Panasonic MC-UL675 AeroSpin Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Dirt Sensor, Sherbert Blue

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Product Description

Bagless Upright Vacuum

  • 12 amp bagless upright vacuum cleaner with electronic dirt sensor
  • AeroSpin technology automatically removes dirt from filter
  • Bare floor/carpet selection; on-board tools for above-floor cleaning
  • Dual HEPA filtration system; large-capacity anti-static dirt cup
  • Measures 16 by 13-1/2 by 36-1/6 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • This is good product. I purchased it at 65$. It is a worth buy. Dust sensor some times mislead us.
    This is good a product. I purchased it at 65$. It is a worth buy. I will recommend it others at the price i purchased. This is my first vac. in USA....more info
  • Panasonic Vacuum
    I absolutely love this vacuum. Cleans beautifully and doesn't clog. I'm glad we purchased it. Great deal on as well. The vacuum is quite heavy but I'm willing to take that since it works so beautifully....more info
  • a little heavy
  • WOW... my carpets were dirty
    O.K., I thought my old vacuum worked, I mean the bag got full some how. I used to sell Rainbows, so I know vacuums don't "really" work. But I figured my $150.00 regular vacuum did an O.K. job. We just bought a home that had previously had 3 children living here with parents who must not have cared about their place. It was filthy when we were finally able to move in. We bought a new Hoover carpet cleanerfrom amazon, which is awesome and this Panasonic cleaner. The vacuum works as well as a vacuum can. I am almost embarassed to say that it doesn't take long for the cannister to fill up. When it is full of dirt, it lets you know. It's easy to empty, I recommend doing it outside in the trash can. The dirt sensor works, all the attachments work well. I like the cleaner a lot. One of the reviewers prior had some cons dealing with it being top heavy. It is a bit. I just make sure I lean iy uo against the wall when I am finished. Also, the cord isn't as long as most cleaners. I attach a small extension cord if I need one. Remember, it winds up the cord for you, so It can't be that long. We paid $65.86 for it. WHAT A BUY!...more info
  • Good vacuum for all types of cleaning purpose carpet, woodfloor
    Pro:This vacuume is a great unit for cleaning. It cleans all types dirts (hair, dust, etc,...)from deep and edges. Big bag stores more dust so no need to empty very often.
    Con: Very heavy unit so kids don't like to operate. Sometimes the hand vacuume stops while operating or clogged.
    Overall very good unit for this price except weight and hand vacuum operation. ...more info
  • Awesome Vac!
    This new Vac definitely meets or exceeds my previous Panasonic Vac. As others have stated it is heavy. I do not see that as a negative though. I think of it as a quality built unit made to last. You cannot beat it for the price point. ...more info
  • Great Power
    This is a great vacuum cleaner....Powerful... On the down is heavy....very heavy.....So if your not a can push it and it will do the job for you. It was a great work out :o). It is much quieter than my old vac....I do love the dirt sensor too. Great price....more info
  • Very Good
    It seems to work very well. I have only used it once. But I was amazed at the amount of hair it picked up from my dog and cat. I have health problems and it is very heavy. I have not tryed the other tools yet....more info
  • Great vacuum, and not heavy
    I just got it this week,
    and being a weakling,was scared because of all the reviews stating how heavy it is.
    If I can pick it up, anyone can.
    I have owned a ton of the vacuums that sell in the 150.00 range and they worked fine and were decent enough.
    This one works like a much higher end vacuum and I am very glad that I bucked the bad reviews and bought it.
    It is also GREAT if you are tall as the height of it adjusts and I am thrilled not to have to bend over when vacuuming.
    And the price for this is phenomenal....more info
  • Excellent Vaccuum for the price
    Yes I agree with everyone here that its HEAVY, but its manuverable. Its a wide and doesn't go under the couches etc. But the way it picks the dirt is almost comparable to a Dyson (we had a dyson earlier). After I cleaned the rug with this vacuum we ran our old dyson over the area to see how did it clean, dyson picked up nothing. So does that tell you anything? Besides the weight and the bulk its a great cleaner. Look at the price how can you beat the price! BUY IT!...more info
  • Hold your money
    It is disappointed. There are always pros and cons. For the pros, you can get them from their ads.
    It is heavy. As some of the review mentioned, it is not powerful. And there is no power adjustment. So it is not suitable to do the light duty work such as vacuuming the computer. The power cord is short. You will need an extension cord if you have a big room.
    It is in the same class as those cheap vacuum cleaners. It may make you feel good because it is a Panasonic. But it may not make your work easier and will not help your wallet....more info
  • Good Vacuum but heavy
    I have this vacuum cleaner for more than 6 months, it has very good suction, cleans very well, but very heavy. I agree with other reviewers, if you have to clean multiple floors, you might consider a lighter vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Worst vacuum in 50years of marriage
    I was impressed by the various marketing descriptions of this vacuum until I used it. Clean it does..but try to empty the container and you might bust a blood vessel or two. The instructions call for twisting two canisters in opposite directions to open but most often it is stuck or defies human efforts. Just is not worth the aggrevation. What a the dumpster it goes....more info
  • Awesome Performance
    Bought this for my summer home and found it to be a poweraful upright vacuum with no bags needed and the dirt sensor a big plus. ...more info
  • VERY heavy
    Does what it should, but extremely heavy. I won't be toting this baby from one level of my house to another, which makes it only one third as useful as it could be. Definitely the heaviest upright I have ever owned. ...more info
  • Kstar
    Been needing a good vacuum for a long time...but wasn't gonna spend the big bucks on certain over-rated vacuum systems - or on any of those run of the mill cheapo's that you can buy at any of the discount stores. So, one day I popped up the amazon site and found the panasonic a great price. Hmmm, would this be one of those cheapos too? but panasonic has usually been good to me...besides I really liked the automatic power cord rewind feature. So, I bought one...and it is no cheapo. It feels sturdy/solid when in use, gets stuph out of the carpets that I had no idea was in them, and emptying the junk collector is simple and straightforward. So...ya need a good vacuum? buy one of these....more info
  • HEAVY, but seems to clean good
    We needed something for a few carpeted rooms and did not want to spend a truck load of money but wanted some degree of quality. We have a Hoover "windtunnel" we have used for 5-6 yrs. and love it. This cleaner is almost 3x the weight of that one. As far as cleaning goes, I guess it did the job...the green light finally came on! Unfair to rate it with soooo little use so take cleaning comments with a grain of salt. The WEIGHT thing, however, is don't have to use it for long to arrive at the conclusion that it IS heavy. Happy shopping!...more info
  • Adequate for the money
    My vaccum cleaner of many years died and I wanted to buy-some-time before purchasing another high-end model. I saw this Panasonic AeroSpin on Amazon's daily deal and hoped it would suit my purpose. It is exactly what I thought it would be: a CHEAP vaccum cleaner. It is top heavy and tips over very easily which makes using the hoses difficult. The retractable cord stopped retracting after 3 uses and the hand-tool didn't work right out of the box (there doesn't seem to be enough power for the hand tool). However, the suction is pretty good and I do like the way the bagless canister empties from the bottom, right into your trash can at the push of a button. For the money, it was not a bad purchase, but I will buy something better as soon as finances allow. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I was very disappointed in this vacuum. It wouldn't even pick up a grain of rice on very low carpet nor would it pick up a piece of course salt from a soft pretzel on the bare floor....and this is brand new; I can hardly imagine what it will pick up in months to come. It is very heavy and awkward and tips over easily. What a waste of money............more info
  • Panasonic MC-UL675 AeroSpin Bagless - an honest review
    We have an old Panasonic bagged vacuum that continues to serve us well, so I decided to take a chance on this vacuum despite some negative reviews.

    All of the bad things others have mentioned are true. The vacuum is bulky, heavy, and prone to tipping. If you're not very strong and have to use a vacuum on multiple floors, this isn't the one. The 15" cleaning path is great for open spaces, but makes it impossible to get under some furniture (e.g., end tables). The QuickDraw hose is a little hard to remove and the turbo brush attachment for it works until you put too much pressure on it, so use it lightly. The adjustable-height handle sometimes slips out of the hole and slides to the last setting.

    Now for the good points. It does a great job sucking dirt out of rugs and it will raise the nap on older rugs. It is fairly powerful, but is relatively quiet compared to some other vacuums. The automatic cord rewind is a nice feature, but we'll see if it still works in 2-3 years. The hose has a very long reach. I can do all the stairs without moving the vacuum from the bottom step. The length of the cord is adequate, allowing us to clean adjacent rooms. Cleaning the dirt cup is very easy and much neater than changing a bag or emptying our old Hoover bagless. The auto carpet height adjustment works well and the vacuum does OK on bare floors, but I haven't tried it on our hardwood. The electronic dirt sensor seems to be doing something, but I'm not sure if it's a gimmick. It does have a headlight - some descriptions say it doesn't.

    With all its flaws, I would hope that Panasonic goes back to the drawing board to redesign this vacuum. If it were just a little smaller and lighter, it would be perfect. I purchased it for $120 on a Gold Box special, so I'm pleased with it for that price....more info
  • Really nice powerful machine
    I'm extremely impressed with this machine. The design is smart with the filter being kept clean, I have had it for about 6 months and the thing still picks up like day one.

    The cord is a little shorter than my old Hoover, but plenty for my house. I recommend this vacuum, it's one of the best I've ever used....more info
  • Poor design
    Panasonic MC-UL675 AeroSpin Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Dirt Sensor, Sherbert Blue

    I chose this vacuum since our last Panasonic vacuum lasted over 15 years with little maintainance, cleaning afer a family of four. I have now had this vacuum for six months and I am disappointed by how poorly designed this vacuum has turned out to be. First, it is quite heavy and difficult to transport up and down the stairs. Pushing it around is a workout. After several months and a little breaking in, it is unable to stand upright on its own and must be left leaning against a surface since it is very top heavy and falls backward at the slightest touch. The latch for pushing to release the dirt door broke off almost immediately. The brush attachments fall out of their holders and have to be stored seperately. It is easily clogged by any moderate sized paper or dirt. The only redeaming features are that it is effective at getting up the pet hair from our dog (labrador) and cat, the retractable cord works well, and the handle is easily adjusted in height so that any member of the family can vacuum with the handle at the correct height. The dirt sensor light is just a gizmo with no real value. I would not recommend buying this vacuum....more info
  • Best vacuum ever
    This is the best vacuum I ever purchased!
    The dirt sensor is great and it finds all the hidden dirt I cannot see.
    If you have pets, you need this vacuum, the anti-static dirt cap and the air turbine attachment are fantastic.
    A great product from a cool brand. Bravo Panasonic!

    ...more info
  • Panasonic Aerospin
    Love this vacuum. Shipped very secure. Has a great suction and love the bag-less feature and dirt light indicator. ...more info
  • Poor design
    The saleswoman at my Best Buy store recommended this vacuum to me based on the previous Panasonic that they used to stock. I guess she figured that if the old one was so wonderful this new one mush be as well.

    I got it home and there were a few things that I really liked. The fact that it automatically adjusted for different carpet heights, the retractable cord and the fact that it said the dirt cup was anti-static so as to release the dirt easier when emptying.

    What I soon found out was that this vacuum has quite a few short comings. It is very top heavy. When standing up on carpet, the slightest touch will make it tumble backwards. The retractable cord which I was excited about ended up being rather short. I was not even able to vacuum my entire (average size) master bedroom without having to unplug it to finish. The lights that are supposed to tell you if they floor is clean or dirty are annoying and I think really just a gimmick. The turbo brush is really in an awkward spot on the handle and while pushing the vacuum in the reclined position, the hose continually falls out of the grove meant to hold it.

    I finally decided to return it and purchase a Healthy Home. To my surprise, it turned out that the Panasonic really wasn't even working to well. I was able to vacuum my whole house and the dirt cut was about 1/2 full. They next day when I used the Healthy Home, I had to empty it after only doing my family room.

    Bottom line, Don't bother with this Panasonic....more info
  • Very Good !
    This Panasonic picks up alot of dirt.I was impressed at how much was picked up.This is my first bagless,though. I like how everytime you pull out the retractable electric cord, it spins the filter and drops the dirt stuck on it, into the dirt cup.The color is nice also.I have owned this vacuum for one month now.I am happy with this purchase....more info