Rainbow E-Series Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner With Warranty!

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Product Description

This Rainbow E-Series was taken in on a trade for a newer model. This machine has been completely refurbished with every part either being washed, or replaced. Many new parts including roller brush, bearings, seals, gaskets, filters, and belts. The warranty included is for 3 Years Parts and Labor. If you have any problems with this machine, we'll even pay for the shipping back to us! We are even including on top of our warranty, a 10 Year Motor Replacement Warranty through ASC. These machines will last decades!!!

  • Excellent Refurbished Rainbow E Series (single speed)
  • 3 Years Parts & Labor Warranty
  • All Parts Included
  • Rainbow Vacuums were the inventor of Water Filtration Vacuum Systems
  • Wet Dirt Will Not Fly!!! Recomended very severe allergy, and asthma customers

 Customer Reviews:

  • Cleanliness That You Can Feel - Great For Allergies
    -When you use a conventional vacuum cleaner, you see dust blown all over especially if you look with the sun rays streaming through your window. You see a much big difference using this vac. One of our sons have bad allergies and this helps a lot.
    -You not only see the difference, you also feel that you are breathing much cleaner air.

    -It is heavy as a bulldozer. Imagine hauling it up and down the stairs. This is the reason we use this vac only 6 times a year. My wife has to call me to help tugging it along.
    -Price - too much! We got it half price, but probably we still paid too much.
    -Maneuverability. Annoying and it really needs some muscle to work with it.
    -You also need to clean the vacuum every single time you use it. No, you cannot wait until the bag is full - there is no bag. It has a canister that you fill halfway with water and if you do not clean after each use, it grows bacteria and smells like a dead skunk. Believe me, we have done that.
    -It is a hassle to use. Need assembly every time you use it.
    -So loud...more info