Xlear - Xylosweet 5lb, 5 lb, 1 bag

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  • tastes good in my tea, no icky breath after drinking, sinuses clearing up
    So far i am in love! It tastes normal, not like those artifical sweeteners do. and i don't have that pooky-yucko breath that sugar or honey gives you. also my mouth feels nice & clean.

    the coolest thing is i noticed my throat is clearing & my congested sinuses are loosening up a lot (i usually have a lot of sinus congestion every day. bad allergies & eating lots of sugar contribute to that) I first noticed i was sneezing a few times, then i noticed that my throat was clearing up. i chewed the gum again & noticed MORE of this effect. It's amazing! so i hopped online & did more research on xyltol & read that it is used as a nasal wash & to clear up ear infections. I believe it after how i feel jsut chewing some xylitol based gum & drinking one cup of tea sweetened with a teaspoon of it i see a HUGE inprovement. I am so delighted!

    i just used this for the first time tonight so i hesitate to give a 5 star rating as i need to give it more time. I want to make sure it doesn't make me feel funny or that there are no bad side effects.

    but so far so good!...more info
  • XyloSweet gave me and my two kids diarrhea!
    I was excited to find a natural sugar substitute when I came across Xylitol. When I got it, my kids and I made lemonade: lemon juice, water and XyloSweet. About 45 minutes later, halfway through lunch, I noticed my 6 year old daughter stopped eating her lunch, and she didn't look too good. She told me she didn't feel good and so I put her down for a nap. Ten minutes later, my son didn't feel good either. Long story short: my daughter got diarrhea, and luckily, because she hadn't had that much lemonade, her diarrhea wasnt too severe. Unfortuneately for my five year old son, who had a lot more lemonade to drink, he first started throwing up, and then also started having the runs--both at the same time! Poor kid. About the time I almost had them both settled down, my stomach was churning, and next thing you know I had to rush to the bathroom, for the first of what would end up being nine trips.
    In between bathroom trips, I Googled: "Xylitol reactions" and was surprised at the number of listings that popped up. I found that supposedly about 20% of people that try xylitol will have a reaction. I think that figure is on the low side because my two kids are adopted from totally different sets of parents. So when you consider that the three of us have different genetics, and yet we all had a problem with this stuff, I'd say that probably more than 20% of people that try this, will have a reaction.
    BUYER BEWARE! Xlear - Xylosweet 5lb, 5 lb, 1 bag...more info
  • Xylitol I never even received!
    I ordered this product from Amazon.com and after more than 2weeks passed w/o me receiving it, I called only to find out that it was left at the front door of an old address. I had previously updated my profile with Amazon.com and had ordered something which was correctly delivered. Amazon.com tried to tell me that one cannot update an address but can only "add" an address. After ordering hundreds of dollars worth of books over the last 18mths from them, this was the lame excuse I was left with. I was told the shipping address defaulted to my old address. I could not understand why it did not default to the updated address or to the last address I had used. For the sake of principle, I will follow this up with the appropriate consumer protection agencies. JF, CA.Xlear - Xylosweet 5lb, 5 lb, 1 bag...more info
  • I'm a repeat buyer
    I got turned on to an artificial sweetener mix from a friend who's really into health food. Finding out that it's primarily xylitol, I decided to refill from this 5lb bag. Great deal.

    Of course I did the research since pretty much every artificial sweetener under the sun is bad for you, especially aspartame you find in diet sodas. From what I've found, Xylitol is actually good for you. I bought a bag for my diabetic father.
    ...more info
  • Great Source for Xylitol
    Xylitol isn't cheap, so I was very glad to find this 5lb bag. The bag has a ziplock top, which works with coaxing. The bag is also very thick so that if the ziplock didn't work, rolling it up tightly would probably work just as well. I'm on my second purchase.

    I use this to help my teeth and sugar cravings. I put several T. in an air tight container (like small vitamin bottle). I add several drops of flavoring or oil, like vanilla, orange, lime, etc., and the flavor permeates the xylitol in the container. then, I just eat little spoonfuls of the flavored xylitol.

    I've never had gastric problems, not like w other sugar alcohols. I did accumstom myself slowly to the xylitol, but can now have as much as I want w/o trouble....more info
  • Careful
    This is a great sweetener for Diabetics. Be careful though as I got extremly ill from it...more info
  • Tastes great
    This product is a great substitute for sugar in drinks. It doesn't have a funny aftertaste or change the taste of the drinks I put it in. Obviously, it's a good alternative for sugar, but another reason I purchased it was because of it's benefit on teeth. Xylitol is used in other countries (I've read) to fight tooth decay and improve oral health in adults and children alike (You must used 8-10 grams daily for this benefit). My husband and I both use the toothpaste (also excellent) and gum. Last week I saw a dentist on primetime TV doing a show on oral health, and he strongly recommended Xylitol for children also. ...more info


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