PowerBar Harvest Whole Grain Energy Bar, 2.29-Ounce Bars (Pack of 15)

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Made with all-natural sweeteners. No artificial colors or flavors. PowerBar Harvest bars deliver 16 important vitamins and minerals in a nutritionally balanced, knock-out tasting, moist and crunchy bar. Flavors: Dipped - Double Chocolate Crisp (CHO), Heart Healthy - Chunky Cherry Crunch (CHE), Heart Healthy - Apple Cinnamon Crisp (APF), Heart Healthy - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (PNB), Dipped - Toffee Chocolate Chip (CCH), Heart Healthy - Strawberry Crunch (BRF), Dipped - Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (OAT).

Customer Reviews:

  • Delicious Flave
    MMMMMM...ordered these after the peanut butter flavor ran out. They are great! Love 'em. Keep em in my desk at work so that when that 3 o'clock crash/hunger-go-get-Cheeto's-or-some=other-unhealthy-nonsense from the vending machine craving hits, I just eat one of these. They even have vitamins and minerals in 'em, 40% of calcium daily value! SOLD...more info
  • PowerBar Harvest Chocolate Bars - Tasty Energy to go
    Although all of us like a little variety in our diets, these bars have become a staple for my wife and me. They are the best tasting bars out there in our opinion (who doesn't like chocolate right?) and can work as either a snack or light meal. We like them so much, we set up an Amazon monthly shipment so we won't run out....more info
  • BEST bar on the market!
    I have been eating the Toffee Harvest bars for years! After trying dozens of brands and flavors, I always come back to these. They taste great, keep me full, and are healthy! I order two boxes per month. Even my children will eat them!...more info
  • Love the Crunch
    I have had other energy bars and all that I have found have been chewy. This one I picked up on a 50 mile ride from a local bike shop - and the crunch was great. The taste is very chocolatey - which is not a problem since I like chocolate....more info
  • I liked these bars. The texture is very ...
    I liked these bars. The texture is very moist and chewy. The bars seemed to satisfy my hunger for about two or three hours. The chocolate chips were tasty, but the bars could've used a few more. Overall I thought the bars were tasty and I'd consider buying them if the price is reasonable....more info
  • I wouldn't recommend this product to a friend ...
    I wouldn't recommend this product to a friend because it really doesn't taste that good. The bars were edible, but I had to force myself to eat it. I didn't feel energized after eating it, even though it's supposed to be an energy bar. I wouldn't purchase this product....more info
  • Fresher than the Store
    I was worried about ordering these online, but the ones I received were fresher than what I usually get in the store. Since I am addicted to them (they are great meal replacements when I am traveling or if I miss breakfast or a snack) and now that my family also loves them it was getting expensive to buy 15 a week in the store. These saved me money and tasted better! Great product. Thank you
    PowerBar Harvest Whole Grain Energy Bar, Double Chocolate Crisp, 2.29-Ounce Bars (Pack of 15)...more info
  • harvesty delight
    This is my favorite flavor. It's chewy (not dry) and pretty filling. A good lunch substitute on really busy work days... or a great snack for a normal person. :)...more info
  • I thought this Power Bar was great! I'm ...
    I thought this Power Bar was great! I'm a fitness nut always looking for ways to improve my level of fitness. This will certainly be added to my shopping list. The chocolate taste was superb, and the bar was quite filling. With only four grams of fat and seven grams of protein, it was a great snack that filled me up. And I do mean filled me up. With a large glass of water, it kept me going for a couple of hours without being hungry. The texture of the bar, if you're not use to sports bars, was heavy, but that's where the ""filling"" comes in. It lives up to its promise to being a moist and crunchy energy bar! I'd surely recommend it over other ones that I've tasted. The real chocolate really makes the bar!...more info
  • I have to say I actually enjoyed the ...
    I have to say I actually enjoyed the Power Bars. I've tried other Power Bars in the past and thought they were ok, but these peanut butter chocolate chip ones were good. So good my hubby was taking them to work in his lunch. They make a good snack and are much better for you than a candy bar. I will truly consider purchasing them in the future....more info
  • This was my first experience of a Power ...
    This was my first experience of a Power Bar product. I have to say they tasted quite good! I expected them to be less palatable. They are moist and ""chocolatey"" and taste very similar to brownies, but much more nutritious! I found myself choosing a Power Bar for a snack and then was rather pleased with myself because I was eating something good for me. I recommend them highly!...more info
  • The Power Bar made me feel full and ...
    The Power Bar made me feel full and I had plenty of energy. The taste of the bar was not that great. All in all, I will probably buy more....more info
  • The flavor of the Power Bar is excellent. ...
    The flavor of the Power Bar is excellent. It makes a great breakfast on the go or a handy snack. It's a great substitute for a chocolate bar. The bar is also very nutritious, so I'd reach for the energy bar over a candy bar anytime. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends. The taste and quality of the Power Bar Harvest are above that of similar bars....more info
  • Tasty and filling
    Not bad as a snack on the trail, not as tasty as Clif, but good enough....more info
  • Health food that actually tastes GOOD
    In general, I despise "energy" food. Be they drinks like Rockstar or bars like Powerbar Protein Bars, I hate them all because they taste bad, fake. However, my friend introduced me to this particular flavor of PowerBar Harvest Whole Grain Energy Bar expressly because she knew I hated the dry granola consistency of Kashi, NutriGrain, and Luna bars.

    This taste so yummy I have to refrain myself from eating more than one at a time. I buy these things a box at a time and savor every bite. They're sweet without being overwhelming, filling, chewy, have a hint of spices, and never fail to make my tummy happy. I've tried the other flavors of Harvest Bars, but none of them come close to the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (a very impressive feat considering I usually prefer chocolate things to oatmeal raisin things).

    I highly recommend these for people who want a healthy snack alternative that actually tastes good while delivering some essential nutrients and vitamins....more info
  • Kids Love These! A Great Packable Snack! (Oatmeal Raisin)
    I have been on auto-delivery for the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie variety of these PowerBars for over a year. I will not be without them.

    My youngest daughter, who is now 4, is a very picky eater. She absolutely LOVES these. She will eat them here at home for a breakfast or a snack. It's nice because I know she's not just getting empty calories. Along with a nice glass of milk or juice, they fill her up.

    We would not go on the road without these. No way. When we are in the car and my daughter is starving, she's always happy to have one of these. Also, when we're at someone's house, it's likely she isn't going to want to eat what they're having. It's nice to have one of these handy so that I know she's getting some nutrition.

    3 out of 4 of my kids love this flavor. (The 4th prefers the chocolate varieties, as do I.)

    This summer, we've taken PowerBars with us in our big tote bag to the pool for a healthy, filling snack after swimming lessons. We've shared with friends (kids) & I've never seen anyone not like them.

    These are expensive, but we don't buy them to eat one right after another. My youngest daughter eats no more than one a day, except for when traveling. I consider these to be well worth the price because they are not empty calories. The protein & vitamins make them kind of a little meal replacement, rather than an empty-calorie snack.

    ...more info
  • Toffee Chocolate Chip Bars are the Shiznit
    The toffee chocolate chip flavor Harvest Whole Grain Energy Bars taste exactly like no-bake cookies (the kind with cocoa and oatmeal). How's THAT for flavor in an energy bar?! I can't comment on the nutritional aspects, but 250 calories for a cookie substitute is ok in my book....more info
  • These bars have a great comfort food taste ...
    These bars have a great comfort food taste of peanut butter with a few chocolate chips strewn on the top. The added benefit is that it's good for you. This is a great bar to stick in your spa gym bag for an extra boost of energy right after a workout!...more info
  • These taste terrible! The texture is dry and ...
    These taste terrible! The texture is dry and chalky. You would think for a bar that dry it would contain more protein. Other bars containing the same supplements taste better and have a smoother texture. I would not recommend this product to my friends or family because there are better protein bars that are much tastier and not so dry....more info
  • This product was well worth what I would've ...
    This product was well worth what I would've paid for it. They were fresh, delicious and just plain great. I believe I would recommend this item to people I know. I was very impressed with the taste of it. Most of these products taste like they have been packaged for MONTHS! And most of these types of products also have a straw taste, kind of dry and ""blah"". But these were fresh and quite tasty with lots of chocolate and peanut butter. My suggestion is ""try it, you'll like it""....more info
  • Powerbar Harvest Whole Grain bar--very satisfying
    A very tasty and satisfying bar--great when get those afternoon cravings or when don't have time to eat a real meal. Not too sweet but helps satisfy sweet tooth but not the sugar rush of other higher fat so-called energy bars....more info
  • I really liked the taste of the Power ...
    I really liked the taste of the Power Bars. They were by far the best food bars I've ever eaten. They didn't really taste like peanut butter, but the chocolate was good. They were very dense, so it was hard to eat the whole thing. I really enjoyed them a lot!...more info
  • These bars are delicious! They're much better than ...
    These bars are delicious! They're much better than the regular Power Bars. They're perfect for between meals or when you don't have time to eat. They're very filling. My only criticism is that they're a little dry. You really need to have a drink with them....more info
  • Explosive...
    I was using these as a breakfast replacement for a few days since I have been working out a lot. I usually only eat a 200 calorie breakfast so I did not want to eat a 200 cal breakfast as well as a 250 cal bar. At any rate, it made me have to use the bathroom very often. It took a while to narrow the cause down to these bars. On day 3 of "upset stomach" I did not eat one and was feeling better. Day 4 I felt fine when I woke up and ate one (not yet knowing these were the cause, I thought I just had the flu) and it came back full force about 4 hours later. Stopped eating them completely and am now fine.

    If you do get these, do not use them as a meal replacement....more info
  • The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Harvest Power Bars ...
    The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Harvest Power Bars are great! My husband and I like to use them during our bike rides. We typically ride between 30-40 miles at a time, and half way through, we like to stop and take a Power Bar break. The Power Bars are great for giving you a little bit of extra energy, plus they help if you're getting a little hungry. They're a nutritious snack and they taste great. The Harvest Bars have the texture of a granola bar. The other bars have a smooth texture, whereas these give you some crunch. It really does taste like Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. I would definitely recommend this product to someone if they asked for a recommendation for an energy bar. Great stuff!...more info
  • Addicting
    These bars are the best, tried several flavors and brands and keep coming back to these, Toffee Chocolate Chip being the best!~...more info
  • I ate one of these bars each morning ...
    I ate one of these bars each morning for a week. The taste of this product was good, but the texture was kind of a 'gooey' consistency as opposed to the 'moist' claim made by the company. Personally, I wouldn't buy this product again, although I did have more energy when I used this product -- I didn't feel as sluggish in the afternoon....more info
  • I didn't really like the texture of the ...
    I didn't really like the texture of the bar. It was hard and not moist as the packaging described. The taste was better than other similar products. The peanuts and chocolate chips are what I think make the bar as good as it is. The size of the bar (2.3oz) is good and doesn't leave you hungry. I enjoyed it and will probably buy the same kind in the future....more info
  • This was a good tasting energy bar, but ...
    This was a good tasting energy bar, but don't expect it to taste like a candy bar because it doesn't. It's rather dry, but the chocolate adds a nice flavor. It's a little gritty, and you definitely have to chew it quite a bit. But my co-workers and I thought this bar tasted better than other energy bars that we've tried. I like it better than Clif bars. If you're into energy bars, then this a good choice. If you only want great taste, try a Snickers bar instead....more info
  • Excellent product
    These granola bars are really delicious and are great to take along on a hike. I enjoy them as a snack or as a meal replacement while hiking. Excellent, wholesome, and delicious!...more info
  • These didn't really taste the way I expected ...
    These didn't really taste the way I expected and I didn't care for them. I like peanut butter and chocolate chips, but I just didn't like them together. My son and husband both loved them, so I guess it's your preference. Maybe I will try a different flavor because I need all the energy I can get....more info
  • Great!
    These have a great apple flavor and sort of a soft granola consistency. They are a little sweet so I eat them for breakfast with black coffee....more info
  • Excellent Combination of Nutrition and Taste
    These bars are excellent. They taste great and are a great midmorning or midafternoon snack to keep you away from the unhealthy alternatives. They are filling, have adequate protein content for the "normal", healthy person. If you are a bodybuilder you should look for something more than this bar provides....more info
  • Tasty meal on the go - just beware of sugar content
    While hunting for something that would be satisfying, tasty, and not completely full of fat/calories - I found the PowerBar Harvest Energy Bars...
    As a college student, who commutes 40 miles, it is hard to pack a lunch or dinner and have it be appealing when it comes time to eat. The PowerBars are an easy way to bring something along to eat, so that I do not threaten to gnaw off my arm during class. I really enjoy their taste - they are more like a granola bar than a traditional power/protein bar. They remind me of a mix between a Luna Nuts Over Chocolate bar and a Quaker chocolate chip bar. Only - the PowerBar, being larger and having more calories, stays with you longer than either of those alone.

    If you are trying to avoid excessive sugar - you may want to stick to fresh chopped veggies, because while the PowerBars are tasty - they do have 18 grams of sugar each
    ...more info
  • Breakfast on the go
    perfect quick breakfast or pre exercise snack. a mix of chocolate and whole grain, what could be better...more info
  • Delicious bars! Both fiber & protein in a great-tasting snack.
    These are my favorite bars. They are satisfying, delicious, chewy, you can taste the fruit flavor, and they provide both whole grain and protein. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Good product but why has the price doubled?
    Last few times I ordered these they were $14.59 a box (15 bars).

    Now the price is $35.05 a box (still 15 bars)?!?

    I can (and will) buy them locally for that....more info
  • The Harvest Energy Bars are quite good. I ...
    The Harvest Energy Bars are quite good. I would describe them as a cross between a granola bar and a meal replacement bar. The bar itself is moist and soft but there are grains in it that give a crunchy texture. I've been testing the peanut chocolate chip, which is quite good. I would recommend this to others as I think the taste and ingredients are better than the rest. Even my kids like them! I think what really makes them different and better than anything else is the texture. It's nice have some crunch so you don't have the feeling you're eating chalk covered in chocolate!...more info
  • The Power Bar has a unique taste -- ...
    The Power Bar has a unique taste -- not too sweet or too bland. It was a bit chewy and dry. I liked that it was all-natural and didn't have anything artificial in it. I'd recommend it to my friends, who are very active and could use something like the Power Bar....more info
  • The flavor is pretty good and they give ...
    The flavor is pretty good and they give me the boost I need each afternoon to get through a few more hours of work. The texture is a little gritty, but other than that, these bars are good....more info


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