Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

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The standard text on living with diabetes, newly revised andupdated with all the latest scientific findings.Since its first publication in 1997, DR. BERNSTEIN'S DIABETES SOLUTION hasbecome the treatment of choice in the medical field. In this revised andupdated edition of his work, Dr. Bernstein provides an accessible, detailedguide to his revolutionary approach to normalizing blood sugars and therebypreventing or reversing long-term complications of diabetes. He offers themost up-to-date information on new products, medications, and supplements,and outlines a plan to reverse the obesity that underlies most cases ofType II diabetes. Dr. Bernstein discusses breakthrough science andpotential cures, and has added information on the new insulins and insulinpumps.The only book to detail step-by-step methods for normalizing blood sugarsin both Type I and Type II diabetes, DR. BERNSTEIN'S DIABETES SOLUTION willenable patients to take charge of their health and live longer, healthierlives.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution
    This is an updated edition of the original book of the same title.
    I read Dr Bernstein's original about 3 months after my T2 diagnosis & consider that it literally saved my life!
    Dr Bernstein's approach is to maintain blood glucose levels in the range of the normal non-diabetic (70-99mg/dl & HbA1c 4.5% to 6%), which most of the medical community doesn't even think possible, but it is.

    Glycosylated Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) is the best (only really) indicator we have for the risk of diabetic complications as shown by two extensive long-term studies (DCCT & UKPDS) & Dr Bernstein's approach & method is to keep blood glucose & HbA1c well down into the normal non-diabetic range to minimize complication risk.

    Most of the medical community are satisfied with mediocre blood glucose & HbA1c goals that are still in the range that have elevated complication risk. Not Dr Bernstein!

    I consider this book an excellent education on diabetes, complications, & a "how to" for achieving those "normal non-diabetic blood glucose levels".
    This is a "must read" for all diabetics who don't want to wind up with blindness, kidney failure or limb amputations to mention just a few of the complications that are filling our hospitals....more info
  • Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution
    The best book I have ever read on the subject. The fact that Dr. Bernstein has lived, studied, and found solutions for this disease makes this book a requirment. Anyone who wants to take command over this disease should get this book....more info
  • 5 star review is not enough!!
    It was my neighbor Carl, who got this book, then told me to get it. It has changed my life. I wasn't so sure about Dr. Bernstein at first but after my neighbor told me how much Dr. B had helped, I thought I would give it a try. I have been a diagnosed a type 2 in 1995 and have been on a climbing amount of insulin...I was in my diabetic dr's office two months ago and she said there was nothing more she could do for me but to give me more insulin. I kept telling her I was feeling worse and worse but she wouldn't listen...solution she said was to close my mouth...I am serious...I was furious. She had been my dr for 5 years...that day I decided she was fired. I went to see Carl and asked who his diabetic dr was....Dr Bernstein.

    To get to the point...my blood sugars ranges were from 286 to 400. Since follow Dr. B's advise in the book, I am now between 90-145...this is my second week.....it is slowly improving...but at least I am on the way. Former dr, had me on 30 plus scale, which usually ended up being 40 units of Lantus....and I got blood sugar readings very high. I was also trying to follow the ADA plan..eating a little rice, potato, etc.

    I found out that my 'dr' was giving me too much insulin...I had to read the part in Dr B's book how much I should be taking....now I take 3-6 units per meal...big difference from 30 +++++++units. Thanks Dr. B.! My blood sugar levels are way way way down.

    Dr. B explains so well just about every question my now 'fired' diabetic dr couldn't answer. She is considered top in her field....that is a scarey thought.

    Thank you Dr. B for sticking to it and for caring enough to write down your experience......I thought I was going crazy, but you proved to me I was right on target with my thoughts. I have lost 12 lbs so far but at least I am losing and I am full.

    I am transfering all my care over to my primary dr this week and bringing in Dr B's book. I never want to go back to where I was...more info
  • The Type 2 Diabetes Answer.
    Of the five books that I've read on diabetes, this is the one that has all the answers. I've been on Dr. Bernsteins blood sugar normalization and weight loss program for 6 weeks and have lost 21 pounds, with no craving for carbohydrates!! The program works because the author(a Type 1 diabetic)has
    worked out all the answers from personal experience....more info
  • Great Resource
    Dr. Bernstein's book is a very good resource.

    He states he has been diabetic since age 12 and became a doctor to advocate for other diabetics. The book is very good guide for anyone facing this illness....more info
  • This is THE book on Diabetes
    This book explained every question I've had about how to manage Diabetes. There is information you will never get from your own Dr. and certainly not from a nutritionist. He tells you what meds to take and what not to take and why. He tells you what to eat and not to eat, artificial sugars to use and not to use. He tells you how to save your own life. ...more info
  • Yes and No; Better for Type 2s
    Caveat Emptor. Removing all carbs from your diet to control blood sugar is like never leaving the house if you suffer from allergies. Following Dr. Bernstein's advice religiously without being in constant consultation with your personal MD is potentially very dangerous. Restricting ALL carbs the way he advises may help type 2 people who are overweight. Not for Type 1s who need carbs as much as we need insulin shots. I tried this type of diet and looked like a skeleton within a month. In a way us Type 1s have it easier, just more track marks, but removing all carbs and substituting them for these mysterious G/G crackers he praises can and will make you lose weight, give you more lows and create more problems. It may work for some, is probably very helpful for overweight type 2s, and a lot of the advice he does give is outstanding but please don't take it as the final word. ...more info
  • excellent diabetes guide
    This book has solved the problems we had while trying to manage my son's diabetes.
    You can find all answers in diabetes management....more info
  • Dr. Bernstein is GREAT!!!
    Dr. Bernstein is a type 1 diabetic and had just about every sympton possible. He figured out the "diabetes code" and clearly explains how to control your diabetes. His cure is exactly opposite to that of the medical establishment. He was educated as an engineer, then became a medical doctor late in life. His book is designed to educate and not to impress how smart he is. Buy it.
    David Smith...more info
  • Diabetes Solution
    This book was amazing. I found it when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes years ago. Dr. Bernstein has a somewhat radical idea that instead of letting blood sugar peak and then pull it back down with meds or insulin is dangerous long term. His idea of controlling and achieving normal blood sugar levels by controlling diet is very good. I have been able to control mine for a number of years, my A1C is 5.3, and excellent value. My doctor got this book after I explained the ideas contained and he agrees with the plan Dr. Bernstein promotes here....more info
  • Diabetic Solutions
    I am a pre-diabetic and this book offered a great deal of encouragement and an action plan to keep my chance of diabetes to a minimum. I would recommend it to anyone worried about developing diabetes....more info
  • Dr. Bernstein Is First to Tell the Truth
    Dr. Bernstein was, as his book will tell you, diagnosed in 1946 at the age of 12 with type 1 diabetes. He should have been dead a long time ago. So why isn't he? Because he was first to figure out how to live a long and healthy life as a diabetic.

    He is the first diabetic on the planet to monitor his own blood sugars with a blood sugar meter. The first. How many millions do this now?

    He was first to recommend a low carb diet for diabetics, and fought against the ADA for years. Only since the publication of his books have they started, ever so slowly, to come around to his way of thinking.

    The man should win a Nobel Prize for Medicine for what he's accomplished in his lifetime treating diabetes, and using himself as a guinea pig. This is no exaggeration. He has saved countless lives, and if this book were better known, he could save millions more.

    It's time for the medical community to stop acting like diabetics are stupid or lazy and wholly embrace his way of treating diabetes.

    This is THE book for anyone who wants to control their diabetes instead of it controlling them....more info
  • Newly Diagnosed Diabetic Looking For Information
    This book takes all the 'pleasure' out of being a diabetic. It gives a good primer on the basics of diabetes. Then it departs from much of the convention of diabetes treatment in terms of diet. Basically, Dr. Bernstein advocates a diet devoid of almost all carbohydrates (he "hasn't had a piece of fruit in 40 years"). His advice is based on techniques he has refined over 40+ years and they have obviously worked very well for him, a Type 1 diabetic who went much of his early life improperly treated. That he is still alive today is a testament to his regimen's efficacy. However, it is a truly Draconian approach that essentially strips most food-based pleasure from your life. Also, he advocates regular, strenuous exercise to build muscles (building muscles reduces insulin resistance). He is less interested in aerobic exercise, although he acknowledges its cardiovascular benefits if practiced strenuously (not a jog, but a demanding pace that begins (on a treadmill) at a slope that exhausts you in 20 seconds, then lowering the slope and continuing, etc). As in the anerobic exercise, he warns against rest periods. The idea is only through pain do you build muscles including those of the heart. I found the book very informative, but his techniques very scary. As an almost 70-year old man, I'm not sure I'm equal to his demanding regimen. I bet it works; but I don't know how much pleasure you'll get from living all those extra years if you're constantly craving starches and rest....more info
  • The ultimate reference for diabetes
    If the ADA disappeared tomorrow but this book remained, prognosis for all diabetics would be improved.

    Hats off to Dr. Bernstein for devoting his life to understanding this disease and improving the lives of diabetics....more info
  • Are you one of the 25% of older Americans with Type 2 diabetes?
    (Newly revised and updated)

    Dr. Bernstein is a diabetic himself, diagnosed in 1946 at age 12. Over the years he has developed his own special way of keeping his blood sugar levels at appropriate levels, which managed to keep him healthy and from suffering many of the standard serious health problems associated with diabetes. He believes in arming patients with information to control their disease themselves. This book covers new oral medications, new insulins, and new dietary supplements. Bernstein's views differ from the American Diabetes Association, particularly in his recommendation of a low carbohydrate diet, avoidance of certain types of oral medications, and using nutrients to lower insulin resistance.

    This very complete book includes some patient stories, chapters on the basics, tests, how and when to measure blood sugar, treatments, diet, weight loss, exercise, insulin information, and recipes. There is an excellent glossary and an index, in addition to useful appendices. Well written and easy to understand, it is over 500 pages of useful information.

    Some important and surprising statistics:

    -- 25% of Americans between age 65 and 74 are Type 2 diabetics.
    -- One in three babies born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes during their lifetimes.
    -- Every day 1,400 people are diagnosed with diabetes.
    -- It is third leading cause of death (and contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, infections, that also are factors in deaths).

    Armchair Interviews says: It is very important to know about this disease. ...more info
  • This book is packed with information on Diabetes!
    Interesting and informative book! This book is helpful for all diabetics--even those who are very knowledgeable about diabetes. There's always something more to learn about this disease. The diet is very restrictive and challenging to follow. But, a person's health does win out ultimately....more info
  • This book is life-saving!
    There is a saying that the diabetes community knows only too well - your milage may vary (YMMV). This is certainly true when following any plan or program to manage your diagnosis. You must understand and experiment how your body will react based on your existing beta cells, pancreatic and liver function, other conflicting and supporting hormones etc. This book is completely open about these issues and about how to acheive basic control of your diabetes. Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 (hybrid types too) all types for that matter can use all of Dr. B's work. True it is a challenge to change your eating, exercise and social behaviors but it can be done. My heart goes out to vegetarians who have a harder time with more narrow options, but it can be done. This is not a program for rich people or poor people but sick people who will greatly benefit. If you can't afford the book go to Dr. B's website and there are large sections of the book available and the forum that his site links to and support is full of compassionate and helpful advice as well. Live longer!...more info
  • Very interesting book
    Wow this is an interesting book to read if you or someone in your family has diabetes.

    One of the underlying premises of Bernstein's plan is this: injected insulin used by both type 1 and type 2 diabetics does not act as quickly as the insulin released by a non-diabetic's own body. The slower insulin response results in a post-parandial (after meal) "lag", where quickly digested carbohydrates elevate the blood sugar before insulin can catch up. Such temporary elevations of blood glucose undoubtedly occur. Dr. Bernstein argues that the resulting high blood sugars can cumulatively lead to the many complications of diabetes (including kidney disease, blindness, and more -- he is unsparing in his descriptions of these.) I am not entirely sure of the general medical community's stance on this is, but its is generally accepted that the closer to normal bllod sugars are ( i.e., lower hemoglobin A1c), the lower the risk of complications.

    Dr. Bernstein argues that current ADA (American Diabetes Association) guidelines are not stringent enough. (I belive they recommend A1c below 7%, while the International Diabetes Federation and American College of Endocrinology recommends Hb A1c values below 6.5%). His approach is "tough love"-like, arguing that people with diabetes should acheive normal blood glucose levels (i.e., A1c's of 4 to 5%?) by strictly limiting carbohydrate intake. This approach does run counter to the prevailing advice about balancing carbs, fats, and proteins. He spends some time railing against typical medical advice, though much of what he characterizes as typical medical advice seems to date from the 70's or earlier (maybe left over from earlier edition?)

    He also spends some time on kooky claims that undermine his message. For example, he advises that in preparing to measure blood glucose through a finger stick, "Don't wipe your fingers with alcohol; this will dry out the skin and eventually foster the formation of calluses." Yet in the same section he advises changing the lancet used to prick the finger only one a month. He also claims that lower carbohydate intake places "less stress" on remaining functioning beta cells (the cells in the body which produce insulin) and thus will preserve their function, allowing even a type 1 diabetic to produce small amounts of insulin indefinitely. This is anecdotal at best -- how can "stress" on beta cells be quantified? And this has not been shown in any kind of study. Studies giving insulin to people susceptible to type 1 diabetes, but not yet diagnosed, showed that reducing the workload on beta cells (stress?) did NOT reduce the incidence of full blown diabetes. He also is not fan of insulin pumps, which HAVE been clinically shown to provide better control in children.

    Overall, I don't doubt that his solution works for those who use it, and if I had diabetes, I would probably try it. I think it would require considerable determination to eat according to his guidelines in our super-sized, corn-syrup-soaked world. I admire anyone who takes on such a total lifestyle change. I would recommend trying before you buy -- get it from the library, see if you think you could handle it and if so then go for it! and good luck!...more info
  • Excellent book
    This is the most informative book I have found on treating Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes with diet, exercise, oral medications, and insulin. It is the only book I know of that tells how to manage blood sugar well, and its methods simply work. I have read the book more than once, and each time I read it, I get something more from it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, or pre-diabetes. The diet is also very effective, and I would recommend it to anyone having difficulty losing weight, though "Diabetes Diet" (Bernstein) might be more appropriate to that, if medications are not needed....more info
  • The best book on diabetes management!
    Dr. Bernstein is probably one of the most knowledgable person on the subject of diabetes management.
    He might not know everything about diabetes, but he knows much more than most doctors, even the ones who treat this diasease.
    If you want to know how to manage diabetes, keep yourself healthy, and live longer, this is the first book you should read!...more info
  • This book is a solution!
    I am a type II diabetic, and things were going down hill. My feet were starting to hurt, and my eyes were giving me problems. I had gained almost 50 pounds, and nothing seemed to be able to stop this slow trip to a death I did not want to think about. I was maxed out on meds, and my doctor's next step was "just a little insulin". There was no way I was going to let that happen, but what could I do with blood sugars bouncing around with highs of 250 or more and my fasting blood sugars that were in the high 180's? Thanks be to God for creating Dr. Bernstein. After three weeks of using the 6,12,12 carb diet, my blood sugars are now down in the 80's. They stay there even after I eat, which is the real blessing, as there is no spiking of blood sugars. Not only has that happened, but I am loosing weight. I no longer have gas and chest pains that are caused from gas. If you are a type I or II, this is really a Diabetes Solution. As I see it, its a painful death, or a rich healthy life. Guess which one I picked?
    Dennis DeLaurier
    Round Rock Texas...more info
  • A real answer for diabetics
    I really like this book. I am a believer in low carb eating/lifestyle, am a diabetic, and devour books and research on related topics. I had come to believe that lower Blood Glucose (BG) readings are a definite result of a restricted carb diet before reading the book. But Dr. Bernstein put it in perspective by arguing for targeting specific BG's and eating and or medicating to achieve the target. It really does work. Moreover, it makes low carb eating much more meaningful because the results are right there for your immediate review on the test strip. You don't have to wait for the results to show up on the scale.

    Many have argued that this regimen is too restrictive. How can this be? We are talking personal health here. Over the past 75 days, I have managed my fasting BG under 100, have lost weight , feel excellent and all of my blood work is excellent. This after several years of erratic BG and ever worsening blood work while following ADA guidelines. This book should be a must read for every diabetic and treating physician. It may not work for everyone but it sure works for me....more info
  • My Gold Standard for the treatment of my diabetes
    It was only through Bernstein's book that I was able to appreciate the importance of maintaining a low carbohydrate diet if I were to ever achieve "normalized" blood glucose and hope to avoid the long term complications associated with the disease. Bernstein, first trained as an engineer, later as an M.D., offers a wonderful "nuts and bolts" approach to maintenance of diabetes whether type 1 or type 2. His standard of control set the bar high where, in my opinion, it needs to be. I wish that my Father, who died of diabetes complications, had been privy to his approach and had available to him the instant test methods for blood glucose that are now available.

    Korban...more info
  • Puts you in control
    Dr. Bernstein is an amazing person who is living proof his method, if you choose to follow it, protects you from the devastation which is diabetes.

    This man had intellectual curiiosity and clarity of vision to see that when he was told "you are doing fine", that he indeed was not doing fine with peripheral vascular complications as well as visual/cardiac ongoing damage. His discovery about the role carbs played led him to attempt to publish his information unsuccessfully. So off to medical school and residency, and poof, now he gets his article published.

    Diabetes MUST be controlled, but it can be a Godsend, changing you from a destructive lifestyle of a terrible diet and no activity. If you don't want to be a victim with your doctor lecturing you like you are a little kid, and you want to take control of diabetes and make it manageable and stopping its progression in its tracks, read Dr. Bernstein's book. I have read them both, both excellent.

    His book on recipes, with the help of a professional chef who has written recipes for their type 1 diabetic offspring, is also well worth it.

    As far as strips, I looked for the cheapest ones with a meter with good reviews and came up with this one with strips for appx 30 cents per!!
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    $16.99 $50.97 ...more info
  • Dr. Bernstein does it again!
    This is a much updated version of his already excellent first edition.

    In this edition he shows even less restrain in going against the ADA "Party Line". Maybe because since the first edition there are now several studies clearly showing the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet for everybody, especially diabetics. The good doctor names names, always telling why he is doing so.

    In this edition he doesn't praise the "glycemic index" anymore, the only not so good recommendation in his first book.

    My father was diagnosed diabetic six years ago. I gave him a copy of the previous edition of this book and a glucose meter. His life changed. He not only has excellent health with little medication, he also learned to so some "controlled extravagancies" and can eat and drink at parties and events. The he loaned the book to a friend of my brother that reversed his diabetes, sex life included. He even founded a self-help group in his hometown.

    If you are diabetic, has a loved one who is or if you have "metabolic syndrome", that is, is a diabetic in the making, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, GET AND READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW....more info
  • Finally, control over diabetes
    I was in a quandry trying to stablize my Type 2 diabetic blood glucose. The answer was simple in its concept, but difficult in its execution. Stay clear of carbohydrates. This book takes each aspect of diabetes control apart and explains the reasoning behind the methods. From simple diet and exercise to intensive insulin therapy, Dr. Bernstein's book looks at each method of treatment and backs it up with thorough research. My blood surgar is now near normal, and once more under control. ...more info
  • it works
    Plainly and simply put, this works. Dr. Berstein's book finally explained why it is so important to maintain good blood sugar. I don't think diabetics take the disease seriously enough and I really think that is because the doctors they are seeing are not telling them the reallity that is diabetes and the major damage it can do to us. Do they really think it is not controllable? I have several diabetic friends and what they say their doc is ok with, is astounding. Thank you Dr. Bernstein, you have no doubt saved countless lives with this book....mine included. ...more info
  • living with diabetes
    very helpful information on what happens when you get diabetes-not when you are diagnosed....more info
  • Best diabetes information I have found.......Required reading for all diabetics
    I have done a lot of research on diabetes at the library and on the internet after I was diagnosed Type 2 in Aug 2007. I saw the dietician/nutritionist recommended by my doctor and also real a ton of information on the internet and many books from the local library. My fasting blood sugar when I was diagnosed was 311. I was able to get it down to 110 - 120 level after dieting, exercising, and eating the things recommended by the dietician. My problem was my levels were erractic up and down even when eating the same diet.

    I saw Dr. Bernstein's book was highly recommended by Amazon readers, so I took the chance and bought the book. After reading that a diet of high proteins and very, very low carbs would help stabilize my blood sugars, I decided to try it. To my amazement, I started gettings readings in the mid 80's and the levels stopped spiking up and down. Carbs were my problem. Dr. Bernstein recommends an ideal reading of 83 and that is now my target.

    This book should be a must read for all diabetics, both Type 1 and Type 2 people. My motto is "you can die from diabetes or learn to live with it," and I chose to learn to live with it. This book is a great learning tool and coupled with exercise (including weight training), weight loss and proper diet, you can control what happens to your body. It worked for me with results immediately.

    Highly, highly recommended. If you have a friend or relative with diabetes, BUY this book for them. The author (Dr Berstein) is still a practicing physcian specializing in diabetes treatment. He is also a Type 1 diabetic. Dr Berstein's experiences lead to this book being published. It should be required reading for all diabetics....more info
  • Excellent
    Just followed Dr. Bernstein's suggestions. Within a week my blood sugars reduced dramatically from 300 level ( fasting and postprandial) to 150 and I escaped from inevitable Lantus/insulin prescription. Within a month, my blood sugars have come down even further to 80 after excercise to an high of 150 to 170 postprandial.I may even have to reduce dosage of my twice a day Janumet and once a day actos.
    The low carb diet is an excellent remedy for Type 2 diabetics.
    I strongly advise all Type 2 diabetics to try sincerely Dr. Bernstein's
    solution as any one can get the same results within weeks at no cost. I owe a lot to Dr. Bernestein and I thank him from bottom of my heart for sharing his experience and advice through his Book in a very clear and lucid manner....more info
  • Dr RIchard Bernsteins Completre Guide to Normal Blood Sugars
    I found this book to be valuable ifor the resources, which is in and of itself extremely important, and his common sense approach, which is necessary to keep from the worn out phrase "leading authority", goodness knows we have too many of those these days, and it ends up a work of art and refeshing in it's honest approach. Do this and this is the rusult you will arrive at. TRUE. As for me he is a hero, however I simply cannot live on 25 carbs a day. MADELINE B OGLE PhD...more info
  • If you have type 1 diabetes, buy this book.
    Although Dr. Bernstein has been labeled as having extreme views when it comes to diabetes, he has a lot of experience with the disease, as he is a suffer himself. He identifies in his book the issue of how hard it is to bring down someone from a 300+ high, and this isn't discussed very often in books about diabetes. Excellent reading....more info
  • totally different!
    Loved it. Easy to read. Totally different from what I had read so far regarding diabetes. Helps reconsidering goals and treatment.

    Perfect for new diagnosed patients, expert patients and physicians as well....more info
  • An Absolute Breakthrough
    At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I will simply say that as a type I diabetic the advice in this book has improved my condition immeasurably. After 8 months of following its low carbohydrate guidelines my A1C has dropped from 8.7 to an all-time low of 6.4 and my daily insulin dosage has decreased by almost 40% (both long-acting and fast-acting). I finally feel a measure of control over the disease and am slowly getting some respite from the constant frustration that unpredictable fluctuations in blood glucose measurements inevitably induce. I must add that I have not even been following the program very rigorously and have chosen to pass on some of its more drastic aspects (to me). I do admit that losing most of my carb-heavy comfort foods was difficult at first (and occasionally still is) but the payoff is really so staggering that I believe every diabetic should be exposed to this information as part of their healthcare education and shouldn't have to buy a book in order to obtain it.
    ...more info
  • Tough, Intensive but Effective . . . but Not Much Left to Eat
    Dr. Bernstein's book will result in lowering your blood glucose level. However, it is extremely difficult to follow -- he recommends only 6 grams of carbs for breakfast, and 12 grams for lunch and dinner, no fruits of any kind, only a few slices of lettuce & avocado. Absolutely no grains or cereals or pasta or bread of any kind. So basically, if you follow his strict diet, you'll be eating lean protein with 1/2 cup of broccoli or lettuce, and 2 nuts. Is that possible? Maybe, if you're a zealot with no human cravings for rice or bread or pasta EVER.

    I found a lot of useful information in this book though, such as his exercising program -- he states aerobic exercises are of no value to diabetics, which I found very revolutionary. Instead, he recommends resistance anaerobic training, inverse-pyramid method. I have tried this exercise out, and sure enough, it is a lot more difficult than walking or running for 30 minutes. But it does appear to build more muscle.

    I felt depressed rather than hopeful after reading this book. To not be able to ever eat an apple or a piece of fruit is depressing. I can deal with not having a pie, cake, chocolate or cookies. But to snack on a sugar-free Jello with 1 tablespoon of whip cream for the rest of my life surely sucks and makes me wish for a cure instead of having to follow this impossible low-carb diet.

    Read this book for what it's worth -- it has very good information & a personally inspiring story but I am not sure if you'll feel very hopeful after reading it in terms of managing your diabetes for the rest of your life. ...more info
  • Thank YOU Dr. Bernstein!
    This book was a wellspring of information for me as a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic. Getting off the cycle of being told to eat complex carbs, seeing my blood glucose spike from doing just what I was told, and getting medications increased again and again, I read what Dr. Bernstein said with interest. After trying his recommendations I can say with no reservations that this book may have saved my life! I highly recommend it to anyone who has pre-diabetes or diabetes and hope that the general medical community opens their eyes. After only one day of this diet my blood glucose readings were close to normal, and continue to stay there, with less medication. My energy levels are high and I have felt better than I have in a long long time. Kudos to you Dr. Bernstein, for daring to say the truth! I recommend both his books and also Dr. Atkins Diabetes Revolution to anyone who wants to learn about diabetes and diet....more info
  • best diabetes book
    simply put, this is the best book i have read on managing diabetes. comprehensive, practical, makes you understand diabetes better. and most importantly it works!...more info
    Like others who have reviewed the book, I had very poor blood sugar control on the ADA diet. I hit rock bottom in 2004 when I suffered several weeks of blindness, and was unable to work.

    I have now lost about forty pounds, and have average blood sugar readings in the 120 range. Previously, my average would have been at least one hundred points higher. When I get off the diet, my blood sugar goes right back into the two and three hundred range instantly.

    I have had improvement in symptoms. For example, the feeling in my extermities is much better. For the present, my diabetic retinopathy has stabilized, which I pray will continue.

    I do not find the diet change to be much of a sacrifice. That might be because I experienced the horror of having the disease completely take over my life. It can be inconvenient to eat out, but with a little creativity, I have a diverse and appealing menu.

    I have not been to Dr. Bernstein's clinic, but hope to go eventually. I recommend the book to any diabetic I meet, and
    consider it the principle reason for the improvement in my health.

    ...more info
  • Works For Me
    I'm a Type 2 Diabetic that has had great success following the dietary recommendations Dr. Bernstein puts forth. His pragmatic diet has been a great help in moving my A1c down to the normal range. I've lost a needed 50 pounds. Overall, this book is loaded with good information for diabetics....more info
  • The Best Book on Diabetes That I have Ever Read
    If you have diabetes, if you live with a diabetic, read this book. It's wonderfully clear in its explanations and arguments. Supplement it perhaps with the general writings of Dr. Andrew Weil on various foods, vitamins, and food preparation, but take a look at what Dr. Bernstein is saying about protein and carbs. This is a field where there is much disagreement, but I find this book to be convincing and extremely helpful. The best book on diabetes I've ever read. ----- 2008 Update. This is still the best book I've ever read on Diabetes. Can't recommend it enough. The book contains some very candid and vital information about the carbs vs. protein debate which I think would be helpful to anyone, not just diabetics. Again as I come to the tenth anniversary of my diagnosis as a Type 1 diabetic, I give this book my highest praise. ...more info
  • Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution
    I am a registered nurse with a diabetic daughter. I thought I knew everything there was to know about diabetes until I read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. It has literally changed my daughters life. This is a must read for anyone who is diabetic, has a diabetic family member, or cares for anyone who has diabetes....more info
  • A solution, but harsh, for many diabetics
    This book is not only an eye-opener for those who are suffering from diabetes at all its levels of severity (Type-1, Type-2), but also for the fast-growing "pre-diabetic" population--a group I call "Type-3." In other words, more than half the US over- 40's population.

    Dr. Bernstein offers diabetics a Hobson's choice: Radically change what you eat and get you blood sugar down to normal, or dance in and out of excessive glucose and eventually die of diabetic complications. An insulin-dependant diabetic himself, he has certainly proved that it can be done. And he's done the same for many others in his boat. But if you enjoy food, Lord give you the strength to decide if you want to live longer by switching to a diet of "celery chips" and "pan-fried okra," or continue to eat well and leave a good-looking corpse. It's a tough choice for most--but at least it is a choice.

    One irk: Nowhere in the book is the "A" word uttered. Atkins doesn't exist as far as Bernstein is concerned, although his diet is nothing less than Atkins squared.

    The most interesting cosmic issue that Bernstein raises is how cavalier the medical profession still deals with Type-3s. Their alarm bell for when you become a Type-3 is still set way too high (A1c of 7). Bernstein believes it should sound the alarm at 5.
    ...more info
  • helpful, but try these suggestions, too:
    I highly recommend the 30-Day Diabetes Miracle series for managing your diabetes and creating a whole new healthy lifestyle!

    The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle: Lifestyle Center of America's Complete Program to Stop Diabetes, Restore Health,and Build Natural Vitality

    The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle Cookbook: Stop Diabetes with an Easy-to-Follow Plant-Based, Carb-Counting Diet...more info
  • Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution has given me back my life
    I was diagnosed with prediabetes in the fall of 2007, after having suffered from severe and debilitating chronic fatique and nerve pain for almost a year. When I started checking my blood sugars, I was shocked to see how high they were and immediately started looking for a diet that could help me bring those numbers down. My doctor had recommended a low carb diet, so I looked here at Amazon and found Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. I started his diet in October of 2007.

    My blood sugars immediately came down, and my cholesterol and triglycerides have normalized -- total cholesterol has dropped from 241 to 172, LDL dropped from 161 to 94, HDL rose from 51 to 61, triglycerides dropped from 143 to 85. The nerve pain in my arm is now clearing up, I believe I had diabetic neuropathy and did not even know it before.

    Dr. Bernstein's diet is not hard to follow, once you reduce your carb intake your carb cravings will diminish and you really don't miss the carbs. And your energy levels will skyrocket so you will have the ability to exercise again! Diabetes management that seemed impossible before will suddenly become possible again!

    I'm so happy I found Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution -- he has literally given me back my life!!

    ...more info
  • My Little Girl Needs her Daddy
    Unlike the ADA advice my doctor and the diabetes educators gave me, this book works.

    I have normal blood sugars, my cholesterol and triglycerides are normal again, and I am no longer spilling protein in my urine.
    I have lost 70 pounds and kept it off.
    My A1C results at 4.8% are very much in the non-diabetic range.

    Better than all that, I can feel my feet again.
    I had diabetic neuropathy that made my feet numb and I did not even realize it before.

    With my blood sugars staying between 80 and 100, the feeling has been returning to my feet and the numbness is fading.

    Dr. B, my little girl will thank you when she is old enough to understand that you saved her daddy's life!

    Get this book.

    ...more info
  • well written every diabetic should read this book
    Great book for new to old diabetics type one or type two.I better understand how my body deals with the food I put in my mouth....more info
  • Good step forward
    I'm not finished reading yet, but I've learned some very important information to helop me get and keep my blood sugar levels in a normal and safe range....more info


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