyline, you will find absolutely nothing of interest. Even when you are tasked to head to Earth's own moon, which is now inhabited by millions of people, you somehow managed to get stuck patrolling a barren crater.

    And for having party members with so much to say typically, on these sidequests they fall annoyingly silent. (I know were probably dealing with the limited disc space now, but still). It simply feels like this half of the game was slapped on at the last minute with little regard to content as long as it took up some space.

    Still, the only reason I'm giving this game 3 stars is because there is content within the game that just shouldn't be there. In an attempt to make this galaxy expansive, Bioware populated it with worlds that are as interesting and unique as billiard balls.

    If you decide to stick with the main storyline, your view of how RPGs should be made will be forever changed. But take a close look at the sidequests and you'll find that they haven't changed enough....more info
  • Fun game, despite the wait.
    My only complain was the waiting on the elevators. The NXE Game install kinda got rid of that but it was too late for me I was nearly done with the game already.

    Its a great game though, pick it up if you can....more info
  • The Best Next Gen Game So Far
    Mass Effect is the best "next gen" game so far in my opinion. It is the most original and impressive in every aspect. Graphics, story, immersion, sound etc.. everything is top notch. I was sad when the game ended but there is an expansion pack on Xbox Live called Bring Down The Sky which adds an hour of gameplay. I can't wait until Mass Effect 2 comes out which has already been confirmed, only a matter of time....more info
  • What took me so long!!!
    Ok a year later I finally sit down and play this game...and now I wonder what the h*ll took me so long!
    KOTOR 1 and 2 are at the top of my list for all time RPG's and Bioware has done it again.
    I won't repeat everything the great reviews have already said about this game.
    It is an incredible game with a great story.
    I wish it came out on the PS3 but oh well, it's a good reason to still own my 360!...more info
  • Best RPG game in 10 years, if not all time.
    For 20 dollars, you will get the single best Xbox 360 RPG experience of all time. This may sound a bit exaggerated, but I assure you it's not. All elements are amazing. Firstly, the story line is incredible. You play as Commander Shepard of the Galactic Alliance, in command of a ship called the Normandy. Your task is to go around the galaxy hunting down Seran, an evil "terian" who's only goal is to destroy humanity as we know it. While this sounds generic and admittedly, it is, it's told in an original and deep way that will intrigue you for hours at a time. Secondly, the voice acting is the best ever in a video game. Period. The all-star cast illuminates the crew of the Normandy for you as well as Commander Shepard himself. It completely immerses you in the world of Mass Effect and remains in your mind long after the game is complete. On a technical note, the graphics are some of the best I've seen, at least as far as facial construction is concerned. The characters of Mass Effect come alive and are completely capable of showing every last detail of human emotion, almost surrealistically. All-in-all, Mass Effect is one of the best games I've ever played, and for the unbelievably low price of 20 dollars keep you company on many many enjoyable afternoons....more info
  • The most amazing RPG ever created..
    This game has seriously changed the way i look at rpg's..It is a must have for any xbox 360 owner..great gameplay,amazing graphics and a very interesting story unlike any other out there....more info
  • Mass Effect
    This was one of the first games I bought for the x-bawkes 360... I'm now on my fourth play-through, and the game still delivers the fun!

    It is a truly accomplished game with enough nuance and personal choice that you can replay it several times with a different mind-set and get some very different outcomes.

    The lack of subsequent DLC is a little disappointing, especially with the quality of *Bring Down the Sky*

    Another minor complaint is that certain parts of the game (exploration of uncharted planets) did tend to get a little tedious; however, these are also optional missions, so you can avoid them as is your wont.

    Recommended to all fans of Sci-Fi and RPG's - plenty of action, a superb story line, fantastic graphics (despite a few minor and sporadic texture glitches), and honestly hours of fun. ...more info
  • Not enough actioin
    Only about 30% of this game is spent in actual action situations. The other 70% is spent reading and typing, which really isn't that much fun, and that was without my ever reading the pages and pages of "Codex" material that the game keeps giving you.

    Secondly, I was induced to buy Mass Effect by the promise of "the vastness of space", but the fact is that, for the most part, you pick a planet from a map and you are dropped onto it. None of the action actually takes place in space.

    In addition, while the layout of buildings and land for the main missions is varied, the numerous side missions mostly use one of only a couple of different building layouts. Even the landscapes of the many different worlds are structured the same and only colored differently.

    Thirdly, the graphics only rate a "B" by the standards of games like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Fallout 3. There is very little texture to the landscapes; mountaintops peak with sharply drawn straight lines, etc.

    When Mass Effect finally gives you some action, it is pretty good. In fact, I put its targeting/shooting system far ahead of Fallout 3's and even better than GTA4's. The only drawback is that like the Companions in F3, the 2-man crew that you MUST take every time you leave your ship is more of a nuisance than a help early on, then they take over the game later when their powers grow.

    So, 5 stars for the action and the main story line, 3 for the graphics and 1 for everything else, for an average of 3. Still not bad for half the price (or less) of current hit games.

    ...more info