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Designed to uplift, mStand is made of a single solid piece of aluminum that matches Apple's MacBook Pro's sandblasted and silver-anodized finish. Working on a laptop can strain the eyes, neck, back, and arms. Prolonged strain may lead to health problems or injury. mStand raises the screen to meet eyelevel for better posture and view. It also raises the screen to the same height as external displays, such as the Apple Cinema Display. The tilt design brings the screen closer and improves airflow around the laptop. The single-piece aluminum design provides solid stability and the aluminum panel cools laptop by serving as a heat sink. With an external keyboard and mouse, mStand transforms your laptop into a stable and stylish workstation that you can work comfortably and safely at every day.This product is designed for the following systems:Apple MacBook;Apple MacBook Pro;Apple Powerbook.

  • Better ergonomics is achieved with higher screen height.
  • Increases screen height by 6 inches.
  • Tilt design brings screen closer and improves airflow around laptop.
  • Single piece aluminum design provides solid stability.
  • Compatible with Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, Powerbook (all sizes)

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect fit
    Looks like it was made for my Macbook Pro. I love it. Team it up with the new Apple wireless keyboard and it looks and works wonderful. Excellent quality....more info
  • Yet another sterling review
    After agonizing over reviews from various competitors, I ordered and received my mstand about a week and a half ago. Since then I've had quite a bit of time to put it to use. For reference, it's paired with an early 2009 15" aluminum macbook pro. I use it in conjunction with one of the smaller apple wireless keyboards. Some observations:

    1. It keeps the notebook significantly cooler. I read some reviews claiming that the heatsink effects were minimal, but this was not my experience. Throughout the course of video-intensive testing (read: gaming), the bottom of the notebook remained only slightly warm to the touch. This is contrasted with the uncomfortably hot temperatures felt while propped up on some cork coasters about 1" above the surface of my desk. All other conditions remained the same.

    2. The viewing height and angle are perfect, both visually and ergonomically. However, the new generation macbook's screen opens wider than that of the outgoing model, as has been previously noted.

    3. It's *very* stable. Upon selecting a stand, I was concerned that it might tip over, or that my notebook might fall/slide off, as I've read horror stories in reviews for other stands. I'm literally quite positive that my desk itself would tip over before the mstand did. Thank the low center of gravity and exceedingly grippy rubber feet on both the base of the stand and the part on which the notebook sits. I'm also thankful for the little lip on the front, complete with rubber bumpers and a latch cut-out, preventing it from sliding forward.

    4. It's actually not that heavy. A previous poster speculated "4 lbs," but this seems to be a gross overestimate.

    Other obvious benefits include freeing up desk space, mitigating spaghetti wire clutter, and protecting your investment from accidents such as spills.

    It admittedly does carry a hefty price tag, but I was so impressed with it's performance and looks, especially with the aluminum macbook, that I ordered a second one for the office.
    ...more info
  • Perfect compliment to MacBook Pro
    The mStand is the perfect compliment to my MacBook Pro, and allows me to use the laptop screen and an additional monitor very effectively.

    I've had multiple people compliment the stand and consider purchasing one for non-Apple laptops!

    Great product, extremely well made....more info
  • Great notebook stand for Macbook
    This is an awesome stand for a Macbook. It is heavy and solid. I bought this instead of the Griffin Elevator since the Mstand includes the front lip to prevent the laptop from sliding off the stand. The Elevator has the possibility of allowing the laptop to slide when the rubber pads get dirty....more info
  • Works Great!
    I did a lot of research looking for a laptop stand. I almost bought the Griffin stand... but after looking at it in person and reading a few reviews I learned that the laptop might slide down over time... something u really don't want!!
    I needed a stand in which I could use the space underneath.. and this one has it. The construction is extremely strong!!! solid metal!! Griffin has plastic components. This stand will last for ever. I read a review in which it said that it was too slanted forward... and that the laptop screen will not open all the way to a comfortable viewing position.... that person said that u can bend it a bit and the problem was solved. I did not had that problem.. i have a 15" Power Book Pro. I tried bending it a bit to have a better angle... and let me tell u... this thing is rock solid. u might get a bend if u need... don't be afraid... there's no way of braking this. Mine works better that I expected.... I would recommend this product... and definitely will buy it again if i needed to....more info
  • Happy with this stand
    Does what I want it to do and looks nice as well. Cheaper ones exist, but I'm happy I got this one....more info
  • Perfect
    I just got a new 15 inch laptop (macbook pro). I thought about getting this stand, but decided instead to opt for the 20 inch apple cinema display. Well, the cinema display and my laptop didn't really like each other that much--the hassle of plugging into (and unplugging when I wanted to go mobile 3 connectors combined with dealing with different screen resolutions (with the cinema display losing that comparison) convinced me to return it before 5 days had passed. I turned around and purchased this mstand to bring my laptop to the proper ergonomic level, and plugged my keyboard into it. Wow. The experience is so much better than the display. If you have a laptop that you sometimes want to use in an office environment and other times want to take with you on the plane or to a meeting, this seems a great solution. Perhaps box the same height would work as well, but it wouldn't look as pretty....more info
  • Excellent!!!
    If you got a MacBook Pro, this prodcut is perfect, it has the same color and material from the laptop, and goes along with all the new apple products, looks like it was created by apple....more info
  • Works Perfectly with MacBook Pro 15"
    I was always a big fan of the Griffin iCurve, which held my laptops up high and in style. Unfortunately, after about five years, both of my iCurves had given out (understandably). They just couldn't hold onto the computer anymore, and no matter how well I cleaned them, my computer would always slowly slide off.

    With my good experience with Griffin products, naturally I wanted to replace my iCurves with Griffin. Griffin didn't sell the iCurve anymore, but instead had a replacement called the "Elevator Laptop Stand." I (foolishly) didn't read the reviews and assumed it would be just as good as the old iCurves, and so bought two of them. Boy was I wrong.

    When I got my Elevators, I opened up the first one, set it down on my desk and set my MacBook Pro 15" on top of it. That computer slid off the stand and onto the floor so quickly you'd think it had been greased up in preparation. Thankfully, no damage to the computer. I tried cleaning the Elevator with no change in functionality. So I immediately packaged them back up and sent them back to Amazon.

    After much looking around and reading of reviews, I cautiously purchased the (more expensive) mStand by rain Design. I got just one of them this time, to try it out and make sure it would work well. It holds my computer very securely thanks to the small, unobtrusive lip on the bottom. This lip has a very convenient and well-designed hole in the middle through which you can reach to press the release button and open your notebook. There is also a nice cable-organizing hole in the back of the stand to help keep your desk in order.

    As if the functionality wasn't already perfect, the brushed aluminum finish matches my computer perfectly, and still looks good beside other Apple computers such as the MacBook and iBook.

    If you need to keep your screen at a healthy height and don't want to risk if falling on the floor, this is the laptop stand for you. I will certainly be looking into other rain products soon (and purchasing a second mStand)....more info
  • Loved it. Craved it. Bought it.
    Had used one before at another company and then found myself missing it. So I bought one for myself. It's sturdy and elegant design provide a great perch for my MacBook Pro. If you're truly anal about the keeping everything consistent, then this stand is the right choice. Use on it's own or propped next to an Apple Cinema Display. Great design allows perfect access to the cd/dvd drive and the infrared remote sensor. And a little groove perfect for opening the laptop. You need this stand....more info
  • Great Compliment for a MacBook Pro!
    Wow. I really don't know how I ever worked without this thing. This is a great product and is such a perfect fit for my macbook pro....more info
  • Does the job and looks great!
    This product is great for transforming you MacBook into a desktop. This is for you if you are particular about how things are designed. It looks great next to an apple monitor. ...more info
  • Exactly as advertised!
    I use my macbook pro as my home machine and needed a stand to elevate the computer. After looking into several laptop stands and reading the reviews, I decided to go with this stand from Rain. This stand turned out to be exactly what I needed. It elevates the laptop to an ergonomic height, is sturdy, and has rubber pads so there is no chance of scratches. The brushed aluminum matches my MBP perfectly. There is even a cutout so you can get to the lid latch without raising the laptop off of the stand (some of the earlier pictures on amazon don't show this new updated feature). If you need to elevate your laptop and want a very well designed stand, this is the way to go!...more info
  • Very happy with the mStand
    I bought this stand for a 15-inch Mac Powerbook and am very happy with it. I've used it for a few months with no complaints. Its design complements the aluminum laptop nicely. The stand is weighty, stays in place on the desk, and holds the laptop securely. If you've ever had a laptop slide off its stand, you'll appreciate the mStand's shallow lip that keeps it in place. Pads on the bottom protect the desk and on the stand protect the laptop. The indentation in the lip is wide enough to operate the Powerbook's latch, and the lip doesn't block the CD drive. This is a great replacement for an iCurve stand that started letting a Powerbook slip off of it....more info
    If u will use your mac (or any other laptop, weird though) u need this not only for stethics but for you back and neck it's a must have, I do past a lot of time post processing pictures in photoshop and beleive me that I have feel a difference, and it's good, the only drawback is tht ais heavy to carry I always try to carriet for works purposes, but I can't see anyother flaw....more info
  • Great Stand with only one possible flaw after a good month's use
    The Mstand that I received is the newest style (with the cutout to access the MacBook Pro's release. After reading some of the other reviews, I can say that I have not run into any of the issues that other's have. The angle is great. It is very solid on my desk and does not wobble at all. If fact the only flaw (if you want to call it that) is that the front lip that holds the laptop on the stand is maybe slightly too high. This might be different for others, as I have a MacBook Pro 17". What I mean by too high, is that when my MacBook Pro is open and sitting on the stand, the lip is just slightly higher than the deck of the MacBook Pro. When I am typing (such as right now with this review), there is no problem. However, if I am checking a lot of things online, whether it is browsing, or checking prices and stock in my warehouses, I tend to use the trackpad a lot, which changes my hand placement on the laptop to use the trackpad instead of the keyboard. When I do this (so that my thumb is floating over the button at the bottom of the trackpad), the heel of my palm is right on top of the front lip and over time it can make the heel of my palm seem raw.

    The fix for this from Rain Design could be as easy as either lightly lowering the lip to the same level as the deck height of the MacBook Pro, or to slightly round off the edges so that they are not as sharp.

    However, if you were to use the stand in conjunction with an external keyboard and mouse (which was my original intention), then this problem is null and void anyway. I also believe that was the intended use by Rain Design. So in that light, and the fact that it is not a big enough problem to me to stop using the way I am, I am still rating this with 5 stars.

    Shawn @ Street Sports...more info
  • excellent
    Classy, nice, keeps my cables organized (surprisingly). This is, by far, the best computer stand i've ever owned. This is especially nice because it's the only one in which I can access my DVD drive, latch, and IR Remote without having to lift up or adjust my MacBook Pro 15"...more info
  • great product
    perfect to set up your laptop at your home or work desk when you're not on the go. it is well built (aluminum), light (weight) and perfectly finished (mat silver). the design is amazingly sound: height and inclination of the keyboard. i use a bean bag for my elbows so they don't rest directly on the desk (i am a sensitive guy!)
    the only con (i can't take a star for that) would be the size. be sure to check the size to see if it is adequate for your laptop (i have a 15" pc laptop and it holds it ok ... but that's the maximum size). enjoy....more info
  • Great Product
    I use two of these (one at home, one at the office) and think they're a great product. This stand is as sleek and well designed as it is sturdy and well manufactured.

    You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Looks like an Apple product, perfect match for MacBook Pro
    Works great with my MacBook Pro (Late 2008). It brings it up to a better height to use with an extended keyboard, mouse and external monitor. Frees up some desk space because it has a smaller footprint than the whole computer. I can open up the computer far enough to tilt the monitor back as far as I need to. As others have pointed out there is now a cutout where you can access the "latch" area....more info
  • Excellent product, but you pay a premium for the sleek design
    As far as a laptop stand goes, this is a great product. Nevertheless, it is not cheap and you pay a premium for the high-quality design and materials.

    - Sturdy
    - Well-designed: the stand sits the computer at an appropriate height and angle, and the front plate and rubber pads prevent any possibility of sliding
    - Pretty: it matches my aluminum Apple laptop perfectly

    - Pricey
    - Not portable: the stand does not fold up and is too heavy to carry around...more info
  • Wonderful
    I was looking for a sleek-looking, light, and durable laptop stand. In purchasing this product, I received all three of these. I can adjust my screen and open my computer without any problems. Sure it's not cheap like some stands, but I am so pleased, I would never reconsider. ...more info
  • M Stand
    I like the M stand. I have a dell laptop and it works perfectly. It also gives me more space and helps my neck....more info
  • mStand by Rain Design does the job
    My neck strain is significantly reduced by using this laptop stand to raise my 17" PowerBook G4 screen to eye level while using an external keyboard/mouse. It doesn't swivel. It doesn't adjust for various heights. It just solidly holds my Mac when I use it on my desktop. Good job rain design!...more info
  • Seems a bit pricey, but very high quality.
    I wanted a laptop stand for my desk. The $50 price tag seems a bit high, but I ordered one anyway. This item is very well made and looks great in its simplicity. I still think the $50 is a big high, but I am glad I bough it anyway. Stop angsting and go for it! ...more info
  • Need another one
    I bought this for my wifes macbook for Christmas. I had never even thought about a laptop stand until I happened across this looking for presents. I love hers so much I need to get another one for my laptop. This thing is built very well. Love it....more info
  • Perfect for my 17" MacBook Pro
    When I checked on the apple site, this was not available. The other products that were available had decent ratings, but almost all had a similar complaint - the computer slips (sometimes, all the time, after some time). This one is great because it has the little lip in the front that holds it securely - but (at least for my computer) doesn't cover your dvd drive or the remote control sensor. It is also very sturdy and looks like a work of art - it is made out of one piece of metal. I'm considering buying another for another room where I often move my computer to watch movies....more info
  • Great Looking Stand.
    Nice to have a stand to get the laptop up off of your desk. And this one looks like my mac monitor. Makes my desktop a better looking place....more info
  • continuting form and function
    Im debating on buying 2 of these: one for my office, and one for my workstation at home. This product was designed to flow with my mbp. I would recommend to anyone who has mbp's or aluminum finish macbooks. It brings the screen higher up, which makes for better back posture and appears as a continuation of Apple's design.

    ...more info
  • Keeps my laptop out of harms way
    My laptop was sitting flat on my desk, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I spilled something on it. So I considered this stand to be an insurance policy, as it puts my Macbook Pro out of harm's way.
    Overall, the stand is great. It lifts my laptop up to a better height for viewing, frees up some desk space, and keeps it cooler.

    My only gripe is that you have to be careful not to scratch the Macbook Pro's case on the edges of the stand, because the edges are a little sharper than I would like. I think I am going to take a file to the edges and that should fix that.

    The viewing angle is just fine for me, and I don't even have the screen tilted all the way back....more info
  • Excellent Laptop Stand for a desktop
    I was using my Laptop on my desk and was having some trouble because the 15.4" screen was too low and too far away. This laptop stand does a great job of getting the screen up to my eye level. Also it has room underneath the stand to allow me to put my wireless keyboard out of the way if I need the space for writing. It is sturdy and does everything I had hoped it would do....more info
  • Sturdy & Stylish
    I have bought 2 of these now, one for work and one for my home-office. They match up with the Apple hardware very nicely and make using my Macbook Pro as a 2nd monitor much easier. The construction is very solid. Perhaps the only potential drawback is that it isn't adjustable but this isn't an issue for me as I am quite comfortable with the height....more info
  • What I was looking for
    I just received mine an hour ago. I normally don't write reviews for any product, but for this one I'll make an exception. I have a Macbook Pro 15'', and what I can say is that the stand is awesome, the hight and inclination are just perfect. I also bought the laptop stand by logitech (Alto-express) which I was not happy with, especially because the display was too far away and the inclination was not right. With the Mstand you can get your display closer and there is still room to push your external keyboard under the stand, something that you cannot do with others. My advice: if you are looking for a laptop stand, buy this one, specially if you have a Macbook Pro, it just match. Believe me, the price totally worth it....more info
  • Very nice
    I have been using this with my HP Compaq 8510p notebook (Sorry, not Mac) about a month. It works well and it is very steady. It would be nice to have a black version for windows user. :-)...more info
  • Sturdy and attractive stand for MacBook Pro
    The stand is sturdy, attractive and will elevate the computer to eye level. Unfortunately in my case, though, the amount of elevation was too great as I had intended to have the laptop screen elevated so that it was next to my Apple Cinema HD display. Owing to how Apple placed the jacks on the 17" MacBook Pro, though, it was impossible to put the laptop monitor flush against the side of the Apple Cinema HD display; no matter what the choice was to have either the laptop power cord in front of the larger display or the video out, USB 2 and Firewire 400 cables (all are required to run the Apple Cinema HD) in front of the screen. If you are looking to get the stand for the same reason that I was you will need to find something that raises the back of the laptop 3" or less....more info
  • Clean design.
    Great design, consistent Apple look, functional. If you are looking to elevate your macbook or macbook pro, this is the best solution. Keyboard stows nicely below stand, freeing up desk space. Cord hole in back has plastic liner to prevent cord wear. Large rubber pads on base and platform make this a number one choice....more info
  • Great stand
    I also own a Griffin iCurve stand. This one is sturdier, holds the laptop more securely. I'm getting another one to replace the Griffin - one for home, one for the office....more info
  • Goes very well with the MBP
    The Mstand is a great very basic stand. It keeps with the apple minimalist design, has great fit and finish and does exactly what it is supposed to do, elevate the laptop level with a apple cinema display. I found its very close with the 23 acd, and a bit taller than the 20 inch. The only thing I found that was I was bit unhappy with was the fact the computer runs at exactly the same temp as before. Others previous said it acted as a heatsink and dropped the temp, this is not my experience at all. I know apples are designed to run hot, but I still prefer things to be a bit cooler. ...more info
  • Cool Mac Stand
    This stand looks like it could have been made by Apple. It mimics the sleek aluminum bases that you find on Apple Cinema monitors; is very substantial and looks good in my office....more info
  • Neat looking but not compatible for all 15"
    It is a nice looking laptop stand but for my Asus M50sa did not provide stable position.Most likely due to its was being designed for Apple laptops. So i had to get myself Xbrand ones and very content w/ them. I gave this to my friend who's using it for his 13"+ laptops seems to be working fine for him.

    ...more info
  • high quality stand, great heat dissipation and ergonomics
    The MacBook Pro (today's laptops in general) generates a lot of heat. Heat is bad for computers and decreases performance and shortens the lifespan of internal components, so cooling is an important consideration. This stand is all aluminum, so it essentially acts as a giant heat sink for the MacBook. The aluminum skin of the MacBook conducts heat to the stand, and the stand dissipates it into the air.

    It raises the screen closer to eye level for comfort and correct posture. Ideally, you should have an external keyboard and mouse hooked up also, since using the laptop's keyboard while it's elevated increases strain on your shoulders. Elevating the laptop also allows air to flow under the unit. Before this, I sometimes raised my Mac on top of some paperbacks.

    I now have 2 of these: one for home and one for the office. $50 may seem a bit pricey, but i think it's worth it. It's one solid piece of aluminum and durable. One little annoyance is the design of the front protrusion. The notch is not wide enough for my preferences (only the width of 1 finger) and requires a bit of attention to open the MB.

    the picture on Amazon does not show the notch. ...more info
  • Apple Design Studio Artifact?
    Beautiful design as "form ever follows function". However, as of December 2008, the front slot cut-out allowing for easy access to the laptop's lid release button is neither wide enough of deep enough to execute this important function easily. Perfect in every other respects, and highly recommended....more info


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