Hi-5: Making Music, Vol. 3

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Studio: Well Go Usa Inc Release Date: 06/26/2007 Run time: 50 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Hi-5 Rocks!!!
    My girls LOVE Hi5, but it is on too early in the morning for them here. Having the videos are great!! I was so happy to find them on Amazon!
    The Easter Bunny left 5 of them for my girls and we have already watched 4 (Easter was just yesterday!) They'll probaly watch the 5th one before the end of the day! ...more info
  • Disappointing by comparison
    "Making music" is the only new addition to this DVD and only contained one episode. I expected more new material, especially considering that it takes them so long to produce new episodes! What *was* here was good, but we wanted more! Regardless, Hi-5 is a great show with catchy tunes and appealing characters....more info
  • 5 High Starts for Hi-5
    Our 2 year old grandson loves Hi-5. One of his favorite scenes is when Shaun is playing a song called Congo Congo Boom Boom Boom. We are curretly looking for that DVD so he can watch it again and again. Can someone let me know if there is a DVD of that segment in one of them. It would be greatly appreciated....more info
  • Excellent Buy!
    My son loves this DVD! We've been watching Hi-5 for over a year now, but when they recently changed the airtime, I was afraid we'd never get to enjoy it again. I'm so glad they've put the episodes to DVD. Now my son can pop them in whenever he's in the mood.
    Making Music gets him up and moving. He loves the actors and learns loads from watching them. It's important to me that he's not only an active boy, but also that he develops a healthy interest in learning & music. Hi-5 Does just that.
    We also have the music CDs, which I highly recommend!...more info
  • Hi-5...Great DVD
    Hi-5 is a great DVD for kids. My 19 month old daughter cannot get enough. They are very educational and get the kids up and moving!!!...more info
  • Excelente
    Este video lo compre para una sobrina de 1.5 a?os y le encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, desde que se lo ponen empieza a bailar....more info
  • Worth buying even though some good segments were left out....
    This DVD was kind of disappointing to me, I love Hi-5 and I was anxious to get the first look of Syd and Yaz doing their segments in the studio, but the segments that they picked for the DVD were not the best of the "Making" "Machines" and "Music" show weeks. Those diehard fans that have the previous DVD "Music Magic" already have "Feel the Beat" three times on the DVD, I would have loved to have seen "Some Kind of Wonderful" on this DVD instead. Plus I have no idea was robots have to do with music. Hopefully Wellgo will put some feelers out at the yahoo boards and pick a better selection of segments for the next DVD. This DVD was definitly missing some of my favorite music and machine themed segments, like :

    1. when Shaun sings, he can only sing in the bathtub

    2. Karla singing Popstar Parrot or Rock Melon

    3. Building a Fence -- an all-time favorite

    4. Lumpy Oatmeal Blues

    5. The one where they are all dancing disco with the wigs and Elvis glasses.

    Bonus Features: As always, they have a sing-along and karaoke section where your children can sing along with the gang, but also there is a "Friends of Hi-5" section where Yasmeen and Sydney each do a segment. I am pretty sure this was done when they were in Australia right after they were hired, last summer. I have seen videos of them performing since then and they have really perfected their performaces and are way-less rigid than shown in these clips.

    Yasmeen: Yasmeen now is the face of the Body Move segment, and in this clips she shows the youngsters how to do a super hero warm-up. This performance is pretty good, but they could have picked another segment...I would love to hear Yaz sing "Rock Melon"

    Sydney: Sydney has replaced Shaun (pout) in the Shapes in Space segment, and to hear Sydney sing "Cool Cat" broke my heart. They should have picked a different segment. Sydney was nevertheless very comical as the lion who is making his den.

    Some of the best segments of the DVD:

    Shaun gives Curtis a turntable so he can be a DJ at a dance party. Kimee steals the show with her crazy but funky hip dance moves...and I thought Shaun had the best robot on Hi-5...but she's great!

    Jup Jup gives Kimee three different hats and a special hat dance machine that inspire three different dances. Check out Kimee's Russian folk dance at the end!

    Curtis is a buzzy busy bee who shows his swarm the way to the flowers in a very catchy and jazzy tune. The costumes are great and look very simple to make. A very cute skit that will leave this tune in your head all day, if they ever release a new CD this should definitley should be included.

    The "Fab Water Five" learn to work together so that they can perform their syncronized swimming routine correctly. Special treat for moms: Four words -- Curtis and Shaun in shorts...WOOT!!!

    Karla Kimee and Jenn are "The Dazzling Ducks" and they want to find another member to their band. Karla is in rare form in this segment, as well as Curtis, who looks strangely cute in a 'fro.

    Overall I liked the DVD despite not including some of HI-5's best performances in the "Making" "Machines" and "Music" show weeks. I am still not sure what Robots have to do with "Making Music" but am glad it was included in the DVD..that is my daughter's favorite song to dance to, and I have been spotted at many concerts waving my arms in the air like a silly person.
    ...more info
  • Worth our money
    Our kids have certainly enjoyed this DVD. Big Hi-5 fans in our house. Only complaint is that for those of us without cable access, more segments or complete episodes would be nice. As I said, our kids are big fans. Most of the time I appreciate the automatic restarting of the DVD once it has played since it is about 45 minutes long. ...more info
  • Hi-5: Making Music
    I searched for weeks for the video and finally found it here. My son absolutely loves it. He is a big Hi-5 fan and it was nice to see some different episodes. I wish there were a few more....more info
  • Awesome
    I love this group they are verry talanted and awesome singers and dancers mine came with a sticker inside the dvd case....more info
  • Excellent!
    My children and I became Hi 5 fans about 5 years ago. Back then I looked for DVDs and couldn't find them. I now have a 2 year old that watched nothing on TV-until now. I finally can get 45 minutes to do something, like clean, while she is awake. I don't like my kids watching TV all day, but I'm not going to pretend I don't need a break during awake hours. One feature I really love about this is that you don't have to press play when it comes on. No waiting for previews and not being able to fast forward to the menu. Another great feature is that it automatically repeats itself without any children screaming "ITs OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!". I loved this movie so much that I bought 2 more DVDS. If you are familiar with the show, you will love these movies. ...more info


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