Dirt Devil 130000 i Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description


  • Upright vacuum cleaner with advanced cyclonic technology
  • On/off brush-roll switch for cleaning both carpets and bare floors
  • Rubberized, no-scratch wheels prevent scuffing
  • Easy-grab hose for hard-to-reach areas; auto cord rewind
  • Measures 14-1/2 by 13-1/2 by 44-1/2 inches; 5-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • The best vacuum
    I bought this vacuum when my previous one blew up(yes...literally!). I was very wary, because I've had so much bad luck with them over the years, especially with losing suction. I finally decided to shell out the money for a slightly more expensive one, and wow.. am I glad I did! I've owned the Dirt Devil for about a year and a half now, and I haven't had ANY trouble with it(knock on wood).

    I don't own pets, just a son. so nothing too heavy to pick up until this year when we had a wood stove put in, which, as you may know means wood chips everywhere. Nothing to fear! Literally this vacuum sucks up fairly large chunks of wood and keeps on ticking. The only thing you have to do is rinse out the filter every once in a blue moon. I especially love the fragrance filter, that's such a nice touch. As with anything though there is a down side, the only two I have found are that the hose attachment could be a little longer(I have high ceilings) and there could be a couple more attachments for it. I would probably give this 10 stars if it would let me.

    So let's review:
    Sucks fantastically
    Is easy to manuver
    has auto cord rewind
    smells yummy
    easy to empty without getting dirty
    can turn brush off for attachment use or use on hard floors
    automatically stops the brush if you suck something up,and a reset button to restart it
    pretty to look at

    Hope my raging review helps!
    ...more info
  • Too bad!
    Just got this vacuum. I was so looking forward to using it. I took it out of the box and read the very poorly designed quick guide assembly directions. I pushed the handle cord down as instructed and then... the handle would not insert. So I looked in the manual. Same instructions. I tried for half an hour. The cord is set into the same hole that the peg is supposed to fit into.

    I have a Contractor in working on my kitchen. I asked for his help. He tried and tried. No avail.

    It's going back tomorrow. Too bad. But if something is this difficult straight out the box, I don't have faith in its workability in general. Now I have to take time out my Thanksgiving preparations to box it back up.... very bad indeed. ...more info
  • 4.5 stars almost there
    I brought and returned more vacuums than one person should ever have to. I got the Dyson which I found totally user unfriendly that went back fast and the Bissel which ate my carpet (see that review not the Bissel stick, which I have also that's great and its $19.99). I only have a couple complaints over all, that would be its somewhat heavy and the wand really to short. Frankly thats it. It never clogs as it says and overall picks up great, which is the main point of the vacuum. I do wish when the put out the next model its power driven so it does not matter how heavy it is. It does what the Dyson says it does for much less. Over all I would give it 4.5 stars and would get again. Oh do not get the Dirt Devil bagless vision that went back too....more info
  • Vacuum Snob happy so far
    16 years ago I purchased the number one rated(consumer reports) Panasonic MC-6250. It was a workhorse, and worked well. I used to love when Kirby folks came around. I would put a clean bag in and show them everything their machine missed. Well, to shorten the story, my motor mount broke making the vacuum unrepairable after more than 16 years. I was looking for a replacement. The repair shop kept telling me about Riccar, but I wasn't willing to part with the money. How happy I was when I saw this machine. It looks cool and was the right price.

    I have a son with asthma and was glad to see the HEPA filtration, bags were always a problem for me as I work odd hours(all of the time) and had to get them from a dealer/repair place, so the bagless design was definitely hot. The construction seems like it will last 5-10 years, and it is simple to use.

    I have bedrooms carpeted, the rest is hardwood and tile. I always have 3 to four dogs in and out of the house, so there is plenty of hair and fur. This machine did it's debut whole house this morning with a scented filter and perfomed admirably. Talk about easy, plug it in and go, all of the attachments are right there, it cleans well and is the simplest option on the market.

    I love the features, and the design, as well as the simplicity and appearance. A 5 year warranty was the icing on the cake after I had already made the purchase. I would definitely recomend perusing the manual so that you know where the two filters are and that you also know how to find the hidden crevice tool and the cord clip....more info
  • Broke after 8 months
    I thought this was a great vacuum until it broke after about 8 months. That makes it our 6th failed vacuum in 5 years! It started to blow dust out of the seals, then got really loud and lost suction. I think the motor was going to explode. When it was working, it picked up lots of dirt and was easy to empty without having to reach into the canister to pull out hair and junk (like the hoover rewind). The best thing for me was the retractable cord. I wish the Dyson I replaced this with had that....more info
  • Finest Vacuum for the Money
    This vacuum is perfect. It has soft bristles that won't harm the carpet at all! I have very expensive semi-shag carpet and have used this vacuum on it for years and the carpet has maintained softness. I made a mistake of using a cheap Bissel on the carpet a couple times and it ruined the carpet....more info
  • The Most Poorly Designed Vacuum Ever!
    While this vacuum has great suction and really picks up the dirt, it's the most poorly designed vacuum I've ever owned. So much so that I'm going to return it. For $250 plus, you would hope they had thought it through. The wheels on the back of the vac are so small that it's difficult to bump over the edge of an area rug and they actually get caught on the rug. It should come with a kickplate on the back because that's mostly how you get it on any raised surface say from floor to carpet. The cleaning head latch has only two fixed positions: upright and flat and nothing inbetween so you can get no leverage to tilt the vac back to help it over a carpet edge. The cord is too short, and the vac cannot store all the accessories, such as the wand extension tool. If you want to use it, you have to carry it around with you. Very disappointing from a company that wants to set the industry standard. Don't get this one; it will make your cleaning experience more annoying that it has to be....more info
  • Great Product
    I love my Dirt Devil. It is beautiful and works great. Easy to empty to. Picks up ALL the dog and cat hair!!!! I needed something for wood floors and carpet and this vacuum does it all. The attachment hose works great, I'm very pleased with it's performance and to top it off it looks nice if you happen to leave it sitting in a room to finish later:) After I got it my daughter came over and the first thing she noticed was the vacuum and said WOW, nice vacuum. I love it. You won't be sorry you purchased it....more info
  • Worst vacuum ever
    It was between this vacuum and a Dyson and I picked this one because I just couldn't bring myself to pay $500 for a vacuum. I guess I need to pay $500 to get a good vacuum cause this one stinks. It lost suction after vacuuming my sons room and then after cleaning it out by hand, it died when I was vacuuming my living room. No, I did not try to pick up large objects with this vacuum. Just your basic everyday crud that comes with living with children. It should have been able to handle it and more for what I paid for it. Don't buy this vacuum....more info
  • Wonderful Vacuum!!
    After searching online and in stores I finally found this vacuum. I am a previous owner of dirt devils. We recently moved to a new house and my old one was always getting clogged, due to all the new carpet fuzz! We had that vacuum for about 5 years and I decided it was time for a new one. I was looking for a bagless one and had read some good reviews on this Dirt Devil. I had remember seeing it in the store once and liked its appearance.

    I like how the cord winds up and the hose hides and is part of the vacuum cleaner. The rotating brush attachment is great for small bathroom rugs and couches. They do have a crevice tool attachment and one other attachment. The scented filters are a nice added touch.

    The real nice feature is that it only takes one had to empty! Much easier and cheaper than buying replacement bags. It does well on all types of floors. Hope you decide to purchase this. You won't be disappointed! I find reasons to vacuum now! ...more info
  • Great vacuum, but a few nuances...
    I really enjoy this vacucum! It is able to get up embedded dirt and dust from our apartment carpet and 99% of the hair from my dog. The attachments are a little annoying. It only comes with 2 attachments: a fabric brush and a brush to pick up hair. Both attachments work, but do not fit snuggly into the hose, and therefore can fall out while vacuuming. The hose however works very well. It does not have, however, a taper nose attachment, which is difficult when trying to pick up stuff in small spaces. Be advised that it is not self-propelled and can feel a little heavy.

    All in all, I feel that this is a great product. It has only one filter that needs attending to periodically. However, this filter is washable, and you can earn extra mileage from it by doing so. It works great on carpeting, tile floors, and area rugs. I would definately recommend this to anyone who does not want to deal with bags and replaceable and who wants a machine that will throughly clean the floors. I would not recommend this to anyone who wants a light vacuum, for quick jobs or stair cases....more info
  • Lives up to its promise

    This vacuum is pretty great. Easy to assemble and easy to use, the vacuum is a bit heavy but really goes to work on your floors. I have carpeting and hardwood floors and the vacuum works equally well on both. You can also turn off the spin brush and clean really shaggy rugs without the vacuum choking on 'em. The hose is a little short and stiff on the cleaning wand, and the electrical cord is placed so low on the vacuum that it sometimes gets in the way--but these are minor inconveniences considering what a workhorse this machine is. The scented air filters are awesome, I love the automatic cord rewind, and it's super easy to empty the dirt cannister when it fills up (it's also cool seeing how much dirt you're picking up and knowing when it's time to empty the container)....more info
  • Excellent vacuum (if it suits your needs).
    I recently purchased this vacuum after a whole lot of comparison shopping, and couldn't be happier. The design is excellent, and the build quality seems considerably better than some of the competing vacuums. It's also a bit less bulky and clumsy feeling than most, since the integrated hose mechanism slims the whole thing down.

    It's not self-propelled, so if you have an extremely large home, it might be a workout and you may want to opt for a self-propelled cleaner or a lighter commercial-style vacuum. That said, the 20lb "i" is several pounds lighter than the similarly-priced Bissell and Hoover I looked at.

    The "i" is designed to emphasize simplicity and ease-of-use. Notable features versus the competition are automatic adjustment for different surfaces (no bending over to turn the "carpet / bare floor" knob), a well-designed integrated hose nozzle that works great, and a comfortable carrying handle.

    I will admit that I can't really attest to the relative suction of this machine. It's replacing a very weak vacuum, so it seems fantastic to me (and certainly gets the job done) but I did not compare it to other machines. If suction is your top criteria, you'll have to test it for yourself.

    If you're vacuuming relatively small spaces and want to have the quickest, easiest-to-use hose on the market, this vacuum is a great choice. For larger spaces, some might prefer a lighter or self-propelled cleaner, but some may still find the "i" to be a good fit.

    Update after six months: I still think I made a great choice with this vacuum cleaner. It really does pick up a great amount of dirt and dust. I originally felt the scented filters were a silly gimmick, but I've come to appreciate the subtle clean smell they give my home....more info
  • Love it so far!
    We love this vacuum cleaner. The color is a shiny metallic red and the hose is part of the body. Very innovative. One thing that we wanted again was a retractable cord and this delivers!! We were also surprised to see a 5 year manufacturers' warranty included. Another lovely surprise was the scented filters. They offer 4 of them and the Baked Apple is divine!!!!!!! My room smells like Autumn. No it isn't self propelled and a bit heavier, but it really picks up so much hair from the carpet. We have 2 dogs and 3 children. Another great feauture is the fact that the brush doesn't need to run at all times... you can switch it off when you are using the hose attachment. It is so powerful that my husband accidently started sucking up his work shirt. The brushes automatically stopped spinning. We discovered that there is a reset button that will restart the brush spinning even though the motor is running. Very well thought out especially with usefull functions....more info
  • comment on dirt devil i vacuum
    I am most unhappy with this vacuum. Very cumbersome and heavy and does not pick up well,...more info
  • Good product
    This vacuum cleaner works fine. It is NOT self propelled and is a little heavy but it does the job. However, I'm still not sure why it is so expensive. I had a Bissell before this which was fine and had most of the same extras (till it died) and it was $100 less. I think I expected more from this machine because of the price. It's a good solid machine that does the job. ...more info
  • great design
    This vacuum has a great mechanical design -- parts fit together well and it has a solid feel. I vacuumed the whole house and was amazed at how much dust was in my low-pile carpet. It is not self propelled, so you'll get a little work out. Some of the other vacuums I looked at had the same features, but the way all the hoses and plastic parts fit together seemed shoddy and would break over time. ...more info